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Sens de "stone" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 86 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
stone peña [f]
stone cálculo [m]
stone núcleo [m]
stone cantería [f]
stone almendra [f]
stone pepa [f]
stone piedra [f]
stone concreción [f]
stone apedrear [v]
stone lapidar [v]
stone deshuesar [v]
stone güito [m]
stone chinarro [m]
stone chino [m]
stone hueso (fruta) [m]
stone roca [f]
stone canto [m]
stone hueso [m]
stone matacán [m]
stone acantear [v] ES local
stone gema [f]
stone arenilla [f]
stone ciba [f] DO
stone guaratara [f] VE
stone talashca [f] SV
stone tetuntear [v] SV
stone pétreo [adj]
stone de piedra [adj]
stone pedrusco [m]
stone camote [m] CL
stone guarataro [m] VE
stone teshcal [m] SV
stone tetunte [m] GT HN SV
stone piedra preciosa
stone (joya) piedra preciosa
stone china [f]
stone piedra sepulcral [f]
stone pepita (frutas) [f]
stone matar a pedradas [v]
stone atacar a pedradas [v]
stone deshuesar (la fruta) [v]
stone hueso (frutas) [m]
stone peso de 14 libras
stone hecho de piedra
stone testículo [m]
stone [uk] 348 kg. = 14 libras (peso)
stone volar piedra [v] GT
stone castina [f]
stone piedra [f]
stone pireno [adj]
stone pétreo [adj]
stone mineral [m]
stone mineral [m]
stone cuesco [m]
stone mineral [m]
stone china [f]
stone piedra [f]
stone chinazo [m]
stone jejo [m]
stone cantal [m]
stone cantillo [m]
stone canto [m]
stone guijarro [m]
stone cálculo [f]
stone piedra [f]
stone revestir de piedras [v]
stone roca [f]
stone balastar [v]
stone quitar los huesos [v]
stone esmerilar [v]
stone rectificar [v]
stone carozo
stone carozo
stone ganga [f]
stone gema bruta [f]
stone piedra [f]
stone ganga [f]
stone hastial [m]
stone hastial [m]
stone diamante sin tallar [m]
stone mineral [m]
stone diamante sin tallar
stone roca de los respaldos
stone gema bruta
stone piedra [f]
stone mineral [m]

Sens de "stone" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 500 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
small stone china [f]
slab of stone laja [f]
rubble stone cascote [m]
stone (fruit) hueso [m]
stone mason cantero [m]
stone bench built against the wall poyo [m]
stepping stone pasadera [f]
pumice stone poma [f] GT NI
altar stone ara [f]
stone bench bancada [f]
crushed stone grava [f]
stone-age arqueolítico [adj]
paving stone adoquín [m]
block of stone sillar [m]
stone curlew alcaraván [m]
stepping stone escalón [m]
boundary stone término [m]
boundary stone coto [m]
stone circle crómlech [m]
boundary stone mojón [m]
stone-age arqueolítica [adj/f]
dry-stone wall albarada [f]
coping-stone albardilla [f]
stone in an old cock's liver alectoria [f]
stone in the intestines of a swallow alidona [f]
large stone hammer almádana [f]
large stone hammer almaganeta [f]
pale green precious stone aguamarina [f]
precious stone ceramita [f]
thunderbolt (stone) ceraunia [f]
flat paving-stone baldosa [f]
kerb-stone cinta [f]
concavity in a stone coquera [f]
upper grinding-stone corredera [f]
stone hot-water bottle caneca [f] CU
glazed stone bottle for gin and cordials caneca [f]
building made of hewn stone cantería [f]
art of hewing stone cantería [f]
portion of hewn stone cantería [f]
heavy stone for sinking fykes bigorella [f]
blood-stone dionisia [f]
paving-stone cuña [f]
stone wall with an iron railing chambilla [f]
soap-stone galaxia [f]
stone wheel that grinds olives galga [f]
stone-cutter's hammer escoda [f]
stone-chisel escopa [f]
stone-cutter's hammer escota [f]
barren stone in quicksilver mines garduja [f]
dry-stone wall horma [f]
dry-stone wall hormaza [f]
stone engraving glíptica [f]
splinter of a bone/glass/stone esquirla [f]
soap-stone esteatita [f]
eagle-stone etites [f]
cobble-stone guija [f]
stone, metal or wood cutting or carving labra [f]
throw/casting of a stone pedrada [f]
stone-throwing pedrea [f]
small stone pedrecita [f]
stone-pit pedrera [f]
small stone pedrezuela [f]
grooved stone of an oil-mill regaifa [f]
whitish stone peladilla [f]
flag-stone laja [f]
memorial stone lápida [f]
chip from a stone lasca [f]
large stone peña [f]
stone-cutter's hammer pica [f]
pumice-stone pumita [f]
memorial stone piedra [f]
foot-stone piedra [f]
little stone piedrezuela [f]
polishing stone lisa [f]
wall made of stone and mud pilca [f] AR PE
kind of dry-stone wall pirca [f] AR CL EC PE
flag-stone loncha [f]
thin flat stone loncha [f]
grave-stone losa [f]
corner-stone mocheta [f]
thin rough stone of low quality rajuela [f]
grinding stone moledera [f]
wax-stone rapasa [f]
hewing of stone montea [f]
stone-cutting montea [f]
chippings of stone rocalla [f]
kind of porous stone pierra rodena [f]
upper mill-stone muela [f]
stepping-stone pasadera [f]
cylindrical stone for grinding cocoa mano [f]
stone roller for refining chocolate refinadera [f]
stone on which chocolate is ground silleta [f]
blood-stone sanguinaria [f]
stone slab solera [f]
flat stone solera [f]
stone said to repel iron teame [f]
stone base in oil mills yusera [f]
vein in stone or wood vena [f]
large stone hammer almádina [f]
large stone hammer almádena [f]
stone said to repel iron téamide [f] disused
small stone piedrecita [f]
wall made of stone and mud pirca [f] AR CL EC PE
glaze with pumice stone apomazar [v]
burnish with pumice stone apomazar [v]
put stone slabs/flagstones acerar [v]
strengthen with stone slabs acerar [v]
make like ashlar stone almohadillar [v]
stone fruits deshuesar [v]
stone (fruits) despulpar [v]
work the edge of stone cantear [v]
plane/smooth wood/stone dolar [v]
hew a stone in curves for an arch dovelar [v]
grain a lithographic stone granear [v]
carve stone/wood labrar [v]
stone to death lapidar [v]
turn to stone petrificarse [v]
become stone petrificarse [v]
change to stone petrificar [v]
free-stone abridero [adj]
blackish (mill-stone) bornero [adj]
ground (by such a stone) bornero [adj]
soft (stone) (piedra) ollar [adj]
place where boys stone one another apedreadero [m]
paving-stone adoquín [m]
free-stone peach-tree abridor [m]
large splinter/chip of stone astillón [m]
meteoric stone aerolito [m]
large stone serving as anchor to net-float ancorel [m]
lower stone of an oil-mill alfarje [m]
armenian stone armónico [m]
road paved with stone arrecife [m]
stone enclosure in a wax bleachery aloquín [m]
stone for sacrifices altar [m]
large stone set in ring/brooch chatón [m]
square bevel used by stone masons baivel [m]
pear-shaped fruit with a large stone chote [m] CU
stone masonry calicanto [m]
wooden/stone dish cocharro [m]
block of stone cantal [m]
blow from a stone cantazo [m]
throw of a stone cantazo [m]
stone-cutter cantero [m]
filtering-stone destilador [m]
game of throwing the stone canto [m]
block of stone bloque [m]
stone-breaking hammer combo [m] AMER
a precious stone carbunclo [m]
a precious stone carbúnculo [m]
stone missile bolaño [m]
large stone for foundations bolón [m] CL
ground olive stone bonijo [m] rur. rare
mill-stone cuesco [m]
small fruit-stone cuesquillo [m]
curb-stone of a well brocal [m]
stone-cutter dolador [m]
cobble-stone guijarro [m]
flaw/defect in cloth/stone gabarro [m]
stepping-stone escabel [m] fig.
stepping-stone escalón [m]
top mill-stone faldón [m]
stone pavement empedrado [m]
stone of pressed olive erraj [m]
cope-stone fastial [m]
specular stone espejuelo [m]
polishing-stone flin [m]
precious stone granate [m]
toad-stone estelión [m]
toad-stone estelón [m]
hole in the under stone of a mill foramen [m]
stepping-stone estriberón [m]
dry stone wall jorfe [m]
cutter in wood/stone entallador [m]
paving-stone guardacantón [m]
check-stone guardacantón [m]
spur-stone guardacantón [m]
a large, loose stone pedrejón [m]
stone-cutter pedrero [m]
fender stone marmolillo [m]
quoit (stone) marrón [m]
stone slat lastre [m]
large stone slat lastrón [m]
stone of fruit núcleo [m]
stone-cutter picapedrero [m]
curved stone on which the women grind maize or cocoa metate [m] MX
semi-precious stone lincurio [m]
precious stone piropo [m]
boundary stone machote [m] MX
groove in timber/stone rebajo [m]
nether mill-stone mortero [m]
corner-stone recantón [m]
rolling-stone rodillo [m]
column of stone rollo [m]
round stone rollo [m]
stone mason mampostero [m]
stone seat poyal [m]
stone seat/bench poyo [m]
face/table of a precious stone rondís [m]
stone ball used as missile mandrón [m]
stone in oil-mills rulo [m]
square hewn stone sillar [m]
stone granary to store rice tambobón [m] PH
flaw in a precious stone sapo [m] CL
chip of a stone tasquil [m]
stone pestle tejolote [m] MX
stone-crop telefio [m]
corner curb-stone trascantón [m]
a kind of porous stone tezontle [m] MX
stone, brick or iron under a pot to keep it steady on the fireplace seso [m]
a precious stone carbunco [m]
face/table of a precious stone rondiz [m]
pear-shaped fruit with a large stone chayote [m]
corner curb-stone guardacantón [m]
stone of pressed olive herraj [m]
abraxas stone abraxas [m/f]
free-stone abridera [adj/f]
blackish (mill-stone) bornera [adj/f]
ground (by such a stone) bornera [adj/f]
stone wall albarrada (árabe) [f]
stone terrace albarrada (árabe) [f]
shelter made of stone, wood, or other material albergada [f] disused
stone found in an old rooster's liver alectoria [f]
pave stone adoquinar [v]
build a stone wall alicatar (árabe) [v] CU
paving stone adoquín (árabe) [m]
stone paving adoquinado [m]
stone paver adoquinador [m]
pave stone adoquinamiento [m] MX GT NI HN CR PR CP EC
stone paving adoquinamiento [m] MX GT NI HN EC
oil mill stone alfarje (árabe) [m]
piece or place of an oil mill stone alfarje (árabe) [m]
low stone bench covered in tiles alhamí [m] rare
stone fence at a wax bleachery aloquín [m]
large stone used on fishing nets ancorel [m]
stone slab losa [f]
stone pit cantera [f]
precious stone gema [f]
stone throwing ancient war engine algarada [f]
stone marten garduña [f]
broken stone grava [f]
stone bass cherna [f]
stone base solera [f]
hit or blow with a stone pedrada [f]
paving stone baldosa [f]
throw of a stone pedrada [f]
blow/hit of a stone pedrada [f]
border-stone pina [f]
small generally rounded stone china [f]
stone (seed inside fruits) pepa [f] AMER
stone chip lasca [f]
large flat stone lastra [f]
crescent-shaped stone in the fulling mill (used to grind) balladora [f] BO:E
bezoar stone piedra bezoar (piedra mítica) [f]
cap stone piedra final colocada al tope de una estructura [f]
stone fire pit binde [f] CO:N
rope with a stone attached to one end, which is thrown at the tail of a kite or comet to knock it down angarilla [f] CU
door stone puerta de piedra (arco de piedra que rodea la puerta) [f]
small fragment produced when grinding stone or another solid object curubica [f] PY AR:Ne
small fragment produced when grinding stone or another solid object curuvica [f] PY AR:Ne
balancing stone mortar for grinding grains with a half-moon shape cutana (del quechua) [f] PE AR:Nw
stone mortar, mainly used to grind carob cimbra [f] AR:Nw
small round stone often used in cooking to grind food chaquena [f] PE rur.
foot plow made with a stick with a steal or stone point that serves to flatten and prepare a plot of land for cultivation chaquitaclla [f] PE BO:S,W,C
very hard green stone composed of magnesium silicate, aluminum, iron oxide, and magnesium oxide, commonly used by pre-columbian cultures for necklaces, decoration, and figurines charchigua [f] HN
flat, round stone often found on some river banks china pelona [f] CU
stone bench in which a container for boiling sugar cane juice to make honey is placed falca [f] BO:E,N
stone fence finca [f] MX:Nw rur.
stone path carrilleja [f] PA rur.
stone pestle guagua [f] CO:Sw
crescent-shaped stone used for grinding in a mortar guagua [f] BO
rectangular stone mortar cona [f] AR:Nw
rectangular stone mortar conana [f] AR:Nw
gray and brownish volcanic stone, similar to lapis lazuli combarbalita [f] CL
stone pestle cona [f] AR:Nw
stone pestle conana [f] BO AR:Nw
baking stone piedra para horno [f]
baking stone piedra para hornear (pizzas) [f]
water with corn dough residue from washing a grinding stone for preparing pig feed lavaza [f] HN
stone mortar konana [f] BO:W
stone door step laja (portugués) [f] PE
pumice stone water filter destiladera [f] GT PA EC AR:Nw
grinding stone maceta [f] HN DO PR
grinding stone mano de moler [f] GT CO VE
grinding stone mano de piedra [f] HN NI CR
grinding stone mano del metate [f] MX
grinding stone mano del molcajete [f] MX
pounding stone maceta [f] HN DO PR
water with residue of corn dough from washing the grinding stone for preparing pig feed aguachigua [f] SV
water with residue of corn dough from washing the grinding stone for preparing pig feed machigua [f] HN SV NI
rectangular and concave stone where grains are milled by another stone pecana [f] BO:S AR:Nw
stepping stone palanca [f] PE
stone wall built without mortar pilca [f] PE AR:Nw rur.
stone and mud used to divide pastures, fields, or properties pilca [f] AR:Nw
flint stone piedra chispa [f] EC
river stone piedra bola [f] EC AR
stone wall built without mortar pirca [f] CL AR:Nw BO
stone wall built without mortar pirca [f] EC rare
stone wall built without mortar pirca [f] PE rur.
stone fence pirca [f] CL AR:Nw rur.
construction of a stone wall without mortar pircada [f] PE rur.
stone or slab to cover a pot pircana [f] AR:Nw rur.
boundary stone pilca [f] AR:Nw
boundary stone pirca [f] AR:Nw
kidney stone piedra [f] HN NI BO
stone carved by a mason piedra canteada [f] HN BO
flint stone piedra de rayo [f] HN
round paving stone, 10 to 15 cm in diameter piedra manzana [f] BO:W
pumice stone poma [f] GT NI
pumice stone pomacita [f] CL
boundary stone seña [f] US
stone river crossing saltana [f] AR:Nw
stone placed to form a fire tuchpa [f] PE:E rur.
large stone turunca [f] HN SV
large stone curunca [f] HN SV:E
fireplace stone topia [f] VE
memorial stone tarja [f] PR cult
remove the stone from deshuesar [v]
set a precious stone clavar [v]
take a precious stone out of setting desclavar [v]
stone (throw stones at) apedrear [v]
stone (throw stones at) lapidar [v]
cast the first stone tirar la primera piedra [v]
cast the first stone arrojar la primera piedra [v]
stone someone to death matar a alguien a pedradas [v]
spread a layer of gravel or crushed stone on a road/highway balastrar [v] HN UY
spread a layer of gravel or crushed stone on a road/highway balastrear [v] MX SV UY
run into the curb or a stone or cement border (wheels of a vehicle) cunetear [v] NI CL
hit or run into the curb or stone or cement border (someone driving a vehicle) cunetearse [v] NI CL
tilt a stone, brick, or block off the vertical line (construction) cantear [v] HN SV NI
work ashlar stone for constructions cantear [v] CL
mark a place with stone wall without using mortar pircar [v] BO CL AR:Nw
mark a place with stone wall without using mortar pircar [v] EC rare
mark a place with stone wall without using mortar pircar [v] PE rur.
crush stone quebrar [v] GT HN CR
grind stone quebrar [v] GT HN CR
stone-paved empedrado [adj]
of stone pétreo [adj]
stone deaf sordo como una tapia [adj]
stone deaf como una tapia [adj]
stone-cold helado [adj]
(soil or stone) highly acidic agrio [adj] HN rur.
(soil or stone) containing a high degree of acidity or salts agrio [adj] HN rur.
making a stone wall without mortar pircado [adj] PE rur.
stone post pilar [m]
pebble-stone guijarro [m]
rough or uncut stone pedrusco [m]
binding stone tizón [m]
band-stone tizón [m]
stepping stone escabel [m]
block if building stone sillar [m]
wine stone argol [m]
stone-paved road arrecife [m]
kidney stone cálculo renal [m]
someone that works in stone cantero [m]
stone pine pino piñonero [m]
someone that builds with stone or brick albañil [m]
perpent stone perpiaño [m]
stone wall paredón [m]
stone-throwing avance [m] VE
a hit or blow with a stone bolazo [m] VE BO
small round stone callao [m] DO
hit with a stone bolazo [m] VE BO
foundation stone bolón [m] NI CL
big stone bombolón [m] VE:W
salt stone mallet used to grind grain cachimazo [m] PE
large unworked stone used in construction cabezote [m] CU
dress stone revestimiento de piedra fabricada [m]
stone or cement border separating the road from the sidewalk cuneta [m] NI CL
crash or collision with the curb or a stone or cement border cuneteo [m] CL
precious stone chalchigüite [m] MX
any precious stone chalchihuite (del náhuatl) [m] MX
jade or jadeite, very hard green stone made of magnesium silicate, alumina, iron oxide, and magnesium oxide chalchihuite [m] MX GT HN:W
semicircular stone instrument for grinding/milling chungo [m] PE
blow from a stone shot from a flecha, a toy similar to a slingshot flechazo [m] BO
blow from a stone launched with a slingshot huaracazo [m] EC PE BO
blow from a stone launched with a slingshot guaracazo [m] PE BO
blow from a stone launched from a sling huaracazo [m] EC PE BO
stone shot made with a slingshot hondazo [m] BO CL AR
pumice stone jal [m] MX
pipe originally made from fired clay, stone, wood, or bone, used in collective ceremonies and rites kitra [m] CL rare
blow from a fragment of hardened mud, brick, or stone jonazo [m] BO:N,E
fragment of hardened mud, brick, or stone jone [m] BO:N,E
grinding stone mano [m] BO
mealing stone marán [m] BO rur.
stone-pavement of a street, avenue, or plaza empiedre [m] BO
unworked stone molón [m] EC
boundary stone monumento [m] HN
children's game where a child pushes a stone or a coin with their foot through a grid painted on the floor mundo [m] PE BO
stone bench used as a bed to lie down patajahua [m] PE rur.
stone foundation pindongo [m] CL
stone and mud fence used to divide pastures and fields pircado [m] AR:Nw
stone and mud fence used to divide pastures and fields pircado [m] PE rur.
construction of a stone wall without mortar pircado [m] BO
construction of a stone wall without mortar pircado [m] PE rur.
stone placed on beds of rivers to support engineering works pindongo [m] CL
hard stone used for paving streets or roads rajón [m] CU
stone crushing plant quebrador [m] CR
hit from a stone salporazo [m] SV
blow from a stone salporazo [m] SV
baking stone tenamaste [m] MX GT HN SV NI
blow from a stone turuncazo [m] HN SV
sharpening stone tibe [m] CO
baking stone tinamaste [m] CR rur.
blow from a stone curuncazo [m] HN
stone water filter tinajero [m] NI CU DO VE
rustic stone and clay oven tatacuá [m] PY AR:Ne rur.
water stone tibe [m] CO
small stone amulets left in an agricultural field to ensure productivity guazas [f/pl] AR:Nw rur.
stone-cold helada [adj/f]
(soil or stone) containing a high degree of acidity or salts agria [adj/f] HN rur.
(soil or stone) highly acidic agria [adj/f] HN rur.
stone masonry de material [loc/adj] PR UY
crescent-shaped stone used for grinding in a mortar guagua batán [loc/nom] BO
wide road with stone pavement lomo de perro [loc/nom] VE
kidney stone cálculo renal
set in stone grabado en piedra
philosopher's stone piedra filosofal
grinding stone piedra de moler
stone age edad de piedra
rosetta stone piedra de rosetta
precious stone piedra preciosa
pumice (stone) piedra pómez
stone age la edad de piedra
stone oven horno de piedra
apricot stone hueso de albaricoque
burr-stone piedra de molino [f]
cope-stone piedra de albardilla [f]
coping-stone piedra de albardilla [f]
corner-stone piedra angular [f] fig.
alum-stone aluminita [f]
stone fruit fruta de hueso [f]
grape-stone granuja [f]
grape-stone simiente de uva [f]
rag stone piedra de amolar [f]
specular stone mica [f]
rolling stone persona inconstante [f]
stone hammer marra [f]
stone-coal antracita [f]
stone-fruit fruta de hueso [f]
stone-pit cantera [f]
stone-quarry cantera [f]
stone-quarry pedrera [f]
stone-chat collalba [f]
stone-crop fabacrasa [f]
stone-crop chubarba [f]
stone-cutting labra de las piedras [f]
melt a heart of stone ablandar las piedras [v]
stone-deaf completamente sordo [adj]
stone-blind completamente ciego [adj]
stone-dumb completamente mudo [adj]
bristol-stone diamante de bristol [m]
crab stone ojo de cangrejo [m]
bile-stone cálculo biliar [m]
kerb-stone brocal de pozo [m]
kerb-stone bordillo (de acera) [m]
stepping-stone escabel [m] fig.
flint stone pedernal [m]
stone hammer dolobre [m]
stone (colour) gris azulado [m]
stone-crusher bocarte de piedra [m]
stone-breaker bocarte de piedra [m]
stone-crop ombligo de venus [m]
stone-hawk balcón apedreado [m]
stone-mason picapedrero [m]
stone-parsley perejil perenne [m]
stone-mason albañil [m]
stone-parsley amonio [m]
stone-cold frío como la piedra [loc/adj]
stone-dead muerto como una piedra [loc/adj]
rolling stone persona que no se queda en un empleo
be stone-deaf ser más sordo que una tapia [v]
be stone-broke tener apuros de dinero [v]
be stone broke andar mal de dinero [v]
be stone broke estar con una mano atrás y otra adelante [v]
be stone broke estar a dos velas [v]
be stone broke estar sin blanca [v]
be stone broke estar pelado [v]
be stone broke estar palmado [v]
be stone broke estar sin un real [v]
be stone broke no tener blanca [v]
be stone broke no tener ni un real [v]
be stone broke no tener un céntimo [v]
be stone broke no tener una perra [v]
lay the first stone poner la primera piedra [v]
be stone-deaf oír por la bragueta [v]
be a stone liar ser más mentiroso que pinocho [v]
be a stone liar ser más mentiroso que un epitafio [v]
be a stone liar ser más mentiroso que un político [v]
be stone-broke estar en la chaca [v] CAR
be stone-broke estar en pampa y la vía [v] SCN
build a stone wall percar [v] BO:W
making a stone wall without mortar pircado [adj] BO
rough piece of stone pedrusco [m]
hit with a stone calazo [m] BO
rolling stone cagaoficios [m/f]
magnet stone attributed magical properties pirimán [m/f] CL:Sw
a rolling stone gathers no moss ser culo de mal asiento
a heart of stone un corazón de piedra
a heart of stone insensible
a heart of stone sin compasión