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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "blunt" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 127 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
blunt desafilar [v]
blunt despuntar [v]
blunt entorpecer [v]
blunt abrupto [adj]
blunt afeitar [v]
blunt embotar [v]
blunt arromar [v]
blunt desmochar [v]
blunt despuntado [adj]
blunt romo [adj]
blunt obtuso [adj]
blunt embotado [adj]
blunt chato [adj]
blunt chingo [adj] VE
blunt claridoso [adj] CO GT MX VE
blunt contundente [adj]
blunt tungo [adj] AMER
blunt desafilado [adj]
blunt mocho [adj]
blunt boto [adj]
blunt despuntada [adj/f]
blunt roma [adj/f]
blunt obtusa [adj/f]
blunt embotada [adj/f]
blunt chata [adj/f]
blunt chinga [adj/f] VE
blunt claridosa [adj/f] CO GT MX VE
blunt tunga [adj/f] AMER
blunt desafilada [adj/f]
blunt mocha [adj/f]
blunt bota [adj/f]
blunt descerar [v]
blunt embotar [v]
blunt enromar [v]
blunt boto [adj]
blunt chato [adj]
blunt contundente [adj]
blunt escueto [adj]
blunt leña [f] DO drug
blunt brusco [adj]
blunt directo [adj]
blunt franco [adj]
blunt moto [adj] AR:Nw rur.
blunt motolo [adj] EC:S
blunt motolo [adj] EC:S
blunt motoso [adj] PE BO
blunt muto [adj] BO:C,W,S
blunt ñato [adj] PE CL AR
blunt raspado [adj] VE
blunt chancho [m] CL
blunt chala (del quechua) [m] AR
blunt charuto [m] AR UY drug
blunt leño [m] HN SV DO drug
blunt join [m] NI
blunt joint [m] CO CL
blunt joint [m] EC rare
blunt ñolo [m] PR
blunt mazo [m] HN drug
blunt franca [adj/f]
blunt enromar [v]
blunt quitar la punta a [v]
blunt pompo [adj] CO
blunt pompa [adj/f] CO
blunt adormecer [v]
blunt calmar [v]
blunt enervar [v] fig.
blunt mitigar [v]
blunt bobo [adj]
blunt grosero [adj]
blunt descortés [adj]
blunt bronco [adj]
blunt rudo [adj]
blunt áspero [adj]
blunt lerdo [adj]
blunt insensible [adj]
blunt tardo [adj]
blunt sin punta [adj]
blunt ruda [adj/f]
blunt boba [adj/f]
blunt grosera [adj/f]
blunt áspera [adj/f]
blunt bronca [adj/f]
blunt lerda [adj/f]
blunt tarda [adj/f]
blunt botoso [adj] disused
blunt chingo [adj] VE
blunt claridoso [adj] MX CO
blunt directa [adj/f]
blunt bazuca [f] CO
blunt francote [adj]
blunt crudo [adj]
blunt francote [adj]
blunt caño  [m] AR
blunt lirio [m] HN:N drug
blunt canuto [m]
blunt bareta [f] CO
blunt bate [m] PA PE
blunt cambumbo [m] SV
blunt calillo [m] CO
blunt huato [m] HN
blunt carruco [m] HN
blunt cacho [m] CO
blunt cigarrillo de marihuana
blunt romo
blunt porro de maría
blunt enromar [v]
blunt arromar [v]
blunt embotar [v]
blunt embotar [v]
blunt boto [adj]
blunt romo [adj]
blunt obtuso [adj]
blunt (dolor) matar [v]
blunt enromar [v]
blunt embotado [adj]
blunt obtuso [adj]
blunt desgatado [adj]
blunt mocho [adj] AMER
blunt truncado [adj]
blunt sin punta [adj]
blunt obtuso [adj]
blunt embotado [adj]
blunt sin filo [adj]
blunt romo [m]
British Slang
blunt porro
blunt cigarrillo de marihuana
blunt cigarrillo de marihuana (envuelto en hoja de habano/estados unidos)

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "blunt" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 96 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
blunt the edge of a weapon or tool desafilar [v]
blunt side cotillo [m]
blunt statements claridades [f/pl]
blunt remark fresca [f]
blunt bob melena corta con un flequillo recto [f]
blunt insult zambacanuta [f] PA BO
become blunt or dull embotarse [v]
make blunt arromar [v]
make blunt desmochar [v]
blunt the horns of cattle desbotonar [v] HN rur.
hit a fish hard on the head with a blunt object esmoler [v] PR
be blunt raspar [v] PR
sincere or blunt-talking claridoso [adj] MX GT CO:N VE:W
blunt ended de extremo romo [adj]
blunt ended punta desafilada [adj]
becoming blunt mitigador [m]
blunt bob corte de pelo [m]
blunt drill taladro [m]
hard blow from a blunt object guaracazo [m] EC BO CL
blunt defeat raspón [m] HN
become blunt arromar [v]
become blunt desafilarse [v]
become blunt despuntar [v]
blunt chisel used in repoussé-work cercador [m]
get blunt entorpecerse [v]
grow blunt entorpecerse [v]
grow blunt embotarse [v]
get blunt embotarse [v]
blunt-witted estúpido [adj]
blunt-witted lerdo [adj]
blunt-witted lerda [adj/f]
a large blunt-tipped needle agujeta [f] DO VE PR rare
blunt-witted estúpida [adj/f]
be very blunt with somebody ser muy franco
be very blunt with somebody no morderse la lengua
blunt talking and straight shooting sin rodeos
blunt-talking sin rodeos
blunt-talking directo al grano
blunt talking and straight shooting directo al grano
be blunt oír por la bragueta [v]
joint, blunt huiro [m] PE CL
joint, blunt güiro [m] PE CL
joint, blunt guillo [m] PR drug
joint, blunt huato [m] HN drug
joint, blunt hucamayo [m] PR drug
blunt instrument arma contundente
blunt-nosed despuntado [adj]
blunt file lima paralela
blunt cone cono truncado
blunt needle aguja de punta roma
blunt point nail clavo de punta roma
blunt knife cuchilla sin filo
blunt diamond diamante romo
blunt-nosed de punta roma
blunt pencil lápiz despuntado
blunt forceps pinzas romas
blunt conical point punta cónica roma
blunt point punta roma
blunt file lima paralela
blunt-point nail clavo de punta roma
blunt-leaved everlasting gordolobo [m]
Marine Biology
a massive shark with a short, broad and blunt snout, small eyes and triangular saw-edged upper teeth (carcharhinus leucas) lamia [f]
a massive shark with a short, broad and blunt snout, small eyes and triangular saw-edged upper teeth (carcharhinus leucas) amia [f]
an edible marine fish with elongated body, covered with small and shiny scales, small head and blunt snout, general silver coloration with a characteristic black band that goes from the head to the tail bocón [m] VE
blunt laurenzia laurencia de cerezas
blunt slipper lobster cigarro ñato
Molecular Biology
blunt end extremo romo
blunt-winged warbler carricero de swinhoe
blunt-end cut corte de extremos romos
blunt end extremo romo
blunt-end ligation unión de extremos romos
General Medicine
blunt-nosed chato [adj]
blunt-ended dna adn romo
blunt abdominal traumatism traumatismo abdominal cerrado
blunt probe sonda roma
blunt wound herida contusa
blunt hook gancho romo
blunt duct adenosis adenosis de conducto obstruido
blunt affect afecto disminuido
blunt knife cuchilla roma
blunt body cuerpo romo
blunt conical point punta cónica roma
blunt cone cono truncado
blunt bowed de proa redondeada
blunt knife cuchillo sin filo
blunt edged de ángulos obtusos
blunt body cuerpo romo [m]
blunt body cuerpo romo
blunt-nose six-gill shark cañabota [f]
blunt-headed vine snake bejuquillo [m] CR CR
blunt-headed tree snake bejuquillo [m] CR CR
blunt-snouted mullet salmonete de fango
blunt-faced rat raton bastardo crestado
blunt-headed holy-fish canario de mar [m]
British Slang
better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick podría ser peor
better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick menos da una piedra