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Meanings of "busybody" in Spanish English Dictionary : 227 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
busybody entrometida [f]
busybody fisgona [f]
busybody entremetido [m]
busybody fisgón [m]
busybody buscavidas [m/f]
busybody metiche [m/f] AMER
busybody impertinente [m/f]
busybody entrometido [m]
busybody curioso [m]
busybody curiosa [m/f]
busybody barullera [f]
busybody cuentera [f]
busybody entrometido [adj]
busybody barullero [m]
busybody cazoletero [m]
busybody censor [m]
busybody chismoso [m]
busybody cuentero [m]
busybody atizacandiles [m/f] disused
busybody catacaldos [m/f]
busybody afrentada [f] DO
busybody afrontada [f] PR
busybody arruinada [f] HN BO
busybody argüendera [f] MX GT SV
busybody bina [f] CR
busybody cuña de catre [f] HN
busybody cuchara [f] SV
busybody chimentera [f] BO AR UY
busybody chilmolera [f] GT
busybody chimiscolera [f] MX
busybody chimiscola [f] MX
busybody chirmolera [f] GT
busybody carretilla [f] BO:E
busybody lapa [f] NI
busybody lengüetera [f] MX GT HN SV DO VE derog.
busybody lengüita [f] SV
busybody lora [f] PY UY
busybody disponedora [f] VE
busybody metida [f] PR BO CL AR UY
busybody pajúa [f] VE child
busybody pajuda [f] VE child
busybody sacona [f] HN SV
busybody rescabuchona [f] PA
busybody tula [f] NI
busybody vigiona [f] HN SV NI
busybody vineada [f] CR
busybody cazoletera [f]
busybody censora [f]
busybody chismosa [f]
busybody arbolario [adj] VE
busybody asomado [adj] VE:W
busybody chepito [adj] CR rare
busybody intrépito [adj] VE rur.
busybody hurgandillo [adj] HN
busybody jurgandilla [adj] HN
busybody intrusete [adj] CL derog.
busybody jetón [adj] SV
busybody lengüetero [adj] MX GT HN SV DO VE PR derog.
busybody lengüisucio [adj] PR derog.
busybody lenguón [adj] GT HN SV NI PA derog.
busybody oletón [adj] PE
busybody pasatrastes [adj] GT
busybody pancho [adj] NI
busybody precurón [adj] HN:C
busybody presentado [adj] DO PR
busybody aprontado [adj] PR
busybody presentao [adj] PR
busybody prepis [adj] PE
busybody lengua suelta [adj] MX
busybody metiche [m] NI CU MX
busybody metiche [m]
busybody metomentodo [m]
busybody intruso [m]
busybody mirón [m]
busybody afrentado [m] DO
busybody afrontado [m] PR
busybody arruinado [m] HN BO
busybody argüendero [m] MX GT SV
busybody aprontado [m] PR
busybody bino [m] CR
busybody chañar brea [m] AR:C,Nw,W
busybody chimentero [m] BO AR UY
busybody chiltero [m] EC
busybody chilmolero [m] GT
busybody chimiscolero [m] MX
busybody chimiscolo [m] MX
busybody chute [m] SV
busybody chirmolero [m] GT
busybody lengüetero [m] MX GT HN SV DO VE derog.
busybody lengüetrapo [m] NI PA PR
busybody loro [m] PY UY
busybody disponedor [m] VE
busybody metido [m] PR BO CL AR UY
busybody metisaca [m] HN:S SV NI
busybody pajúo [m] VE child
busybody pajudo [m] VE child
busybody sacón [m] HN SV
busybody rescabuchón [m] PA
busybody vigión [m] HN SV NI
busybody cotilla [m/f]
busybody cuereta [m/f] SV
busybody cuchareta [m/f] CU DO
busybody chusmeta [m/f] AR UY
busybody correo [m/f] PR PA
busybody huelepedos [m/f] CR derog.
busybody lengualarga [m/f] GT HN SV NI PA CU PE BO
busybody lengualisa [m/f] NI
busybody dieciocho [m/f] PA
busybody malalengua [m/f] DO BO:W UY
busybody meque [m/f] SV NI
busybody metecuentos [m/f] NI BO PY derog.
busybody pitoreta [m/f] NI
busybody plumista [m/f] SV
busybody sácalas [m/f] CR
busybody víbora [m/f] GT
busybody víbora [m/f] SV derog.
busybody telegrafista [m/f] PR
busybody tijera [m/f] SV
busybody olla de tamales [n] GT
busybody mujer mosca [n] CL
busybody ajonjolí de todos los moles [n] MX derog.
busybody enredadora [f]
busybody cominera [f]
busybody mezcladora [f] outdated
busybody barullera [f]
busybody cominero [m]
busybody metemuertos [m] rare
busybody mezclador [m] outdated
busybody sacasillas [m] fig.
busybody yayero [m] CU
busybody veedor [m] rare
busybody zaramullo [m] HN VE
busybody barullero [m/f]
busybody enredador [m/f]
busybody chismosa [f]
busybody oficiosa [f]
busybody oficioso [m]
busybody chismoso [m]
busybody boquifloja [f] MX
busybody chusma [f] VE BO AR derog.
busybody boquiflojo [m] MX
busybody compadre [m] AR UY
busybody compadrón [m] AR UY
busybody meterete [v] BO AR UY cult
busybody meterete [v] PY
busybody ocho con yo [m] HN SV
busybody once con vos [m] HN
busybody palo verde [m] BO:W
busybody perro de toda boda [m] CO
busybody mete cuchara [m/f] BO
busybody huelepedos [m/f] CR
busybody mano de matrona [n] CL
busybody entrometido
busybody que mete las narices
busybody metiche AMER
busybody refitolera [f]
busybody faramallera [f]
busybody farandulera [f]
busybody mirona [f]
busybody faramallona [f]
busybody lagarta [f]
busybody grilla [f] MX derog.
busybody comadreadora [f] BO
busybody lengüeta [f] AR UY
busybody lengüina [f] CU
busybody metejona [f] PE derog.
busybody orejera [f] CL
busybody cuentona [f]
busybody hurguete [v] SCN
busybody güelegüele [adj] CR derog.
busybody güelepedos [adj] CR
busybody hurguete [adj] AR
busybody lengüisuelto [adj] CO EC derog.
busybody oliscón [adj] PE derog.
busybody vidajena [adj] PA
busybody vino [adj] CR
busybody cachaco [m] CAR
busybody meterete [m] LAM
busybody refitolero [m]
busybody factótum [m]
busybody faramallero [m]
busybody farandulero [m]
busybody faraute [m]
busybody zascandil [m]
busybody faramallón [m]
busybody lagarto [m]
busybody grillo [m] MX derog.
busybody comadreador [m] BO
busybody lengüino [m] CU
busybody metejón [m] PE derog.
busybody orejero [m] CL
busybody alicate [m] ES local
busybody cañuto [m]
busybody cuentón [m]
busybody meterete [m/f] UY
busybody metete [m/f]
busybody factótum [m/f]
busybody metomentodo [m/f]
busybody bullebulle [m/f]
busybody bullebulle [m/f]
busybody buscavida [m/f]
busybody mangoneador [m/f]
busybody cucharita [m/f] HN
busybody chusma [m/f] BO PY AR UY derog.
busybody lechuza [m/f] UY derog.
busybody metejón [m/f] PA derog.
busybody metete [m/f] BO cult
busybody metete [m/f] GT NI CL derog.
busybody metete [m/f] PE rare
busybody palanganas [m/f] CR disused
busybody fiscal [m/f]
busybody bullebulle [m/f]
busybody buscavidas [m/f]
busybody catasalsas [m/f]
busybody cotilla [m/f]
busybody cuentista [m/f]
busybody oreja de chancho [n] CL derog.
busybody lengua de billetera [n] PA
busybody el buey corneta
busybody llevaitrae [f] GT PA CU VE BO PR derog.
busybody llevaitrae [m] GT PA CU VE BO derog.
busybody chepe [m/f] CR
busybody chepa [m/f] CR
busybody veedor [m]
busybody metiche [m/f] MX CAM CO PE DO VE
busybody alcahuete [m]
busybody murmurador [m]

Meanings of "busybody" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 36 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
female busybody chischilera [f] NI
female busybody chupuda [f] HN
male busybody kuñaí [f] PY
be a busybody meter las narices en todo [v]
who is a busybody copuchento [adj] CL
who is a busybody cocheche [adj] NI
who is a busybody copuchento [adj] BO CL
who is a busybody coyolero [adj] NI teen
being a busybody mechudo [adj] SV
being a busybody ofrecido [adj] NI
being a busybody pendenciero [adj] DO
male busybody chischilero [m] NI
male busybody chupudo [m] HN
attitude of a busybody copuchentismo [m] CL rare
attitude of a busybody copuchentismo [m] CL rare
be a busybody meter la nariz [v]
female busybody entrépita [f] VE
male busybody entrépito [m] VE
be a busybody tener una lengua que se la pisa [v] CU
spill the beans to the town busybody poner agua en cedazo [v] EC
be busybody ser chismoso
be busybody ser entrometido
I don't want to sound like a busybody but no quiero parecer un metiche pero
I don't want to sound like a busybody but no quiero sonar como un entrometido pero
be busybody ser metomentodo
I don't want to sound like a busybody but no quiero meter las narices donde no me llaman, pero
be busybody ser un metiche AMER
female busybody cucharona [f] HN SV
(for a person) be a busybody babosearse [v] MX GT
being a busybody grillero [adj] MX derog.
who is a busybody conventillero [adj] AR UY CL derog.
being a busybody pelador [adj] GT NI CL
being a busybody registrón [adj] NI VE
being a busybody revesero [adj] PE BO:W
male busybody cucharón [m] HN SV
a busybody metete CL