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Sens de "sentence" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 52 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
sentence oración [f]
sentence frase [f]
sentence sentencia [f]
sentence sentenciar [v]
sentence veredicto [m]
sentence pena [f]
sentence condena [f]
sentence enjuiciar [v]
sentence condenar [v]
sentence oracional [adj]
sentence periodo [m]
sentence castigación [f]
sentence condena [f]
sentence ajusticiar [v] disused
sentence cláusula [f]
sentence punición [f]
sentence encargatoria [f] CL
sentence encargatoria de reo [f] CL
sentence enchirondada [f] SV
sentence resolutiva [f] EC BO CL
sentence sentenciar [v] NI PR CR rur.
sentence dictamen [m]
sentence encierre [m] MX DO
sentence decisión [f]
sentence condenación [f]
sentence máxima [f]
sentence dicho [m]
sentence mote [m]
sentence opinión [f]
sentence determinación [f]
sentence parecer [m]
sentence sentenciar [v] CO
sentence tirar [v] CL
sentence sentencia [f]
sentence fallo judicial
sentence providencia [f]
sentence condena [f]
sentence cadena [f]
sentence adjudicar [v]
sentence imponer la condena [v]
sentence imponer la pena [v]
sentence dictar sentencia [v]
sentence fallar [v]
sentence dictar [v]
sentence condenar [v]
sentence castigo [m]
sentence proveído [m]
sentence fallo [m]
sentence fallo [m]
sentence declaración judicial
sentence oración [f]
sentence período [m]

Sens de "sentence" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 320 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
prison sentence ruinas [f]
sentence to sentenciar a [v]
foolish saying or sentence alcaldada [f] disused
life sentence cadena perpetua [f]
grammar sentence composición [f] disused
commutation of a sentence conmutación de pena [f]
sentence against which an appeal is not ejecutoria [f]
life sentence cadena perpetua [f]
writ carrying out execution or sentence ejecutoria [f]
sentence from a judge declaratoria [f] NI
legal reasoning behind a sentence, especially in a divorce decree causal [f] MX NI CO VE EC BO AR UY CL
sentence (jail) lingada [f] SV
written sentence nota de cargo [f] BO:W
pass sentence on fallar [v]
sentence to death ajusticiar [v]
pass sentence on juzgar [v]
serve a sentence cumplir una condena [v]
sentence someone to the galleys condenar a alguien a galeras [v]
sentence someone to the gallows condenar a alguien a la horca [v]
pronounce a sentence sentenciar [v]
accept the court's sentence aceptar la sentencia de la corte [v]
accept the court's sentence aceptar la sentencia del tribunal [v]
accept the court's sentence acatar la sentencia del tribunal [v]
pay for a transgression or fulfill a sentence compurgar [v] HN
impose a sentence in a trial cuadrar [v] SV
analyse a sentence analizar una frase [v]
analyse a sentence analizar una oración [v]
giving a sentence sentenciador [adj]
a short pause in a sentence bueno [interj]
expresses the fact that the contents of a sentence is not yet finished ¡ajá! [interj] NI CO VE
severe, hurtful or ironic sentence biombazo [m] PA
extension of a legal file to dictate a sentence engrose [m] MX
sentence of the supreme court of justice supremazo [m] CL
game in which each participant must repeat, in turn, a sentence that another has said, adding a new word hombre de palo [n] BO:W
affirmative sentence frase afirmativa
simple sentence oración simple
life sentence cadena perpetual
life sentence cadena perpetua
suspended sentence condena condicional
death sentence sentencia de muerte
first sentence primera oración
sentence of a condemned criminal condena [f]
document publishing sentence of excommunication excomunión [f]
writ, decree or sentence passed by spanish tribunals provisión [f]
revision of sentence vista [f]
light sentence sentenzuela [f]
confirm a judicial sentence ejecutoriar [v]
pass sentence upon juzgar [v]
pronounce judgment and pass sentence pronunciar [v]
pass (sentence) librar [v]
confirm a judicial sentence ejecutoriarse [v]
brief sentence aforismo [m]
judicial decree/sentence auto [m]
pithy sentence concepto [m]
sentence against absent criminals encartamiento [m]
turn of a sentence giro [m]
severe/excessive sentence sentención [m]
pass sentence fallar [v]
pass sentence pronunciar sentencia [v]
dictate a sentence against someone quemar [v] PR
pass sentence on someone emitir sentencia sobre alguien [v]
arrest or sentence a person who has committed crime llevar a alguien a la barra [v]
fulfill a sentence for a crime one did not commit comerse un garrón [v] AR UY
fulfill a judicial sentence hacer tiempo [v] PR
have to serve a long prison sentence perder la llave [v] CU PR jail
get a long sentence tener que enganchar los guantes [v] PR delinq.
meet the minimum sentence and get out of jail on one's word subir la tabla [v] PR
make a sentence armar una oración
he cut me off in mid-sentence me dejó con la palabra en la boca
sentence someone to condenar a alguien a [v]
finish someone's sentence quitar a alguien de la boca algo [v]
prison sentence canazo [m] CO CL
get prison sentence ser condenado a prisión
let me finish my sentence no soy escopeta MX
for a reduced sentence a cambio de rebajas en las penas
fulfill a sentence for a crime that has not been committed comerse un garrón [v] AR UY jail
prison sentence condena [f]
capital sentence sentencia de muerte [f]
short jail sentence carceleada [f] NI
clarification of sentence aclaración [f]
suspended sentence condena condicional [f]
serve a sentence expiar [v]
increase a sentence recargar [v]
give sentence fallar [v]
revise a sentence enmendar [v]
serve a sentence cumplir una sentencia [v]
serve (sentence) notificar [v]
serve (sentence) cumplir [v]
pass sentence sentenciar [v]
serve a sentence cumplir una pena [v]
serve a sentence extinguir una condena [v]
pronounce sentence pronunciar un fallo [v]
appeal against a sentence reclamar contra una sentencia [v]
sentence someone in his absence condenar a una persona en su ausencia [v]
serve a sentence (spend time in prison) extinguir una sentencia [v]
sentence to death condenar a muerte [v]
complete a prison sentence compurgar la condena [v] MX
serve (a sentence) cumplir [v]
impose a sentence proferir una condena [v] CO
serve one's sentence purgar una pena [v]
reduce the sentence redimir la pena [v]
complete (a prison sentence) extinguir [v]
increase the sentence elevar la condena [v]
declare finished and ready to sentence dar la causa por conclusa [v]
remitting (sentence) condonatorio [adj]
applied to the execution of the sentence of an ecclesiastical tribunal ejecutorial [adj]
awaiting sentence or resolution visto [adj]
held for sentence concluso [adj]
increase of a sentence recargo [m]
completion (of a sentence) cumplimiento [m]
remitting (sentence) condonatoria [adj/f]
maximum sentence sentencia máxima
mitigation of sentence atenuación de la sentencia
deferred sentence condena aplazada
attenuated sentence pena atenuada
life sentence condena a prisión perpetua
cumulative sentence sentencia acumulativa
serve a sentence purgar la condena
serve a sentence cumplir la condena
mandatory sentence sentencia obligatoria
sentence ordering the payment of a sum of money pena pecuniaria
good time (served on a sentence) crédito por buen comportamiento
accumulative sentence condena acumulativa
split sentence pena mixta
determinate sentence pena determinada
pronounce sentence dictar la condena
concurrent sentence sentencia simultánea
life sentence pena de cadena perpetua
deferred sentence pena aplazada
commutation of sentence conmutación de sentencia
execution of sentence ejecución de la sentencia
cumulative sentence condena acumulativa
concurrent sentence condena concurrente
arbitral sentence sentencia arbitral
pre-sentence investigation report informe antelar a la sentencia
arbitration sentence laudo arbitral
concurrent sentence pena simultánea
suspended sentence condena de ejecución condicional
definite sentence sentencia definida
await sentence esperar sentencia
concurrent sentence pena concurrente
pre-sentence report informe precondenatorio
arbitral sentence laudo arbitral
mandatory minimum sentence sentencia mínima obligatoria
concurrent sentence sentencias simultáneas
consecutive sentence sentencia consecutiva
consecutive sentence pena consecutiva
maximum sentence pena máxima
pre-sentence report previo a la condena
life sentence condena a perpetuidad
prison sentence pena de prisión
enhanced sentence provisions disposiciones de sentencias mejoradas
suspended imposition of sentence suspensión de imposición de la sentencia
consecutive sentence sentencia adicional
consecutive sentence sentencia acumulativa
prison sentence condena de prisión
cumulative sentence sentencia adicional
concurrent sentence sentencia concurrente
deferred sentence sentencia suspendida
split sentence sentencia penal dividida
imposition of a sentence imposición de pena
pre- sentence report reporte antes de la sentencia
pre- sentence report informe anterior a la sentencia
pre- sentence report reporte precondenatorio
pre- sentence report informe previo a la sentencia
indeterminate sentence sentencia indeterminada
commutation of a sentence reducción de sentencia
reversal of sentence revocación de sentencia
deferred sentence dictado de pena diferido
serve [v](sentence) entregar notificación
suspended sentence condena condicional
sentence enhancement sentencia más alta
sentence of exile pena de exilio
sentence appealed sentencia recurrida
sentence report informe de sentencia
life sentence cadena perpetua
custodial sentence orden de prisión
death sentence sentencia de muerte
mandatory sentence sentencia obligatoria
deferred sentence sentencia diferida
concurrent sentence condena simultánea
split sentence sentencia escindida
maximum sentence pena capital
straight sentence sentencia por un lapso de presidio preestablecido
excessive sentence sentencia excesiva
life sentence sentencia de prisión vitalicia
suspended sentence sentencia suspendida
exorbitant sentence sentencia exorbitante
accumulated sentence sentencia acumulada
accumulative sentence sentencia acumulativa
expiration of sentence expiración de sentencia
favorable sentence sentencia favorable
favourable sentence sentencia favorable
final sentence sentencia definitiva
fixed sentence sentencia fija
highest sentence sentencia máxima
service of the sentence cumplimiento de la condena
imposition of sentence imposición de sentencia
indeterminate sentence sentencia indeterminada
execution of sentence ejecución de sentencia
interlocutory sentence sentencia interlocutoria
death sentence pena capital
sentence of death pena de muerte
sentence in absentia sentencia en ausencia
sentence of death sentencia de muerte
joint sentence sentencia conjunta
commutation of sentence conmutación de la sentencia
commute a sentence conmutar una sentencia
serving sentence cumpliendo una sentencia
lapse of sentence caducidad de la sentencia
least sentence sentencia mínima
length of prison sentence duración de una sentencia de cárcel
life sentence cadena perpetua
light sentence sentencia leve
death sentence pena de muerte
definite sentence sentencia definitiva
unfavorable sentence sentencia desfavorable
unfavourable sentence sentencia desfavorable
minimum sentence pena mínima
mixed sentence sentencia mixta
reduction of the sentence reducción de la pena
mandatory sentence condena forzosa
mandatory sentence condena obligada
mitigated sentence pena atenuada
prison sentence condena de cárcel
prison sentence pena de encarcelamiento
presumptive sentence pena de grado medio
presumptive sentence sentencia presunta
diverted sentence sentencia a un programa de excarcelación
deferred sentence exclusive to domestic violence cases pena desviada
deferred sentence exclusive to battery charges condena aplazada
deferred sentence exclusive to battery charges pena desviada de violencia
executed sentence pena ejecutada
presumptive sentence pena en grado medio
departure sentence pena fuera de las pautas condenatorias
departure sentence pena que se desvía de las pautas condenatorias
imposed sentence pena impuesta
mandatory maximum sentence pena máxima obligatoria
maximum possible sentence pena máxima posible
mandatory sentence pena obligatoria
consecutive sentence pena sucesiva
pre-sentence hearing audiencia pre-condenatoria
prison sentence condena de prisión
pre-sentence report informe pre-condenatorio
pre-sentence investigation investigación pre-condenatoria
suspended sentence condena suspendida
conditional sentence condena condicional
length of the sentence duración de la pena
execution of a custodial sentence ejecución de una pena
custodial life sentence or pena o medida de
remaining sentence to be served pena que resta por cumplir
suspended sentence suspensión condicional de la ejecución de la pena CO SV UY
suspended sentence suspensión de la ejecución de la pena ES
death sentence condena a muerte
suspended sentence condena condicional
suspended sentence condena en suspenso
commutation of a sentence conmutación de penas
non-custodial sentence pena no privativa de libertad
prison sentence pena privativa de libertad
completion of a sentence cumplimiento de una condena
custodial sentence pena privativa de libertad
reduction in sentence redención de la pena
suspended sentence remisión condicional de la pena CL ES
reduced sentence for good behavior remisión parcial de la pena MX
suspended sentence or probation libertad a prueba PR
suspended sentence libertad vigilada
life sentence cadena perpetua
life sentence condena perpetua
life sentence condena vitalicia
life sentence prisión perpetua
life sentence reclusión perpetua
life sentence sentencia de reclusión perpetua
suspended sentence or probation ejecución condicional de la pena CR
suspended sentence sentencia en libertad MX
suspended sentence sentencia suspendida PR
International Law
accumulative sentence condena adicional
consecutive sentence condena adicional
cumulative sentence condena adicional
suspended sentence condena condicional
life sentence cadena perpetua
disarranged sentence test prueba de frases desordenadas
sentence-completion test prueba de completamiento de oraciones
conditional sentence sentencia condicional
sentence articulation articulación de frases
sentence articulation articulación de frases
suspended sentence sentencia condicional
verbal sentence oración verbal
condemnatory sentence sentencia condenatoria
concurrent sentence sentencia concurrente
open sentence enunciado abierto
sentence in absentia sentencia en rebeldía
sentence symbol símbolo de iniciación
open sentence función proposicional
sentence pattern estructura de la oración
carrier sentence frase de conexión
discrete sentence intelligibility inteligibilidad de oraciones discreta
sentence articulation articulación de frases
sentence articulation nitidez de las frases
sentence symbol símbolo de sentencia
number sentence frase numérica
verbal sentence oración verbal
addition sentence ecuación de suma
subtraction sentence enunciado de resta
number sentence ecuación numérica
open sentence ecuación abierta
number sentence oración numérica
mathematical sentence oración matemática
sack's sentence completion test test de frases incompletas de sack
sentence-repetition test prueba de repetición de oraciones
simple sentence oración simple
ready for sentence concluso [adj]
conditional sentence sentencia condicional
consecutive sentence sentencia consecutiva
life sentence sentencia de cadena perpetua
death sentence pena de muerte
Wildlife Management
suspended sentence libertad condicional
jail sentence sentencia a prisión
causal sentence causal [f]
sentence composition composición [f]
conditional sentence condicional [f]