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Meanings of "cut" in Spanish English Dictionary : 265 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
cut hechura [f]
cut talar [v]
cut cortar [v]
cut pelar [v]
cut cercenar [v]
cut afilado [adj]
cut tajo [m]
Irregular Verb
cut cut - cut [v]
cut sisa [f]
cut taja [f]
cut tajada [f]
cut cortadura [f]
cut mascada [f]
cut cortada [f]
cut hachear [v]
cut destajar (cartas) [v]
cut abrasar [v]
cut abrillantar [v]
cut echar [v]
cut segar [v]
cut impresionar [v]
cut partir [v]
cut alicatar [v]
cut cincelar [v]
cut aminorar [v]
cut picar [v]
cut tajar [v]
cut tallar [v]
cut esculpir [v]
cut tazar [v]
cut practicar [v]
cut asomar [v]
cut cortar (cartas) [v]
cut trasquilar [v]
cut tundir [v]
cut rebajar [v]
cut mermar [v]
cut recortar [v]
cut reducir [v]
cut moderar [v]
cut desmochar [v]
cut picado [adj]
cut cortado [adj]
cut alce (cartas) [m]
cut corte [m]
cut rebaje [m]
cut recorte [m]
cut picada [adj/f]
cut bajar (precios) [v]
cut borrar [v]
cut anatomía [f] disused
cut amenorar [v]
cut atusar [v]
cut comiscar [v] disused
cut abatido [adj]
cut cortá [f] DO
cut hendida [f] MX
cut llegada [f] MX disused
cut pelá [f] PR
cut pelada [f] HN NI PA DO PR
cut yaya [f] CU PE CL child
cut yayai [f] CU child
cut tijereada [f] HN
cut atajar [v]
cut suprimir [v]
cut sajar [v]
cut seccionar [v]
cut lacerar [v]
cut colar [v]
cut atravesar [v]
cut incidir [v]
cut retirar [v]
cut cizallar [v]
cut fumarse [v]
cut cortarse (dedo de uno) [v]
cut retazar [v]
cut enfierrar [v] EC rare
cut picar [v] HN
cut rallar [v] BO:W
cut rayar [v] HN SV delinq.
cut sajar [v] NI
cut trozarse [v] GT
cut tostonear [v] EC
cut tusar [v] EC rur.
cut tusar [v] MX GT SV NI CU BO CL AR PA UY disused
cut tusunquear [v] SV
cut tajear [v] MX SV BO CU DO PR CL AR UY
cut tasajear [v] MX GT HN SV NI CU DO PR VE PE
cut desmochado [adj] PR
cut tusunco [adj] SV
cut cuele [m]
cut inciso [m]
cut afilado [m]
cut tajo [m]
cut llegue [m] MX disused
cut punzazo [m] DO CL AR:Nw
cut sacado [m] CL
cut tarrajazo [m] HN SV DO PR
cut cuchillada [f]
cut incisión [f]
cut hendedura [f]
cut insección [f] outdated
cut estampa [f]
cut picadura [f]
cut tajadura [f]
cut sección [f]
cut atusar [v]
cut acuchillar [v]
cut dividir [v]
cut entretallar [v]
cut extrañar [v]
cut escindir [v]
cut grabar [v]
cut labrar [v]
cut rozarse [v]
cut sisar [v]
cut tranzar [v]
cut separar [v]
cut acuchillado [adj]
cut inciso [adj]
cut macuquino [adj]
cut tajado [adj]
cut tallado [adj]
cut cuchillazo [m]
cut grabado [m]
cut piquete [m]
cut talle [m]
cut incisa [adj/f]
cut acuchillada [adj/f]
cut macuquina [adj/f]
cut tajada [adj/f]
cut tallada [adj/f]
cut lonja [f]
cut herida [f]
cut afrenta [f]
cut acortar [v]
cut hender [v]
cut tronchar [v]
cut entallar [v]
cut insculpir [v]
cut estropear [v]
cut lastimar [v]
cut herir [v]
cut mochar [v]
cut mutilar [v]
cut castrar [v]
cut abrirse paso [v]
cut alzar los naipes [v]
cut cortar los naipes [v]
cut hacer una incisión [v]
cut cortar bien [v]
cut herirse [v]
cut interrumpido [adj]
cut interceptado [adj]
cut castrado [adj]
cut corto pasaje [m]
cut desaire [m]
cut interrumpida [adj/f]
cut castrada [adj/f]
cut interceptada [adj/f]
cut chavetear [v] CU
cut chanfle [m] MX HN CU DO BO AR UY
cut cortada [adj/f]
cut parte [f]
cut faltar [v]
cut mochar [v] LAM
cut cortar relaciones [v]
cut negar el saludo [v]
cut chilpar [v] AR:Nw
cut tusarse [v] CO VE CL
cut tusarse [v] EC rur.
cut circuncidado [adj]
cut chuto [adj] VE BO
cut recortín [m] CL
cut mordida [f]
cut tirarse un pedo [v]
cut rebaja [f]
cut recortar [v]
cut recorte [m]
cut tijeretazo [m]
cut rebanada [f]
cut rebaja [f]
cut pasada [f]
cut reducción [f]
cut trinchera [f]
cut figura [f]
cut excavación [f]
cut ilustración [f]
cut forma [f]
cut excavación [f]
cut pasada [f]
cut picadura [f]
cut cortar [v]
cut cortar [v]
cut desmontar [v]
cut cortar [v]
cut desbastar [v]
cut desmonte [m]
cut desmonte [m]
cut desgarrón [m]
cut corte [m]
cut corte [m]
cut salto brusco
cut pedazo
cut cosa cortada
cut talla [f]
cut pasmar [v]
cut corte [m]
cut cortar [v]
cut atajo [m]
cut cortar [v]
cut cruzar [v]
cut disolver [v]
cut cortado [adj]
cut labrado [adj]
cut corte [m]
cut rebaje [m]
cut tajo [m]
cut cortada [f]
cut escisión [f]
cut arranque [m]
cut corte [m]
cut hincar [v]
cut cortar [v]
cut corte [m]
cut tajo [m]
cut labrar [v]
cut desbastar [v]
cut rebanar [v]
cut parar [v]
cut perforar [v]
cut diluir [v]
cut rajo [m] CL BO
cut tiro de franqueo
cut picadura [f]
cut cortar [v]
cut cerrar [v]
cut destruir [v]
cut interrumpir [v]
cut huida [f]
cut perforación [f]
cut socavación [f]
cut socavar [v]
cut descalce [m]
cut cuele [m]
cut picar [m]
cut corte mineral [m]
cut descalce [m] LAM
cut cuele [m] ES
cut corte mineral
cut roza
cut roza para estemple
cut disolver [v]
cut descuento [m]
cut apear [v]
cut apagar [v]
cut cortar [v]
cut apagar [v]
cut corte [m]
cut corte [m]
cut corte de pelo
British Slang
cut canal
cut pasada [f]
cut desbastar [v]

Meanings of "cut" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
clip (cut) cortar [v]
cut low escotar [v]
cut down talar [v]
take a short cut atajar [v]
cut down abatir [v]
cut with a machete machetear [v]
cut up cuartear [v]
cut something down talar [v]
cut the throat degollar [v]
cut off recortar [v]
cut out recortar [v]
cut out suprimir [v]
cut short interrumpir [v]
cut short interceptar [v]
cut short atajar [v]
cut off seccionar [v]
cut off economizar (gastos) [v]
cut-off incomunicado [adj]
power cut apagón [m]
cut tobacco picadura [f]
short cut trocha [f]
cut down hachear [v]
cut up destazar [v]
cut short abreviar [v]
cut open abrir [v]
cut open sajar [v]
cut down acortar [v]
cut off segar [v]
cut off incomunicar [v]
cut short sesgar [v]
cut off parar [v]
cut off cercar [v]
cut down cercenar [v]
cut off aislar [v]
cut down chapodar [v]
have one's hair cut cortarse el pelo [v]
cut off interceptar [v]
cut off interrumpir [v]
cut off entrecortar [v]
cut off amputar [v]
cut in line [us] colarse [v]
cut down escatimar [v]
cut up tazar [v]
cut out podar [v]
cut off copar [v]
cut capers corcovear [v]
cut down cortar [v]
cut off cortar [v]
cut short cortar [v]
cut one's nails cortarse las uñas [v]
cut down trasquilar [v]
cut off atajar [v]
cut up trinchar [v]
cut into pieces trocear [v]
cut up trocear [v]
cut up tronchar [v]
cut off tronchar [v]
cut short tronchar [v]
cut up tronzar [v]
die-cut troquelar [v]
cut short truncar [v]
cut off defraudar [v]
cut the throat of degollar [v]
cut away recortar [v]
cut down recortar [v]
cut down reducir [v]
cut in half cortar por la mitad [v]
cut off bloquear [v]
cut up descuartizar [v]
cut out resecar [v]
cut out retajar [v]
cut off incomunicado [adj]
cut off aislado [adj]
low-cut escotado [adj]
cut-price rebajado [adj]
cut-price baratero [adj]
short cut atajo [m]
cold cut [us] fiambre [m]
die cut troquelado [m]
cut-out recortable [m]
cut [us] desmonte [m]
cut off incomunicada [adj/f]
cut off aislada [adj/f]
low-cut escotada [adj/f]
cut-price rebajada [adj/f]
cut-price baratera [adj/f]
price cut rebaja [f]
cut the hair of pelar [v]
take one's cut sacar tajada [v]
cold cut fiambre [m]
saw cut aserradura [f]
cut-price shopkeeper baratera [f] MX
cold cut botarga [f]
chisel cut burilada [f]
branches cut from the olive tree charabasca [f]
cut prices on abaratar [v]
cut the price of abaratar [v]
cut down abatir [v]
be cut down abatirse [v]
cut down abreviar [v]
cut short abreviar [v]
cut off acortar [v]
cut off alcorzar [v] ES local
cut tiles alicatar (árabe) [v]
cut a deck of cards alzar [v]
cut down atalar [v] disused
cut and cure bacon atocinar [v]
cut firewood atorar [v]
cut beards barbear [v]
cut men's hair barbear [v]
cut a piece of calar [v]
cut a sample from a fruit calar [v]
cut honeycomb castrar [v]
cut comb catar [v]
cut a horse's mane cerdear [v]
cut down chapodar [v]
cut down on comedirse [v]
cut off comiscar [v] disused
cut-price baratero [adj] MX
cut deck of cards after being shuffled alce [m]
irrigation cut alquezar (árabe) [m] ES local
power cut apagón [m] CU
cut-price shopkeeper baratero [m] MX
cut grass césped [m]
cut branch chapodo [m]
crystal rock cut like a diamond claveque [m]
a cut above por encima [adv]
shave-cut a la bola [adv] CL
transversally (cut in the vein of a mine) a rompe caja [adv] BO
crew-cut a la bola [adv] CL
beef cut from the diaphragm arrachera [f] MX
cut-throat razor navaja de afeitar [f]
a device is used to cut grass cortacésped [f]
a device is used to cut grass cortahierba [f]
curb cut [us] rampa (en la acera) [f]
curb cut [us] rampa (en la vereda) [f] PE
curb cut [us] rampa (en la banqueta) [f] MX
curb cut [us] rasante de la acera [f] ES
curb cut [us] bajada de cordón (río de la plata) [f]
kind of sweet bread cut into cubes (made of achira's rhizome) achira [f] CO
cut vegetation tala [f]
rough/sharp irregular surface in the borders of certain materials (such as wood/bone when cut, broken or fissured) astilladura [f] MX HN CL
leaf of soft tobacco (cut from the middle of the plant) banda [f] HN
bastard cut file lima de corte [f]
the transverse section of a log, on whose surface there are a series of rings that indicate roughly the age of the cut tree baga [f] CR
(in banana cultivation) a facility where the large bunches are brought, and cut into smaller pieces/bunches (called hands), washed with a solution of water and muriatic acid and packed in boxes bacadía [f] HN:N
row of cut sugar cane left in the field to dry burra [f] HN rur.
y shaped stick/cane used to move grass and cut branches burra [f] HN:W
electricity cut-off desconexión de electricidad [f]
tool composed of a very long rod with a piece of iron at one of the ends used to cut the leaves of a banana desbajeradora [f] CR
tool composed of a very long rod with a piece of iron at one of the ends used to cut the leaves of a banana desbajadora [f] CR
tool composed of a very long rod with a piece of iron at one of the ends used to cut the leaves of a banana esbajadora [f] CR
machine used to cut the horns off a cow from the base desmochadora [f] UY rur.
used to cut tobacco leaves cuchilla [f] HN NI
coupon book, which when the coupons are cut out, part remains bound as a voucher cuponera [f] CL UY
small piece of glass placed on the tail of a kite to cut the string and release it cuchilla [f] CU PR
process to which tobacco leaves are subjected after being cut, that starts in tobacco houses and ends in the factory or plant cura [f] CU
deep cut or wound chaguala [f] CO:C,E,Ne
deep cut or wound, especially on the face or head chamba (portugués) [f] CO:C,W
clump of dirt covered in grass and thick grass roots, that is generally cut in a prism shape and used to grow grass champa [f] EC CL AR:N BO:W,C
razor cut (hair) cerquillo [f] PR
cut of meat extracted from the breast of cattle or livestock falda pintada [f] HN
cold cut, typically pork factura [f] UY
cut caused to the opponent by a fighter cock's spur espoleadura [f] HN
main stem of the giant fennel after being cut and dried cañahueca [f] BO
rock-cut basin casimba [f] CU
round (beef cut) carnaza [f] PY AR
cut on the rooster's thigh or torso (cock fighting) canillera [f] PR VE
piece of sole leather, wet and cut into strips garra de cuero [f] HN:W
small machete used to cut sugar cane guámpara [f] CU
type of blade, in the form of a cross, used on a kite to cut an opponent's kite cruceta [f] CU
person who does not keep their turn in a line and takes advantage of any circumstance to cut ahead coladora [f] BO
person who prepares and sells cold cut sandwiches completera [f] CL
machine used to measure the length and cut the excess of a puro cigar cortadora [f] HN rur.
bastard cut file lima media caña de corte bastardo (herramienta) [f]
blade placed on the tail of a kite to cut an opponent's kite laja (portugués) [f] DO
party to celebrate a child's first haircut where guests deposit money for each lock cut landa [f] PE:Nw
person who selects the easiest to cut coffee bushes when harvesting mulera [f] NI
square cut of meat from the beef ribs plateada [f] CL
torch to cut metal rana [f] CL
small and wide machete used to cut sugar cane semillera [f] PR
scratch or cut made by a conjurer to transmit a hex sajadura [f] CL:Sw
cut made with a handsaw serruchada [f] NI CR EC BO CL AR UY
close-cropped cut repelada [f] CU
budget cut sableada [f] BO:W
tree trunk ready to be cut tuca [f] NI CR PA
cooked cut of meat tumba [f] CL disused rur.
cut made with scissors tijerada [f] BO
cut made with scissors tijereada [f] HN
high-heel shoe with a low-cut by the instep zapatilla [f] MX DO
vertical cut in pine trunk bark to extract resin taberna [f] HN rur.
cattle grazing pasture when not cut tala [f] CL rur.
sleeveless and low cut dress solera [f] BO CL PY AR UY
cut of beef between the tenderloin and thin flank trasera de lomo [f] NI
cut (open wound) brecha [f]
cut off truncar [v]
cut into pieces despedazar [v]
be cut short truncarse [v]
cut through hendir [v]
cut the neck of a garment escotar [v]
cut the hair of mondar [v]
cut off rebanarse [v]
cut off desconectar [v]
cut out cortar [v]
cut back restringir [v]
cut down expenses castigar [v]
cut combs catar [v]
cut an indentation in escotar [v]
cut the hair clumsily trasquilar [v]
cut on the bias sesgar [v]
(electricity) be cut cortar (la electricidad) [v]
(electricity) be cut off cortar (la electricidad) [v]
(electricity) be cut out cortar (la electricidad) [v]
cut oneself off apartarse [v]
cut the price abaratar [v]
cut diagonally sesgar [v]
cut open acuchillar [v]
cut open hendir [v]
cut off yugular [v]
cut cloth desguinzar [v]
cut into pieces descuartizar [v]
cut out surgically extirpar [v]
cut someone's throat yugular [v]
to cut/slit the throat degollar [v]
have one's hair cut pelarse [v]
make low-cut clothing escotar [v]
cut off the tail desrabotar [v]
cut shorter cimar [v]
cut into pieces desguazar [v]
stub (cut a forest) desmontar [v]
cut up despiezar [v]
cut off the tail desrabar [v]
cut a groove surcar [v]
cut up picar [v]
cut with a saw serrar [v]
cut something down podar [v]
cut something down segar [v]
cut a notch entallar [v]
cut a notch mellar [v]
cut free cortar [v]
cut free truncar [v]
cut free tallar [v]
cut free romper [v]
cut free tajar [v]
cut free recider [v]
cut free separar [v]
cut free segar [v]
cut free secar [v]
cut into slices rebanar [v]
cut meat trinchar [v]
cut each other intersecar [v]
cut into pieces cortar [v]
cut into pieces picar [v]
cut into pieces tajar [v]
cut down on cigarettes fumar menos [v]
cut out cigarettes dejar de fumar [v]
cut out someone out of one's will desheredar a alguien [v]
cut something free soltar algo cortando [v]
cut something short interrumpir algo antes de acabar [v]
be cut off estar aislado [v]
cut in line saltarse la cola [v]
cut in line colarse (en la cola) [v]
cut down on something reducir algo [v]
cut the grass cortar el césped [v]
cut the grass segar el césped [v]
cut the cards cortar las cartas [v]
cut the cards cortar la baraja [v]
cut the deck cortar la baraja [v]
cut the deck cortar el mazo [v]
cut and paste cortar y pegar [v]
cut costs apretarse el cinturón [v]
cut class fumarse la clase [v]
cut class hacer novillos [v]
cut jobs recortar empleos [v]
cut interest rates recortar los tipos de interés [v]
cut his/her wrists abrirse las venas [v]
cut his/her wrists cortarse las venas [v]
cut one's wrists abrirse las venas [v]
cut one's wrists cortarse las venas [v]
cut a fabric in the direction of its thread nesgar [v]
be cut off desvincularse [v]
cut by half reducir a la mitad [v]
cut by half reducir en una mitad [v]
cut in half reducir en una mitad [v]
grow or cut teeth estar con la dentición [v]
cut someone's throat cortar el cuello a alguien [v]
cut someone’s head off cortar la cabeza a alguien [v]
cut on the bias cortar al sesgo [v]
cut off someone's head cortar la cabeza a alguien [v]
cut oneself hacerse un corte [v]
cut (food) into small cubes cortar en cuadritos [v]
cut off eccionar [v]
cut harshly tusar [v]
cut a bird into pieces to sell despresar [v] SCN
cut out eccionar [v]
cut the horse's mane tusar [v]
cut/injure the skin lonjear [v] SCN
cut off valonar [v] ANS
cut off incomunicarse [v]
cut strips from a bovine or equine animal lonjear [v] SCN
cut something achucutar [v] VE disused
cut a man's hair afeitarse [v] HN DO VE
cut a man's hair afeitar [v] HN VE
cut someone's hair in a ridiculous way afrentar [v] AR
cut and sew pieces of leather for footwear alistar [v] HN SV NI CR BO
cut up trozar [v]
cut the throat of a person or animal degollar [v]
cut off atravesar [v]
cut trees talar [v]
cut/quarter a beef and sell it beneficiar [v] AMER
cut someone off from the exit arrecochinar [v] PA
cut someone's hair arreglar [v] VE EC
cut a woman's hair (haridresser) arreglar [v] NI
cut with a saw (especially wood) aserruchar [v] CO VE rur.
cut with a saw (especially wood) aserruchar [v] GT HN SV NI DO PE CL AR
cut one's hair calviar [v] CO
cut trees or bushes botar [v] GT HN SV NI rur.
cut weeds in a way that leaves guides for planting a field acarrilar [v] CR rur.
place cut weeds in piles acarrilar [v] CR rur.
cut the crown of a tree descopetar [v] CR rur.
cut the seam of something (typically with a knife) descosturar [v] BO
cut the ears of a fighting cock in preparation for a fight desorejar [v] PR
cut a rooster's comb to prepare it to be a fighting cock descrestar [v] PR
cut some of the highest branches of a tree to allow the sun to shine through descuajar [v] CR rur.
cut trees despalar [v] NI
cut a thin layer of something (especially wood/cheese) despalmar [v] PR
cut the leaves of the pseudostem of a banana despalotar [v] PR
cut the vine leaf from a bunch of bananas despampanar [v] PR
cut branches of a tree derramar [v] CR
cut down the trees on a mountain descumbrar [v] CO:C,W rur.
cut some of the highest branches of a tree to allow the sun to shine through descumbrar [v] CR rur.
cut a plant above the graft to stimulate growth despatronar [v] CU
cut the sugar cane into strips desfibrar [v] CU EC
cut a rooster's comb to prepare it to be a fighting cock encrestar [v] PR
cut some leaves of a banana plant with a banana knife desbajerar [v] GT CR
cut the top part of someone's trachea desgañotar [v] MX:Se
cut the feathers that grow on a rooster's neck (cock fighting) desbarbar [v] PR
cut the rooster's wattle (cook fighting) desbarbar [v] PR
cut an animal's legs at the hock desgarretar [v] AR:Nw UY rur.
cut out a coupon/voucher/part of a document desglosar [v] VE PE
cut the ruff of a fighter cock desgolillar [v] PR rur.
cut the horns of an animal (generally cattle) desguampar [v] UY rur.
cut the comb of a fighting rooster decretar [v] DO
cut ties to one's place of origin desenraizar [v] MX HN BO PY
cut the overgrown hooves of a horse deschapinar [v] AR rur.
cut an animal's tail deschingar [v] CR rur.
cut the weeds/underbrush from a field descolar [v] NI rur.
cut down trees descombrar [v] HN
cut all of the branches off a tree desmochar [v] CR CL rur.
leave some of a fighting cock's feathers half cut and others not cut (due to being in a rush) desmochar [v] PR
cut a bunch of bananas into hands cuchillar [v] HN:N rur.
cut a corner in such a way that the union between the faces is composed of a third plane chanflear [v] CU AR UY
cut something cutear [v] SV
cut one's hair chapearse (inglés chop) [v] HN
cut grass or weeds chapiar [v] CU DO
cut one's hair chapiarse [v] HN DO
cut bushes or weeds on a plot of land using a machete chaporrear [v] MX:E GT VE rur.
cut one's hair unevenly champepiar [v] SV
cut weeds or underbrush with a machete charapear [v] VE:W rur.
cut an animal's tail chulunquear [v] HN
cut the tap root of a coffee tree capar [v] CR
cut something unevenly chempear [v] SV
cut through checanchar [v] BO:W,C
cut something sloppily cheschejear [v] SV
cut cuttings to propagate certain plants such as cassava and poppy esquejear [v] PR
cut the feathers around a fighter cock's neck esbarbar [v] PR
cut the fleshy growths under a fighter cock's beak esbarbar [v] PR
cut the ruff feathers from a fighter cock desgolillar [v] PR
cut and wound using a machete filacear [v] HN
cut the tall branches of a tree to allow sunlight through escumbrar [v] PR
cut the tall branches of a tree to allow sunlight through escumbrar [v] CR rur.
cut the ruff feathers from a fighter cock esgolillar [v] PR
cut someone's hair esmochar [v] PR
cut and run espabilarse [v] PA
cut a thin slice of espalmar [v] PR
cut the leaves of the palote, small branch of the central stem of a tobacco leaf espalotar [v] PR
cut the stem of a bunch of bananas espampanar [v] PR
cut sugar cane cañar [v] SV
cut the grass short casquear [v] PA
cut thin slices of meat cecinar [v] EC
make rows of cut weeds carrilar [v] CR
cut cow corn for livestock guatalear [v] HN
get a bowl cut guacalear [v] HN NI
cut someone off with a car colearse [v] VE
cut someone's face with a bladed weapon cortajear [v] BO
cut something, sometimes to damage or destroy it cortajear [v] BO
cut the trunk of the palm or harvest palm fruit coyolear [v] NI rur.
cut weeds to the ground surface using a machete or sickle corpir [v] PY rur.
make cut backs (business) compactar [v] NI
cut firewood leñear [v] PE BO
prepare to cut firewood leñear [v] PE
cut down trees leñatear [v] HN
cut the end of a cigar desperillar [v] CU
pull off or cut an animal's leg, typically a bird despernancar [v] NI
cut the tip of a rooster's beak despicar [v] HN
cut off the kernels destusar [v] EC:N rur.
cut a rooster's crest encrestar [v] PR
cut down trees to clear a path destocar [v] AR:Ne
cut an animal's mane destucar [v] PR
cut leather into strips desvirar [v] AR:Nw
cut the tobacco stem in sections of two leaves to place in the tobacco drying house mancornar [v] CU
cut a cigar desperillar [v] CU
cut into slices martajar [v] PE
cut someone's jugular vein desyugular [v] HN
cut the tip of a hen's beak despicar [v] HN
cut with a knife machetear [v] NI CR DO PR PE rur.
cut, sew, and stitch a shoe sole ensuelar [v] MX HN
cut the kernels off destusar [v] EC:N rur.
cut with a machete machetear [v] NI CR DO PR PE rur.
use a stencil to cut out patterns emplantillar [v] PR
cut someone's hair mochar [v] DO VE PE
cut or trim pine trees ocotear [v] MX GT
cut trees montear [v] BO UY
cut one's hair motilarse [v] CO:W VE:W
cut the coffee beans messily while choosing the best bushes mulear [v] NI rur.
cut an angle to flatten it ochavar [v] MX GT NI BO
cut sugar cane with a machete pailear [v] NI rur.
cut cocaine patear [v] CL drug
cut and run pajarear [v] NI PA VE
get one's hair cut peluquearse [v] UY rare
cut one's hair peluquearse [v] UY rare
cut a tree to extract latex picar [v] MX:Se GT EC BO:E rur.
cut a path picar [v] MX
cut a drug picar [v] CL drug
cut maguey leaves penquear [v] MX
cut a drug machetear [v] CL
cut into small pieces picotear [v] CU DO PR
cut someone's hair peluquear [v] PE UY rare
cut hair recortar [v] NI CR PR VE BO PY
get a hair cut recortarse [v] PR PY
cut the least usable trees to facilitate growth for those that can be exploited commercially ralear [v] CU PE CL
cut branches ramajear [v] CU
cut off the lasso from an animal ramalear [v] AR:Nw rur.
cut a banana stalk with a puya machete puyar [v] CO:N
cut off rayar [v] CR
cut excess paper from a publication refilar [v] CR CO EC PE BO UY
cut in half sajar [v] PA disused
let people cut in front rotar [v] CU
cut beef to salt it relajar [v] VE
cut the base of palm fronds for use in roofing relajar [v] VE
manually collect sugar cane cut by machine in a mill repañar [v] EC
cut shoots off a tobacco plant after removing the buds repasar [v] CU
cut someone's hair short repelar [v] CU
cut low branches for kindling repicar [v] PA
cut fish to salt it relajar [v] VE
extract mineral from a cut tajear [v] PE
cut into pieces trozar [v] GT SV NI CR DO VE EC PE BO CL AR UY
cut off socar [v] GT HN SV NI CR
cut the mane of a horse tusar [v] MX NI CR:Nw VE BO CL AR UY PA disused
cut and clean stalks of sugar cane, coffee, or other plants zocalar [v] HN
cut shoots off a banana bush vanear [v] HN
cut hair carelessly tostonear [v] PR
accidentally cut oneself tasajearse [v] CU
cut one's hair volarse [v] GT HN SV NI CR BO
cut down trees voltear [v] CR BO CL rur.
cut off the electricity aplicar el alicate [v] NI
cut someone to the bone asoleársela [v] CR
cut off the telephone service aplicar el alicate [v] NI
be cut short salirle a alguien al paso [v]
clear-cut preciso [adj]
cut-off desenfilado [adj]
a cut above superior [adj]
a cut above que sobresale [adj]
cut up cuarteado [adj]
cut-out recortable [adj]
cut-price superreducido [adj]
clear-cut patente [adj]
cut very short mocho [adj]
clean-cut nítido [adj]
clear-cut bien definido [adj]
clear-cut nítido [adj]
cut-price de oferta [adj]
cut-rate [us] de oferta [adj]
half cut zurumbo [adj]
(cut/picked) unripened alcojolado [adj] DO
badly cut calimochado [adj] DO
with some of the highest branches cut (a tree) descuajado [adj] CR rur.
with some of the highest branches cut (a tree) descumbrado [adj] CR rur.
that has it's ruff cut (fighter cock) desgolillado [adj] PR
having all of the branches cut (tree) desmochado [adj] CR rur.
chopped or cut sloppily (hair) chachajeado [adj] SV
sloping (cut made in a solid) chanfleado [adj] CR CU BO AR UY
cut unevenly (hair) champepiado [adj] SV
asymmetrical (cut) chirizo [adj] NI
irregular (cut) chirizo [adj] NI
pertaining to cold cut sandwiches completero [adj] CL
having the bud cut despuyonado [adj] CR
cut off ensereguetado [adj] SV
having the shoot cut despuyonado [adj] CR
hit or cut with a machete or knife macheteado [adj] CR PA DO VE rur.
hit or cut with a machete or knife macheteado [adj] GT HN SV NI CU EC BO
with a cut tail pitoco (portugués) [adj] AR:Ne
having cut one's hair peluqueado [adj] MX HN SV NI CR BO
cut into bits rendering it useless picoteado [adj] PR
with its tail hairs cut off rabincho [adj] PY rur.
badly cut mal cortado [adj]
badly cut chachajeado [adj] SV
with a buzz cut shipe [adj] SV
cut into pieces trozado [adj] HN
with one or both ears cut off zonto [adj] HN SV NI