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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "chocho" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 1 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
chocho lupino [m] PE

Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "chocho" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 105 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
chocho [adj] AR BO CO CL EC PY PE UY pleased
chocho [adj] AR BO CO CL EC PY PE UY delighted
chocho [adj] SV nicaraguan
chocho [m] candy stick
chocho [m] sweet
chocho [m] candy
chocho [m] comfit
chocho [adj] senile
chocho [adj] doddery
chocho [adj] sentimental
chocho [adj] soft
chocho [adj] doited
chocho [adj] CO EC PE CL PY AR UY BO pleased (person)
chocho [adj] CO sensitive (person)
chocho [adj] DO decrepit
chocho [adj] CO EC PE CL PY AR UY BO content (person)
chocho [m] gaga
chocho [m] CAM nicaraguan
chocho [m] cinnamon sweet
chocho [m] lupin fruit
chocho [m] lupin beans
chocho [m] MX stimulant pill
chocho [m] a sweetmeat
chocho [adj] drivelling
chocho [adj] delirious
chocho [adj] maudlin
chocho [m] doter
chocho [m] driveller
chocho [m] dainty
chocho [adj] SV nicaraguan
chocho [interj] NI oh wow
chocho [m] SV nicaraguan man
chocho [adj] doddering
chocho [adj] CAM nicaraguan
chocho [adj] doting
chocho [adj] CR run down (thing)
chocho [adj] CR broken down (thing)
chocho [adj] bathetic
chocho [adj] senile
chocho [adj] doddering
chocho [adj] love-drunk
chocho [adj] AR UY satisfied
chocho [adj] AR UY content
chocho [m] AMER nicaraguan
chocho [m] drug addict
chocho [m] cunt
chocho [m] cunt
chocho [m] ES MX VE cunt
chocho [m] ES MX VE snatch
chocho [m] ES MX VE pussy
chocho [m] ES MX VE fanny
chocho [m] minge
chocho [m] fanny
chocho [m] cunt
chocho [m] pussy
chocho dotard
chocho pussy
chocho [m] dotard
chocho [m] lupin
chocho [m] MX small round sweet
chocho [m] MX sugar grain used to coat some sweets
chocho [m] PE salad made of chayote squash seeds
British Slang
chocho ES axe wound
chocho ES badly packed kebab
chocho [m] EC PE:N altramuz
chocho [m] DO CO jequirity
chocho [m] DO CO crab's eye
chocho [m] EC PE:N andean lupin
chocho [m] DO CO crab's eye creeper
chocho [m] EC PE:N tarwi
chocho [m] DO CO cock's eyes
chocho [m] EC PE:N south american lupin
chocho [m] EC PE:N peruvian field lupin
chocho [m] DO CO rosary pea
chocho [m] DO CO paternoster pea
chocho [m] EC PE:N pearl lupin
chocho [m] EC PE:N a species of lupin grown in the andes, mainly for its edible bean (lupinus mutabilis)
chocho [m] DO CO love pea
chocho [m] DO CO precatory pea
chocho [m] DO CO precatory bean
chocho [m] DO CO prayer bead
chocho [m] DO CO john crow bead
chocho [m] DO CO coral bead
chocho [m] DO CO red-bead vine
chocho [m] DO CO country licorice
chocho [m] DO CO indian licorice
chocho [m] DO CO wild licorice
chocho [m] DO CO jamaica wild licorice
chocho [m] DO CO akar saga
chocho [m] DO CO coondrimany
chocho [m] DO CO gidee gidee
chocho [m] DO CO a slender, perennial climber that twines around trees, shrubs, and hedges (abrus precatorius)
chocho [m] DO CO jumbie bead
chocho [m] DO CO ratti
chocho [m] DO CO retty
chocho [m] DO CO weather plant
chocho [m] DO CO rettee
chocho [m] white lupin
chocho [m] lupin (lupinus albus)
chocho [m] DO CO white lupin
chocho [m] DO CO lupin (lupinus albus)
chocho [m] MX american grasshopper
chocho [m] MX american bird grasshopper
chocho [m] MX grasshopper
chocho [m] MX:Sw any jumping insect

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "chocho" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 10 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
estar chocho [v] be in one's dotage
estar chocho [v] be in his dotage
estar chocho por alguien [v] dote on someone
estar chocho por alguien [v] show excessive fondness or love to someone
estar chocho por alguien [v] be soft on someone
sonar como un viejo chocho sound like an old fart
¡chocho! [interj] NI oh my god!
chocho (quechua) [m] PE bean, onion, and lime salad
British Slang
marcar el chocho camel's hoof
chocho (quechua) [m] PE lupin bean