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Meanings of "torear" in English Spanish Dictionary : 37 result(s)

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torear [v] banter
torear [v] fight a bull
torear [v] tease
torear [v] bullfight
torear [v] fight
torear [v] play
torear [v] avoid
torear [v] dodge
torear [v] plague
torear [v] keep at bay
torear [v] confuse
torear [v] fight (bulls)
torear [v] put off
torear [v] fight bulls in the ring
torear [v] deceive
torear [v] fool
torear [v] make fun
torear [v] yap
torear [v] send the bulls to the cows
torear [v] tease mildly
torear [v] NI CR BO CL AR UY provoke
torear [v] BO AR bark
torear [v] AR bark
torear [v] BO:S CL provoke
torear [v] BO:S flatter a woman by singing a couplet to which she responds with another couplet
torear [v] fight bulls
torear [v] mate a bull to cows
torear [v] tantalize
torear [v] mock
torear [v] NI CR anger
torear [v] NI CO UY bother
torear [v] NI CO UY irritate
torear [v] NI CO UY taunt
torear [v] NI CR taunt
torear [v] BO:W,S be unfaithful
torear [v] NI CR bother
torear [v] misplay a grounder by pulling away from it (to olé like a bullfighter)

Meanings of "torear" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 11 result(s)

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torear la danta [n] HN:E a regional holiday celebration game that consists of one person dressing up as a tapir and other people on horseback dodging the tapir and the tapir removing their hats with a pole (most notably in agalteca)
torear la danta [m] HN:E holiday celebration game consisting of someone dressed up as a tapir removing hats with a pole from other people on horseback dodging the tapir
torear de salón [v] play bullfighting
torear a alguien [v] mock someone
torear a alguien [v] make fun of someone
torear a alguien [v] deceive someone
torear a alguien [v] trick someone
torear un chile [v] CL rub a chili pepper on the pan to add spice
torear un chile [v] MX rub a chili pepper on the pan to add spice
un toro difícil de torear a tough nut to crack
un toro difícil de torear a hard nut to crack