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Sens de "puff" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 86 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
puff bocanada [f]
puff soplo [m]
puff bocanadas [f/pl]
puff calada [f]
puff chupada [f]
puff fumada [f]
puff acezar [v]
puff resoplar [v]
puff resoplido [m]
puff resuello [m]
puff chupada (cigarro) [f]
puff bullón [m]
puff bocanada [f]
puff buchada [f]
puff calada [f]
puff acezar [v]
puff bullón [m]
puff pitada [f]
puff calada (cigarro) [f]
puff vaharada [f]
puff bocarada [f] GT HN SV NI rur.
puff billada [f] BO
puff fumada [f] PE:S rur.
puff soplada [f] MX NI BO
puff jadear [v]
puff dar caladas a [v]
puff dar resoplidos [v]
puff chirriar [v] HN NI
puff abanillo [m]
puff jadeo [m]
puff calazo [m] HN
puff puff [m] CL
puff bollo esponjado
puff fumarada [f]
puff ventada [f]
puff inflar [v]
puff bombo [m] fig.
puff soplico [m]
puff bocanada de humo [f]
puff borla para empolvar [f]
puff charlatanería [f]
puff jactancia [f]
puff envanecer [v]
puff engreír [v]
puff alabar [v]
puff ensoberbecer [v]
puff ensalzar [v]
puff dar bombo [v]
puff elogiar demasiado [v]
puff envanecerse [v]
puff hincharse [v]
puff inflarse [v]
puff bufar [v]
puff engreírse [v]
puff dar bufidos [v]
puff abotagarse [v]
puff bufido [m]
puff rizado [m]
puff elogio exagerado [m]
puff reclamo [m]
puff billa [f] BO
puff bocarada [f] HN
puff chupón [m] DO AR:Nw UY PR
puff fuelle [m]
puff abollonar [v]
puff bollo [m]
puff explosión [f]
puff puff [m]
puff explosivo [m]
puff picofaradio [m]
Food Engineering
puff soplar [v]
puff soplar [v]
puff soplido [m]
puff resoplo [m]
General Medicine
puff pompón [m]
puff puff [m]
puff pujar [v]
puff hinchar [v]
puff ráfaga de aire
puff ráfaga de viento
puff papo [m]
puff bamba [f]
puff macarrón [m]
puff escape rápido
puff resoplo [m]
puff bocanada de aire [f]

Sens de "puff" dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 4 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
puff [m] CL inhaler dose
puff [m] CL puff
puff [m] puff
puff [m] puff

Sens de "puff" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 185 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
puff on chupar [v]
puff at chupar [v]
puff pastry hojaldre [m]
puff up ancharse [v]
puff up bofarse [v]
puff, in sewing bollo [m]
caked made of a coiled length of puff paste ensaimada [f]
powder puff borla [f]
puff pastry masa de hojaldre [f]
puff (on cigarette) chupetada  [f] VE
bath puff esponja de lufa [f]
bath puff esponja vegetal [f]
puff-pastry biscuit campechana [f] MX GT
bath puff esponja exfoliante [f]
puff of marijuana smoke mafufeada [f] HN
puff sleeve manga de globo [f] CU
puff pasty ojadra [f] DO
puff of marijuana moteada [f] HN
puff pastry orejita [f] PA
puff of a cigar patada [f] CU
cigarette puff seca [f] AR
coco puff piragua [f] EC
puff of a cigarette piteada [f] PA PE BO CL
puff and blow bufar [v]
puff and pant resoplar [v]
make into puff pastry hojaldrar [v]
huff and puff soplar y resoplar [v]
puff up hair batir [v] CU VE BO PY UY
puff up embombarse [v] HN
small puff pastry crescent florón [m]
puff paste [us] hojaldre [m]
puff pastry topped with black sugar carasucia [m] AR:Nw
coco puff chuto [m] BO drug
puff of cigarette smoke copaso [m] DO
puff of cigarette smoke copazo [m] DO
bath puff puff de baño [m]
puff pastry stuffed with ham and cheese, and covered with a sweet layer jesuita [m] AR:N UY
coco puff nevado [m] CL drug
stuffed puff pastry paste (inglés pastry) [m] MX:C HN NI
coco puff picante [m] BO:W delinq.
puff of a marijuana cigarette séter [m] NI drug
puff from a marijuana butt suspiro [m] PR
coco puff tabacazo [m] PE CL drug
a puff of smoke una nube de humo
puff ads anuncios publicitarios favorables
puff of smoke bocanada [f]
sort of puff-paste tart ginebrada [f]
puff-paste patty follada [f]
puff and blow with anger (animals) bufar [v]
puff up with pride inflar [v]
make puff-pastry hojaldrar [v]
resembling puff-pastry hojaldrado [adj]
puff in dress bollo [m]
puff in garments papo [m]
puff-pastry baker hojaldrista [m/f]
puff-pastry hojaldre [m/f]
resembling puff-pastry hojaldrada [adj/f]
powder-puff borla de empolvar [f]
puff of zuind ráfaga [f]
puff of zuind racha [f]
puff-adder víbora [f]
puff away dar resoplidos [v]
puff away disipar a soplos [v]
puff away dar soplidos [v]
puff out apagar a soplos [v]
puff up ahuecar [v]
puff up hinchar [v]
puff up henchir [v]
puff up hincharse [v]
puff up ahuecarse [v]
puff up henchirse [v]
puff and blow jadear [v]
powder-puff penacho de empolvar [m]
puff of zuind ventarrón [m]
puff pastry pastel relleno [m]
coco puff pistola [f] EC
puff of a cigarette seco [m] BO
puff of a cigarette golpe [m] MX GT HN NI CR EC
disappear in a puff of smoke caer en el pozo airón [v]
huff and puff quedarse sin aliento [v]
huff and puff jadear [v]
puff up dar bombo a alguien [v]
puff up poner a alguien en por los cuernos de la luna [v]
puff up poner a alguien en sobre los cuernos de la luna [v]
puff up levantar a alguien hasta el cuerno de la luna [v]
puff up hacerse lenguas de alguien [v]
disappear in a puff of smoke desaparecer como por ensalmo [v]
disappear in a puff of smoke desaparecer como por arte de magia [v]
disappear in a puff of smoke esfumarse [v]
disappear in a puff of smoke volatilizarse [v]
disappear in a puff of smoke desaparecer por el escotillón [v]
disappear in a puff of smoke desaparecer por escotillón [v]
be out of puff jadear [v]
be out of puff quedarse sin aliento [v]
puff and blow resollar [v]
puff one's chest out llenarse el pecho de aire [v]
disappear in a puff of smoke tragarse a alguien la tierra [v]
puff up one's cheeks hacer copuchas [v] CL
puff at dar caladas a [v]
puff on dar caladas a [v]
puff out ahuecar [v]
puff out hinchar (mejillas/el pecho) [v]
puff away at something exhalar algo [v]
puff up inflarse [v]
puff up agrandarse [v]
puff along correr jadeando [v]
puff along quedarse sin aliento [v]
puff away at something soplar algo [v]
puff or drag of a cigarette jalada [f] CR DO PE
cigarette puff pitada [f] EC PE BO:C,W PY AR UY
cigarette puff pitada [f] PA disused
puff of a cigarette seca [f] AR
puff one's chest out no caber en el pellejo [v]
huff and puff quejarse [v]
huff and puff resoplar [v]
puff oneself up vainly esponjarse [v]
give someone a puff or drag of a cigarette billar [v] BO
puff up ensanchar [v]
puff up anchar [v]
puff (marijuana cigarette) bimbirimbi [m] SV
coco puff maduro con queso [m] EC drug
coco puff marciano [m] CL drug
coco puff pitillo [m] BO
running out of puff sin resuello
take a puff dar una calada [v]
puff the magic dragon fumar marihuana [v]
a cream puff un coche viejo en muy buenas condiciones
a cream puff un debilucho
horseshoe of puff pastry herradura [f]
sip/puff tube tubo de succión/exhalación
smoke puff decoy señuelo de humo
puff-backed honeyeater mielero de las aru
puff-throated babbler tordina pechiestriada
puff-throated bulbul bulbul pálido
puff-backed bulbul bulbul lanudo
chromosome puff puff cromosómico
veiled puff puff velado
puff up afollarse [v]
puff pipes tuberías de empuje intermitente
puff pipes tubos de reacción
bear off in a puff abatir en la racha
sweet puff pastry that is flat, narrow and thin banderilla [f] MX
puff pastry that after baking, is drizzled with syrup or filled with various ingredients hojarasca [f] PE BO AR:Nw
puff pastry hojaldra [f] HN SV DO CO
puff pastry ojadra [f] DO
puff pastry oreja [f] MX HN SV NI CR PA EC PE
puff pastry in the form of a palm tree palmita [f] UY
rectangular sweet puff pastry and cream señorita [f] CU
puff pastry filled with meat or sweet aguja [f]
puff pastry cake campechana [f] MX GT
puff pastry dough covered in a layer of hard meringue aplanchado [m] EC
puff pastry stuffed with vegetables and cold cuts arreglado [m] HN
puff pastry filled with apples and almonds danish (inglés) [m] US PR
type of ham and cheese sandwich in sugar-topped puff pastry fosforito [m] AR
type of ham and cheese sandwich in sugar-topped puff pastry francesito [m] UY
puff pastry usually rolled into a cylinder or hollow cone, filled especially with dulce de leche cañón [m] PY AR UY
sweet made of puff pastry stuffed with marmelade, usually guava cañón [m] PA
puff pastry rolled into a small cylinder, filled with sweet or savory cream cañoncito [m] PY AR
bow-tie sweet bun made of puff pastry corbata [m] MX GT HN NI
rectangular cake containing meringue between two layers of puff pastry sprinkled with sugar napoleón [m] PA
puff pastry filled with meat, sausage, and cheese niño envuelto [m] NI
coiled puff pastry pan de mallorca [m] PR
bowtie puff pastry covered in caramel pañuelo [m] HN SV CU EC
puff pastry stuffed with chicken, ground beef, or cheese pastelito [m] PA
coiled puff pastry pan dulce [m] PR
cheese puff pastry allumette de queso
puff pastry masa hojaldrada
salt cod in puff pastry hojaldre relleno de bacalao
cream-puff pastry pasta choux
puff in a dress bollo [m]
puff submodel submodelo de bocanadas discontinuas
puff out abombarse (cabello)
puff out bufarse (pelo)
British Slang
out of puff sin aliento
puff-ball bejín [m]
love in a puff plant (cardiospermum halicacabum) calzoncillo [m] SV
love in a puff plant (cardiospermum halicacabum) güirote [m] MX:Nw
love in a puff bejuco de orinar [m] HN
love in a puff güirote [m] MX:Nw
love in a puff farolito [m] HN
love in a puff calzoncillo [m] SV
love in a puff farolito [m] HN
powder puff plant cojobillo [m] PR
red powder puff (calliandra anomala) pambotano [m] MX
red powder puff (calliandra anomala) taguapillo [m] MX