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Meanings of "pereque" in English Spanish Dictionary : 31 result(s)

Spanish English
pereque [m] SV ruse
pereque [m] SV machination
pereque [m] VE:W severe scolding
pereque [m] SV hoax
pereque [m] SV trickery
pereque [m] SV fraud
pereque [m] SV thing repeated annoyingly
pereque [m] SV scheme
pereque [m] VE thingamajig
pereque [m] VE:W strong reprimand
pereque [m] HN NI popular party with dancing and drinking
pereque [m] VE whatsit
pereque [m] SV swindle
pereque [m] SV con
pereque [m] SV ploy
pereque [m] SV trick
pereque [m] NI CR PA commotion
pereque [m] CO VE:W inconvenience
pereque [m] HN:C SV NI CR PA fuss
pereque [m] HN:C SV NI CR PA mess
pereque [m] HN:C SV NI CR PA problem
pereque [m] NI CR PA uproar
pereque [m] NI CR PA fuss
pereque [m] NI CR PA disturbance
pereque [m] CO VE:W bother
pereque [m] HN:C SV NI CR PA trouble
pereque [m] NI CR PA racket
pereque [m] NI CR PA turmoil
pereque [m] NI CR PA chaos
pereque [m] NI CR PA din
pereque [m] NI CR PA tumult

Meanings of "pereque" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 5 result(s)

Spanish English
poner pereque [v] CO:C irritate
poner pereque [v] CO:C disturb
poner pereque [v] CO:C bug
poner pereque [v] CO:C offend
poner pereque [v] CO:C bother