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Anglais Espagnol
anus rabo [m]
anus ano [m]
anus ano [m]
anus argolla [f] SV NI
anus raya [f] SV
anus culiscunque [m] SV
anus culisnay [m] NI
anus cucufate [m] SV
anus cubano [m] SV
anus cupertino [m] NI
anus cutete [m] SV rur.
anus chispero [m] NI
anus cheto [m] SV NI
anus chiquipil [m] GT
anus chiquito [m] MX GT HN SV NI EC
anus fui [m] DO
anus fuiche [m] DO
anus funene [m] HN PA teen
anus joyete [m] PR
anus joyo [m] NI PR
anus jopo [m] PA
anus popi [m] CL child
anus popin [m] CL child
anus popín [m] CL child
anus poto [m] EC PE BO CL PY AR:Nw,W
anus rondana [m] NI
anus retenedor [m] SV
anus yerete [m] AR:Nw
anus virote [m] NI
anus culo [m]
anus orificio [m]
anus sieso [m]
anus chico [m] CL
anus ojo de pollo [m] CL
anus alcancía [f] SV
anus popa [f] CL
anus yarima [f] DO
anus silla [f]
anus ojete [m]
anus asterisco [m] NI
anus aujero [m] BO
anus aujero [m] DO
anus agujero [m] VE
anus agujero de farrear [m] VE EC
anus aujero [m] DO BO
anus culantro [m] HN SV NI CR VE
anus cutinay [m] SV
anus fundillo [m] SV NI CO:C,Sw
anus fután [m] DO
anus hoyo [m] MX GT NI PR CL AR:Nw
anus huraco (portugués) [m] HN
anus juraco [m] SV
anus inán [m] CU disused
anus joyo [m] NI PR
anus joyete [m] PR
anus hongo [m] UY
anus ortega [m] PE
anus ortencio [m] PE
anus nance [m] HN SV CR
anus numerito [m] HN
anus occipucio [m] AR rare
anus occipucio [m] MX
anus ojal [m] SV NI CL
anus roto [m] PR
anus saxo [m] PE delinq.
anus siqui [m] AR:Nw rur.
anus tambembe [m] CL
anus tarro [m] SV PE BO CL UY
anus traspatio [m] EC
anus busiete [m] NI
anus cereguete [m] HN derog.
anus cerequeque [m] HN
anus cerete [m] HN
anus argolla [f] SV NI
anus bolsa [f] SV
anus bolsa [f] SV
anus cueva [f] CL
anus chumacera [f] SV
anus gaza [f] HN SV
anus raja [f] GT NI CL
anus rosquilla [f] NI
anus sanjuliana [f] NI
anus vuelta [f] SV
anus tronera [f] SV
anus tuerca [f] SV
anus zanja [f] SV
anus zompopera [f] SV
anus ojete [m] ES
anus rul [m] MX
anus rulacho [m] MX
anus el de atrás [m] MX
anus trastero [m] MX
anus remolino del pellejo [m] MX
anus orto [m] CL AR UY
anus basai [m] HN:N
anus cagón [m] SV NI
anus calcetín [m] HN SV
anus camanance [m] SV
anus bacsai [m] PA
anus botacaca [m] SV
anus botaguiso [m] CL
anus aniceto [m] MX HN SV NI
anus anillo [m] SV NI EC
anus calcetín [m] HN SV
anus anís [m] SV
anus busiete [m] NI
anus butute [m] HN SV
anus bututo [m] NI
anus cuiscuís [m] SV
anus cereguete [m] HN NI
anus cereguete [m] HN SV NI
anus cerete [m] HN PA
anus chunte [m] HN:W
anus chiquinday [m] HN
anus chiquito [m] CO VE:W
anus chiquitón [m] PA
anus estafiate [m] SV
anus escape [m] SV BO
anus fiributillo [m] PA
anus estite [m] SV
anus estribillo [m] SV rare
anus frusco [m] SV
anus fuste [m] MX HN
anus cortachurro [m] CL
anus cortachurros [m] CL
anus juile [m] SV
anus juite [m] SV
anus juraco [m] SV
anus jute [m] SV
anus huraco [m] HN
anus encogido [m] SV
anus marrón [m] AR
anus morado [m] SV
anus mufle (inglés muffler) [m] PE
anus nai [m] CU
anus negro [m] SV NI
anus neshno [m] SV
anus niple (inglés nipple) [m] SV
anus ocho [m] HN SV
anus ocote [m] PE:S AR:Nw
anus ojo de coco [m] SV
anus ojo de queque [m] SV
anus ojo de zope [m] GT
anus orto [m] VE:W PE BO:W CL AR UY EC rare
anus pedorro [m] HN SV NI
anus ras [m] PA
anus sello [m] HN
anus remolino del pellejo [m] MX
anus sereguete [m] HN SV NI
anus rosquete [m] NI AR
anus rulo [m] SV
anus sirindango [m] MX
anus sisiflís [m] HN SV
anus sisirisco [m] MX
anus sopino [m] PE:E disused
anus sunfiate [m] SV
anus zocado [m] SV
anus siete [m] NI CU CO GT NI CR AR UY

Sens de "anus" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 47 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
itching around the anus caused by intestinal parasites pajuelilla [f] NI
worm that enters the body through the anus while defecating according to popular belief tapalcúa [f] GT
expel excrement from the anus cuitear [v] NI CR PA
expel excrement from the anus cuitear [v] HN rare
pertaining to the anus and the rectum anorectal [adj]
with prolapsed anus after giving birth (domesticated animal) desculado [adj] HN
with prolapsed anus after laying eggs (domesticated animal) desculado [adj] HN
a disease that affects hens and consists in a hardening of the rectum, near the anus, in the form of a corncob, when hens eat very dry, calcareous substances bacalillo [m] MX
person's anus botamaíz [m] HN SV
person's anus botamay [m] NI
irritation, itching or pruritus of the anus culillo [m] VE
bird anus upiti [m] AR:Nw
relating to the anus anal [adj]
having a big anus gazudo [adj] SV
anus opening tajo [m] CL
worm that enters the body through the anus while defecating according to popular belief tapaculo [m] GT rur.
especially in the anus culear [v] AR CL CO EC PA NI VE
insert a finger in the anus of one's lover during sex dar espuela [v] CU
anus (bird or person) chunchucuyo [m] GT SV
person's buttocks or anus fote [m] DO
person's anus fote [m] DO
bird anus upite [m] BO:E AR
the anus anís [m] MX
anus and genital-related anogenital [adj]
anus (pl: anus) ano [m]
(in the anus) a pile or hemorrhoid higo [m]
prolapse of anus prolapso anal
artificial anus ano artificial
anus tibiarum ano tibiarum
anus vesicalis ano vesical
artificial anus ano contra natura
prolapse of the anus prolapso del ano
ectopic anus ano ectópico
imperforate anus ano imperforado
vestibular anus ano vestibular
vulvovaginal anus ano vestibular
artificial anus ano artificial
bartholin's anus ano de bartholin
anus cerebri ano cerebral
imperforate anus ano imperforado
anus vesicalis ano vesical
vestibular anus ano vestibular
vulvovaginal anus ano vulvovaginal
elevator muscle of anus músculo elevador del ano
external sphincter muscle of anus músculo esfínter externo del ano
internal sphincter muscle of anus músculo esfínter interno del ano
fantastic serpent with two heads one on each end that enters the body through the anus while defecating in the field according to popular belief tepelcúa [f] SV