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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "ruling" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 50 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
ruling decisión [f]
ruling fallo [adj]
ruling reinante [adj]
ruling fallo [m]
ruling sentencia [f]
ruling providencias [f]
ruling imperante [adj]
ruling regidor [adj]
ruling gobernador [adj]
ruling gobernante [adj]
ruling rayado [m]
ruling regidora [adj/f]
ruling gobernadora [adj/f]
ruling remante [adj]
ruling regencia [f]
ruling dirigente [adj]
ruling regente [adj]
ruling regitivo [adj] rare
ruling regitiva [adj/f] rare
ruling prescripción [f]
ruling reglamentación [f]
ruling normativa [f]
ruling encargatoria de reo [f] CL
ruling encargatoria [f] CL
ruling dominante [adj]
ruling en el poder [adj]
ruling auto [m]
ruling rayadura [f]
ruling disposición [f]
ruling resolución [f]
ruling decisión [f]
ruling fallo [m]
ruling dictamen [m]
ruling decisión [f]
ruling resolución [f]
ruling predominante [adj]
ruling ordenamiento [m]
ruling dictamen [m]
ruling fallo [m]
ruling decisión judicial
ruling grisado [m]
ruling actual [adj]
ruling bando [m]
ruling juzgamiento [m]
ruling guión [m]
ruling edicto [m]
ruling disposición legal
ruling orden reglamentaria
ruling generatriz [adj]
ruling vigente [adj]

Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "ruling" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 1 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
ruling [m] rules of the air

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Englisch Spanisch
ruling pen tiralíneas [m]
ruling (paper) renglonadura [f]
ruling-pen tiralíneas [m]
quadrille ruling cuadrícula [f]
instrument for ruling paper pauta [f]
ruling by a judge court for the investigation of an offense and the offenders autocabeza [f] HN EC
benefit received by supporters of the ruling political party pera [f] BO
ruling together with another corregente [adj]
ruling (astrology) imperante [adj]
supporting the ruling party oficialista [adj] CU
belonging to the ruling party oficialista [adj] HN NI CU PE BO CL PY AR UY
ruling party oficialismo [m]
authoritarian ruling gobierno autoritario [m]
ruling party oficialismo [m] SV NI CR PA DO CO EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
supporter of the ruling party oficialista [m/f] CR CU DO VE EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
ruling class clase dirigente
ruling class clase dominante
ruling-machine máquina para rayar [f]
ruling passion gusanera [f]
ruling price precio predominante [m]
ruling price precio líder
ruling class clase dominante
ruling price precio corriente
revenue ruling resolución administrativa tributaria
revenue ruling reglamentación del impuesto a las ganancias
final ruling ejecutoria [f]
lack of a ruling leader acefalía [f]
vacate (a ruling) invalidar [v]
enter a judgment or a ruling fallar [v]
challenge a ruling contender una decisión [v]
challenge a ruling disputar una decisión [v]
expand upon a ruling ampliar un auto [v]
hand down a ruling emitir un fallo [v]
hand down a ruling emitir una sentencia [v]
hand down a ruling pronunciar una sentencia [v]
hand down a ruling dictar sentencia [v]
issue a ruling emitir un fallo [v]
issue a ruling emitir una sentencia [v]
issue a ruling dictar sentencia [v]
deliver a ruling dictar sentencia [v]
render a ruling emitir un fallo [v]
render a ruling emitir una sentencia [v]
relating to the ruling party oficialista [adj]
the ruling party oficialismo [m]
hearing and ruling on cases despacho [m]
ruling of the court auto resolutorio
legal ruling razonamientos jurídicos
judicial ruling providencia judicial
judge's ruling fallo del juez
court ruling fallo del tribunal
first ruling auto inicial
judge's ruling dictamen del juez
court ruling fallo
court ruling decisión
final ruling auto definitivo
binding ruling consulta vinculante
revenue ruling dictamen interpretativo de la ley fiscal
administrative ruling fallo administrativo
revenue ruling decisión tributaria
ruling on the objection decisión judicial
ruling on the objection resolución de la objeción
binding ruling consulta vinculante
issuing a premature ruling anticipo de criterio
final ruling auto definitivo
procedural ruling providencia de mera sustanciación
motion for reconsideration of a ruling recurso de reforma
hearing and ruling on cases despacho judicial
administrative ruling resolución administrativa
International Law
administrative ruling resolución administrativa
administrative ruling of general application resolución administrativa de aplicación general
advance ruling dictamen anticipado
advance ruling certificate certificado de resolución anticipada
interpretive ruling resolución interpretativa
ruling class clase dirigente
ruling pen grafio [m]
ruling gradient pendiente límite
ruling price precio actual
fountain ruling pen tiralíneas de fuente
ruling machine máquina de rayar
ruling price precio corriente
ruling engine máquina tiralíneas
ruling price precio vigente
disc ruling machine máquina de rayar de disco
grating ruling machine máquina para formar el paso de la rejilla
ruling density densidad de las líneas
ruling grade pendiente determinante
ruling grade pendiente reguladora MX
ruling grade pendiente dominante
the ruling party gobierno [m]
Nursing Terms
ruling class clase gobernante
issue a ruling emitir un dictamen [v]
give a ruling emitir fallo [v]
spring-hinge ruling pen tiralíneas de articulación de resorte
fountain ruling pen tiralíneas de fuente
ruling grade rasante dominante
screen ruling línea de la trama [f]
cross ruling rayado cruzado
single ruling rayado simple