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Significados de "old" en diccionario español inglés : 163 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
old viejo [adj]
old vieja [adj/f]
old a la viruela [adj]
old sobado [adj]
old chimbo [adj] VE
old envejecido [adj]
old anciano [adj]
old andado [adj]
old cocho [adj] PE
old añejo [adj]
old antiguo [adj]
old consabido [adj]
old fiambre [adj]
old tronado [adj]
old pureta [adj]
old avejentado [adj]
old matalón [adj]
old rancio [adj]
old mayor [adj]
old gastado [adj]
old acabada [adj/f]
old sobada [adj/f]
old chimba [adj/f] VE
old envejecida [adj/f]
old anciana [adj/f]
old andada [adj/f]
old cocha [adj/f] PE
old añeja [adj/f]
old antigua [adj/f]
old consabida [adj/f]
old tronada [adj/f]
old avejentada [adj/f]
old matalona [adj/f]
old rancia [adj/f]
old mayora [adj/f]
old gastada [adj/f]
old anticuco [adj] HN NI CR
old antiguo [adj]
old apolillado [adj]
old barato [adj]
old cansado [adj]
old canso [adj]
old aja [suf]
old astrón [suf]
old astrona [suf]
old vicaria [f] CO teen derog.
old ruco [adj] derog.
old caducado [adj]
old vetusto [adj]
old grande [adj]
old biscarro [adj] SV
old berruco [adj] SV
old camastrón [adj] VE
old boyé [adj] DO
old apelechado [adj] PY
old antañero [adj] PE derog.
old biscarro [adj] SV
old biscotelo [adj] GT disused
old entrevejido [adj] PR
old extraviado [adj] PR
old carcachento [adj] CL derog.
old fututo [adj] GT
old hundido [adj] DO
old juco [adj] SV
old llachapiento [adj] EC
old karcancho [adj] BO:W
old karkancho [adj] BO:W
old duro [adj] DO
old momis [adj] NI derog.
old ñampío [adj] CU DO
old old fashioned (inglés) [adj] US PR
old old fashioned (inglés) [adj] UY rare
old old fashion (inglés) [adj] US NI PR CL
old old fashion (inglés) [adj] UY rare
old pipiripago [adj] NI
old pepeshteado [adj] SV
old quebrandoso [adj] HN
old potriado [adj] SV
old pure [adj] VE child
old rosco [adj] HN
old rucailo [adj] MX derog.
old ruco [adj] MX HN SV EC derog.
old runcio [adj] SV
old sopeteado [adj] PA
old vejanco [adj] BO AR UY EC disused
old vejancón [adj] EC disused
old vejarano [adj] MX derog.
old vejerano [adj] MX derog.
old vencido [adj] SV
old talludo [adj] SV NI
old vetanco [adj] HN
old vetarro [adj] MX GT HN SV NI derog.
old véteris [adj] GT
old vétero [adj] GT PA
old vetisco [adj] SV
old tanta [adj] BO:C,W,S
old viejarunco [adj] SV derog.
old viejuco [adj] HN NI PA CU DO BO
old viejujo [adj] CL derog.
old viejurgo [adj] HN derog.
old viscarro [adj] GT
old vizcailo [adj] GT
old vicario [m] CO teen derog.
old berruca [adj/f] SV
old biscarra [adj/f] SV
old camastrona [adj/f] VE
old momisa [adj/f] NI derog.
old inveterarse [v]
old acecinado [adj] fig.
old añoso [adj]
old cano [adj] fig.
old desusado [adj]
old inveterado [adj]
old pasado [adj]
old ruco [adj] CAM
old acecinada [adj/f] fig.
old cana [adj/f] fig.
old inveterada [adj/f]
old ruca [adj/f] CAM
old añosa [adj/f]
old pasada [adj/f]
old desusada [adj/f]
old familiar [adj]
old de costumbre [loc/adj]
old de edad (de)
old canudo [adj] disused
old de palo para leña [adj] DO
old a las pailas [adj] BO:W
old entrado en años [adj]
old no ser cigua este año [loc/v] DO
old matungo [adj] CU
old carraco [adj]
old arricuco [adj] VE:W
old biscotelo [adj] GT disused
old berrugate [adj] PA
old charcheroso [adj] PE
old carca [adj] AR:Nw derog.
old catano [adj] CO derog.
old carranclón [adj] VE
old ñaupa [adj] BO:C,W
old pachiche [adj] MX
old pachichi [adj] MX
old pelleja [adj] CU derog.
old roñoso [adj] CL derog.
old tela [adj] PE
old vejarano [adj] VE
old venancio [adj] SV
old veterano [adj] MX SV NI CR PA CU CO EC BO PY AR UY
old veterano [adj] GT CO EC:W BO CL PY PE
old viernes [adj] MX GT
old añejo [adj]
old carraco [adj] disused
old carranclón [adj] VE
old carroza [adj]
old matunga [adj/f] CU
old carraca [adj/f]
old biscotela [adj/f] GT disused
old metido en años
old antiguo [adj]
old usado [adj]
old antiguo [adj]
old de edad [adj]
old anticuado [adj]

Significados de "old" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 500 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
old man viejo [m]
old female person anciana [f]
old age vejez [f]
very old person anciano [m]
old person anciano [m]
old fogey carca [m/f]
in the old days antiguamente [adv]
old woman abuela [f]
old maid ruca [f] MX CAM BO
old age senectud [f]
old hat perra [f] CO
old age ancianidad [f]
old woman anciana [f]
old bag arpía [f]
fifteen-year-old quinceañera [f]
old woman vieja [f]
be an old hand ser perro viejo [v]
get old envejecerse [v]
look old envejecerse [v]
grow old envejecerse [v]
get old apolillarse [v]
be an old hand ser gato viejo [v]
very old reviejo [adj]
century-old secular [adj]
age-old secular [adj]
old-fashioned inactual [adj]
sixty-year-old sesentón [adj]
sixty-year-old sexagenario [adj]
fifty-year old cincuentón [adj]
old-looking envejecido [adj]
year-old añal [adj]
old-fashioned anticuado [adj]
old-fashioned antiguo [adj]
old-fashioned arcaizante [adj]
fifteen-year-old quinceañero [adj]
thousand-year-old milenario [adj]
age-old milenario [adj]
very old vetusto [adj]
centuries-old multisecular [adj]
age-old multisecular [adj]
six-year-old de seis años [adj]
old (elderly, appearance) acabado [adj]
old man abuelo [m]
old-boy network amiguismo [m]
old man anciano [m]
fifteen-year-old quinceañero [m]
old people's home geriátrico [m]
old fox zorro [m]
old maid burro (cartas) [m]
very old revieja [adj/f]
sixty-year-old sesentona [adj/f]
sixty-year-old sexagenaria [adj/f]
old-fashioned pasada [adj/f]
fifty-year old cincuentona [adj/f]
old-looking envejecida [adj/f]
old-fashioned anticuada [adj/f]
old-fashioned antigua [adj/f]
fifteen-year-old quinceañera [adj/f]
age-old milenaria [adj/f]
thousand-year-old milenaria [adj/f]
very old vetusta [adj/f]
in the old days antaño [adv]
old woman vejancona [f]
old-fashioned carca [adj]
old chore to care for the mules acemilería [f]
stone found in an old rooster's liver alectoria [f]
two-year-old sugar cane alifa (árabe) [f] MX AL
old unit of measurement for fabrics, equivalent to approximately 1 meter ana [f]
old age ancianía [f] disused
old age ancianidad [f]
old english anglosajona [f]
old story antañada [f] rare
old piece of junk antigualla [f] derog.
old ratty thing antigualla [f] derog.
old-fashioned antigualla [f] rare
old story antigualla [f] rare
old-fashioned person antigua [f]
old age avanzada [f]
old car bávara [f]
old measure for liquids canadiella [f]
same old song canción [f]
grow old and withered acecinarse [v]
old-school académico [adj]
age-old ancestral [adj]
two years old andosco [adj]
of old english anglosajón [adj]
very old antañón [adj]
old fashioned antediluviano [adj]
old-fashioned anticuado [adj]
old-fashioned antiguo [adj]
extremely old antiquísimo [adj]
old fashioned caduco [adj]
old enough to get married casadero [adj]
old liquid measurement equal to a quarter of the hemin acetábulo [m]
old board game alquerque (árabe) [m]
old age ancianismo [m] disused
old english anglosajón [m]
old-fashioned person antiguo [m]
old coin of castile arienzo [m]
old small caliber artillery áspid [m]
old piece of artillery búzano [m]
member of the old chamber of castile camarista [m]
old ship similar to a carrack carracón [m]
old piece of furniture cascajo [m]
old castilian gold coin from the middle ages castellano [m]
old-fashioned antiguallas [f/pl]
old stories antiguallas [f/pl]
a can't teach an old dog new tricks estar ya duro el alcacer para zampoñas [expr] disused
old-fashioned form of cuál quál [pron]
old-fashioned form of cuanto quanto [pron]
old-fashioned form of se ge [pron]
old-fashioned spelling of cual qual [pron]
old-fashioned form of adecuadamente adequadamente [adv]
old-fashioned form of ahora agora [adv]
old-fashioned form of cuando quando [adv]
old-fashioned form of cuándo quándo [adv]
old-fashioned form of cuanto quanto [adv]
old-fashioned form of frecuentemente freqüentemente [adv]
any old time en cualquier momento [adv]
old-fashioned form of cuando quando [conj]
old-fashioned spelling of e é [conj]
old-fashioned spelling of o ó [conj]
old-fashioned spelling of o ò [conj]
old-fashioned spelling of u ú [conj]
old long coat casaca [f]
old woman yaya [f]
old wife chopa [f]
old bag sota [f]
old maid mona [f]
old banger reliquia [f]
old game similar to crocket argolla [f]
old hag arpía [f]
old fogey carroza [f]
clumsy old boat carraca [f]
old-fashioned or out-of-date custom or object antigualla [f]
old copper and silver coin blanca [f]
old history vejez [f]
old relic antigualla [f]
fifteen year-old quinceañera [f]
ripe old age edad avanzada [f]
very old object vejestorio [f] LAM
old clothes ropa vieja (literal) [f]
old woman viejecita [f]
old woman viejita [f]
old woman bruja [f]
same old story cantaleta [f]
old shoe chancla [f]
old-fashioned form of diosa deesa [f]
old-fashioned form of flema flegma [f]
old-fashioned form of jerarquía hierarquía [f]
old-fashioned form of lealtad lealdad [f]
old-fashioned spelling of cabeza cabeça [f]
old-fashioned spelling of cebra zebra [f]
old-fashioned spelling of ciudad cibdad [f]
old-fashioned spelling of cizaña zizaña [f]
old-fashioned spelling of cristianidad christianidad [f]
old-fashioned spelling of cuota quota [f]
old-fashioned spelling of danza dança [f]
old-fashioned spelling of gaceta gazeta [f]
old-fashioned spelling of gramática grammatica [f]
old-fashioned spelling of horchata horxata [f]
old-fashioned spelling of jefatura gefatura [f]
old-fashioned spelling of lenteja lanteja [f]
old-fashioned spelling of moza moça [f]
old-fashioned spelling of mujer muger [f]
old-fashioned spelling of navaja nabaja [f]
old-fashioned spelling of necesidad necessidad [f]
old-fashioned spelling of ortografía ortographía [f]
old-fashioned spelling of propiedad propriedad [f]
old-fashioned spelling of rejilla regilla [f]
old-fashioned spelling of vajilla vagilla [f]
old-fashioned spelling of veces vezes [f]
old-fashioned spelling of víbora biuora [f]
a woman aged around 60 years old sesentona [f]
old-fashioned form of ausencia absencia [f]
old-fashioned form of bajeza bajez [f]
old-fashioned form of codicia cudicia [f]
old-fashioned form of grulla grúa [f]
old-fashioned form of hambre fambre [f]
old-fashioned form of hambre fame [f]
old-fashioned form of hembra fembra [f]
old-fashioned form of hermosura fermosura [f]
an old person viejuja [f]
little old woman ancianita [f]
an old run-down house chabola [f]
old river bed/channel madrevieja  [f] PA
old homemade saddle tereca  [f] VE
calf up to about 2 years old becerra [f]
heifer up to about 2 years old becerra [f]
old floating house (built on the coast) balsa [f] EC disused
old maid beata [f] CO:W
old and useless thing calandraca [f] BO:E
old and shabby bike cadeja [f] HN:N
hole in the back of old socks calavera [f] MX
old person caiva [f] BO
old and deteriorated person cacharra [f] CU DO disused
bunch of old pots and pans cacharrera [f] PR
old and very ugly woman cacatúa [f] PA derog.
old or worn out footwear cuchufleta [f] GT DO PR
old furniture, tool, appliance, or vehicle that is broken or rundown cháchara [f] HN
flip-flop or old shoe charrasca [f] SV
old and dilapidated object changorria [f] SV
old or deteriorated shoe cutarra [f] GT SV NI
ghost in the form of an old woman ciguapa [f] DO
old and dilapidated automotive vehicle charchina [f] MX SV
old measure of dry goods equivalent to twelve almudes fanega [f] EC:S disused
old photograph developed in a tray foto cubeta [f] HN
old machete with a worn out blade filinga [f] HN derog.
old bag of bones carcamana [f] MX PE AR UY derog.
old and decrepit person carranca [f] DO
old clothing garra [f] MX derog.
clumsy, old, or antiquated woman gafa [f] DO derog.
old, ugly, or low quality shoe guaracha [f] GT derog.
old and worn-out machete guaracha [f] SV
rear section of a car on some old american models, with light supports in the form of high peaks cola de pato [f] CU
oldest sow of a litter over a year old with out having given birth cochinata [f] CU rur.
old and dilapidated truck, usually used for transporting loads güincha [f] PR
old and worn out machete güira [f] HN:N,C,W SV
very old person jurásica [f] HN CO
old car jarría [f] SV
old mare mancarrona [f] PE CL AR rur.
old mare mancarrona [f] UY
old wooden boat mancarrona [f] CL
set of useless old horses mancarronada [f] AR UY rur.
two-year-old purebred mare dosañera [f] VE
old worn out item magalla [f] VE:C
large and old root ñoña [f] CR rur.
old coffee tree root ñonga [f] CR rur.
old and dilapidated car nica [f] HN
two-day old bean papalotía [f] GT
old measure of volume equivalent to slightly less than 2 cubic cm paja de agua [f] SV disused
old prostitute pellejía [f] NI
old and damaged hat perra [f] CO:C,W rur.
old prostitute pro del sesenta [f] PR
old hooker pro del sesenta [f] PR
old maid quedada [f] MX HN NI CR PA CO VE EC PE BO CL AR UY
old woman pureta [f] VE
old prostitute rilain [f] PR
old age symptoms raquera [f] SV
old man's beard sajasta [f] AR:Nw
old woman romelia [f] SV police
old and worn out clothes remúa [f] DO
old prostitute that doesn't charge much requemada [f] PR
old rickety car sardina [f] HN SV
group of old things tilingada [f] AR disused
old shoe tusa [f] HN SV
large amount of old things tilchada [f] SV
old age vejera [f] HN
old person vejuca [f] EC
old person vejuca [f] GT SV CU VE CL derog.
young woman between 15 and 20 years old taguacolla [f] BO:W rur.
old person veteca [f] BO
old thing viejada [f] GT derog.
old person viejarda [f] AR UY derog.
old age viejera [f] HN
old and useless thing viejera [f] PR derog.
old person who tries to act younger viejeva [f] DO
old wife vieja [f] CU
old year's widow viuda [f] PE
old year's widow viuda [f] EC
old year's widow viuda loca [f] EC
old dishes trastera [f] PR
grab old asirse [v]
get old apolillarse [v]
get old envejecer [v]
old-fashioned form of aderezar adereçar [v]
old-fashioned form of añadir añidir [v]
old-fashioned form of arrancar rancar [v]
old-fashioned form of calmar acalmar [v]
old-fashioned form of centellear to twinkle centellar [v]
old-fashioned form of elegir eligir [v]
old-fashioned form of hablar fablar [v]
old-fashioned spelling of acosar acossar [v]
get wrinkly and old avellanarse [v]
old-fashioned spelling of cazar caçar [v]
old-fashioned spelling of comprender comprehender [v]
old-fashioned spelling of decir dezir [v]
old-fashioned spelling of dejar dexar [v]
old-fashioned spelling of holgar folgar [v]
old-fashioned spelling of pasar passar [v]
old-fashioned spelling of zabullir çabullir [v]
become old envejecerse [v]
become old envejecerse [v]
destroy old data sobrescribir [v]
turn…years old cumplir ... años [v]
heal old wounds cerrar viejas heridas [v]
be x years old tener x años [v]
be x years old tener x [v]
die of old age morirse de viejo [v]
become an old maid quedarse para vestir santos [v]
die of old age morir de viejo [v]
die of old age morir de vejez [v]
be old enough to do something estar en edad de hacer algo [v]
get old ponerse viejo [v]
acquire the physical appearance of an old man achuñuscarse [v] CL
become useless due to old age (horse) abichocarse [v] AR
wrinkle due to old age (part of human body) aturrarse [v] HN SV
become old fashioned volverse anticuado [v]
be an old hand at something ser experto en hacer algo [v]
grow old acecinarse [v]
look old avejentarse [v]
be too old to marry ser demasiado viejo para casarse [v]
be old/mature enough to become a bride ser lo bastante mayor/madura para convertirse en novia [v]
be old enough to give birth to ser bastante mayor para dar a luz [v]
be old/mature enough to get married (to someone) or marry someone ser lo bastante mayor/madura para casarse (con alguien) [v]
be old enough to give birth to ser lo bastante mayor como para dar a luz [v]
repair and old or broken object chapistear [v] CU
become very old and unwell esvielarse [v] PR
get old colear [v] HN PR
be an old hand at something ser veterano en algo [v]
be an old hand at something ser un perro viejo [v]
grow old kilometrearse [v] CR
grow old enchusarse [v] EC:S
return to old habits enrielarse [v] HN
sew old clothes pepeshtear [v] SV
stitch old clothes pepeshtear [v] SV
succumb (to die as a result of something, such as disease, injury, old age) morir [v]
old-fashioned carcamal [adj]
a century old centenario [adj]
a century old de 100 años [adj]
hundred-year-old centenario [adj]
old high german alemán antiguo [adj]
old-fashioned pasado de moda [adj]
old-fashioned carroza [adj]
old-fashioned form of adecuado adequado [adj]
old-fashioned form of azul açul [adj]
old-fashioned form of beodo beudo [adj]
old-fashioned form of bueno bono [adj]
old-fashioned form of cuanto quanto [adj]
old-fashioned form of flemático flegmático [adj]
old-fashioned form of hermoso fermoso [adj]
old-fashioned form of mismo mesmo [adj]
old-fashioned form of neumático pneumático [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of algún algun [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of bajo baxo [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of cazador caçador [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of cristiano christiano [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of cualquier qualquier [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of excelente excellente [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of necesario necessario [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of psicológico psychológico [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of psicológico psycológico [adj]
old-fashioned spelling of tísico ptisico [adj]
seventyish (years old) setentón [adj]
two-hundred-year-old bicentenario [adj]
around forty years old cuarentañero [adj]
old-fashioned caduco [adj]
sixty something-year-old sexagenario [adj]
age-old anticuco [adj] CR HN NI
old-fashioned decimonónico [adj]
of relatively old age maduro [adj]
twentyish (years old) veinteañero [adj]
old-fashioned desfasado [adj]
age-old vetusto [adj]
old as the hills más viejo que matusalén [adj]
very old más viejo que matusalén [adj]
old catholic católico antiguo [adj]
old-fashioned chapado a la antigua [adj]
old-fashioned obsoleto [adj]
pertaining to old age senil [adj]
old slavonic protoeslavo [adj]
old-fashioned tradicional [adj]
old-fashioned desusado [adj]
related to the member of a group giving mystical interpretation to old testament cabalístico [adj]
as old as tan antiguo como [adj]
as old as viejo como [adj]
old-fashioned boyé [adj] DO
old (item) cachurero [adj] CL
old (person) cachuzo [adj] AR UY rare
old (person) cacarico [adj] HN SV derog.
old and very ugly cacatúo [adj] PA derog.
(for an old person) weak and feeble cancaruño [adj] PA
old or in bad condition (thing) cucarachoso [adj] SV rare
old and dilapidated (vehicle) charchoso [adj] SV
old (horse) chulungo [adj] PR
very old (person) chuñusco [adj] CL
old and skinny (horse) cholenco [adj] NI rur.
old (news) choteado [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CU PR
wrinkled and old (person) chucho [adj] CO
very old falluco [adj] DO PR
old-fashioned (person) fosiliciado [adj] PR
ugly and old escrachado [adj] PR
old, skinny, and in poor condition (horse) cuaco [adj] DO
very old (person) cotorrón [adj] DO
who is an old maid (woman) cotorrón [adj] CU
who is an old maid (woman) cotorrón [adj] HN SV NI
old, dirty, and worn out (clothing) hilachento [adj] BO
as old as tan antiguo como [adj]
as old as tan viejo como [adj]
old news leído [adj] DO PR
dressed in old clothes enguayucado [adj] PR
old and with overgrown hooves maceta [adj] PY AR UY rur.
old-fashioned old fashioned (inglés) [adj] US PR
old-fashioned old fashioned (inglés) [adj] UY rare
old-fashioned old fashion (inglés) [adj] US NI PR CL
old-fashioned old fashion (inglés) [adj] UY rare
skinny and old pelenco [adj] HN SV NI rur.
skinny and old pelenque [adj] HN SV
good old fashioned saltapatrás [adj] DO
well over 25 years old ticinco [adj] HN
very old viejón [adj] GT NI AR UY
old and used viejón [adj] GT NI AR
very old viejón [adj] PE CL
three years old tresañero [adj] CL
old-fashioned pasado [adj]
(human age) old grande [adj]
old man yayo [m]
old-timer veterano [m]
old man barba [m]
piece of old junk armatoste [m]
old banger carricoche [m]
old switch panicgrass switchgrass [m]
old age tercera edad [m]
hundred-year-old centenario [m]
old folks' home hogar de ancianos [m]
old-fashioned form of azul açul [m]
an old kind of four-seated coach forlón [m]
baby (from one to twelve months old) lactante [m]
someone that is at least 100 years old centenario [m]
old english sheepdog antiguo pastor inglés [m]
old portuguese galaicoportugués [m]
old portuguese gallegoportugués [m]
old maid burro [m]
old-fashioned form of celo zelo [m]
old-fashioned form of árbol árbor [m]
old-fashioned form of salmo psalmo [m]
old-person killer mataviejos [m]
old-fashioned form of roble robre [m]
old-fashioned form of camello gamello [m]
old-fashioned form of caudillo cabdillo [m]
old-fashioned form of césped céspede [m]
old-fashioned form of déspota déspoto [m]
old-fashioned form of eclipse eclipsi [m]
old-fashioned form of ecuador equador [m]
old-fashioned form of filósofo philósopho [m]
old-fashioned form of galardón gualardón [m]
old-fashioned form of herrero ferrero [m]
old-fashioned form of jeroglífico hieroglífico [m]
old-fashioned form of murciélago murciégalo [m]
old-fashioned form of neumático pneumático [m]
old-fashioned spelling of abeto abete [m]
old-fashioned spelling of alambre arambre [m]
old-fashioned spelling of aplauso applauso [m]
old-fashioned spelling of beleño veleño [m]
old-fashioned spelling of cazador caçador [m]
old-fashioned spelling of cenit zenit [m]
old-fashioned spelling of cristianismo christianismo [m]
old-fashioned spelling of cristiano christiano [m]
old-fashioned spelling of diciembre deciembre [m]
old-fashioned spelling of ejemplo exemplo [m]
old-fashioned spelling of ejército exército [m]
old-fashioned spelling of esguízaro esguiçaro [m]
old-fashioned spelling of febrero hebrero [m]
old-fashioned spelling of hidalgo fidalgo [m]
old-fashioned spelling of hombre ombre [m]
old-fashioned spelling of jefe gefe [m]
old-fashioned spelling of juicio juizio [m]
old-fashioned spelling of juicio juycio [m]
old-fashioned spelling of juicio juyzio [m]
old-fashioned spelling of mediodía mediodia [m]
old-fashioned spelling of nombre nonbre [m]
old-fashioned spelling of orden órden [m]
old-fashioned spelling of orujo borujo [m]
old-fashioned spelling of oso osso [m]
old-fashioned spelling of pájaro pajaro [m]
old-fashioned spelling of pie pié [m]
old-fashioned spelling of teatro theatro [m]
old-fashioned spelling of triunfo triumpho [m]
old-fashioned spelling of viaje viage [m]
old-fashioned spelling of volumen volúmen [m]
old-fashioned spelling of zapato çapato [m]
a young bull between 1 and 2 years old añojo [m]
a young bull between 2 and 3 years old eral [m]
old-fashioned form of ajedrez axedrez [m]
old-fashioned form of alguacil alguazil [m]
old-fashioned form of bebida bebido [m]
old-fashioned form of botellón botellon [m]
old-fashioned form of californio californio [m]
an old person viejujo [m]
old fart viejujo [m]
little old man ancianito [m]
little old man viejecito [m]
an old shabby movie theater jacalón [m] MX
old, experienced and respected man of the tribe (aymara culture) achache [m] CL:N
steer of 2-3 years old novillo [m]
yearling calf of 1-2 years old maute [m] VE
calf up to about 2 years old becerro [m]
heifer up to about 2 years old becerro [m]
old check written by the government of the dominican republic asalmonado [m] DO disused
useless old item that gets in the way arristranco [m] PR VE disused
garment for women, usually a dress or a petticoat, that is long, rough, ugly and usually old balandrán [m] CR
long, rough, ugly-looking and generally old female garment balandrán [m] CR
wake of a person who dies at nearly a hundred years old baquiní [m] DO
wake of a person who dies at nearly a hundred years old baquiné [m] DO
old hand tool to make holes in wood (used in carpentry/joinery) balbiquín [m] PR
becoming old envejecimiento [m]
a very small egg, usually laid by an old hen barcelisco [m] CR disused rur.
old person caivo [m] BO
old hand tool to make holes in wood (used in carpentry/joinery) barbiquín [m] PR
(old west) gunfighter pistolero [m]