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Meanings of "cuera" in English Spanish Dictionary : 12 result(s)

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cuera [f] PE BO beating
cuera [f] PE BO thrashing
cuera [f] PA BO punishment inflicted by a strap or leather straps
cuera [f] BO woman who has sexual intercourse with a man she sees occasionally
cuera [f] PE BO spanking
cuera [f] leather jacket
cuera [f] PE BO whipping
cuera [f] SV delinq. bag
cuera [f] PE BO beating
cuera [f] SV delinq. wallet
cuera [f] DO PR BO prostitute
cuera [f] SV delinq. purse

Meanings of "cuera" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 6 result(s)

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cuera cabelludo scalp
indio en cuera [m] PA copperwood
indio en cuera [m] PA gumbo-limbo
indio en cuera [m] PA turpentine tree
indio en cuera [m] PA a tree species in the family burseraceae, native to tropical regions of the americas (bursera simaruba)
indio en cuera [m] PA chaca