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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "solve" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 33 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
solve solucionar [v]
solve resolver [v]
solve desvelar [v]
solve aclarar [v]
solve adivinar [v]
solve soltar [v]
solve apear [v]
solve arreglar [v]
solve desenlazar [v]
solve desatar [v]
solve hallar [v]
solve sacar [v]
solve satisfacer [v]
solve solventar [v]
solve solver [v] disused
solve subsanar [v]
solve desentrañar [v]
solve descifrar [v]
solve desenmarañar [v]
solve desarrollar [v]
solve solver [v] disused
solve disolver [v] disused
solve achuntar [v] PE
solve hallarse [v] HN SV NI
solve absolver [v] rare
solve resolver [v]
solve solventar [v]
solve solucionar [v]
solve esclarecer [v]
solve calcular [v]
solve esclarecer [v]
solve resolver [v]
solve despejar [v]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "solve" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 85 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
solve a riddle adivinar [v]
something which will solve all problems panacea [f]
useful advice to solve a problem in a practical way bolada [f] CR
action performed to solve a problem bolada [f] CR
difficult problem to solve bregeta [f] HN
problem that is difficult to solve cacalota [f] NI rur.
matter that is annoying and difficult to solve cangrejada [f] EC
strategy or maneuver carried out to solve an issue movida [f] MX GT CR PR PE BO UY PA EC CL
difficult problem to solve situación [f] CU
solve a problem solucionar el problema [v]
solve a math problem resolver un problema de matemáticas [v]
solve the case resolver el caso [v]
solve a problem resolver el problema [v]
solve partially an issue aliviar [v] CU PR
solve difficulties resolver dificultades [v]
adverse and complicated to solve fututo [adj] GT NI CR disused rur.
having problems to solve (person) cogío [adj] CU
who has problems to solve cogido [adj] CU teen
beginning to solve itself enrumbado [adj] HN
difficult to solve perro [adj] GT HN SV NI
difficult to solve pelis [adj] HN CR
any association or group meeting organized to analyze and solve common problems activo [m] CU
dialog held to solve a misunderstanding asuntico [m] DO
easy-to-solve problem bombito al pícher [m] PR
means more frequently used to solve a problem caballito de batalla [m] MX HN NI DO CO VE PY UY
ingenious solution to solve a difficulty rebusque [m] NI CO VE PY AR UY
problematic and difficult situation to solve quilombo [m] AR UY
be able to solve problems/overcome difficult situations bancársela [loc/v] BO AR UY
be difficult to do or solve no ser bocado de trompudos [loc/v]
be difficult to find something or solve a problem buscar a maría por Rávena [v]
be not so easy to solve as you think pensar que todo el monte es orégano [v]
let someone else solve it quitarse el muerto de encima [v]
solve a complicated situation salvar la papeleta [v]
solve a complicated situation solventar la papeleta [v]
be very difficult to solve ser un quebradero de cabeza [v]
be very difficult to solve ser un quebradero de rompecabezas [v]
solve temporarily tapar agujeros [v]
solve a problem by a stroke of luck venir dios a ver a alguien [v]
be difficult do or solve no ser bocado de trompudos [v] HN
use intelligence to solve a problem hacer cálamo [v] CR
(for a thing) to be difficult to solve estar canalla [v] HN NI
be very difficult to perform or solve estar cachimbeado [v] HN
be very difficult to perform or solve estar canalla [v] HN NI
find the way to solve a problem on one's own or by way of obtaining something espantárselas [v] GT
go to a place to solve your own or another person's matter hacer un mandado [v] CU
not know what to do to solve something no hallarse qué santo baja del cielo [v] HN NI
make an extraordinary mental effort to solve a difficult issue or try to remember something hacer cerebro [v] CR PE
use one's intelligence to solve a problem hacer cálamo [v] CR rare
reflect on a problem to try to solve it quebrarse la cabeza [v] NI
solve difficulties atajar un pollo [loc/v] CU
something that can solve a problem easily el truco del almendruco
a simple matter that anyone can solve boludez  [f] AR
difficult problem to solve tiñosa [f] CU
almost insultingly easy to solve boludo  [adj] AR
difficult to solve güevudo [adj] SV
difficult to solve pellejudo [adj] BO:W,S
set of problems that are difficult to solve entripado [m] BO
difficult police case to solve cangrejo [m] VE
almost insultingly easy to solve boluda  [adj/f] AR
in a problematic situation that is difficult to solve en un hilito [loc/adv] NI DO PR
solve out resolver [v]
i'm still trying to solve this yo aún intento resolver esto
it is my pleasure to solve this problem es un placer resolver este problema
money doesn't solve everything el dinero no lo resuelve todo
I can't seem to solve this problem me parece que puedo resolver este problema
the best way to solve a problem is to attack its cause/root muerto el perro, se acabo la rabia
make the person who created the problem solve it quien te quemó que te sople PR
difficult to solve (problem) cachimbeado [adj] HN SV NI
difficult to solve pijeado [adj] HN
solve a problem solucionar un problema
solve a problem resolver un problema
solve for minimum face calcular la cobertura mínima
solve a controversy zanjar una disputa
solve for minimum face amount calcular el valor nominal mínimo
solve for minimum face amount calcular el monto nominal mínimo
solve (equation) reducir [v]
solve for despejar [v]
solve a simpler problem resolver un problema más simple [v]
solve for n algebraically solucionar n algebraicamente [v]
solve an equation resolver una ecuación [v]
solve for despejar [v]
solve for x despejar la x [v]
solve a triangle resolver un triángulo [v]
solve (problem) solucionar [v]
solve a problem resolver un problema