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Meanings of "tollo" in English Spanish Dictionary : 26 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
tollo [m] CL nonsense
tollo [m] CL blah-blah-blah
tollo [m] CR:C banana stalk
tollo [m] CR:C banana stem
tollo [m] CL falsehood
tollo [m] CL fabrication
tollo [m] CL long speech of no substance and full of nonsense
tollo [m] DO mess
tollo [m] CL bla bla
tollo [m] CL capacity of convincing or suggestion through words
tollo [m] CL lie
tollo [m] DO pickle
tollo [m] DO badly done work
tollo [m] CR:C banana stem
tollo [m] CL tall tale
tollo [m] CL tall story
tollo [m] CL story
tollo [m] CL fib
tollo [m] spotted dog-fish
tollo [m] quagmire
tollo [m] bog
tollo [m] blind (for hunting)
tollo [m] CL teen mouth
Marine Biology
tollo [m] EC PE CL speckled smooth-hound (mustelus mentó)
tollo [m] CO:N hammerhead
tollo [m] tope shark

Meanings of "tollo" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 40 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
Marine Biology
tollo de cacho [m] spiny dogfish (squalus acanthias)
tollo cigarro dentón largetooth cookiecutter shark
tollo raspa rough longnose dogfish
tollo manchado spotted houndshark
tollo coludo africano african ribbontail catshark
tollo negro de cachos hooktooth dogfish
tollo pigmeo pygmy shark
tollo lucero de hawaii hawaiian lanternshark
tollo lucero verde green lanternshark
tollo lucero mocho shorttail lanternshark
tollo rabo claro taillight shark
tollo lucero africano african lanternshark
tollo lucero espinudo thorny lanternshark
tollo lucero antillano carribean lanternshark
tollo cigarro cookie cutter shark
tollo lucero diablo blackbelly lanternshark
tollo flecha arrowhead dogfish
tollo coludo pigmeo pygmy ribbontail catshark
tollo coludo arlequín harlequin catshark
tollo negro dormilón pacific sleeper shark
tollo negro raspa granular dogfish
tollo rayado banded houndshark
tollo lucero franjeado fringfin lanternshark
tollo coludo grácil graceful catshark
tollo del ecuador sharpfin houndshark
tollo mandarín mandarin dogfish
tollo pigmeo trompudo longnose pygmy shark
tollo lucero marrón brown lanternshark
tollo coludo cubano cuban ribbontail catshark
tollo lucero rayado lined lanternshark
tollo negro narigón southern lanternshark
tollo negro elegante ornate dogfish
tollo negro peine combtooth dogfish
tollo pigmeo espinudo spined pygmy shark
tollo negro aliblanco whitefin dogfish
tollo lucero peine combtoothed lanternshark
tollo negro liso bareskin dogfish
tollo lucero bandoneado broadbanded lanternshark
tollo coludo elegante slender smooth-hound
tollo dentudo sharptooth houndshark