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Meanings of "lots" in Spanish English Dictionary : 76 result(s)

English Spanish
lots muchos [adj]
lots mucho [adv]
lots carrandanga [f] CO:N
lots carrada [f] AR UY
lots carranganada [f] HN NI rare
lots catajarra [f] VE
lots catervada [f] CL
lots catajarria [f] VE
lots catichumbada [f] SV
lots catizumba [f] CR disused rur.
lots catizumbada [f] GT HN SV NI
lots catorcera [f] VE
lots cantarada [f] SV
lots papadita [f] HN
lots tanatada [f] HN SV
lots tanateada [f] SV
lots tanganada [f] SV
lots cardumen [m] CO VE CL
lots catizumbal [m] SV HN
lots celemín [m] DO CL rur.
lots catizumbazo [m] NI
lots diablal [m] MX
lots diablar [m] MX
lots mecatazo [m] SV NI
lots talego [m] SV
lots tanate [m] GT SV CR
lots tendal [m] CU
lots timbal [m] CU
lots toco [m] CU AR UY
lots tumbo [m] SV
lots tutumuste [m] HN
lots vagón [m] AR UY
lots vejigazo [m] SV
lots viaje [m] DO
lots viaje [m] VE teen
lots era [suf] HN SV NI
lots cualquier cantidad [loc/adv] CR CU DO VE EC PE BO PY CL AR UY
lots cantidades navegables [loc/nom] DO PE
lots cualquier cantidad [loc/nom] CL
lots a montones
lots a chorros
lots de a paquete [adv] DO
lots un resto [adv] MX GT CO
lots de vicio [adv] DO PR PY
lots con carajo [loc/adv] CU
lots como un carretonero [loc/adv] CL
lots en caterva [loc/adv] DO
lots para alante [loc/adv] VE
lots como cancha [loc/adv] PE
lots a chorros
lots carretada [f] HN NI
lots carretada [f] CR rare
lots catizumba [f] GT HN SV NI
lots pailada [f] HN NI
lots animalada [f]
lots atrocidad [f]
lots bestialidad [f]
lots sopotocientos [adj] PA
lots montón [m]
lots carajal [m] MX PA CU VE EC
lots güevonazo [m] HN
lots paquete [m] DO
lots tanatero [m] GT SV
lots titipuchal [m] MX GT SV
lots vergazal [m] GT HN SV NI CR
lots a carradas [loc/adv] AR UY
lots a cantaradas [loc/adv] HN NI
lots cualquier cantidad [loc/nom] AMER teen
lots carajazo [m] VE
lots madral [m] MX
lots putamadral [m] MX
lots putimadral [m] MX
lots tanatal [m] GT SV
lots vainero [m] VE
lots vergazo [m] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA BO
lots vergo [m] GT SV

Meanings of "lots" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 120 result(s)

English Spanish
(fig) place with lots of people hormiguero [m]
draw lots for sortear [v]
draw lots sortear [v]
lots of muchísimo [adj]
lots of mucho [adj]
lots of muchísima [adj/f]
lots of mucha [adj/f]
draw lots echar suertes [v]
cast lots echar suertes [v]
construction on vacant lots bienhechuría [f] VE
lots of kisses besuquera [f] PR
lots of kisses besuquería [f] PR
lots of kisses besuquería [f] PR
construction in vacant lots bienhechuría [f] VE
lots of mamasada [f] SV
distribute into lots lotear [v]
draw lots rifar [v]
draw lots echar a suerte [v]
draw lots echar a suertes [v]
draw lots echarlo a suertes [v]
cast lots echarlo a suertes [v]
split into lots lotificar [v] CAM
split into lots lotizar [v] ANS
divide into lots aparcelar [v] HN SV NI
draw lots designation by lot echar a suertes [v]
draw lots designation by lot sortear algo [v]
with lots of mucus mocoso [adj]
person buying ore from indians in small lots rescatín [m]
place with lots of people hormiguero [m] fig.
drawing of lots sorteo [m]
exhaustion following lots of work desmondingamiento [m] CU
place with lots of dry underbrush charrascal [m] SV VE:W
in a brothel, period of lots of sexual activity jaripeo [m] SV
act and effect of drawing of lots desencantaración [f]
drawing lots or names from an urn or ballot-box desinsaculación [f]
drawing lots quinta [f]
draw lots for a candidate desencantarar [v] disused
draw lots desinsacular [v]
draw lots for soldiers quintar [v]
draw lots sacar [v]
cast lots sortear [v]
that which can be cast lots for sorteable [adj]
wheel for draw mg lots redolino [m]
someone who casts lots sorteador [m]
casting lots sorteamiento [m]
casting lots sorteo [m]
drawing lots sorteo [m]
cast lots echar a la suerte [v]
have lots of guts tener el alma en su almario [v]
be lots to talk about haber tela para rato [v]
have lots of patience ser hecho de buena pasta [v]
have lots of work estar alcanzado [v] NI
make lots of money hacerse el pino [v] CL
lots of bien de [loc/adj]
lots of como descocido [loc/adv] BO:W,C
make lots of money easily cortar con cincel [loc/v] CL
make lots of money easily cortar a cincel [loc/v] CL
draw lots echar a suertes
draw lots echar a la suerte
draw lots jugarse a los chinos
draw lots sortear
draw lots jugarse a cara o cruz
lots of love con mucho cariño
there are lots of ways to existen muchas maneras de
there could be lots of other people puede haber ahí un montón de gente
we've got lots of food tenemos mucha comida
we've got lots of food tenemos mucho para comer
i have got lots of reason to hate her/him tengo muchas razones para odiarlo
she has lots of friends (ella) tiene muchos amigos
cast lots echar a suertes [v]
have lots of fun bonchar [v]
say lots of things just to do something guitarrear [v] AR
have lots of children cargarse de hijos [v]
lots of ene [adj]
lots of muchos [adj]
having gotten out of a tight spot in the nick of time with lots of luck jabonado [adj] CL
lots of la mar de [loc/adv]
lots of más que la cresta [loc/adv] CL
lots of luck! ¡que tengas suerte!
lots of luck! ¡mucha suerte!
lots of things muchas cosas
lots of things un montón de cosas
get lots of sun tomar mucho sol
lots of things la mar de cosas
lots of a pote
lots of a cántaros
lots of people have fallen for it ha picado mucha gente
we had lots of fun nos lo pasamos chachi
lots of por arrobas
lots of people un montón de gente
lots of people un mogollón de gente
in carload lots por vagones completos
lots of times muchas veces
lots of times un montón de veces
lots of a barullo ES
lots of en gran cantidad
lots of a patadas
lots of para dar y tomar
lots of something una playa de algo
lots of things una burrada de cosas
lots of un porrón de
lots of un montón de
lots of una bestialidad de
lots of una bestiada de
lots of un vergazo de CAM
lots of una porrada de
I love you lots te quiero mucho [expr]
lots of caleta CL
odd lots picos [m/pl]
division into lots lotificación [f] MX
lay out in lots lotear [v]
divide into lots parcelar [v]
having lots of mucus mocoso [adj]
laying out in lots loteo [m]
method of subdivided lots método de los lotes subdivididos
in carload lots carro entero por
in carload lots por carros completos
drink lots of fluids tome bastantes líquidos
someone who draws lots in fives quintador [m/f]
make lots of errors tener dedos de mantequilla [v]