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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "painted" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 9 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
painted afeitado [adj] disused
painted pintado [adj]
painted mosqueado [adj]
painted afeitada [adj/f] disused
painted mosqueada [adj/f]
painted pintada [adj/f]
painted pintada [adj]
painted de color
painted estampado [adj]

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Englisch Spanisch
painted wooden tray/trough batea [f]
fabric painted in distemper or oil, like tapestry sarga [f]
work painted pincel [m]
painted on ajustadamente [adv]
watercolor painted acuarelado [adj]
painted hag carantoña [f]
painted wall fabric sarga [f]
painted scenery on stage bambalina [f]
public bus that is painted blue and has two bands of white and red, resembling the dominican flag banderita [f] DO
wall painted with lime blanqueada [f] PE AR disused
bag woven with vegetable fibers, painted in colored stripes, used in antiquity by farmers to carry provisions chácara [f] PA
hand-painted political sign pinta [f] MX
have one's picture painted retratarse [v]
be painted estar pintado [v]
painted to imitate clouds anubarrado [adj]
painted in a flashy way colorinche [adj] CL
lime painted walls caleado [m] BO
brightly painted buggy bugui [m] VE
children's game where a child pushes a stone or a coin with their foot through a grid painted on the floor mundo [m] PE BO
painted to imitate clouds anubarrada [adj/f]
painted with an electric spray paint machine al duco [loc/adj] PE
machine-painted al duco [loc/adj] PE
political propaganda painted on walls pinta [f] VE PE
having dyed hair or a painted face escabechado [adj]
having dyed hair or a painted face escabechada [adj/f]
get/have one's portrait painted hacerse un retrato [v]
get/have one's portrait painted hacerse retratar [v]
be as black as one is painted ser tan malo como lo pintan
be as black as one is painted ser tan malo como dicen
devil is not so black as he is painted no es tan fiero el león como lo pintan
I got my car painted hice pintar mi coche
I had my car painted hice pintar mi coche
devil is not so black as he is painted no es tan bravo el león como lo pintan
painted woman mujer promiscua
painted woman prostituta
painted glass cristal pintado
newly-painted recién pintado
hand-painted pintado a mano
black-painted pintado en negro
painted printed circuit circuito impreso pintado
painted sage hormino silvestre
painted snipe aguatero bengalí
painted bunting pape arcoiris
painted hunting dog licaon [m]
Marine Biology
painted river prawn pigua [f] MX:Se
painted pavon cincho [m] VE
painted river prawn mayacaste [m] MX
painted notie doradillo escribano
painted spiny lobster langosta colorete
painted sweetlips burro velero
painted river prawn camarón pintado
painted top-shell peonza pintada
painted redstart (setophaga picta) guajolotito [m] MX
painted bunting (passerina ciris) mariposa [m] CU
australian painted-snipe aguatero australiano
painted bunting azulillo sietecolores
painted whitestart candelita aliblanca
greater painted-snipe aguatero bengalí
painted sandgrouse ganga india
painted quail-thrush zordala pintada
painted tody-flycatcher titirijí pintado
south american painted-snipe aguatero americano
painted buttonquail torillo pintojo
painted bush-quail perdicilla piquirroja
painted stork tántalo indio
painted honeyeater mielero pintado
painted parakeet cotorra pintada
painted francolin francolín pintojo
painted spurfowl faisancillo moteado
painted finch diamante pintado
painted bush quail perdicilla piquirroja
painted tiger parrot lorito-tigre pintado
painted tiger-parrot lorito-tigre pintado
General Medicine
painted comber serrano [m]
painted tray batea
Construction Machinery
painted with a yellow stain pintado de amarillo
oil-painted pintado al óleo
painted comber vaca [f]
east iberian painted frog sapillo pintojo
painted lady bella dama
painted wood turtle tortuga pinta
painted wood turtle tortuga de monte pintada
painted turtle tortuga pintada
painted directly on film pintado sobre la película
painted euphorbia lechebana [f] PR
painted euphorbia lechecilla [f] DO PR
painted euphorbia pastorcita [f] GT
painted spurge lechebana [f] PR
painted spurge lechecilla [f] DO PR
painted spurge pastorcita [f] GT
painted euphorbia lechevana [m] PR
painted spurge lechevana [m] PR
oil-painted pintado al óleo [adj]
in some corpus christi celebrations in the andes, gigantic woman made of a reed frame painted white and accompanied by dancers and musicians palla [f] EC
painted leopard tigrillo [m] MX GT HN SV NI CO BO:E
painted leopard ocelote [m] MX GT HN NI CR PA EC PE BO AR UY
painted leopard manigordo [m] HN NI CR PA VE
painted leopard yaguatirica [m/f] UY