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Sens de "manso" dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 31 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
manso [adj] mild
manso [adj] tame
manso [adj] gentle
manso [adj] meek
manso [adj] docile
manso [adj] tractable
manso [adj] soft
manso [adj] lamblike
manso [adj] quiet
manso [m] manse
manso [m] manor-house
manso [m] manor
manso [m] bell-wether
manso [adj] not threatening
manso [adj] HN BO slow-going
manso [m] bellwether
manso [adj] domestic
manso [adj] domestical
manso [adj] kind
manso [adj] humble-mouthed
manso [adj] lamb-like
manso [adj] sonsy
manso [adj] well-behaved
manso [adj] PA CL very good
manso [adj] PA CL very big
manso [m] ES mattress
manso [adj] CL huge
manso [adj] CL enormous
manso [adj] CL very big
manso [adj] slow
manso [adj] smooth

Sens de "manso" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 30 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
volverse manso como un cordero [v] become as gentle as a lamb
tan manso como moisés [adj] as meek as moses
tan manso como moisés [adj] as tame as
muy manso [adj] as tame as
tan manso como [adj] as tame as
manso pescado [m] CL tall and well-build man
yerba del manso alternative form of yerba mansa
correr con ruido manso [v] bubble
manso (carnero) [adj] bell-wether
manso (del agua) [adj] smooth
animal manso cade
comerse el manso [v] ruin something
comerse el manso [v] eat a lot
comerse el manso [v] spend up to the last part of a thing
comerse el manso [v] consume
manso ni que [loc/adj] CL very big
ser manso como un cordero [v] be as meek as a lamb
tan manso como un cordero [adj] as meek as moses
manso tortazo [m] CL accident
manso tortazo [m] CL car crash
manso con cimarrones [loc/nom] DO like apples and oranges
manso con cimarrones [loc/nom] DO completely different
manso con cimarrones [loc/nom] DO like water and oil
manso como un cordero as meek as a lamb
ser manso como un cordero be as gentle as a lamb
manso como una paloma gentle as a dove
manso como un cordero gentle as a dove
raíz del manso [f] MX lizard tail
raíz del manso [f] MX yerba mansa
raíz del manso [f] MX a perennial flowering plant within the family saururaceae (anemopsis californica)