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Meanings of "commotion" in Spanish English Dictionary : 203 result(s)

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commotion conmoción [f]
commotion revuelo [m]
commotion revuelta [f]
commotion rosca [f]
commotion efervescencia [f]
commotion trapisonda [f]
commotion tole [m]
commotion trajín [m]
commotion bochinche [m]
commotion remolino [m]
commotion ruido [m]
commotion borbollón [m]
commotion desparramo [m]
commotion algazara (árabe) [f]
commotion alteración [f]
commotion barahúnda [f]
commotion baraúnda [f]
commotion batahola [f]
commotion bataola [f]
commotion boruca (euskera) [f]
commotion broma [f]
commotion bulla [f]
commotion herrería [f]
commotion boche [m] CL
commotion bochinche [m]
commotion bullicio [m]
commotion descalzaperros [m]
commotion destiento [m] disused
commotion escándalo [m]
commotion estruendo [m]
commotion follón [m]
commotion polvareda [f]
commotion zarabanda [f]
commotion algazara [f]
commotion baluma [f] CU EC
commotion balumba [f] UY
commotion batajola [f] SV rare
commotion berejeta [f] HN rur.
commotion cuática [f] CL teen
commotion chamuchina [f] GT
commotion espetera [f] SV
commotion fajina [f] VE
commotion fanfarria [f] DO
commotion guángara [f] DO rare
commotion guasábara [f] PR
commotion guazábara [f] PR BO
commotion guasanga [f] CU VE
commotion loquera [f] HN SV PA VE PY
commotion majamama [f] CL
commotion matracada [f] HN
commotion molotera [f] HN SV
commotion molotera [f] MX GT HN SV NI CU
commotion mocha [f] CL
commotion periquera [f] SV PA VE
commotion perrera [f] CU
commotion polvalera [f] NI
commotion relinchada [f] NI
commotion refala [f] DO
commotion rubiera [f] VE
commotion zalagarda [f] CL
commotion zamotana [f] MX NI disused
commotion relajo [m]
commotion alguito [m] DO
commotion bololó [m] CO:N
commotion bolongui [m] UY
commotion bolonqui [m] AR UY
commotion bochinche [m] PR CO VE
commotion botadero [m] MX
commotion bololó [m] CO:N
commotion bréjete [m] DO
commotion boche [m] CL
commotion burujullo [m] SV
commotion burunda [m] SV
commotion bululú [m] VE
commotion demandingue [m] DO
commotion descachimbe [m] HN SV NI
commotion chenco [m] BO:W,C
commotion chuchoqueo [m] CL
commotion chonguengue [m] GT HN rur.
commotion chuchoqueo [m] CL
commotion escarceo [m] CU DO
commotion fostró [m] PR
commotion fox-trot (inglés) [m] PR
commotion canyengue [m] UY
commotion guaguancó [m] PA
commotion guarará [m] PY
commotion guyryry [m] PY
commotion jelengue [m] MX SV
commotion laberinto [m] NI PE BO
commotion macaneo [m] GT HN SV NI
commotion macaneo [m] HN
commotion destelengue [m] DO
commotion detelengue [m] DO
commotion detelengue [m] DO
commotion empelotamiento [m] VE
commotion mitote [m] MX
commotion merengue [m] MX BO:E,W PY AR UY
commotion molotal [m] GT HN SV NI CR PA DO PR
commotion morlote [m] MX
commotion molotal [m] HN
commotion molote [m] MX GT NI
commotion merequetengue [m] MX GT SV NI AR UY
commotion perreo [m] CU
commotion pogo [m] CO child
commotion polvazón [m] GT HN SV
commotion polvazón [m] SV
commotion polvazón [m] HN
commotion reverbero [m] DO
commotion relincho [m] NI
commotion refuego [m] HN
commotion reguerete [m] PR
commotion reguero [m] MX DO
commotion reniego [m] HN
commotion revolcón [m] PA
commotion tintingó [m] PR
commotion vacilón [m] PR
commotion vergaceo [m] HN
commotion vergoloteo [m] GT HN
commotion vicio [m] PE
commotion zaperoco [m] HN NI PA CO VE
commotion safacoca [m] MX
commotion dale al que no te dio [n] CU
commotion alteración [f]
commotion concitación [f]
commotion irritación [f]
commotion marejada [f]
commotion revolución [f]
commotion destiento [m] disused
commotion desbaratamiento [m]
commotion bululú [m] VE
commotion escándalo [m]
commotion maremagnum [m]
commotion revolvimiento [m]
commotion rebato [m]
commotion movimiento [m]
commotion tumulto [m]
commotion agitación [f]
commotion perturbación [f]
commotion excitación [f]
commotion movimiento de mar [m]
commotion burundanga [f] AN CO
commotion gareta [f] PR
commotion guasa [f] SV
commotion guirisapa [f] VE
commotion borlote [m] MX
commotion botadero [m] MX
commotion trepa que sube [m] PA
commotion jicotera [f] MX
commotion furrusca [f] ANS
commotion caiqueada [f] BO:W,C,S
commotion bolina [f] CL NI
commotion canfínfora [f] VE disused
commotion maroma [f] AR UY
commotion menesunda [f] AR
commotion meresunda [f] UY AR rare
commotion rejolina [f] MX:Nw
commotion relojina [f] NI
commotion zafacoca [f] CL disused
commotion zafacoca [f] MX NI CO
commotion zafacoca [f] PE rare
commotion zarabanda [f] VE UY
commotion zarangamusinga [f] VE:W
commotion algarabía (árabe) [f]
commotion bambolla [f]
commotion canfínfora [f] VE
commotion culebra [f]
commotion la de dios es cristo [f]
commotion escandalera [f]
commotion pitote [m]
commotion bolondrón [m] PE
commotion batifondo [m] BO CL PY AR UY
commotion borbollón [m] PE CL
commotion chojín [m] HN
commotion chingoloteo [m] HN SV
commotion escandalete [m] AR UY
commotion escombro [m] AR UY
commotion espolvorín [m] NI CR DO disused
commotion cogeculo [m] VE
commotion leseo [m] CL
commotion macán [m] VE
commotion merecumbé [m] PA
commotion pereque [m] NI CR PA
commotion voleo [m] CO
commotion arroz con mango [m] CU VE
commotion batiboleo [m] DO AL
commotion brollo [m] VE
commotion cacao [m]
commotion cotarro [m]
commotion coge culo [m] VE
commotion fandango [m]
commotion foxtrot (inglés) [m] VE
commotion hollín [m]
commotion hule [m]
commotion jaula/olla de grillos
commotion crical [m] PR
commotion desvergue [m] HN SV NI
commotion despije [m] HN SV
commotion vainero [m] VE
commotion vergueo [m] GT HN SV NI
commotion verguero [m] PA CO:N VE:W rur.
commotion confusión [f]
commotion alteración del orden público
International Law
commotion alteración del orden público

Meanings of "commotion" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 43 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
make a commotion hundirse [v]
a big commotion una gran conmoción [f]
diversion that causes a commotion or disturbance chacoteada [f] NI BO
funny commotion charanga [f] NI CR
cause a commotion bolinar [v] NI
cause a commotion embochinchar [v] MX GT DO VE BO AR
cause a commotion molotear [v] SV
make a commotion relinchar [v] HN SV NI
causing a racket, din, commotion, or scene cuático [adj] CL teen
sustained (uproar or commotion) corrido [adj] PR
excessive noise caused by a disturbance or commotion burumbumbún [m] NI
group of people making a commotion periquero [m] GT SV PA
excite commotion revolver [v]
excite commotion solevantar [v]
commotion without motive rebolisco [m] CU
cause a commotion embochinchar [v] MX GT HN SV DO VE PY AR
have caused a commotion embochincharse [v] MX GT HN SV DO VE PY AR
with rejoicing commotion como chorcha en guayabal [adv] HN
cause a commotion provocar una conmoción [v]
cause a commotion provocar un revuelo [v]
cause a commotion levantar pólvora [v]
cause a commotion armar una cumbia [v] PA
develop (chaotic situation and commotion) formarse un joropo [v] VE
make a commotion organizarse la bruta [v] NI rare
meeting of people that ends in commotion, uproar, and misunderstanding cena de negros [n] MX UY derog.
disturbance or commotion, especially caused by children chamuchina [f] VE
female person who causes a lot of disorder and commotion escombrera [f] AR
cause a commotion meter ruido [v]
cause a commotion rochelear [v] CO VE
start a commotion armarla [v]
disturbance or commotion chapandongo [m] SV NI
male person who causes a lot of disorder and commotion escombrero [m] AR
dust (agitation; commotion) ruido [m]
cause a commotion dejar la cagada [v] CL
cause a commotion dejar la crema [v] CL
cause a commotion dejar la escoba [v] CL
civil commotion conmoción civil
civil commotion movilización [f]
civil commotion insurrección civil
civil commotion conmoción civil
civil commotion movimiento popular
civil commotion disturbio civil
commotion of the labyrinth conmoción del laberinto