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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "conceal" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 68 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
conceal reservar [v]
conceal ocultar [v]
conceal cubrir [v]
conceal disfrazar [v]
conceal disimular [v]
conceal paliar [v]
conceal sepultar [v]
conceal celar [v]
conceal esconder [v]
conceal arrebozar [v]
conceal reservarse [v]
conceal embozar [v]
conceal encubrir [v]
conceal absconder [v] disused
conceal nublar [v]
conceal anublar [v]
conceal añublar [v] disused
conceal arrebozar [v]
conceal asconder [v] ES local disused
conceal enmascarar [v]
conceal encubertar [v]
conceal velar [v]
conceal ocultar (objeto/sustancia/la información) [v]
conceal hacer perdidizo [v]
conceal rundir [v]
conceal amapuchar [v] PR
conceal callar [v]
conceal encovar [v]
conceal entaparar [v] VE
conceal embarajar [v] CU
conceal rundir [v] MX
conceal rejundir [v] PA rur.
conceal tapiñar [v] CU
conceal barajarla [v] HN PE
conceal callarse [v]
conceal desmentir [v]
conceal negar [v]
conceal retirar [v]
conceal recatar [v]
conceal socapar [v] BO EC
conceal tapar [v]
conceal solapar [v]
conceal soterrar [v]
conceal sigilar [v]
conceal cubrir con un velo [v]
conceal andar con paños tibios [v] SV CU UY
conceal hacerse la greta [v] SV
conceal hacer el feike [v] PR teen
conceal hacerse el chanchito [v] HN NI
conceal hacerse el curro [v] HN
conceal hacerse el peje [v] SV
conceal hacerse la greta [v] SV
conceal hacerse la vieja fresquera [v] SV
conceal enredar la cabuya [v] DO
conceal enredar la pita [v] CU DO
conceal hacerse el curro [v] HN
conceal alcahuetear [v]
conceal clavar [v] CU
conceal emberretinar [v] AR
conceal apalancar [v]
conceal barajarla [v] PE
conceal anublar [v] delinq.
conceal ocultar [v]
conceal sigilar [v]
conceal esconder [v]
conceal tapar [v]
conceal solapar [v]
conceal vestir [v]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "conceal" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 39 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
conceal oneself cubrirse [v]
cover (to conceal) vestir [v]
conceal from ocultar a [v]
conceal from ocultar de [v]
conceal from esconder de [v]
conceal oneself celarse [v]
attempt to conceal a fraud marrajería [f]
conceal or protect esconder [v]
conceal or protect abrigar [v]
conceal or protect ocultar [v]
conceal or protect cubrir [v]
conceal with masks masquerada [v]
conceal oneself merodear [v]
conceal someone/something in an illegal idea or activity acolitar [v] CO
conceal or protect a criminal apañar [v] GT HN NI CU PE BO PY AR
conceal what one is doing to avoid being discovered culear (del inglés to cool) [v] PR
pertaining to someone who gives an advantage in a game or competition in order to conceal their superiority changüicero [adj] MX
person or fact with which an attempt is made to conceal or disguise something biombo [m] PE
conceal (feelings) disimular [v]
conceal/twist the truth fruncir [v] rare
conceal oneself zambullirse [v]
conceal hastily zampar [v]
conceal (feelings) no exteriorizar [v]
conceal (feelings) esconder [v]
conceal (feelings) ocultar [v]
conceal oneself in a hidden place pasar a la clandestinidad [v]
conceal oneself hacer la agachadiza [v]
conceal the identify of an informant decir cierto güis [v] NI
conceal something llevar guillao [v] PR
conceal something from someone ocultarle algo a alguien [v]
conceal behind ocultarse con [v]
conceal behind ocultarse tras [v]
conceal or protect a criminal apañar [v] VE
conceal not the truth from thy physician and lawyer al médico, confesor y letrado, no le traigas engañado [old-fashioned]
conceal a thing with the intention of keeping it hacer furo [v] rur. rare
conceal a crime ocultar un crimen [v]
conceal damages ocultar daños [v]
conceal facts ocultar hechos [v]
conceal information ocultar información [v]