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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "exaggerate" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 65 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
exaggerate pasarse [v]
exaggerate exagerar [v]
exaggerate engrandecer [v]
exaggerate hinchar [v]
exaggerate abultar [v]
exaggerate acriminar (exagerar delito/culpa o defecto) [v]
exaggerate cargar las tintas [v]
exaggerate agrandar [v]
exaggerate inflar [v]
exaggerate hacer teatro [v]
exaggerate magnificar [v]
exaggerate desorbitar [v]
exaggerate amplificar [v]
exaggerate agigantar [v]
exaggerate agravar [v]
exaggerate decantar [v]
exaggerate desbarrar [v]
exaggerate encarecer [v]
exaggerate pintar [v]
exaggerate ponderar [v]
exaggerate agravar [v]
exaggerate sobredimensionar [v]
exaggerate cacarear [v]
exaggerate mentir [v]
exaggerate fanfarronear [v]
exaggerate echar por arrobas [v]
exaggerate recargar las tintas [v]
exaggerate alaraquear [v] MX CL
exaggerate cascabelear [v] BO
exaggerate alaraquear [v] MX CL
exaggerate cauquear [v] BO:W,C
exaggerate cauquear [v] BO:W,C
exaggerate cotear [v] BO
exaggerate disforzar [v] PE rare
exaggerate embelequear [v] GT DO
exaggerate vacilar [v] GT SV NI PA
exaggerate tirarse el pegote [v]
exaggerate tirarse el moco [v]
exaggerate tirarse el pisto [v]
exaggerate tirarse el folio [v]
exaggerate enrollarse [v]
exaggerate tirarse el rollo [v]
exaggerate macanear [v]
exaggerate echarse un farol [v]
exaggerate desagerar [v] rare
exaggerate latear [v] BO
exaggerate ahogarse en un vaso de agua [v]
exaggerate hinchar el perro [v]
exaggerate forzar la nota [v]
exaggerate írsele a alguien la mano [v]
exaggerate venir con cuentos [v]
exaggerate hacer de un anís un marquesote [v] NI
exaggerate hacer escombro [v] AR UY
exaggerate hacer de un anís un marquesote [v] NI
exaggerate hacer de un clavo un machete [v] NI
exaggerate inflar globos [v] CU
exaggerate hacerle al cuento [v] MX
exaggerate jalársela [v] MX
exaggerate poner pies y cabeza [v] GT
exaggerate ponerle [v] CU CL
exaggerate florear [v] PE
exaggerate mamar [v] MX BO
exaggerate mamársela [v] MX
exaggerate mandarse una de cowboys [v] AR derog.
exaggerate exagerar [v]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "exaggerate" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 25 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
exaggerate a story hinchar [v]
exaggerate one's emotions aspaventar [v]
exaggerate a fault/defect incriminar [v]
exaggerate a story hinchar [v] fig.
exaggerate the significance of sobredimensionar [v]
exaggerate the importance of sobredimensionar [v]
exaggerate the importance of cacarear [v]
exaggerate the significance of cacarear [v]
exaggerate about something alharaquear [v] MX CL
exaggerate in a conversation to avoid feeling inferior to others cuellear [v] BO
exaggerate when talking or telling a story cuentear [v] BO
exaggerate one's wealth lujear [v] DO
exaggerate to boast or attract attention novelerear [v] PA
not exaggerate ubicarse [v] MX SV NI CR CU DO BO CL
exaggerate when speaking, making an improper emphasis azotarse [v] MX
don’t exaggerate ni tanto ni tan calvo
don't exaggerate no seas fantasma
to exaggerate a little decidí exagerar un poco
to exaggerate a little si exageramos un poco
no need to exaggerate ni tanto ni tan calvo
don't exaggerate ni tan calvo, ni con dos pelucas VE
exaggerate the compliments andarse en caballerías [v]
exaggerate one's difficulties in order to generate empathy in others llorar la carta [v] AR
exaggerate in order to impress meter la mula [v] BO CL
to exaggerate a little exagerando un poco