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Sens de "gather" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 94 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
gather reunir [v]
gather recoger [v]
gather fruncir [v]
gather juntar [v]
gather recolectar [v]
gather rejuntar [v]
gather reunirse [v]
gather acollerarse [v] CL
gather acopiar [v]
gather acumular [v]
gather acumularse [v]
gather agrupar [v]
gather allegar [v]
gather alzar [v]
gather darse cita [v]
gather amontonar [v]
gather amontonarse [v]
gather coger [v]
gather concentrarse [v]
gather concitar [v]
gather confluir [v]
gather congregarse [v]
gather abacorar [v] AN
gather abarcar [v] MX SV HN NI AN PA CO VE PE
gather acaparar [v]
gather acomunarse [v] disused
gather acopiar [v]
gather afluir [v]
gather agrupar [v]
gather agruparse [v]
gather allegar [v]
gather almacenar [v]
gather amontonar [v]
gather apellidar [v] rare
gather asemblar [v] disused
gather atravesar [v] rare
gather atrojar [v]
gather coger [v]
gather cogido [m]
gather aglomerarse [v]
gather vendimiar [v]
gather cosechar [v]
gather levantar [v]
gather juntarse [v]
gather agregar [v]
gather ayuntar [v]
gather recabar [v]
gather cabildear [v]
gather frunce [m]
gather arrugar [v]
gather arrebañar [v]
gather aumentarse [v]
gather colegir [v]
gather congregar [v]
gather inferir [v]
gather procurar [v]
gather plegar [v]
gather llegarse [v]
gather cogido [m]
gather rebuscar [v]
gather deducir [v]
gather condensarse [v]
gather cerrarse (el cielo) [v]
gather contraerse [v]
gather formarse pus [v]
gather deslustre (del paño) [m]
gather acollerar [v]
gather acopiar [v]
gather reunir [v]
gather cernerse [v]
gather fruncir [v]
gather plegado [m]
gather recopilar [v]
gather presumir [v]
gather recibir [v]
gather depositar [v]
gather unir [v]
gather allegar [v]
gather acortamiento [m]
gather acumular [v]
Nursing Terms
gather colectar [v]
gather cobrar [v]
gather aumentarse [v]
gather recaudar [v]
gather adquirir [v]
gather alzar pliegos [v]
gather apretar [v]
gather unirse [v]
gather compaginar [v]
gather ordenar las páginas [v]
gather acoplar [v]
gather avanzar en estéril [v]
gather juntar [v]
gather agrupar [v]

Sens de "gather" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 174 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
gather up recoger [v]
gather together juntarse [v]
gather together reunir [v]
gather herbs herborizar [v]
gather together acopiar [v]
gather together agruparse [v]
gather together allegar [v]
gather in alzar [v]
gather together concentrarse [v]
gather dust criar polvo [v]
gather together recoger [v]
gather provisions acomodar [v]
gather around agruparse [v]
gather strength alear [v]
gather together allegar [v]
gather in bunches amanojar [v]
gather together at a communal meal arranchar [v] MX DO
gather round asediar [v]
gather together asemblar [v] disused
gather coca plant leaves cocarar [v] disused
place destined to gather the human bones that are taken from the graves huesera [f]
area where cattle gather rochela  [f] VE
group of friends who gather to have fun ganga (inglés gang) [f] PR
rubber band used to gather hair in a tail colita [f] AR UY
place where many homosexual men gather patera [f] CU
stitch used to gather the layers of a pollera skirt puntada de bolillo [f] PA
stitch used to gather the layers of a pollera skirt puntada de zurrón [f] PA
gather together aglomerar [v]
gather together reclutar [v]
gather together amontonar [v]
gather the fruits left rebuscar [v]
gather in a pond or pool embalsar [v]
gather up without leaving any remnants rebañar [v]
gather into a pool embalsarse [v]
gather sheep into a sheepfold apriscar [v]
gather up one's courage alentarse [v]
gather up (strength) cobrar [v]
gather (together) juntar [v]
gather (data/information) recabar [v]
gather data empaquetar [v]
gather that sacar en conclusión que [v]
gather momentum cobrar intensidad [v]
gather dust juntar polvo [v]
gather dust acumular polvo [v]
gather force cobrar fuerza [v]
gather support for recabar apoyo para [v]
gather signatures recoger firmas [v]
gather signatures recolectar firmas [v]
gather together achoclonarse [v] LAM
gather together in large numbers achoclonarse [v] LAM
gather up acuadrillarse [v]
gather together aglomerarse [v]
gather together apeñuscarse [v] SCN
gather together arrancharse [v]
gather people together (to reconcile) bienquistar [v]
gather strength pelechar [v]
gather forces reunir fuerzas [v]
gather in groups reunirse en grupos [v]
gather pace tomar impulso [v]
gather momentum tomar impulso [v]
gather to do something combinarse para hacer algo [v]
gather dust engavetar [v]
gather the cattle sabanear [v]
gather together in a disorderly fashion in a small place achoclonarse [v] CL
gather the entrails of livestock achurar [v] AR:Nw
gather and burn remaining trunks and branches in a field already grazed acoivarar [v] AR:Ne
gather the garbage of the coffee plantation in the form of a cord in the center of the quirks acordonar [v] CR
gather together in one place apilonarse [v] CU VE PY
gather together on a ranch or farm arrancharse [v] PE rur.
gather people into a place abarrotar [v] DO VE
gather merits or distinctions ameritar [v] NI CO BO CL PY AR UY derog.
gather in a narrow space apeñuncarse [v] MX CU VE
gather and burn the tree trunks and branches on a plot of land that has been cleared descoivarar [v] AR:Ne rur.
gather wheat stalks chichacuar (del muisca) [v] CO:Sw
gather grass or grains with a pitchfork horquillar [v] MX AR:Nw rur.
gather purple mombin jocotear [v] GT HN SV CR
gather several people with common interests nuclear [v] CU BO PY AR UY PE cult
gather several people with common interests aglutinar [v] MX HN CU DO VE BO
gather together for a specific purpose nuclearse [v] CU DO PE BO PY AR UY
device which is used to gather water cigüeñal [m]
device which is used to gather water cigoñal [m]
cleared area in savanna where cattle gather to rest paradero [m] VE rur.
cleared area in savanna where cattle gather to rest paradero [m] BO
place where people/animals/things gather at a rodeo apiñadero [m] CL
gather mussels or clams choreo [m] CL rare
place where people, animals or things gather together chinaxtle [m] MX
place where people, animals, or things gather chinastle [m] MX
place where people, animals or things gather chinascle [m] MX
place where people, animals or things gather chinaste [m] MX
small elastic net used to gather the hair at the nape of the neck collet (voz francesa) [m] CL rare
small elastic net used to gather the hair at the nape of the neck colet (del francés) [m] CL rare
gather threshed corn/wheat allegar [v]
gather by handfuls amanojar [v]
gather the sheep in the fold apriscar [v]
gather in a mass aglomerarse [v]
gather in fruit before the due time antecoger [v] rur. rare
gather in groups agruparse [v]
gather threshed corn in heaps desemparvar [v]
gather mistletoe from a tree desmarojar [v]
gather the produce of the ground coger [v]
grow/gather asparagus esparragar [v]
gather and put into a basket encestar [v]
gather a swarm of bees enjambrar [v]
gather shell-fish mariscar [v]
gather cattle in a rodeo rodear [v] AR CO CU CL MX
gather cattle reclutar [v] AR
gather in recolectar [v]
gather strength reconvalecer [v]
gather strength recuperarse [v]
gather and thresh maize tapiscar [v] CAM
gather pruned vine-shoots sarmentar [v]
gather vintage vendimiar [v]
place where vultures gather aurero [m]
basket to gather fruit chipa [m] CO
gather dust cubrirse de polvo [v]
gather breath tomar aliento [v]
gather grapes vendimiar [v]
gather strength tomar fuerzas [v]
gather crops levantar las cosechas [v]
gather flesh criar carnes [v]
gather crops hacer el verano [v]
season where pigs gather acorns campería [f] ES local
gather momentum/pace calentar motores [v]
gather one's wits mantener la calma [v]
gather one's wits mantener el equilibrio [v]
gather one's wits mantener la tranquilidad [v]
gather one's strength sacar fuerzas de flaqueza [v]
gather pace calentar motores [v]
gather pace coger impulso [v]
gather momentum calentar motores [v]
gather momentum coger impulso [v]
gather dust estar engavetado [v]
gather dust estar muerto de risa [v]
gather your strength/energy cobrar fuerzas [v]
gather in one place (massive group of people) hacer nata [v] CL
i gather that... deduzco que
I gather that... deduzco que...
i gather he is ill estará enfermo
i gather he is ill entiendo que está enfermo
gather around agruparse en torno a [v]
gather someone in reunirse con alguien [v]
gather someone or something to oneself juntarse con alguien o algo [v]
gather someone or something to oneself reunir a alguien o algo para sí [v]
gather someone into something reunirse con alguien en (alguna parte) [v]
(skirt) gather up recoger [v]
gather speed acelerar la marcha [v]
gather speed cobrar velocidad [v]
gather together in the public streets for celebration or opposition tomar la calle [v]
gather strength remaining to finish a job soplar [v] MX HN CR CO:C VE EC BO:W CL
gather (a small fold or pucker made by gathering cloth) pliegue [m]
gather information recabar información [v]
gather write escritura congregada
gather write escritura agrupada
record gather agrupación de registro
gather in cloth cogido [m]
record gather agrupación de registro
gather write escritura agrupada
gather by record agrupación por registros
gather write escritura agrupada [f]
near-trace gather muestra de las trazas cercanas
gather numerical data recopilar datos numéricos [v]
gather numerical data recolectar datos numéricos [v]
spot where turkey vultures gather aurero [m] CU
trace gather muestreo de trazas
common depth point gather apilamiento de puntos de reflejo común
gather the vintage vendimiar [v]
gather speed adquirir velocidad [v]
gather momentum adquirir velocidad
gather way empezar a tomar salida [v]
gather way tomar salida [v]
gather honey or pollen cosechar [v]
pitch and gather inclinación y convergencia
common range gather colección de trazas de rango común
gather intelligence adquirir información [v]