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Meanings of "refer" in Spanish English Dictionary : 31 result(s)

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refer referir [v]
refer diferir [v]
refer deferir [v]
refer remitir [v]
refer citar [v]
refer remitirse [v]
refer referirse [v]
refer imputar [v]
refer referirse [v]
refer hacer relación [v]
refer aludir [v]
refer apelar [v]
refer sonar [v]
refer encaminar [v]
refer dirigir [v]
refer trasladar [v]
refer tener relación [v]
refer atribuir [v]
refer someter [v]
refer recurrir [v]
refer importar [v]
refer dirigirse [v]
refer hacer referencia [v]
refer remitir [v]
refer referir [v]
refer someter a arbitraje [v]
refer recomendar [v]
refer refiérase
refer asignar [v]
refer enviar [v]
refer citar [v]

Meanings of "refer" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 37 result(s)

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refer to hacer alusión a [v]
refer to hacer referencia a [v]
refer to referirse a [v]
refer to remitir a [v]
refer to aludir a [v]
refer to referirse [v]
refer oneself remitirse [v]
refer to nombrar [v]
refer a decision to someone remitir una decisión a alguien [v]
refer to (a subject) tocar [v]
refer to diríjase a [expr]
it is used to refer to a situation that goes beyond what is expected la bola pica y extiende [expr] NI CU
it is used to refer to a problem involving other subjects or aspects caused by it la bola pica y extiende [expr] NI
it is used to refer to someone whose arrival or intervention is annoying or untimely la bolilla que faltaba [expr] AR UY
used to refer to someone who tripped over something ¡álzalas buey! [expr] MX
refer to another's judgment remitirse [v]
refer to llamar [v]
used to refer to a third person present in the conversation acá [expr] CU PR BO
refer to acudir a [v]
refer to atribuir [v]
refer someone to enviar a alguien a [v]
refer someone to remitir a alguien a [v]
refer to consultar [v]
refer to someone referirse a alguien [v]
the term 'memory' is usually used to refer to the internal storage locations of a computer el término “memoria” hace referencia a las ubicaciones de almacenamiento interna de una computadora
refer (pass to someone) remitir [v]
refer to mencionar [v]
refer to drawer devuelto al librador
refer to hacer de mérito [v]
refer somebody to remitir a alguien a un servicio [v]
refer a higher court elevar el proceso [v]
refer a case to another court deferir [v]
refer to referirse a [v]
refer to citar [v]
refer to remitirse a
International Law
refer to binding arbitration someter a arbitraje obligatorio [v]
Real Estate
refer (to an underwriter) remitir [v]