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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "marble" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 43 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
marble mármol [m]
marble canica [f]
marble marmóreo [adj]
marble marmórea [adj/f]
marble alioj [m] disused
marble bolinche [m]
marble bolindre [m]
marble bola [f]
marble bolincha [f] CR AR
marble bolita [f] AR
marble canica [f]
marble crispir [v]
marble mable [m] HN
marble mebli [m] ES
marble metra [f] VE
marble bolita [f] AR BO CL UY
marble cachina [f] BO
marble bolita [f]
marble marmolero [adj]
marble bola de cristal CO
marble bola de vidrio PR
marble marmoroso [adj]
marble crispir [v]
marble jaspear [v]
marble marmorosa [adj/f]
marble canica (bolita de juego) [f]
marble empedernido [adj]
marble duro [adj]
marble insensible [adj] fig.
marble empedernida [adj/f]
marble cinco [m] GT
marble macaco [m] NI
marble bola [f] CU DO EC,PE ES
marble mable [f] HN
marble dura [adj/f]
marble banzón [m] ES local
marble cuica [f] MX
marble mármol [m]
marble de mármol
marble mármol [m]
marble veterar [v]
marble piedra de imponer [f]
marble marmol [m]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "marble" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 169 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
marble cutter marmolista [m/f]
toy marble canica [f]
brocatelle marble brocatel (catalán) [m]
cipollino marble cipolino [m]
marble enamel esmalte [m]
streaked marble jaspe [m]
marble with red or yellow veining jaspón [m]
shell marble lumaquela [f]
cover with marble empelechar (italiano) [v]
cover a wall or column with marble empelechar (italiano) [v]
veined marble jaspe [m]
marble (canarias) boliche [m]
marble (españa) bolindre [m]
marble (honduras/northern nicaragua) maule [m]
brown marble mármol marrón [m]
large marble bolón [m] PR
large marble bolón [m] CL
large marble bolonchón [m] PA
big marble used in the game of marbles bolillón [m] AR:Nw rare
big marble bolón [m] PR
very big marble bolonchón [m] PA
children's marble game bíllar [m] BO
steel marble acerín [m] CU
steel marble acerito [m] AR
steel marble acerito [m] AR
docimian marble mármol pentélico [m]
play in which an opponent's marble is hit with one's own, in order to move it into a position in the play area culpiche [m] VE:E
hard blow to a marble from another marble in the hole chocolón (inglés chuckhole) [m] HN rur. child
marble hit chuti [m] BO
hitting of one marble against another chiclazo [m] NI
large marble chirolón [m] SV
single-colored marble guaje [m] HN rur. child
single color marble coquito [m] CR
marbles game involving hitting a marble against others and then getting it into the hole to win the marbles that were hit hachita y cuarta [m] CL disused
game involving getting a marble into three holes hoyito [m] PR
marbles game played by partners where the marble should hit the opponent's marbles maule al toque y la cuarta [m] HN child
play where participant holds a marble to their eye and throws it hard to hit another marble forming a triangle ojito [m] PA rur.
hard blow from an opponent's marble papirotazo [m] MX HN CL rare
hard marble ponche [m] MX
blow from one marble to another tijchazo [m] BO
largest marble in a game of marbles toro [m] BO:E
brightly colored marble tecali [m] MX
glass marble pita [f]
marble mason's workshop marmolería [f]
marble (costa rica) bolincha [f]
marble (el salvador/honduras/nicaragua/guatemala) chibola [f]
marble (venezuela) picha [f]
glass marble canica [f]
a white or colored marble agüita [f] MX DO
domino closing marble bicha [f] VE
large marble bolonca [f] HN
large marble bolondrona [f] VE
very big marble bolonca [f] HN
largest marble bolondrona [f] VE
play to get one's marble closer to one's opponent's marble guaira [f] NI
crash caused by hitting one marble with another hachita [f] CL disused
white marble lechera [f] BO
distance equivalent to a matchstick between one marble and another kawa [f] BO
throwing marble mariola [f] HN
large marble molonca [f] HN child
large marble morola [f] HN
small marble pingua [f] GT CO:C
children's game where one player hits their opponent with a marble rebounded off a wall picadita [f] AR:Nw
best marble puntera [f] AR:Nw
large marble tera [f] AR:Nw
best marble tinquera [f] AR:Nw
new marble viola [f] HN
marble dealer marmolista [m/f]
marble worker marmolista [m/f]
marble mason marmolista [m/f]
marble-like marmoleado [adj] MX NI PA PR EC PE BO
(marbles) strike one marble with a second marble, making it fall into a hole ahogarse [v] MX
split one or more marbles with a ponche hard marble ponchar (inglés punch) [v] MX
request to choose any marble inside the circle ¡quitis! [interj] CR
marble cake torta marmolada
slab of marble placa de mármol
marble slab plancha de mármol
marble slab placa de mármol
slab of marble plancha de mármol
marble slab with the signs of the compass amuso [m]
marble sculpture mármol [m]
small pillar/marble column marmolejo [m]
kind of marble misquio [m] outdated
transparent marble tecali [m] MX
marble works marmolería [f]
marble work marmolería [f]
fire-marble lumaquela [f]
vein in wood/marble veta [f]
worker in marble marmolista [m/f]
mottled (as marble) esquizado [adj]
resembling marble marmoleño [adj]
made of marble marmoleño [adj]
made of marble marmóreo [adj]
serpentine marble serpentino [adj]
made of marble marmoroso [adj]
cover with marble empelechar [v]
join marble blocks empelechar [v]
mottled (as marble) esquizada [adj/f]
made of marble marmoleña [adj/f]
resembling marble marmoleña [adj/f]
made of marble marmórea [adj/f]
serpentine marble serpentina [adj/f]
made of marble marmorosa [adj/f]
marble-works marmolería [f]
serpentine marble serpentina (marmol) [f]
marble-polisher marmolista [m/f]
a marble agua [f] DO
as cold as marble helado
as cold as marble indiferente
as cold as marble frío como el mármol
as cold as marble insensible
cold as marble helado
cold as marble indiferente
cold as marble frío como el mármol
cold as marble frío como la noche
cold as marble muy frío (un lugar)
cold as marble frío como el acero
blow from one marble to another tijcho [m] BO:C,W,S
clay marble banzón [m] ES local
flick a marble with one's index finger tijchar [v] BO:C,W,S
commercial marble marmol comercial
marble industry industria marmolera
marble setter marmolero [m]
marble contractor marmolero [m]
marble dust marmolina [f] AR
marble shop marmolería [f]
marble work marmolería [f]
marble setter marmolista [m/f]
marble contractor marmolista [m/f]
onyx marble mármol ónice
onyx marble mármol ónix
marble tablet lápida de mármol
marble dust polvo de mármol
marble paper papel jaspeado
brecciated marble mármol brechado
marble tile loseta de mármol
marble dust partículas de mármol
imitation marble mármol artificial
polished marble mármol pulimentado
marble cement yeso alumbrado
marble mantel chimenea de mármol
conglomerate marble mármol conglomerado
Marine Biology
marble cichlid vieja [f] VE
marble cichlid palometa [f] BO:E
marble cichlid cupaneca [f] VE
marble-faced bristle-tyrant orejerito jaspeado
marble-faced bristle tyrant orejerito jaspeado
red and yellow marble jaspón [m]
patterned marble mármol modelado
statuary marble marmól de estatuas
streaked marble mármol rayado
veined marble marmól brocatel
spotted marble marmól brocatel
spotted marble marmól pintado
marble bones huesos marmóreos
marble skin cutis marmorata
marble skin cutis marmóreo
marble bone hueso marmóreo
marble bone disease enfermedad de hueso de mármol
marble cutters' phthisis tisis de los marmoleros
finishing in marble encostradura [f]
marble saw sierra para mármol
artificial marble mármol artificial
marble facing revestido de mármol
marble-colored jaspeado [adj]
marble quarry cantera de mármol [f]
marble quarry cantera de mármol
glass marble canica de vidrio [f]
glass marble canica de vidrio