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Sens de "fasten" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 68 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
fasten fijar [v]
fasten envergar [v]
fasten abrochar [v]
fasten amarrar [v]
fasten sujetar [v]
fasten trabar [v]
fasten apuntar [v] CO
fasten arrizar [v]
fasten atar [v]
fasten atarugar [v]
fasten abrochar [v]
fasten abrocharse [v]
fasten acordonar [v]
fasten afianzar [v]
fasten afiblar [v] disused
fasten afijar [v]
fasten arrizar [v]
fasten cebar [v]
fasten trincar [v]
fasten pegar [v]
fasten abrocharse [v]
fasten juntar [v]
fasten anexar [v]
fasten adjuntar [v]
fasten abotonarse [v]
fasten attach (inglés) [v] PR
fasten lazar [v] HN
fasten engarabitar [v] PR
fasten tirantear [v] HN NI
fasten asegurar [v]
fasten cerrar [v]
fasten gafar [v]
fasten ferretear [v]
fasten ligar [v]
fasten unir [v]
fasten afirmar [v]
fasten fijarse [v]
fasten establecerse [v]
fasten apuntar [v]
fasten fijar [v]
fasten asegurar [v]
fasten cerrar [v]
fasten fijar [v]
fasten prender [v]
fasten sujetar [v]
fasten atirantar [v]
fasten echar el cerrojo [v]
fasten agarrarse [v]
fasten pegarse [v]
fasten importar [v]
fasten sujetarse [v]
fasten asirse [v]
fasten atribuir [v]
fasten encapillar [v]
fasten asegurar [v]
fasten afianzar [v]
fasten arrizar [v]
fasten alotar [v]
fasten encabillar [v]
fasten abadernar [v]
fasten atar [v]
fasten apretar [v]
fasten fijar [v]
fasten unir [v]
fasten asegurar [v]
fasten sujetar [v]
fasten abrochar [v]
fasten fijar [v]

Sens de "fasten" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 71 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
fasten with rings anillar [v]
iron ring to fasten a horse arrendadero [m]
iron ring to fasten a horse arrendador [m]
batten fasten roof lata [f]
buckled leather strip used to fasten or cinch an article of clothing faja [f] HN NI CR CU
strip of metal or plastic used to fasten pipes embasadura [f] PR
fasten to fix asegurar [v]
fasten around the waist ceñir [v]
fasten temporarily apuntar [v]
fasten with a lock cerrar con llave [v]
fasten with a lock candar [v]
fasten with a lock acerrojar [v]
fasten one's seat belt abrochar el cinturón [v]
fasten something with screws sujetar algo con tornillos [v]
secure or fasten by a staple or staples sujetar algo con grapas [v]
fasten something strongly with ropes around a turning stick atormentar [v] EC disused rur.
fasten (a piece of clothing worn) atrincarse [v] VE
fasten something abotonar [v] US rare
fasten something abotonar [v] PA DO PR
fasten tightly chipar [v] BO:W,C
yoke, tie, or fasten oxen to the yoke enyubar [v] BO rur.
fasten something with paper clips or staples corchetear [v] CL
a tool similar to a clamp that is used to fasten parts caima [m] CL
strip of cloth or other material, generally elastic, that serves to fasten or tie the hair or as an ornament cintillo [m] MX HN NI CU CO:N VE PE BO CL PY
fasten with wedges acuñar [v]
fasten with wire alambrar [v]
fasten with hooks and eyes abrochar [v]
fasten/straighten with wedges atarugar [v]
fasten with rings anillar [v]
fasten with iron hoops cinchar [v]
fasten with bars barretear [v]
fasten with nails clavar [v]
fasten in clavar [v]
fasten with clamps escarpiar [v] disused
fasten with tacks estaquillar [v]
fasten the sails with stops of grass rope enjuncar [v]
fasten with a rope ensogar [v]
fasten upon unir [v]
fasten upon pegar [v]
fasten upon cargar a alguno con obligaciones [v]
fasten upon imputar [v] fig.
fasten in fijar [v]
fasten in hincar [v]
fasten one's eyes upon fijar los ojos en [v]
fasten one's gaze onto something no apartar la vista de algo [v]
don't forget to fasten your seat belt no te olvides de abrocharte el cinturón de seguridad
you should fasten your seatbelt when you drive debe abrocharse el cinturón de seguridad al conducir
you should fasten your seatbelt when you drive debería abrocharse el cinturón de seguridad al conducir
fasten your seat belt abróchese el cinturón de seguridad
fasten your seatbelt please abróchese el cinturón de seguridad, por favor
fasten your seatbelts! ¡abróchense los cinturones!
please fasten your seatbelts por favor, abróchense los cinturones
please fasten your seatbelts por favor ajústense los cinturones
fasten something to something fijar algo a algo [v]
fasten with tacks to the last embrocar [v]
fasten with a shackle agrillétar [v]
fasten the sheets in the register points apuntar [v]
fasten seat belts abróchense los cinturones de seguridad
Airport Terms
fasten the seatbelt abrocharse el cinturón de seguridad [v]
fasten/unfasten abrocharse/desabrocharse [v]
fasten with braided rope abadernar [v]
fasten with short ropes abadernar [v]
fasten with short ropes called badernas abadernar [v]
fasten with gaskets abarbetar [v]
fasten to each other aferrarse [v]
fasten with bitts amordazar [v]
fasten the anchor to the cathead caponar [v]
fasten cannon empotrar [v]
fasten with split pins enchavetar [v]
fasten the cable to the anchor entalingar [v]
fasten your seat belt abróchese el cinturón de seguridad