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English Spanish
round ronda [f]
round alrededor [adv]
round rotundo [adj]
round redondo [adj]
round rueda [f]
round convidada [f]
round mano [f]
round vuelta [f]
round doblar [v]
round rollizo [adj]
round pelado [adj]
round round [m]
round rolliza [adj/f]
round rotunda [adj/f]
round pelada [adj/f]
round redonda [adj/f]
round dula (árabe) [f]
round arrocado [adj]
round circular [adj]
round enrollado [adj]
round esférico [adj]
round cartucho [m]
round alrededor de [prep]
round serie [f]
round talla [f]
round manga [f]
round palomita [f] PY AR
round posta [f] CL
round posta negra [f] HN SV
round rodela [f] MX
round tanda [f] CO
round rondar [v]
round esférico [adj]
round circular [adj]
round en redondo [adj]
round abuchonado [adj] AR UY
round abullonado [adj] MX HN CO PY UY
round redondo (inglés round) [adj] US MX VE EC BO
round disparo [m]
round asalto [m]
round redondel [m]
round round (inglés) [m] PA
round round (inglés) [m] CU
round round (inglés) [m] PA rare
round round (inglés) [m] PR
round círculo [m]
round punta de verija [n] AR
round alrededor de [prep]
round cerca de [prep]
round rollizo
round al otro lado
round requisa [f]
round convocatoria [f]
round arredondar [v]
round redondear [v]
round arredondear [v]
round rodado [adj]
round ruano [adj]
round terete [adj]
round rodada [adj/f]
round ruana [adj/f]
round circularmente [adv]
round redondamente [adv]
round en derredor [adv]
round por todos lados [adv]
round por todas partes [adv]
round esfera [f]
round rotación [f]
round rodaja de carne [f]
round redondez [f]
round danza [f]
round moverse alrededor [v]
round cercar [v]
round rodear [v]
round dar vuelta a [v]
round ceñir [v]
round hacerse redondo [v]
round acabar [v]
round perfeccionar [v]
round susurrar [v]
round hablar al oído [v]
round perfeccionarse [v]
round semicircular [adj]
round lleno [adj]
round orbicular [adj]
round sonoro [adj]
round cabal [adj]
round grande [adj]
round cuantioso [adj]
round sincero [adj]
round franco [adj]
round liso [adj]
round claro [adj]
round ingenuo [adj]
round generoso [adj]
round amplio [adj]
round vivo [adj]
round liberal [adj]
round rápido [adj]
round honrado [adj]
round acelerado [adj]
round justo [adj]
round terminante [adj]
round categórico [adj]
round orbe [m]
round peldaño (de escala) [m]
round escalón [m]
round paso [m]
round travesaño (de silla) [m]
round listón (de silla) [m]
round circuito [m]
round curso [m]
round baile [m]
round sonora [adj/f]
round llena [adj/f]
round cuantiosa [adj/f]
round franca [adj/f]
round sincera [adj/f]
round lisa [adj/f]
round clara [adj/f]
round ingenua [adj/f]
round llana [adj/f]
round amplia [adj/f]
round generosa [adj/f]
round viva [adj/f]
round rápida [adj/f]
round honrada [adj/f]
round acelerada [adj/f]
round categórica [adj/f]
round rueda [f] AR PE PA
round justa [adj/f]
round round (inglés) [f] CL
round turno [m] BO:C,W,S
round metido en carnes
round al retortero [adv]
round ronda [f]
round sesión [f]
round redondear [v]
round sesión [f]
round bala [f]
round redondear [v]
round giro [m]
round redondo [m]
round tiro [m]
round rutina [f]
round salva [f]
round mediacaña [f]
round descarga [f]
round revolución [f]
round munición [f]
round andanada [f]
round tongada [f]
round redondo [m]
round eje circular
round cartucho con bala
round disparo completo
round redondear [v]
round cartucho [m]
round peldaño [m]
round redondear [v]
round voladura [f]
round rodado [adj]
General Medicine
round rodeo [m]
round camino [m]
round redondo [adj]
round peldaño [m]
round redonda [adj/f]
round desarrollarse [v]
round dar vueltas [v]
round contornear [v]
round redondearse [v]
round orzar [v]
round montar un cabo [v]
round enlomar [v]
round ruta [f]
round circular [v]
round cilíndrico [adj]
round veloz [adj]
round brusco [adj]
round alegrar [v]
round brusca [f]
round doblar [v]
round nalga [f]
round pega [f]
round carga completa de mineral [f]
round barrote redondo [m]
round disparo completo [m]
round serie de barrenos
round disparo completo
round barrote redondo
round recorrido [m]
round andanada [f]
round salva [f]
round descarga [f]
round disparo completo [m]
round rondó [m]
round etapa [f]
round turno [m]
round asalto [m]
round asalto [m]
round asalto [m]
round redondear [v]

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Spanish English
round [m] round

Meanings of "round" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
the other way round viceversa [adv]
round-trip correría [f]
round up rodear [v]
round up acorralar [v]
merry-go-round tiovivo [m]
merry-go round carrusel [m]
the other way round al revés [adv]
round shield rodela [f]
qualifying round eliminatoria [f]
qualifying round clasificatoria [f]
look round volver la cabeza [v]
turn round revirar [v]
turn round revolverse [v]
go round rodar [v]
turn round rodearse [v]
veer round rolar [v]
pass round rular [v]
get round obviar [v]
go round doblar [v]
dig round cavar [v]
get round sortear [v]
swing round cimbrear [v]
get round subsanar [v]
round off perfilar [v]
go round circular [v]
round off epilogar [v]
round off completar [v]
round off apuntillar [v]
win round conquistar [v]
look round curiosear [v]
wander round curiosear [v]
spin round bailar [v]
go round recorrer [v]
go round versar [v]
round off redondear [v]
round down redondear [v]
round up redondear [v]
go round girar [v]
turn round girar [v]
turn round hacer girar [v]
turn round girarse [v]
round off rematar [v]
move round remover [v]
turn round voltear [v]
skirt round bordear [v]
come round volver en si [v]
turn round volverse [v]
turn round dar la vuelta [v]
turn round darse la vuelta [v]
get round zafarse de [v]
all-round integral [adj]
all-round completo [adj]
long way round rodeo [m]
merry-go-round carrusel [m]
(match/game) round recorrido [m]
all-round completa [adj/f]
round baking pan tartera [f]
all-round integral [adj]
round-up arreada [f] BO AR UY
round loaf bolla [f] ES local
round-bottomed doll brujilla [f]
round bed cama redonda [f]
round file cola de ratón [f]
round and wide part of a epaulet or capona concha [f]
houses round a farmhouse or grange cortijada [f]
qualifying round eliminatoria [f]
last round of drinks espuela [f]
round off acabar [v]
round up acorralar [v]
make round arredondear [v]
become round arredondearse [v]
round up arropar [v]
gather round asediar [v]
go round contornear [v]
remove the fence round descercar [v]
remove the wall round descercar [v]
gathering round asediante [adj]
round tipped boludo [adj] CU
round-faced cariampollado [adj]
round-faced cariampollar [adj]
round-faced carigordo [adj]
round-faced cariharto [adj]
round-faced carilleno [adj]
round-faced carirredondo [adj]
round-cheeked carrilludo [adj]
round-tailed coliteja [adj] rare
round up acorralamiento [m]
round emerald aguacate [m]
saddler's round knife almoflate [m]
round of vigorous applause aplauso cerrado [m]
round of thunderous applause aplauso cerrado [m]
last round of drinks arranque [m] PA
gathering round asedio [m]
small round table ataifor (árabe) [m]
round vessel balón [m]
round basket banasto [m]
large round-head nail bellote [m]
round shaped embroidery bodoque [m]
round-bottomed doll tentetieso [m]
round knife burin buril chaple redondo [m]
round-headed nail calamón [m]
merry-go round carrusel [m]
round object chirimbolo [m]
large round-head nail clavo bellote [m]
round-headed nail clavo calamón [m]
large round headed nail clavo jemal [m]
round mat to collect trash cogedor [m]
fountain children's round dance corro [m]
round tongs desabollador [m]
ornament or blessed ribbon worn round the neck estadal [m]
merry-go-round caballitos [m/pl]
short round trip correrías [f/pl]
round-the-clock continuamente [adv]
round-the-clock incesantemente [adv]
unleavened round bread pita [f]
two-wheeled round-top carriage tartana [f]
round ornamental block manzana [f]
round-bellied bottle ampolla [f]
large round basket canasta [f]
round of matches jornada [f]
merry-go-round calesita [f] AR PY UY
merry-go-round (américa latina) caballitos [f]
round bread made of corn and oven-roasted cheese almojábana [f] CO VE:W
round-up and branding of cattle in a communal savanna vaquería  [f] VE
round fishing net thrown by hand tarraya [f] ES:S ANT NI VE
round-up of rowdy cattle rochela  [f] VE
round fishing net thrown by hand atarraya [f]
round casting net atarraya [f]
anything round in form arepa [f] VE
childrens' game where the objective is to toss coins or round objects at a wall with the goal of getting as close to the wall as possible arrimadita [f] AR UY
live round bala viva [f] HN PR
top round steak bola [f] CU
round steak bola de lomo [f] PY AR UY
sweet potato with yellow flesh and a round shape (japanese type) batata martinica [f] PR
sweet round type of bread made of whipped sugar and milk batida [f] HN
small ornamental plant, with fleshy, round and lustrous leaves of intense green color and long spikes with a pineapple of flowers in the tip, generally red calanchoa [f] PR
merry-go-round calesita [f] EC BO PY AR UY
merry-go-round caja de muerto [f] PR
owner or manager of a merry-go-round calesitera [f] PY AR UY
large round explosive coated with paper and a wick (pyrotechnics) bomba [f] MX HN NI
small and round firework bombita [f] PA
group of dominoes that are dealt to each player in a round data [f] CU
sweet round cookie prepared with wheat flour and raw cane sugar cuca [f] PR CO:W,Sw VE:W
small, round, sweet cookie cientoemboca [f] PR
round piece of silver used to decorate a saddle chapeta [f] MX
small round stone often used in cooking to grind food chaquena [f] PE rur.
small tin container with a round handle used to drink hot infusions choca [f] CL
flat, round stone often found on some river banks china pelona [f] CU
round clay pot chomba [f] PE
round, flat meal made with soft ground corn and generally cooked on a griddle chorreada [f] CR
round or oblong clay pot with a short thin neck, generally used for carrying water chirigua [f] VE:W
quick launch of a lasso to round up cattle fayanca [f] BO:E
round (beef cut) carnaza [f] PY AR
open round pavilion in the middle of a park glorieta [f] MX NI CU PR
round bun made with wheat flour and pineapple jelly galleta alemana [f] SV
round bread with a thick crust and abundant center galleta de campaña [f] AR UY
round bread with a thick crust and abundant center galleta de campo [f] AR UY
round, dry bread, and flattened, without yeast or almost none, which can be preserved for a long time galleta marinera [f] AR UY
round pie made with whole wheat flour and filled with unrefined brown sugar coyota [f] MX
elongated and round sponge cake lengua [f] HN SV AR
elongated and round sponge cake lengua de suegra [f] SV
solid honey in fine round molds laja (portugués) [f] HN SV
small herd of docile livestock to round up the untamed ones madrina [f] GT HN CO:E VE
round but not very prominent nose nariz bombolona [f] DO
round paving stone, 10 to 15 cm in diameter piedra manzana [f] BO:W
loss of a round without getting a point in domino pollona [f] CU
round pad to carry things on one's head rodela [f] PE
children's round dance ronda catonga [f] AR UY
the round la rueda [f] HN
the round la rueda rueda [f] CU PR UY
pass round the hat talacha [f] GT
round kick voladora [f] HN NI EC BO
round of drinks tanda [f] CO
(game) round mano [f]
round of a watchman ronda [f]
round or hand (of a card game) partida [f]
round off the night rematar la noche [v]
round up reclutar [v]
get round engatusar [v]
turn round voltearse [v]
go round the hillside ladear [v]
come round restablecerse [v]
round out redondear [v]
go round bordear [v]
come round reanimarse [v]
round up using bolas bolear [v]
go round rular [v]
make round abombar [v]
go round rondar [v]
wrap round on itself enroscar [v]
round up a number redondear [v]
come round to something terminar por aceptar algo [v]
drive round the corner doblar la esquina [v]
call round pasarse [v]
swing (round) volverse [v]
swing (round) girarse [v]
go round in circles darle vueltas al mismo tema [v]
go round something rodear algo [v]
have a whip-round hacer una colecta [v]
draw a circle round señalar con un círculo [v]
draw a circle round rodear con un círculo [v]
be round-shouldered ser agobiado de hombros [v]
be round-shouldered ser cargado de espaldas [v]
be round-shouldered ser cargado de hombros [v]
have round shoulders ser cargado de espaldas [v]
have round shoulders ser cargado de hombros [v]
bring (someone) round (to another's point of view) hacer enfocarse en [v]
can't get one's head round something no poder explicarse algo [v]
can't get one's head round something no poder entender algo [v]
mold or round off angles and edges of a surface/object bolear [v] PE
hit it's opponent in the same way until it wins the round (cock fighting) abrir [v] PR
give a round shape (especially sleeves) abullonar [v] PY AR UY
be wound round enrollarse alrededor [v]
drop round visitar [v]
drop round dejarse caer [v]
mess round chucanear [v] GT HN SV
execute a quick launch of a lasso to round up cattle fayuquear [v] MX
select two fighter cocks to fight in the next round casar [v] NI CU
advance to the next round pasar a la siguiente ronda [v]
be a millstone round one's neck ser una gran responsabilidad para alguien [v]
round up pialar [v] MX HN EC BO:S PY AR UY rur.
round up livestock sabanear [v] MX HN SV NI DO PR CO:E VE
round up livestock sabanear [v] PE rare
round up vaquear [v] MX PA BO:E
all-round [uk] polifacético [adj]
round-shouldered cargado de espaldas [adj]
round the bend majareta [adj]
as round as tan redondo como [adj]
as round as redondo como [adj]
round like a tortilla (thing) atortillado [adj] HN NI
round (object) like the calabash fruit aguacalado [adj] GT HN rare
round-toed (shoes) boludo [adj] CU
with bloated stomach due to a large round worm infestation (person) culichoso [adj] HN SV
small, round, and black (bean) chileno [adj] PE
as round as tan redondo como [adj]
large round pebble gorrón [m]
half round semicírculo [m]
round off redondeo [m]
round tower cubo [m]
round head repollo [m]
merry go round conveyor transportador [m]
round trip viaje de ida y vuelta [m]
round angle ángulo completo [m]
round bracket paréntesis [m]
merry-go-round tiovivo [m] ES
merry-go-round (américa latina) carrusel [m]
second round of voting balotaje [m]
round trip periplo [m]
small and round mat panero [m]
final round albur de arranque [m] CU
round fishing net thrown by hand tarrayazo [m] CU PR CO VE
cattle drive for round-up levante [m] VE
round-up of cattle rodeo [m]
round hut/shack made from sticks and reeds caney [m] CO VE
round piece of something bojote [m] HN SV
round trip boleto redondo [m] MX
round steak boliche [m] CU
large round-shaped candy bolón [m] DO
round chewing gum bolonchón [m] PA
owner or manager of a merry-go-round calesitero [m] PY AR UY
small round stone callao [m] DO
a deep, round bowl, used to hold water azafate [m] NI
a round pad to place over the head to carry baskets and pots babonuco [m] DO PR
a round pad made of leaves, fiber, cloth, or other material placed over the head to carry a load babunuco [m] CU DO
round piece of something bojote [m] HN SV
move to the next round or to the final (competition) boleto [m] MX AR
round trip boleto redondo [m] MX
round-shaped caramel boliche [m] VE:W
round chewing gum bolonchón [m] PA
salted round corn cake with cheese bizcocho [m] CR BO
white round and small cloud borrego [m] MX
collective andean dance that includes soft and short tapping and was originally performed in the round during harvest in prehispanic times cachua [m] BO PE rur.
very large, round mass of mineral cuesco [m] MX rare
bottom round cuete [m] MX
large round squash generally used as a container for making chicha, an alcoholic drink cumbo [m] CR
slipknot made in a whip or lasso to round up a horse or cattle chambuque [m] CO
small, round, black bean chileno [m] PE
round portion (of something) chiloto [m] GT
round, long, lean cut of beef choclillo [m] CL
large round black spotted yellow bean chonete [m] NI
round musical instrument made of flattened metallic bottle tops, used during traditional bolivian festivities chullu-chullu [m] BO
very small coffee bean, almost round and shaped like a snail caracolillo [m] GT HN NI CR PR PE rur.
very small coffee bean, almost round and shaped like a snail caracolillo [m] DO
merry-go-round carrousel (francés) [m] US HN NI CL
round pad for carrying weight on the head cayahual [m] MX
round pad for carrying weight on the head cayagual [m] MX
open round pavilion in the middle of a park gazebo [m] DO PR AR
round (beef cut) ganso [m] VE
round (beef cut) ganso [m] CL
round (cut of meat) cuadril [m] BO PY AR UY
round table meeting of specialists on a topic conversatorio [m] GT HN NI PA
round lollipop koyac [m] CL
round, compact, peanut-flavored candy manimoto [m] CO
infection of the mexican creeping zinnia plant on the foot that forms a red spot with a white and round head ojo de pescado [m] HN SV NI
round dance merecumbé [m] HN child
sugar cookies made from carob flour and half roasted in a round mold patay [m] AR:Nw,W
sugar cookies made of carob flour lightly roasted in a round mold patai [m] AR:Nw,W
round plank made of eucalyptus wood pingo [m] EC
round cheese petacón [m] SV
blow with a round object pepazo [m] PA PR VE
boxing round raun (inglés round) [m] CR
round about rondpoint (francés) [m] CO
round of drinks round (inglés) [m] PR
round about round point (inglés) [m] CO
round of fabric for carrying items on the head yagual [m] MX GT HN SV NI CR:Nw
last round trago del estribo [m] NI BO CL
person with a round mouth laca moroco [m/f] BO
round wood rollizos [m/pl]
loss in a round due to getting aces, twos, or fours culos [m/pl] HN
all-round [uk] polifacética [adj/f]
round-shouldered cargada de espaldas [adj/f]
round (object) like the calabash fruit aguacalada [adj/f] GT HN rare
all the year round a lo largo de todo el año
all the year round durante todo el año
round top tapa circular
round top punta redondeada
round-the-clock sin parar
round clam escupiña grabada
all the year round todo el año
a round peg in a square hole no encajar
a round peg in a square hole como chancho en misa
a round person una persona redondita
a round peg in a square hole (ser) sapo de otro pozo
a round trip un viaje de ida y vuelta
a round trip un viaje de ida y regreso
round-trip ticket billete de ida y vuelta
round here por aquí
round trip viaje de ida y vuelta
the wrong way round al revés
the right round del derecho
round-trip de ida y vuelta
round shot bala rasa
police round-up redada policial
round-trip ticket el billete de ida y vuelta
round numbers números redondos
piece of leather put round a last to make the shoe wider alza [f]
guard round the staff of a lance arandela [f] disused
circle round the nipple aréola [f]
a short, round jug barrila [f] rur. CNT
houses round a farmhouse or grange cortijada [f]
flat round cap without peak, worn in navarre and biscay boina [f]
bundle of fibres and filaments twisted round a trunk brenga [f]
round tuberous rooted cyperus castañuela [f]
round oil-receptacle of a lamp cebolla [f]
ridge of clouds round a hill ceja [f]
round pumpkin jupa [f] CR
anything round pelota [f]
round lump among the glands landrecilla [f]
half-round file mediacaña [f]
round enclosure paradina [f]
part of a woman's breast round the nipple mamila [f]
round slice roncha [f]
round of drinks ronda [f]
digging round vines mulla [f]
round building rotunda [f]
round slice rueda [f]
round of any game mano [f]
round, narrow net nasa [f]
round knob on a bridle salivera [f]
round (applause) salva [f]
round of a card game talla [f]
rooting/digging round trees socavación [f]
round cake torta [f]
round-topped two-wheeled carriage tartana [f]
round loaf of brown bread telera [f] CL
round plait/mat estera pequeña y redonda [f]
rooting/digging round trees socava [f]
thick, round and small body chibola [f] CAM EC PE
fetter (a chain or bond fastened round the ankle; shackle) cadena [f]
arm oneself with a buckler or round shield arrodelarse [v]
roll round ahuyentar [v]
roll round arrollar [v]
grow to a round head acogollarse [v]
become round redondearse [v]
go/wind round (a place) contornar [v]
whirl round danzar [v]
travel round circular [v]
sail round the world (a ship) circunnavegar [v]
fly round circunvolar [v]
whirl round blandir [v]
dig a hollow round vines desacollar [v]
lap/wrap round envolver [v]
wheel round girar [v]
round (carpentry) matar [v]
whirl round remolinarse [v]
cut round retajar [v]
turn round revolver [v]
go round rodear [v]
turn round rodear [v]
round up cattle in a rodeo rodear [v] AR CO CU CL MX
go round to prevent disorders rondar [v]
hover round rondar [v]
make round redondear [v]
go round tornear [v]
cut round cortar en redondo [v]
go/wind round (a place) contornear [v]
become round arredondearse [v]
of a darker colour round the eyes alcoholado [adj]
round-faced cariampollado [adj]
round-faced cariharto [adj]
plump/round-cheeked carrilludo [adj]
wearing a ruff round the neck enlechuguillado [adj]
round-headed shaft/dart jostrado [adj]
round about perifrástico [adj]
having rings round the eyes ojeroso [adj]
round-headed repolludo [adj]
easily rolled round rodadizo [adj]
round-hand romanillo [adj]
with round fleshy posteriors nalgudo [adj]
round-faced cariampollar [adj]
having rings round the eyes ojerudo [adj]
round molding astrágalo [m]
moorish round table ataifor [m]
path for a horse round the draw-well or in a mill andén [m]
corridor round a building ándito [m]
saddler's round knife almoflate [m]
open gallery round a court-yard in a spanish house cenador [m]
long, round bolster cabezal [m]
thick, round and small body chibolo [m] CAM EC PE
earth left round the roots of a plant for transplanting cepellón [m]
round-headed nail calamón [m]
round of time ciclo [m]
large round basket banasto [m]
round rush fishing-basket/net cambín [m]
a large, round-headed nail bellote [m]
round enclosure corro [m]
children's round dance corro [m]
area round a church dextro [m]
round piece of bass mat put about the hubs of wheels as a cap of defense bocín [m]
round/lace cushion bolo [m] rur. rare
kind of round white fig boñigar [m]
round earthen jar with spout and handle botijo [m]
rope tied round the neck dogal [m]
esparto cord tied round a bundle of esparto-grass cejo [m]
round plait/mat escupidor [m] CO
large round hamper/frail horón [m]
ornament or blessed ribbon worn round the neck estadal [m]
long plume round a hat látigo [m]
round/oval bas-relief medallón [m]
round head (a plant) repollo [m]
coarse round file limatón [m]
round-rooted turnip rapo [m]
something round morro [m]
round up rodeo [m]
complete winding/rolling round rodeón [m]
round matted stool posón [m]
round stone rollo [m]
round pillar rollo [m]
large loaf of round bread roscón [m]
round cloak redondel [m]
round mat redor [m]
round fortified tower torreón [m]
round gold ingot tejón [m]
iron collar round a hammer head trasmallo [m]
round plait/mat ruedo [m]
merry-go-round (circus) caballitos [m/pl]
cavities round the frog of horses' feet candados [m/pl]
round knobs on a horse's bit sabores [m/pl]
round-faced cariampollada [adj/f]
round-faced cariharta [adj/f]
plump/round-cheeked carrilluda [adj/f]
round-headed shaft/dart jostrada [adj/f]
wearing a ruff round the neck enlechuguillada [adj/f]
of a darker colour round the eyes alcoholada [adj/f]
round-headed repolluda [adj/f]
easily rolled round rodadiza [adj/f]
round-hand romanilla [adj/f]
with round fleshy posteriors nalguda [adj/f]
having rings round the eyes ojerosa [adj/f]
round about perifrástica [adj/f]
having rings round the eyes ojeruda [adj/f]
round about por todos lados [adv]
round about a la redonda [adv]
round about por el lado opuesto [adv]
half-round file lima de media caña [f]
round of applause salva de aplausos [f]
good round sum cantidad considerable [f]
round sum cifra redonda [f]
come round efectuarse [v]
close round cercar [v]
close round rodear [v]
move round girar [v]
move round dar vueltas [v]
hand round hacer circular [v]
pass round the hat hacer una colecta [v]
pass round the hat pasar el cepillo [v]
turn round volver [v]
turn round volver de nuevo [v]
make round dar figura redonda [v]
bring up with a round turn obligar a hacer una parada repentina [v]
go round andar alrededor [v]
round on volverse contra [v]
round up colmar [v]
round-up recoger el ganado para marcarlo [v]
round-up rodea el ganado para marcarlor [v]
wind round envolver [v]
wind round ceñir [v]
wind round ir serpenteando [v]
wind round cercar [v]
wind round enroscar [v]