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Meanings of "offence" in Spanish English Dictionary : 24 result(s)

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offence agravio [m]
offence atentado [m]
offence ofensa [f]
offence infracción [f]
offence ataque [m]
offence agraviamiento [m]
offence crimen [m]
offence desaguisado [m]
offence resbalón [m]
offence pique [m]
offence delincuencia [f]
offence deuda [f]
offence culpa [f]
offence injuria [f]
offence ofensión [f]
offence transgresión [f]
offence ultraje [m]
offence pecado [m]
offence afrenta [f]
offence contravención [f]
offence agresión [f]
offence récipe [m]
offence falta [f]
offence la ofensiva [f]

Meanings of "offence" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 75 result(s)

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no offence [uk] sin ofender
offence against infracción de [f]
take offence agraviarse [v]
take offence formalizarse [v]
take offence molestarse [v]
offence [uk] delito [m]
religious offence ofrenda sagrada [m]
offence [uk] ofensa [f]
take offence brincar [v]
take offence resentirse [v]
take offence picarse [v]
take offence ofenderse [v]
take offence amolarse [v] LAM
unintentional offence latigazo [m]
pardon of a first offence primilla [f]
repetition of an offence reincidencia [f]
second fall/offence recaída [f]
terrible offence/injury sobra [f]
enormous (offence) alto [adj]
take offence agraviarse [v]
take offence ofenderse [v]
take offence darse por sentido [v]
enormous (offence) alta [adj/f]
charge someone with a specified offence meter un puro a alguien [v]
take offence at molestarse por
there's no offence taken no hay daño
no offence meant no quise ofender
no offence! ¡sin ánimo de ofender!
no offence meant sin querer ofender
no offence meant sin ánimo de ofender
don't take no offence no te ofendas
no offence meant sin intención de ofender
no offence sin ofender
no offence no te ofendas
no offence no se ofenda
no offence sin ánimo de ofender
no offence no quiero ofender
no offence no se ofendan
no offence no quiero ofenderte
no offence con todo respeto
no offence sin ofenderte
there's no offence meant sin ofender a usted
there's no offence taken no importa
take no offence no lo tomes a mal
take no offence no te ofendas
please take no offence por favor no se ofenda
please take no offence no te lo tomes a mal por favor
please take no offence por favor no te ofendas
tax offence delito fiscal
criminal offence delito [m]
commit an offence cometer una infracción [v]
white-collar offence delito de guante blanco
economic offence delito económico
substantive offence delito cometido
ordinary offence delito común
concealing offence encubrimiento de un delito
second offence delito reincidente
criminal offence acto delictivo
criminal offence delito penal
statutory offence delito tipificado
substantive offence delito realizado
statutory offence delito establecido por la ley
notifiable offence delito grave
International Law
serious offence delito grave
offence against the environment agresión contra el medio ambiente
indictable offence violación de la ley
indictable offence acto delictuoso
minor offence falta leve
sexual offence delito sexual
capital offence delito capital
military offence delito militar
half-court offence ataque posicional en media cancha
early offence ataque tras cruzar la línea de centro de campo
four-corner offence ataque de cuatro esquinas
set offence disposición de ataque