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Significados de "substitute" en diccionario español inglés : 75 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
substitute sustituta [f]
substitute sustituir [v]
substitute reemplazar [v]
substitute substituir [v]
substitute substitutivo [adj]
substitute sucedáneo [adj]
substitute suplente [adj]
substitute sustituto [m]
substitute suplente [m/f]
substitute subrogar [v]
substitute suplir [v]
substitute sustitutivo [adj]
substitute sustitutorio [adj]
substitute sucedáneo [m]
substitute sustitutivo [m]
substitute subrogante [m/f]
substitute reemplazante [m/f]
substitute sucedánea [adj/f]
substitute sustitutiva [adj/f]
substitute sustitutoria [adj/f]
substitute adjunto [m]
substitute excusador [m]
substitute mampara [f] HN
substitute suplentear [v] DO
substitute reemplazante [adj]
substitute interino [adj]
substitute residual [adj] EC CL
substitute caima [m] CO
substitute sustituto [m/f]
substitute bate emergente [n] CU DO PR
substitute substituta [f]
substitute suplidora [f]
substitute delegar [v]
substitute excusador [m]
substitute lugarteniente [m]
substitute suplidor [m]
substitute sobresaliente [m]
substitute substituto [m]
substitute suplente [m]
substitute teniente [m]
substitute sota [pref]
substitute emergente [m/f] VE
substitute tapahuecos [m] CO
substitute suplir [v]
substitute substituir [v]
substitute sustituir [v]
substitute sustituidor [adj]
substitute substituto [adj]
substitute sustituto [m]
substitute suplente [m/f]
substitute sustituir [v]
substitute sucedáneo [m]
substitute sustituto [m]
substitute reserva [f]
substitute relevar [v]
substitute novar [v]
substitute fungir [v]
substitute substituir [v]
substitute sustituidor [adj]
International Law
substitute sucedáneos [m]
substitute bienes sustitutos
substitute sustituir [v]
substitute sustituto [adj]
substitute substituto [adj]
substitute testaferro [m]
substitute substituto [m]
substitute lugarteniente [m/f]
substitute sustituto [m]
substitute reemplazo
substitute suplente reserva
substitute sustituir [v]
substitute cambiar [v]
substitute reemplazar [v]
substitute emergente [m] HN CU DO PR VE
substitute emergente [m/f] CU DO VE

Significados de "substitute" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 181 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
substitute for relevar [v]
substitute for sustitutivo de [m]
substitute [us] lugarteniente [m]
substitute for sustituir [v]
temporarily substitute for someone at work aguantar [v] DO
substitute teacher auxiliar [m/f]
substitute teachers adscripción [f] UY
substitute horse remonta  [f] CO VE
substitute player banquera [f] SV
short bridle tied to a horse's muzzle and used as a substitute for a bit falseta [f] MX VE
substitute player jugadora de banco [f] CU
substitute military exercises, drug treatment, physical works or studies for prison time encarcelación emocional [f] PR
substitute judge ministra en visita [f] CL
substitute teacher precaria [f] UY rare
substitute horse remonta [f] VE
substitute racehorse remonta [f] VE
be a substitute for sustituir [v]
act as substitute ser doble de [v]
act as substitute hacer de doble de [v]
substitute for suplantar [v]
substitute x for y sustituir x por y [v]
substitute something with intercalar algo entre [v]
be a complete substitute ser un sustituto completo [v]
be a substitute for someone ser un sustituto de alguien [v]
be a substitute galletear [v] CL
be a substitute for someone ser el reemplazo de alguien [v]
be a substitute for someone ser el sustituto de alguien [v]
be a complete substitute sustituir satisfactoriamente [v]
be a complete substitute ser un remplazo perfecto [v]
substitute an animal remudar [v] MX rur.
substitute (player) banquero [adj] SV
being a substitute emergente [adj] PR
sugar substitute edulcorante [m]
sugar substitute sustituto del azúcar [m]
substitute player banquero [m] SV
bijol flour used as a substitute for saffron bijol [m] GT CU DO
powder obtained by grinding the grains of the bija or annato and used as a substitute for saffron to flavor and color food bijol [m] GT CU DO
substitute player jugador de banco [m] CU
substitute judge ministro en visita [m] CL
substitute teacher precario [m] UY rare
a complete substitute un suplente perfecto
a complete substitute un sustituto perfecto
substitute teacher maestro substituto
plant of the corn positae family used as a substitute for saffron cachumba [f] PH
plant of the lauraceae family used as a substitute for quinine covalonga [f] VE
plant used as a substitute for tea or maté guayusa [f] EC
act as substitute suplir [v]
act as a substitute servir [v]
act as a substitute sustituir [v]
act as substitute sustituir [v]
full deputy/substitute cumplefaltas [m]
substitute for the oar in indian vessels gaón [m]
substitute curate inter [m] PE disused
authority or representation given to a substitute veces [f/pl]
honey (substitute for a male name) viejo [m] MX
thing presented as a substitute for another despite being of inferior quality juretipo salmón [n] CL
substitute something/someone for sustituir algo/a alguien por [v]
poor substitute tapagujeros [m/f]
there's no substitute for experience mas sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo
there is no substitute for experience a caballero nuevo, caballo viejo
there is no substitute for experience zorro viejo huele la trampa
there's no substitute for experience más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo
be a substitute player mamar banca [v] CR
substitute imports sustituir importaciones
substitute good bien sustitutivo
substitute trustee fideicomisario substituto
close substitute sucedáneo cercano
perfect substitute sustituto perfecto
close substitute sustituto casi perfecto
substitute good sucedáneo sustituto
imperfect substitute sustituto imperfecto
import substitute sustituto de las importaciones
substitute competitive good sucedáneo sustituto
substitute competitive good bien sustitutivo
substitute good bien sustitutivo
substitute by novation novar [v]
substitute short positions cubrir descubiertos de títulos [v]
substitute judge conjuez [m/f] EC BO
substitute judge conjuez [m/f] EC BO
substitute gift donación indirecta
substitute member miembro suplente
substitute obligation obligación facultativa
substitute judge juez substituto
substitute defendant demandado sustituto
substitute judge juez alterno
substitute trustee fideicomisario sustituto
substitute payment pago por entrega de bienes
heir substitute heredero por sustitución
heir substitute heredero sustituto
substitute goods bienes sustitutivos
substitute judge juez suplente
substitute judge ministro subrogante CL
International Law
substitute goods sucedáneos [m]
substitute goods bienes sustitutos
substitute candidate candidata sustituta
substitute candidate candidato sustituto
Un Social Studies
breast-milk substitute sucedáneo de la leche materna
substitute teacher sustituto [m]
substitute parent padre suplente
substitute parent guardián legal
substitute teacher maestro suplente
substitute teacher maestra suplente
substitute parent padre sustituto
substitute teacher sustituto
substitute character carácter de sustitución
substitute mode modalidad de substitución
substitute character carácter de substitución
substitute memory sustituir la memoria [v]
sub substitute sustituto [m]
substitute natural gas (sng) gns [m]
substitute teacher suplente [m/f]
oil substitute sucedáneo de aceite
phosphate substitute sustituto del fosfato
substitute flag bandera repetidora
substitute character carácter sustitutorio
turpentine substitute aguarrás mineral
substitute character carácter de sustitución [m]
substitute character carácter de sustitución [m]
sugar substitute sustitutos de azúcar [m/pl]
substitute natural gas gas natural sustituto
natural substitute substituto natural
natural substitute sustituto natural
synthetic substitute substituto sintético
synthetic substitute sustituto sintético
substitute natural gas gas natural sustituto
sugar substitute sustituto de azúcar
sugar substitute substituto de azúcar
substitute t-ratio substitución de la razón-t
substitute f-ratio substitución de la razón-f
Marine Biology
substitute goods sustitutivos [m/pl]
Food Engineering
salt substitute substituto de sal
substitute fuel combustible sustitutivo
food substitute sucedáneo de alimento
General Medicine
breastmilk substitute sustitutos de la leche materna
dairy food substitute sustituto alimenticio lácteo
blood substitute sustituto de sangre
salt substitute sustituto de la sal
plasma substitute sustituto plasmático
mother substitute sustituto materno
volume substitute sustituto de volumen
salt substitute sal sustituta
blood substitute sustituto sanguíneo
plasma substitute sustituto plasmático
volume substitute sustituto de volumen
box and pin substitute reducción macho y hembra
substitute (all senses) substituir [v]
substitute (all senses) sustituir [v]
substitute route ruta de sustitución [f]
substitute item on hand (soh) artículo sustituto disponible
substitute item on hand artículo sustituto disponible
substitute route ruta alterna
substitute route ruta sustituta
map substitute croquis mapa
substitute item artículo sustituible
interchangeability and substitute intercambiabilidad y sustitución
interchangeability and substitute (i&s) inter cambiabilidad y sustitución
substitute (sub) sustituto [m]
substitute flag bandera repetidora [f]
first substitute primer repetidor
first substitute primer repetidor
pollen substitute substituto del polen
honey substitute miel artificial
substitute center centro substituto
substitute natural gas (sng) gas natural sustituto [m]
substitute natural gas (sng) gas natural de sustitución [m]
substitute natural gas (sng) gas natural artificial [m]
substitute natural gas (sng) gas natural sintético [m]
substitute natural gas gas natural sintético
box and pin substitute reducciones macho y hembra
substitute steel acero de sustitución
tissue substitute sustituto del tejido
substitute natural gas gas natural de sustitución
substitute map pseudomapa [f]
substitute center centro supletorio
map substitute croquis topográfico
bring on (as substitute) sustituir [v]
be a substitute player chupar banca [v] CR
in the ottoman empire, substitute of the great vizier caimacán (árabe) [m]
substitute a player in a baseball game sacar [v] NI CU DO PR
substitute pitcher relevista [m] SV CU
substitute player utility (inglés) [m] HN NI