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Meanings of "picante" in English Spanish Dictionary : 78 result(s)

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picante [adj] irritating
picante [adj] cutting
picante [adj] spicy
picante [adj] hot
picante [adj] sour
picante [adj] sharp
picante [adj] tart
picante [adj] naughty
picante [adj] dirty
picante [adj] zest
picante [m] chilli
picante [m] zip
picante [m] piquancy
picante [adj] hot and spicy
picante [adj] saucy
picante [adj] biting
picante [adj] risque
picante [adj] poignant
picante [adj] fescennine
picante [adj] that contains spice
picante [adj] bawdy
picante [adj] piquant
picante [adj] PY insulting
picante [adj] PY stinging
picante [m] heat
picante [m] BO:W delinq. strong reprimand
picante [m] BO:W delinq. coco puff
picante [m] BO:W delinq. severe scolding
picante [m] BO:W delinq. cigarette with cocaine
picante [adj] pricking
picante [adj] piercing
picante [adj] pungent
picante [adj] stinging
picante [adj] high-seasoned
picante [adj] offensive
picante [adj] acrid
picante [m] pungency
picante [m] keen satire
picante [m] acrimony
picante [v] barb
picante [adj] acrimonious
picante [adj] caustic
picante [adj] caustical
picante [adj] bitter
picante [adj] cute
picante [adj] attic
picante [adj] itchy
picante [adj] high
picante [adj] keen
picante [adj] prurient
picante [adj] nipping
picante [adj] pointed
picante [adj] spicular
picante [adj] warm
picante [adj] sporty
picante [adj] strong
picante [adj] smart
picante [adj] suggestive
picante [m] raciness
picante [m] fig. spice
picante [m] spicery
picante near the knuckle
picante [adj] juicy
picante [m/f] CL derog. rude person
picante [m/f] CL derog. coarse person
picante [m/f] CL derog. low class person
picante [m/f] CL derog. uncouth person
picante [adj] CL vulgar
picante [adj] CL tasteless
picante [adj] CL tacky
picante [adj] peppery
picante [adj] fiery
picante [adj] pungent
picante [adj] highly seasoned
picante [m] MX CR PA CO VE EC PE BO CL AR:Nw spicy sauce
picante [m] EC PE CL spicy portion of food
picante [m] BO stew made with meat, onion, broad bean, carrots, seasoned with pepper, salt, and spices, served with rice and potatoes and topped with chopped parsley
picante [adj] racy

Meanings of "picante" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 52 result(s)

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agua picante [f] SV south american alcoholic beverage
agua picante [f] SV alcoholic beverage
agua picante [f] SV an alcoholic beverage of south america
rábano picante [m] horseradish
cuento picante [m] DO CO BO acute and funny saying or occurrence that is sexual or obscene in nature
rábano picante horseradish
raíz picante horseradish
salsa picante [f] catchup
chanza picante [f] bob
salsa picante [f] ketchup
mostaza muy picante [f] hot mustard
naturaleza picante [f] pungency
ortiga picante [f] small nettle
respuesta picante [f] repartee
hacerse más picante [v] sharpen
poco picante [adj] unpointed
rábano picante [m] horse-radish
diálogo picante [m] snip-snap
de un modo picante [loc/adv] pungently
de un modo picante [loc/adv] racily
salsa picante hot sauce
broma picante saucy joke
programa de televisión, película o espectáculo picante tits and ass
sabor picante pungent taste
olor picante irritating odor
rábano picante horseradish
peroxidasa de rábano picante horseradish peroxidase
peroxidasa de rábano picante horseradish peroxidase
peroxidasa de rábano picante hrp (horseradish peroxidase)
rábano picante horseradish
chile picante [m] GT HN SV spicy sauce made with chili pepper, salt, water, and spices
salsa picante hot sauce
salsa de rábano picante horseradish sauce
conejo picante rabbit in spicy sauce
ají picante red pepper
chile picante hot pepper
salsa picante salsa
rábano picante horse-radish
British Slang
comida picante ring-stinger
chile picante [m] GT HN SV chili pepper fruit
chile picante [m] GT HN SV chili pepper plant
chile picante [m] CR hot chili pepper fruit
chile picante [m] GT HN tabasco pepper
chile picante [m] CR hot chili pepper plant
chile picante [m] GT HN cayenne pepper
chile picante [m] GT HN SV cayenne pepper
chile picante [m] GT HN a plant native of the tropics (capsicum frutescens)
chile picante [m] GT HN SV a species of chili pepper that is sometimes considered to be part of the species capsicum annuum (capsicum frutescens)
chile picante [m] GT HN SV tabasco pepper
chile picante [m] GT HM SV chili pepper
raíz picante horseradish
queso picante tangy cheese