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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "bothersome" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 115 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
bothersome fastidioso [adj]
bothersome latoso [adj]
bothersome engorroso [adj]
bothersome aperreador [adj]
bothersome engorrosa [adj/f]
bothersome aperreadora [adj/f]
bothersome embargador [adj] disused
bothersome empachador [adj] disused
bothersome empachoso [adj]
bothersome enfadoso [adj]
bothersome engorroso [adj]
bothersome enhadoso [adj]
bothersome enhastioso [adj] disused
bothersome estorbador [adj]
bothersome estorboso [adj]
bothersome hediondo [adj]
bothersome enojoso [adj]
bothersome chinchoso [adj]
bothersome hostigoso [adj]
bothersome irritante [adj]
bothersome molestoso [adj]
bothersome jorungo [adj] CU
bothersome chicloso [adj] NI teen
bothersome fregador [adj] GT
bothersome fregón [adj] CR disused rur.
bothersome fregón [adj] AR rare
bothersome fregón [adj] MX GT HN SV NI PA VE rur.
bothersome fletón [adj] GT
bothersome cansón [adj] MX HN SV PA CU DO PR CO VE EC
bothersome fulano [adj] VE
bothersome hostigoso [adj] MX SV NI PE BO CL AR UY EC rare
bothersome jeringón [adj] MX CU DO PR BO:C,W
bothersome jeringoso [adj] PR VE
bothersome jeringueador [adj] MX BO rare
bothersome joñón [adj] NI
bothersome joroboso [adj] DO
bothersome ladilla [adj] VE
bothersome jodiche [adj] BO
bothersome jodichi [adj] BO
bothersome jodinche [adj] HN BO
bothersome jodincho [adj] HN
bothersome enémico [adj] PR
bothersome enflautante [adj] BO
bothersome machacante [adj] CU
bothersome molestón [adj] GT EC
bothersome molestoso [adj] US GT PA DO PR VE EC PE BO CL PY AR
bothersome molón [adj] MX
bothersome necio [adj] NI CR PA DO CO
bothersome plagoso [adj] DO
bothersome plomoso [adj] GT SV
bothersome rompedor [adj] AR UY derog.
bothersome remolón [adj] GT
bothersome tequioso [adj] NI
bothersome zarandajo [adj] HN
bothersome molesto [adj]
bothersome molesta [adj/f]
bothersome cargante [adj]
bothersome bromoso [adj] MX
bothersome cancanoso [adj] ES local
bothersome cansón [adj] MX VE
bothersome chilmolero [adj] MX
bothersome espeso [adj] VE PE AR
bothersome fregón [adj] MX GT HN CR NI EC
bothersome pesado como agua de pozo [adj] UY
bothersome del carajo [adj] derog.
bothersome carne amarga [adj] CL
bothersome agonioso [adj]
bothersome empreñador [adj]
bothersome hinchador [adj] SCN
bothersome hinchante [adj]
bothersome mosqueante [adj]
bothersome encocorante [adj]
bothersome jeringador [adj]
bothersome jeringón [adj] LAM
bothersome canchero  [adj] AR
bothersome fregón [adj] CO EC BO UY rur.
bothersome carnaza [adj] CL
bothersome intenso [adj] CO teen
bothersome hinchante [adj] BO derog.
bothersome hinchapelotas [adj] BO CL PY AR UY derog.
bothersome jeringa [adj] NI PA CU DO CL AR UY
bothersome jodión [adj] HN SV NI CR
bothersome embolante [adj] AR UY
bothersome emplumante [adj] BO
bothersome encimoso [adj] MX
bothersome montador [adj] CO
bothersome perecoso [adj] CO
bothersome capullo [adj] ES derog.
bothersome chavón [adj] PR
bothersome chinchoso [adj]
bothersome dichoso [adj]
bothersome gracioso [adj]
bothersome jeringa [m/f] PR
bothersome agoniosa [adj/f]
bothersome canchera  [adj/f] AR
bothersome hinchabolas [adj] BO CL PY AR UY
bothersome hinchacocos [adj] AR CL rare
bothersome hinchaguindas [adj] BO AR UY
bothersome hinchante [adj] BO
bothersome hinchapelotas [adj] CL PY AR UY
bothersome rompebolas [adj] BO PY AR UY
bothersome rompehuevos [adj] BO PY AR UY
bothersome rompepelotas [adj] AR UY
bothersome hinchacocos [adj] AR CL rare
bothersome hinchaguindas [adj] BO AR UY
bothersome hinchahuevos [adj] BO AR UY
bothersome jodón [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CU DO PR CO VE EC PY AR UY
bothersome emputante [adj] BO
bothersome empollón [adj] PR derog.
bothersome pelaverga [adj] EC
bothersome rompebolas [adj] BO PY AR UY
bothersome rompehuevos [adj] BO PY AR UY
bothersome rompepelotas [adj] AR UY
bothersome valevergoso [adj] PA
bothersome engorre [m] CR derog.

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "bothersome" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 52 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
bothersome person abejorro [m]
bothersome person ahuizote [m] MX
bothersome person agüizote [m] MX
bothersome and disagreeable subject guarandinga [f] VE
bothersome problem contumeria [f] HN SV
bothersome person jocheadora [f] BO:N
bothersome person embromona [f] MX BO rare
bothersome person embromona [f] DO AR:Nw
bothersome situation pendejá [f] DO
bothersome situation pendejada [f] DO PR BO
bothersome matter podrida [f] CU
bothersome person varilla [f] VE
stunned by a bothersome situation desasitiado [adj] DO
bothersome (person) chicludo [adj] NI teen
bothersome and complicated (action or procedure) contumerioso [adj] HN SV
very annoying or bothersome jorobón [adj] PR UY
bothersome person jocheador [m] BO:N
bothersome person embromón [m] MX BO rare
bothersome person embromón [m] DO AR:Nw
bothersome person paquete [m] CU
bothersome person pluto [m] PR
bothersome person purgante [m] NI CU
bothersome person jarichi [m/f] BO:Ne
bothersome person vaina [m/f] GT
send annoying/bothersome children with someone else who will entertain them dar tenteallá [v] PA
be bothersome picar la cresta [v] MX GT
be bothersome traer de cabeza [v]
bothersome person negrito en el arroz [m] MX
bothersome person doble nueve [n] CU
bothersome person dolor de espalda [n] DO VE
bothersome person dolor de parto [n] CU DO VE
bothersome person domingo siete [n] GT
vexatious/bothersome person calilla [f] AMER
bothersome person cansadora [f] PY AR UY
bothersome person bomba [f] CU derog.
bothersome person calilla [f] MX GT HN
bothersome person colagoga [f] CU derog.
bothersome situation fruncia [f] CL
do away with someone/something bothersome desencartarse [v] CO
move something bothersome emponchar [v] BO
annoying or bothersome with untimely and insistent behavior frito [adj] HN SV BO
repeatedly bothersome fundido [adj] PE rare
bothersome person cansador [m] PY AR UY
bothersome situation macán [m] VE
bothersome person upitero [m] AR:Nw rur.
bothersome action telele [m] CR disused
bothersome person yuyo [m] CR
bothersome person colagogo [m] CU derog.
bothersome person pelmas [m/f] PE disused
bothersome person dolor de nuca [n] PA
bothersome person peo mal tirado [n] CU derog.
bothersome thing huevada [f] EC