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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "wasted" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 31 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
wasted chimbo [adj] CO EC
wasted extenuado [adj]
wasted maganto [adj]
wasted malogrado [adj]
wasted desaprovechado [adj]
wasted chimba [adj/f] CO EC
wasted extenuada [adj/f]
wasted maganta [adj/f]
wasted malograda [adj/f]
wasted desaprovechada [adj/f]
wasted deshecho [adj]
wasted desperdiciado [adj]
wasted derramado [adj]
wasted tábido [adj]
wasted derramada [adj/f]
wasted deshecha [adj/f]
wasted desperdiciada [adj/f]
wasted esquelético [adj]
wasted ennotado [adj] PR
wasted bolatín [adj] GT
wasted pedo [m] ES
wasted bolatina [adj/f] GT
wasted hecho bolsa [loc/adj] CL
wasted mula de borracho [adj] BO:W
wasted hecho tiras [loc/adj] PE
wasted muerto
wasted muy drogado
wasted frito CR
wasted vano [adj]
wasted tirado [adj]
wasted desolado [adj]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "wasted" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 84 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
be wasted perderse [v]
be wasted deshacerse [v]
be wasted gastarse [v]
that may be wasted/spent gastable [adj]
wasted away mordido [adj]
be wasted agotarse [v]
be wasted aniquilarse [v]
get wasted mamarse [v] HN
wasted (good) botado [adj] VE
wasted away (person or animal) chincurriento [adj] GT
wasted (money) festinado [adj] EC cult
wasted away halado [adj] CU DO PR
wasted effort ensarte [m] PE
wasted away (woman) chorreada [adj/f] BO
wasted time tiempo perdido
wasted effort ensartada [f] PE
get wasted andar pedo [v]
get wasted estar pedo [v]
get wasted estar hecho un cuero [v]
get wasted estar hecho una cuba [v]
get wasted estar hecho una uva [v]
get wasted agarrarse un pedo [v]
get wasted cogerse una castaña [v]
get wasted coger una merluza [v]
get wasted coger una papalina [v]
get wasted coger una pea [v]
get wasted coger una melopea [v]
get wasted cogerse una trompa [v]
get wasted coger una pítima [v]
get wasted chumarse [v] AR
get wasted coger un pedal [v]
get wasted agarrarse una trompa [v]
get wasted cogerse un mámeos [v]
get wasted cogerse una moña [v]
get wasted pillar una melopea [v]
get wasted agarrar una melopea [v]
get wasted coger un tablón [v]
get wasted pillar un tablón [v]
get wasted coger una chispa [v]
get wasted pillar una chispa [v]
get wasted coger una mierda [v]
get wasted pillar una mierda [v]
get wasted coger una mordaga [v]
get wasted pillar una mordaga [v]
get wasted coger una mordaguera [v]
get wasted pillar una mordaguera [v]
get wasted coger una tajada [v]
get wasted pillar una tajada [v]
get wasted coger una turca [v]
get wasted pillar una turca [v]
get wasted coger un cernícalo [v]
get wasted enmonarse [v] BO PE
be wasted engrifarse [v]
be wasted estar curda [v]
be wasted estar con la curda [v]
be wasted estar en curda [v] SCN
be wasted dejar por los suelos [v]
be wasted acabar por los suelos [v]
be wasted quedar por los suelos [v]
be wasted irse al garete [v]
get wasted mamarse [v]
get wasted atizarse [v]
place where anything is wasted or spent gastadero [m]
be wasted irse al tacho [v] BO CL PE AR UY
be wasted estar exhausto [v]
know what one wasted their money on saber dónde el grillo tiene la manteca [v] PR
know what one wasted their money on saber dónde el grillo tiene la manteca [v] PR
to be wasted estar bastante borracho
a day without laughter is a day wasted un día sin risa es un día perdido
your talent is wasted here estás desperdiciando tu talento aquí
your talent is wasted here tu talento es desaprovechado aquí
i'm sorry i wasted your time siento haber malgastado su tiempo
get wasted coger una mona [v]
get wasted pillar una mona [v]
get wasted pillarse un pedo [v]
get wasted emborracharse [v]
get wasted embriagarse [v]
get wasted desperdiciarse [v]
getting wasted all fucking day estar perdido todo el puto día
space wasted: espacio no utilizado:
wasted time tiempo no aprovechado
wasted time tiempo perdido
wasted ventilation ventilación residual
wasted ventilation ventilación desperdiciada