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Significados de "engage" en diccionario español inglés : 95 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
engage embragar [v]
engage empeñar [v]
engage ajustarse [v]
engage endentar [v]
engage engancharse [v]
engage engranar [v]
engage escriturar [v]
engage tomar [v]
engage contratar [v]
engage atraer [v]
engage empeño [m]
engage echar [v]
engage embragar [v]
engage empeñar [v]
engage endentar [v]
engage engranar [v]
engage enzurizar [v]
engage entrar [v]
engage ensañar [v]
engage apalabrar [v]
engage activar [v]
engage trabar conversación [v]
engage trabar batalla [v]
engage pisar [v]
engage hipotecarse [v]
engage comprometer [v]
engage embarcar [v]
engage emplear [v]
engage enganchar [v]
engage meter [v]
engage encomendar [v]
engage mandar [v]
engage entretener [v]
engage tomar en alquiler [v]
engage ordenar [v]
engage distraer [v]
engage halagar [v]
engage obligarse [v]
engage librar (batalla) [v]
engage contratarse [v]
engage dar combate [v]
engage venir a las manos [v]
engage dar palabra [v]
engage enclochar [v] MX
engage pelear [v]
engage comprometerse [v]
engage ocupar [v]
engage emplear [v]
engage comprometer [v]
engage involucrar [v]
Business Law
engage participar [v]
engage enganchar [v]
engage engargantar [v]
engage engranar [v]
engage engranarse [v]
engage embragar [v]
engage endentar [v]
engage enganchar [v]
engage engranar [v]
engage acoplar [v]
engage accionar [v]
engage ocuparse en [v]
engage ocupar [v]
engage ocuparse [v]
engage reclutar [v]
engage acometer [v]
engage combatir [v]
engage empeñarse [v]
engage designar [v]
engage admitir [v]
engage embestir [v]
engage batallar [v]
engage asentar [v]
engage acoplar [v]
engage endentar [v]
engage acoplar [v]
engage engranar [v]
engage endentar [v]
engage encastrar [v]
engage librar [v]
engage alistar [v]
engage encajar [v]
engage trabar combate
engage engranar [v]
engage acoplar [v]
engage embragar [v]
engage endentar [v]
engage enganchar [v]
engage conectar [v]
engage accionar [v]
engage engranar [v]
engage entablar batalla [v]
engage entablar combate [v]
engage enfrentarse [v]
engage avanzar [v]

Significados de "engage" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 101 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
engage oneself with dedicarse [v]
engage with engranar con [v]
engage the artillery artillar [v]
engage the clutch embragar [v]
engage the master cylinder engalgar [v]
engage in emprender [v]
engage in sexual intercourse chingar [v]
engage (war) librar [v]
engage in a duel duelar [v]
engage a prostitute ir de putas [v]
engage completely cautivar [v]
engage completely captar [v]
engage completely hechizar [v]
engage completely arrobar [v]
engage completely encantar [v]
engage completely fascinar [v]
engage completely polarizar [v]
engage in hand-to-hand combat luchar cuerpo a cuerpo [v]
engage the clutch soltar el embrague [v]
engage in wishful thinking hacerse ilusiones [v]
engage in small talk hablar de trivialidades [v]
engage in arm wrestling hacer una pulseada [v]
engage in arm wrestling echar un pulso [v]
engage in marriage by exchanging rings cruzar aros los novios [v]
engage in an argument empeñarse en una discusión [v]
engage in reciprocal marriage exchanges tomarse los dichos [v]
engage in emprender [v]
engage oneself as employee asoldadarse [v]
engage beforehand apalabrar [v]
engage in contraband contrabandear [v]
engage in a duel batirse [v]
engage the clutch embragar [v]
engage (as an artist) escriturar [v]
engage in a bloody battle encarnizarse [v]
engage in guerrilla warfare guerrillear [v]
engage in political negotiations negociar [v]
engage in lanzarse [v]
engage the attention ocupar [v]
engage (battle) librar [v]
engage oneself as employee asoldarse [v]
pre-engage obligar de antemano [v]
pre-engage apalabrar [v]
pre-engage empeñar de antemano [v]
re-engage reescriturar [v]
re-engage reenganchar [v]
re-engage volver a empeñar [v]
re-engage empeñarse por segunda vez [v]
engage in albures alburear [v] MX
engage in criminal activities bandolear [v] BO
engage in a riot causing uproar, noise or disorder bochinchear [v] CU PR NI VE CL PY
engage for no reason empacarse [v] BO
engage in unlawful or immoral matters engarrafarse [v] PR
engage the clutch enclochar (inglés clutch) [v] US MX HN SV CR CU DO CO VE
engage in interesarse en [v]
engage brain before mouth pensar antes de hablar [v]
engage in dedicarse a [v]
engage in small talk charlar sobre cosas sin importancia [v]
engage in comprometerse con [v]
engage in tomar parte en [v]
engage with involucrarse con [v]
engage with interactuar con [v]
engage in small talk hablar de cosas intrascendentes [v]
engage with colaborar con [v]
engage with establecer vínculos estrechos [v]
engage with establecer una relación estrecha [v]
engage in estar en algo [v]
engage conversation without premeditating pegar la hebra [v]
engage oneself to do something comprometerse a hacer algo [v]
engage in purchasing accounts receivable at a discount comprar deudas [v]
engage in thought hacer almanaques [v]
engage in thought hacer calendarios [v]
engage in a heated dispute darse un entre [v] MX
engage in correctly performing a task hacer buena letra [v] AR
imprudently engage in something that can cause distress or harm jugar con candela [v] PA DO CO EC
engage in underhanded dealings jugar a la tapá [v] PR
engage in combat darse de las astas [v] disused
engage in hand-to-hand combat darse de las astas [v] disused
set on (to instigate, urge one to engage in action) excitar [v]
engage in meterse en [v]
engage in entablar [v]
engage in vacar a [v] rare
engage in weight training culturizar [v]
engage in weight training levantar pesas [v]
engage in weight training practicar culturismo [v]
engage in double-dealing actuar a dos caras [v]
engage brain before mouth piensa antes de hablar
engage in a prolonged exchange of hugs and kisses apestillarse [v] PR
engage in wild, kinky sex bellaquear [v] PR
engage in a prolonged exchange of hugs and kisses guillarse [v] PR
engage in a deception entongarse [v] AR
engage in commerce ejercer el comercio [v]
engage in participar en
engage in comprometerse en
engage in dedicarse a
engage a lawyer contratar un abogado [v]
engage in advance hacer arreglos para [v]
engage in conversation conversar [v]
engage oneself obligarse [v]
engage a clutch embragar [v]
engage the enemy cerrar [v]
engage (persons or a person) for service in the armed forces incorporar a filas [v]