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Spanisch Englisch
apear [v] dispose
apear [v] remove
apear [v] take down
apear [v] chock
apear [v] help down
apear [v] fell
apear [v] hobble
apear [v] prop up
apear [v] work out
apear [v] solve
apear [v] get down
apear [v] overcome
apear [v] CAM kill
apear [v] sack
apear [v] dismount
apear [v] get out of
apear [v] get down from
apear [v] replace
apear [v] remove from a position
apear [v] survey
apear [v] tie up a horse
apear [v] rack-up a horse
apear [v] chock
apear [v] wedge
apear [v] feel
apear [v] negotiate
apear [v] navigate
apear [v] avoid
apear [v] weather
apear [v] defeat
apear [v] HN kill someone
apear [v] GN disused walk
apear [v] bring down
apear [v] scotch a wheel
apear [v] put off
apear [v] NI DO VE rur. take off the heat
apear [v] NI DO VE rur. take off the heat
apear [v] NI DO VE rur. remove food from heat
apear [v] NI DO VE rur. remove from heat
apear [v] CU deliver a sum of money to someone
apear [v] HN SV NI kill somebody
apear [v] CR charge a certain amount of money for goods/service
apear [v] CU say or do something unexpected and inconvenient
apear [v] CR leave someone speechless (in a discussion)
apear [v] NI CR rur. harvest fruit
apear [v] help alight
apear [v] measure lands/tenements/buildings
apear [v] step down
apear [v] take something down from its place
apear [v] fell (a tree)
apear [v] block/scotch a wheel
apear [v] set landmarks
apear [v] dissuade
apear [v] ford (a river)
apear [v] surmount difficulties
apear [v] shackle (a horse)
apear [v] survey
apear [v] throw
apear [v] dress down
apear [v] give the chuck
apear [v] give the gate
apear [v] tell someone off
apear [v] gve someone beans
apear [v] have words
apear [v] fire someone
apear [v] CAM reprehend
apear [v] CAM reprimand
apear [v] give the boot
apear [v] dissuade
apear [v] survey
apear [v] survey
apear [v] fell (trees)
apear [v] shore
apear [v] timber
apear [v] brace
apear [v] CO support
apear [v] underpin
apear [v] chock (wheel)
apear [v] brace
apear [v] shore
apear [v] survey
apear [v] prop a building
apear [v] use scaffolding
apear [v] take down
apear [v] shore
apear [v] underpin
apear [v] brace
apear [v] stay
apear [v] cut
apear [v] dismount a gun

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Spanisch Englisch
apear el tratamiento a alguien [v] take someone’s title
apear el tratamiento a alguien [v] address someone formally
apear el tratamiento a alguien [v] degrade
apear la artillería [v] disused draw a weapon
apear a alguien de la burra [v] show someone the error of their ways
apear a alguien del burro [v] show someone the error of their ways
apear el ancla [v] lower anchors near the shore
apear el ancla [v] cockbill the anchor
apear el ancla [v] cockbill the anchor