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Meanings of "free" in Spanish English Dictionary : 266 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
free gratis [adv]
free liberar [v]
free librar [v]
free franco [adj]
free desocupado [adj]
free libre [adj]
free gratuitamente [adv]
free desregular [v]
free emancipar [v]
free ahorrar [v]
free eximir [v]
free franquear [v]
free desbloquear [v]
free zafar [v]
free rescatar [v]
free desligar [v]
free horro [adj]
free emancipado [adj]
free suelto [adj]
free exento [adj]
free expedito [adj]
free vagante [adj]
free realengo [adj]
free desahogado [adj]
free regalado [adj]
free desembarazado [adj]
free desenfadado [adj]
free gracioso [adj]
free gratis [adj]
free gratuito [adj]
free zafo [adj] AMER
free desligado [adj]
free disponible [adj]
free horra [adj/f]
free emancipada [adj/f]
free suelta [adj/f]
free exenta [adj/f]
free expedita [adj/f]
free franca [adj/f]
free desahogada [adj/f]
free regalada [adj/f]
free desembarazada [adj/f]
free desenfadada [adj/f]
free graciosa [adj/f]
free gratuita [adj/f]
free zafa [adj/f] AMER
free desligada [adj/f]
free desocupada [adj/f]
free desembarazar [v]
free desencadenar [v]
free indultar [v]
free enfranquecer [v]
free remediar [v]
free libertar [v]
free quitar [v]
free sacar [v]
free ahorrado [adj] rare
free autónomo [adj]
free desvedado [adj]
free descampado [adj]
free independiente [adj]
free gallote [adj] CR MX
free escotero [adj]
free inmune [adj]
free largo [adj]
free liberal [adj]
free libertado [adj]
free limpio [adj]
free puro [adj]
free manumiso [adj]
free saneado [adj]
free zafo [adj]
free ocioso [adj]
free zafa [adj/f]
free pura [adj/f]
free ahorrada [adj/f] rare
free larga [adj/f]
free libertada [adj/f]
free limpia [adj/f]
free escotera [adj/f]
free saneada [adj/f]
free manumisa [adj/f]
free autónoma [adj/f]
free gallota [adj/f] CR MX
free descampada [adj/f]
free ociosa [adj/f]
free desvedada [adj/f]
free absolver [v]
free ahorrar [v] rare
free abierto [adj]
free aforrado [adj] disused
free aforrecho [adj] disused
free ancho [adj]
free libremente [adv]
free deoquis [adv] MX
free graterola [adv] UY
free gratismente [adv] NI
free descargar [v]
free desenganchar [v]
free desencajar [v]
free redimir [v]
free soltar [v]
free dejar en libertad [v]
free zafarse [v]
free piantar (italiano) [v] AR
free vencerse [v] EC
free sin obstáculos [adj]
free despejado [adj]
free deoquis [adj] MX
free graterola [adj] UY
free veleta [adj] NI
free de arriba [loc/adj] AR UY
free de arriba [loc/adv] AR UY
free de bamba [loc/adv] CU
free a la bolsa [loc/adv] CL
free de cachete [loc/adv] HN NI PR
free de cachucha [loc/adv] MX
free de cloris [loc/adv] SV
free chipe libre [loc/adv] CL
free poner en libertad [v]
free desvedar [v]
free preservar de riesgo [v]
free exentar [v]
free sacar de riesgo [v]
free abrirse camino [v]
free deshonesto [adj]
free licencioso [adj]
free torpe [adj]
free atrevido [adj]
free disoluto [adj]
free insubordinado [adj]
free desenfrenado [adj]
free dispensado [adj]
free privilegiado [adj]
free generoso [adj]
free ingenuo [adj]
free abierto [adj]
free vivo [adj]
free gallardo [adj]
free cortés [adj]
free airoso [adj]
free licenciosa [adj/f]
free deshonesta [adj/f]
free disoluta [adj/f]
free desenfrenada [adj/f]
free atrevida [adj/f]
free insubordinada [adj/f]
free dispensada [adj/f]
free abierta [adj/f]
free privilegiada [adj/f]
free ingenua [adj/f]
free generosa [adj/f]
free viva [adj/f]
free gallarda [adj/f]
free airosa [adj/f]
free de gracia [loc/adj]
free gratarola [adv] AR UY
free gratiñán [adv] CU VE
free dioquis [adv] MX
free barbián [adj]
free correntío [adj]
free gratarola [adj] AR UY
free gratén [adj] PE rare
free gratiniano [adj] CO
free gratiñán [adj] VE
free correntía [adj/f]
free barbiana [adj/f]
free de a gratis [loc/adj] MX HN SV CR
free de hoquis [loc/adj] MX
free a botella [loc/adv] CU
free de guagua [loc/adv] DO
free de guaguancó [loc/adv] CU
free de gratindei [loc/adv] CU disused
free de a gratis [loc/adv] MX HN SV CR
free de gratis [loc/adv] CU ES
free de grolis [loc/adv] GT HN
free de oquis [loc/adv] MX
free de violín MX
free de balde
free de mogollón
free de gorra [adv]
free de balde [adv]
free en libertad [adj]
free sin restricción [adj]
free de balde
free en libertad
free de bóbilis bóbilis
free por la cara
free por la jeta
free por el morro
free por la patilla
free de mango [adv] DO
free de ojito [adv] BO AR
free de ñapa [adv] MX PA DO PR VE PY AR UY disused
free de oquis [adv] MX
free de ojo [adv] AR
free de regalado [adv] HN BO:E
free rueda libre [adv] VE
free de yapa [adv] EC PE BO PY AR UY
free de chivo [loc/adj] DO
free de carita [loc/adj] DO
free de llapa [loc/adj] AR UY
free de fay [loc/adv] HN
free de fay [loc/adv] HN
free de fai [loc/adv] HN SV
free de carita [loc/adv] DO
free de garrón [loc/adv] AR UY
free de golilla [loc/adv] HN
free por pura gracia [loc/adv] PA
free de a grapa [loc/adv] MX
free libreta [adj] CL delinq.
free librar [v]
free redimir [v]
free librear [v]
free liberar [v]
free franco [adj]
free quito [adj]
free gratis [adj]
free gratuito [adj]
free exento [adj]
free libre [adj]
free apoyado [adj]
free desatado [adj]
free alodial [adj] rare
free quito [adj]
free franco [adj]
free libre [adj]
free de gracia
free despejar [v]
free librar [v]
free discrecional [adj]
free voluntario [adj]
free desocupado [adj]
free franco [adj]
free libre [adj]
free no afectado
free de balde
free libre [adj]
free activo [adj]
free flojo [adj]
free vacante [adj]
free puesto [adj]
free gratis [adj]
free indemne [adj]
free podar [v]
free aflorar [v]
free absolver [v]
free desgravar [v]
free achicar agua [v]
free refrescar [v]
free dejar libre [v]
free desembarazarse [v]
free eliminar [v]
free manumitir [v]
free descontrolar [v]
free libre [adj]
free desatascar [v]
free descansar [v]
free permitido [adj]
free colocado [adj]
free desenvuelto [adj]
free accesible [adj]
free suelto [adj]
free no combinado [adj]
free flojo [m]
free abrir [v]

Meanings of "free" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
scot-free impunemente [adv]
free ride bola [f] DO
liberate or set free libertar [v]
prohibit the free movement of merchandise estancar [v]
make it free liberar [v]
free pardon indulto [m]
free choice arbitrio [m]
free fatty acid (ffa) agl [m]
free movement huelga [f]
alcohol-free beer sin [f]
free agent francotiradora [f] fig.
give free rein to dar rienda suelta a [v]
be free estar disponible [v]
have a free hand tener carta blanca [v]
set free soltar [v]
be free estar en libertad [v]
set free libertar [v]
free from eximir de [v]
be free desocuparse [v]
free of debt solvente [adj]
free and easy suelto [adj]
entirely free libérrimo [adj]
free of libre de [adj]
free from libre de [adj]
free-trade librecambista [adj]
free-standing exento [adj]
free of exento de [adj]
free from exento de [adj]
hands-free manos libres [adj]
free-flowing fluido [adj]
free and easy desembarazado [adj]
free-and-easy desenfadado [adj]
fat-free desengrasado [adj]
fat-free desgrasado [adj]
free of charge gratuito [adj]
free of fever despejado [adj]
free gift obsequio [m]
free will arbitrio [m]
free-kick libre [m]
free trade librecambio [m]
free trade librecambismo [m]
hands-free kit manos libres [m]
free time vagar [m]
free agent francotirador [m] fig.
free and easy suelta [adj/f]
free-trade antiproteccionista [adj/f]
entirely free libérrima [adj/f]
free-standing exenta [adj/f]
free of exenta de [adj/f]
free from exenta de [adj/f]
free-flowing fluida [adj/f]
free and easy desembarazada [adj/f]
free-and-easy desenfadada [adj/f]
fat-free desengrasada [adj/f]
fat-free desgrasada [adj/f]
free of charge gratuita [adj/f]
free of fever despejada [adj/f]
become free emanciparse [v]
set free librar [v]
in a free and easy way desenvueltamente [adv]
old age free from indispositions agerasia [f]
town whose inhabitants were free and could elect any lord behetría [f] outdated
free thought despreocupación [f]
right of one day's free mining granted by a mine owner dobla [f] CL
free gift gracia [f]
setting a prisoner free excarcelación [f]
free-lance lanza [f]
fancy free volatería [f] fig.
free-will voluntariedad [f]
free from stain acendrar [v]
free from debt desempeñar [v]
free from obligation desempeñar [v]
free from poison desemponzoñar [v]
free from stupidity desencalabrinar [v]
free from confinement desencerrar [v]
free a person or animal clutched by the throat desengañilar [v]
free from hoarseness desenronquecer [v]
free the chain of the anchor desentalingar [v]
free from infection desinficionar [v]
free oneself from a business or occupation desocuparse [v]
free from oppression desoprimir [v]
free from prejudice/bias despreocupar [v]
put a person judicially in a position where he is free to manifest his will depositar [v]
free from numbness desadormecer [v]
free oneself desaherrojarse [v]
free oneself from debt desahogarse [v]
free from smoke desahumar [v]
steep in order to free from salt desalar [v]
raise/free the tack of a sail desamurar [v]
free from anxiety desapretar [v] fig.
free oneself desasirse [v]
free a mine from debris desaterrar [v] AMER
free from eximir [v]
free from profanation expiar [v]
make free enfranquecer [v]
free a slave franquear [v]
free from sin justificar [v]
have free access to entrar [v]
set a prisoner free excarcelar [v]
set free largar [v]
free from grit levigar [v]
be free from librarse de [v]
free from filth mondar [v]
have free use of one's limbs mandarse [v]
set free redimir [v]
free from danger salvar [v]
free from suspense satisfacer [v]
free a mine from debris escombrar [v]
free-shell (of peaches) abridero [adj]
free-stone abridero [adj]
free/clear of debt desempeñado [adj]
free and easy desenvuelto [adj]
free from error deserrado [adj]
free from snow desnevado [adj]
smoke-free desahumado [adj]
free from fogs/vapours desavahado [adj] rare
free from taxes excusado [adj]
fever-free infebril [adj]
free from encumbrances escueto [adj]
free-hearted generoso [adj]
ornament-free icástico [adj]
post free franco [adj]
free-tongued lenguaraz [adj]
most free libérrimo [adj]
free-stone peach-tree abridor [m]
free-will albedrío [m]
free-lance aventurero [m]
free sailor in a galley as opposed to a galley-slave bagarino [m]
unevenness opposing the free flow of waters contravertiente [m]
pupil receiving free education in a monastery escolano [m]
something sold free of duty franco [m]
free-trade librecambio [m]
free-booter saqueador [m]
free-trader librecambista [m/f]
free indian servant naborí [m/f] AMER
free-lance free-lance (inglés) [m/f]
free-stone abridera [adj/f]
free-shell (of peaches) abridera [adj/f]
most free libérrima [adj/f]
free from encumbrances escueta [adj/f]
free from taxes excusada [adj/f]
post free franca [adj/f]
free-hearted generosa [adj/f]
smoke-free desahumada [adj/f]
free from fogs/vapours desavahada [adj/f] rare
free/clear of debt desempeñada [adj/f]
free and easy desenvuelta [adj/f]
free from error deserrada [adj/f]
free from snow desnevada [adj/f]
ornament-free icástica [adj/f]
free woman horra [f]
free woman aforrada [f] disused
set free afrancar [v]
set free aforrecho [adj] disused
free man aforrado [m] disused
olly olly oxen free alalimón [m]
free will albedrío [m]
free will albedrío libre [m]
free love amor libre [m]
of one's own free will ad nutum (latín) [loc/adv]
of my own free will a mi albedrío [loc/adv]
of our own free will a nuestro albedrío [loc/adv]
of his/her/their own free will a su albedrío [loc/adv]
of your own free will a tu albedrío [loc/adv]
of your own free will a vuestro albedrío [loc/adv]
game like olly olly oxen free al alimón [loc/nom]
give up one's free will rendir el albedrío [loc/v]
of one's own free will al albedrío [adv]
for free de balde [adv]
for free gratuitamente [adv]
for free gratis [adv]
in a free way libremente [adv]
scot-free desgravado, [adv]
as a free gift como regalo [adv]
as a free present como regalo [adv]
free of charge graterola [adv] UY
free of charge gratismente [adv] NI
for free graterola [adv] UY
for free gratismente [adv] NI
as a free gift como un regalo gratis [adv]
as a free present como un obsequio gratuito [adv]
goods carried by seamen of a ship free of freight pacotilla [f]
a free-for-all una bronca [f]
a free-for-all una pelea [f]
a free-for-all una refriega [f]
something which generates free cash flow mina [f]
the state of being unworried and free from anger calma [f]
setting free from the power of another emancipación [f]
the quality of being free from war paz [f]
the state of being free libertad [f]
free luggage of a sailor pacotilla [f]
quality of being free gratuidad [f]
water running free agua de pie [f] rur.
free ride botella [f] CU
small amount given for free to the customer in one sip, swig, or gulp chascada [f] HN
additional free portion offered by the vendor to the customer chascada [f] SV NI
olly olly oxen free! chimilicuarta [f] HN child
free favor or service faina [f] SV
free portion a vendor gives to a customer chascada [f] SV NI
amount of tobacco given free, daily to the cigar maker in the factory where he works fuma [f] CU AR
bakery product, salty and fat-free made of flour, water, and yeast galleta malteada [f] UY
area under surveillance where it is now difficult to commit crimes, crime-free area congelada [f] CU
snack that the government gives, free of charge to children in public schools colación escolar [f] EC
person who lives happily and worry free contenta [f] CU
free time between two hours of class or work hora sándwich [f] AR
free time between two hours of class or work hora puente [f] AR UY
free-fall hoja seca [f] HN
spontaneous cooperative composed of neighbors with the purpose of carrying out free work for the good of one of them who needs it or the community junta [f] PA DO PR
treatment used by a witch doctor to free someone from bad energy limpia [f] MX HN SV NI CR VE EC PE BO
tough and fat-free beef leg, used to make salpicon cold beef salad mano de piedra [f] HN NI
free shuttle machina [f] PR
group of spectators allowed to enter second class stands for free to fill a room before the end of an event segundilla [f] PE disused
duty-free zone zona libre [f] PA PY
free-access television televisión abierta [f] MX SV CO EC PE CL UY
free-trade zone zona libre [f] PA PY
free zone zona libre [f] PA PY
free from a habit deshabituar [v]
free oneself emanciparse [v]
free from mortmain desamortizar [v]
free oneself desembarazarse [v]
free form encumbrance despejar [v]
be free librar [v]
set free poner en libertad [v]
become free liberarse [v]
free from redimir [v]
free from inhibition desinhibir [v]
get free of zafarse [v]
free oneself of zafarse [v]
get free escapar [v]
get free liberarse [v]
get free fugarse [v]
set free absolver [v]
set free exculpar [v]
set free by force libertar [v]
set free by force liberar [v]
make free librar [v]
cut free cortar [v]
cut free truncar [v]
cut free tallar [v]
cut free romper [v]
cut free tajar [v]
cut free recider [v]
cut free separar [v]
cut free segar [v]
cut free secar [v]
free from a leash destraillar [v]
call a number toll-free llamar a un número gratis [v]
pull something free soltar algo tirando [v]
cut something free soltar algo cortando [v]
do something of one's own free will hacer algo por voluntad propia [v]
set free liberar [v]
get off scot-free salir impune [v]
struggle free forcejear para soltarse [v]
give a free rein to someone dar rienda suelta a alguien [v]
give someone free rein dar rienda suelta a alguien [v]
work free desprenderse [v]
be free with something no regatear algo [v]
be free to do something ser libre de hacer algo [v]
break free escaparse [v]
set free dejar en libertad [v]
feel free to sentirse con libertad de [v]
be set free ser puesta en libertad [v]
be set free ser puesto en libertad [v]
be set free quedar en libertad [v]
go free salir en libertad [v]
go free quedar libre [v]
set someone free poner a alguien en libertad [v]
add something for free yapar [v] LAM
free someone from guilt relevar a alguien de la culpa [v]
free someone from doing something relevar a alguien de hacer algo [v]
free someone from a responsibility relevar a alguien de una obligación [v]
become free and easy volverse libre y sencillo [v]
be at free-quarter tener que prestar alojamiento gratuito a las tropas [v]
get something free from someone else bolsear [v] CL
be running free escaparse [v]
free oneself from something depintarse [v] DO
free oneself from the daily anxieties and problems that affect one's mood desatorarse [v] CL
leave an animal free of ticks desgarrapatar [v] EC rur.
eat for free gorrinear [v] HN derog.
mooch free drinks off someone goterear [v] CO
free oneself of guiñonearse [v] SV
free or cure someone of bag energy by rubbing them with herbs limpiar [v] MX NI PA CU VE EC PE BO PY
(in santeria) cure or free someone from some evil using a ritual involving shaking certain herbs around the body while making invocations limpiar [v] CU
have free time jetear [v] CR
free someone of bad luck using a santeria ritual despojar [v] DO PR
free up a mechanism destrancar [v] BO CL
free oneself operarse [v] CL derog.
take advantage to get free things pechar [v] BO:E,S CL UY
free something using a stick varillar [v] CL
set free zafarse de [v] HN NI CU DO PR
free from difficulties facilitar [v]
free from charges or deductions saneado [adj]
fault-free anhidro [adj]
free of any hen or restraint claro [adj]
water-free anhidro [adj]
knock free antidetonante [adj]
interest-free libre de intereses [adj]
interest-free sin intereses [adj]
risk-free sin riesgo [adj]
free (as in price) gratuito [adj]
free-spirited liviano [adj]
clear (free of clouds) despejado [adj]
free-range campero [adj]
free (from being slave) horro [adj]
scot-free impune [adj]
free of charge gratis [adj]
alcohol-free sin alcohol [adj]
free from sin inocente [adj]
worry free despreocupado [adj]
wrinkle-free sin arrugas [adj]
tax-free [uk] exenta de impuestos [adj]
tax-free [uk] exento de impuestos [adj]
duty-free libre de impuestos [adj]
lead-free sin plomo [adj]
free-range de granja [adj]
free of charge de balde [adj]
smoke-free libre de humo [adj]
paraben-free libre de parabenos [adj]
additive-free libre de aditivos [adj]
as free as tan libre como [adj]
as free as libre como [adj]
accident free sin accidentes [adj]
accent-free sin acento [adj]
accent-free libre de acento [adj]
free-loading arrimado [adj] CU DO PR
free-loading agregado [adj] CU DO PR
drug-free libre de drogas [adj]
economically free económicamente libre [adj]
drug-free sin consumo de drogas [adj]
free and doesn't have any burdens or responsibilities escotero [adj] VE EC:S disused
accident free sin incidente [adj]
accident free sin incidentes [adj]
ad-free sin anuncios [adj]
addiction free sin adicciones [adj]
free of charge graterola [adj] UY
for free graterola [adj] UY
laid by a free range hen (egg) criollo [adj] CU
who takes advantage of parties to eat and drink for free cotanero [adj] DO
as free as tan libre como [adj]
free loading joceador [adj] PR
free time ocio [m]
free-time tiempo libre [m]
the state of being unworried and free from anger sosiego [m]
free market mercado libre [m]
free time tiempo ocio [m]
free will libre albedrío [m]
free trade comercio libre [m]
prohibition over free sale estanco [m]
free public transportation shuttle alimentador [m] CO
sung with fairly free form golpe [m] CO VE
free will albedrío [m]
free sample aprobador [m] GT
woman of free habits in love affairs bolloloco [m] CU VE
things obtained for free cachete [m] PR
free service cacheteo [m] VE:W
free product cacheteo [m] VE:W
drug-free treatment tratamiento para dejar de tomar drogas [m]
center that offers free classes for computer internet use joven club de computación [m] CU
center that offers free classes for computer internet use joven club [m] CU
person dedicated to the importation or exportation of customs-free items falluquero [m] MX
anything obtained for free free for all (inglés) [m] PR
free portion a vendor gives to a customer ajuste [m] SV NI
attainment of something for free gorrín [m] HN
short and free car ride cólix [m] SV
short and free ride in a car colazo [m] SV
person who lives happily and worry free contento [m] CU
chicha of the highest quality, free from residues of germinated corn cogollo [m] PE
duty free matuteo [m] CL
free demonstration palomazo [m] MX
free admission at the end of a match puertazo [m] EC
free party salseo [m] CU
indigenous person who offers services for free to the church or local government chajal [m/f] GT
accident-free days días sin accidentes [m/pl]
accident-free days días sin incidentes [m/pl]
accident-free days días sin accidentes [m/pl]
olly olly oxen free! ¡chimiricuarta! [expr] HN child
free-loading arrimada [adj/f] CU DO PR
free-loading agregada [adj/f] CU DO PR
bias-free libre de prejuicios [loc/adj]
bias-free sin prejuicios [loc/adj]
caffeine-free sin cafeína [loc/adj]
caffeine free sin cafeína [loc/adj]
callus-free sin callos [loc/adj]
calorie-free sin calorías [loc/adj]
accent-free exento de acento [loc/adj]
accent-free sin acento [loc/adj]
at someone's free will a su amaño [loc/adv] CL
following the rationing system in cuba, without registering the commercial operation because it is free trade merchandise por la libre empresa [loc/adv] CU
free entry for a show entrada de favor [loc/nom] DO AR UY
free pass cancha libre [loc/nom] PA BO
free pass canilla libre [loc/nom] MX
free pass piedra libre [loc/nom] AR UY
free ticket billete gratuito
post-free franco de porte
duty-free libre de impuestos
free diving buceo libre
gluten-free food comida sin gluten
free market mercado libre
something which generates free cash flow fuente de ingresos
free rein carta blanca
free rein manos libres
free kick tiro libre
free trade libre cambio
free will libre albedrío
free agent buey suelto
free access acceso sin trabas
free admission entrada libre
free admission entrada gratis
duty-free store tienda libre de impuestos
duty-free shop tienda libre de impuestos
free estimates presupuesto gratis
free love el amor libre
free on board franco a bordo
free sample muestra gratuita
free time tiempo libre
free time ratos libres
toll free sin cargo
free clinic clínica gratuita
free seat asiento libre
free face cara libre
free fall caída libre
cost free gratis [adv]
scot free impunemente [adv]
free-thinking libertad de pensar [f]
free play rienda suelta [f]
free-thinker librepensadora [f]
make free with usar con mucha libertad [v]
make free libertar [v]
free of expense franco de gastos [adj]
cost free libre de gastos [adj]
duty free libre de derechos [adj]
custom-free libre de derechos [adj]
free on board (fob) libre de gastos a bordo [adj]
free and easy despreocupado [adj]
free-hearted liberal [adj]
free-hearted cordial [adj]
free-minded desembarazado [adj]
free-spoken franco [adj]
post free franco de porte [adj]
shot free libre de escote [adj]
scot free libre de tasa [adj]
scot free impune [adj]
free agency libre albedrío [m]
free tail libre albedrío [m]
free-thinker librepensador [m]
free-thinking libertinaje [m]
free port puerto franco [m]
free port puerto libre de derechos [m]
free pass pase [m]
free pass billete de favor [m]
free will libre arbitrio [m]
free and easy despreocupada [adj/f]
free-minded desembarazada [adj/f]
free-spoken franca [adj/f]
free-born nacido libre [loc/adj]
free-minded libre de cuidados [loc/adj]
free-spoken dicho sin reserva [loc/adj]
rent-free sin pagar alquiler [loc/adj]
shot free que no recibe el castigo merecido
free from evitar [v]
free of charge gratarola [adv] AR UY
free of charge gratiñán [adv] CU VE
for free gratarola [adv] AR UY
for free gratiñán [adv] CU VE
for free dioquis [adv] MX
free of charge dioquis [adv] MX
free rider esponja [f]
free form poetry slam contrapunteada [f] BO
be as free as bird ser libre como el viento [v]
be as free as air ser libre como el viento [v]
feel free sentirse libre [v]
throw something in for free dar algo de yapa [v]
be free to tener las manos libres para [v]
get something for free conseguir algo gratis [v]
give free rein to dar vía libre a [v]
be a free rider estar a la sopa boba [v]
play for free jugar de mentirijillas [v]
be fancy-free alivianarse [v] MX
free-ride pegotear [v]
be a free-loader ser una sanguijuela [v]
be a free-rider ser una sanguijuela [v]
set free echar a volar [v]
free oneself liberarse de [v]
enter free entrar de gorra [v]
take breath (pause to recover free and easy breathing) tomar huelgo [v]
spend free or leisure time enjoying an activity cainar [v] EC:C,N
pay for a service that should be free bajarse de la mula [v] VE
ask for and obtain something for free caretear [v] AR
break free from an unfavorable situation zafarse [v] PR PE BO:E PY AR
free and forward descocado [adj]
free-loading agorriado [adj] VE
free of charge gratarola [adj] AR UY
free of charge gratiniano [adj] CO
free of charge gratiñán [adj] VE
for free gratarola [adj] AR UY
for free gratiniano [adj] CO
for free gratiñán [adj] VE
free of charge gratén [adj] PE rare
free-rider cucarachero [m] ANS
free-loader cucarachero [m] ANS