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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "stunned" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 93 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
stunned lelo [adj]
stunned turulato [adj]
stunned abombado [adj] AMER
stunned pasmado [adj]
stunned pegado [adj] ES
stunned anonadado [adj]
stunned atolondrado [adj]
stunned atontado [adj]
stunned abombada [adj/f] AMER
stunned pasmada [adj/f]
stunned pegada [adj/f] ES
stunned anonadada [adj/f]
stunned atolondrada [adj/f]
stunned atontada [adj/f]
stunned bombo [adj]
stunned zurumbático [adj]
stunned zurumbática [adj/f]
stunned bomba [adj/f]
stunned alocado [adj]
stunned de un aire [loc/adj]
stunned acojudarse [v] PE
stunned privado [adj]
stunned atónito [adj]
stunned achompipado [adj] HN NI rur.
stunned agilado [adj] HN
stunned dundo [adj] HN
stunned biroldo [adj] PR
stunned ayemado [adj] DO
stunned azumbado [adj] HN SV NI CR
stunned azurumbado -a [adj] MX HN SV NI CR
stunned añemado [adj] DO
stunned ahuevado [adj] HN NI rur.
stunned boleco [adj] HN
stunned bolo (del maya) [adj] GT HN SV NI
stunned bilordo [adj] PR
stunned biroldo [adj] PR
stunned abombado [adj] HN SV NI CL AR
stunned abotagado [adj] HN NI UY
stunned abombado [adj] HN NI UY
stunned abotagado [adj] HN SV NI CL UY
stunned friki (inglés freak) [adj] EC teen
stunned friqui (inglés freak) [adj] EC teen
stunned groggy (inglés) [adj] MX
stunned juato [adj] EC rare
stunned lumbo [adj] HN NI
stunned embrecado [adj] HN NI
stunned elementado [adj] CL rur.
stunned pasmique [adj] SV
stunned pasmolín [adj] SV
stunned paspado [adj] AR
stunned turuleco [adj] SV PR
stunned siguato [adj] PR rur.
stunned sonitonto [adj] PR
stunned zoropeto [adj] HN
stunned zurumbo [adj] GT HN SV NI
stunned taimado [adj] HN
stunned totoleco [adj] SV
stunned agilada [adj/f] HN
stunned dunda [adj/f] HN
stunned birolda [adj/f] PR
stunned azumbada [adj/f] HN SV NI CR
stunned ayemada [adj/f] DO
stunned añemada [adj/f] DO
stunned ahuevada [adj/f] HN NI rur.
stunned abotagada [adj/f] HN NI UY
stunned güegüecho [adj] AMER
stunned adundado [adj] HN SV NI
stunned aguacatón [adj] HN SV NI
stunned agüevado [adj] GT HN SV NI CR PA DO CO PE
stunned apendejado [adj] MX NI DO PR CO VE
stunned atembado [adj] CO
stunned apelotardado [adj] CO
stunned ahuevoneado [adj] VE
stunned agüevoneado [adj] VE
stunned groguí (inglés groggy) [adj] CU PR EC BO AR CR teen
stunned turuleto [adj] SV PR VE
stunned tapiado [adj] PE:Nw
stunned turulata [adj/f]
stunned atembada [adj/f] CO
stunned agüevada [adj/f] GT HN SV NI CR PA DO CO PE
stunned adundada [adj/f] HN SV NI
stunned aguacatona [adj/f] HN SV NI
stunned apendejada [adj/f] MX NI DO PR CO VE
stunned apelotardada [adj/f] CO
stunned ahuevoneada [adj/f] VE
stunned agüevoneada [adj/f] VE
stunned como herido por el rayo
stunned como herido por un rayo
stunned con el ojo cuadrado [adv] MX NI PY
stunned ahuevado [adj] HN SV NI
stunned patidifuso [adj]
stunned helado [adj]
stunned patitieso [adj]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "stunned" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 73 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
be stunned atarantarse [v]
be stunned aturdirse [v]
become stunned atalantarse [v]
become stunned atarantarse [v]
become stunned aturdirse [v]
become stunned sorprenderse [v]
become stunned anonadarse [v]
be stunned abombarse [v]
be stunned abombarse [v] AR
be stunned acelerarse [v]
be stunned aturdirse [v]
be stunned adarvarse [v] rare
stunned person alucinada [f] MX
be stunned pasmarse [v]
be stunned quedar atontado [v]
be stunned quedarse frío [v]
be stunned estar asombrado [v]
be stunned quedarse de piedra [v]
be stunned atembarse [v] CO
be stunned or dazed (as from talking too much or from listening to someone talk too much) agilarse [v] HN SV CL
feel stunned after receiving a hit or listening to a loud noise azurumbarse [v] CR
become stunned aoparse (del quechua) [v] BO
become stunned amojonearse [v] VE
become stunned amojonarse [v] PR
be stunned deslembarse [v] PR
be stunned eslembarse [v] PR
be stunned enguachinarse [v] PR
be stunned embrecarse [v] HN NI
be stunned encalavernarse [v] PE:N
be stunned encerotarse [v] HN
become stunned papearse [v] GT
be stunned paralogizarse [v] BO CL cult
stunned by a blow zurumbo [adj] SV ANS HN
stunned or disturbed as a result of an illness or another cause barbasqueado [adj] BO
momentarily stunned ambilado [adj] VE:C
stunned by an unfortunate situation desasitiado [adj] DO
stunned by a bothersome situation desasitiado [adj] DO
stunned by a blow surumbo [adj] GT HN SV NI
stunned person alucinado [m] MX
nighttime hunt where animals are stunned with a lantern luceo [m] GT
be stunned quedarse bizco [v]
be stunned ponerse la cabeza como un bombo [v]
be stunned quedar aplanado [v]
be stunned quedarse suspenso [v]
be stunned at embobarse con [v]
be stunned at estar pasmado de [v]
be stunned at quedar pasmado de [v]
be stunned empamparse [v]
be stunned embebecerse [v]
be stunned bolearse [v] PY AR UY
get stunned babosearse [v] NI
be stunned ahuevarse [v] GT HN SV NI PA CO PE derog.
be stunned alobarse [v]
stunned (person) entumido [adj] AR
stunned from a blow turuleto [adj] CO UY
become stunned by someone caérsele la baba por alguien [v]
be stunned quedarse lelo [v]
be stunned quedarse mortal [v]
be stunned estar zurumbático [v]
be stunned tener cara de asombro [v]
be stunned tener mirada de asombro [v]
be stunned andar de boca abierta [v] SV
be stunned estar como que caga y no lo siente [v] DO
be stunned quedar frisado [v] VE
be stunned quedar frisado en el sitio [v] VE
be stunned by a difficulty enredarse en las cuartas [v] AR
be stunned quedar pagando [v] CL
be stunned quedar pegado [v] PR
be stunned quedarse baboso [v] GT
I was stunned me quedé de piedra
become stunned apendejarse [v] MX SV NI PA PR VE
become stunned apendejarse [v] NI VE
stunned myocardium miocardio aturdido