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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "sting" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 71 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
sting picadura [f]
sting arder [v]
sting picar [v]
sting pinchazo [n]
Irregular Verb
sting stung - stung [v]
sting navaja [f]
sting picada [f]
sting picazón [f]
sting lanceta [f]
sting uña [f]
sting escocer [v]
sting espinar [v]
sting pungir [v]
sting aguijón [m]
sting aguijonazo [m]
sting picotazo [m]
sting espigón [m]
sting rejo [m]
sting aguijonear [v]
sting azotar [v]
sting aguijonada [f]
sting aguijonar [v] disused
sting aguijonear [v]
sting aguijonazo [m]
sting aguijoneamiento [m]
sting aguijoneo [m]
sting trampa [f]
sting (por abeja) picadura [f]
sting hincada [f] CU PR VE
sting picada [f] HN
sting enchilar [v]
sting piquete [m]
sting resquemor [m]
sting pinchazo [m]
sting (de abeja) aguijón [m]
sting (dolor agudo) escozor [m]
sting chute [m] GT
sting jincón [m] NI DO
sting lancetazo [m] PE CL
sting orquestado [m] MX HN SV NI PA PE BO AR UY
sting piquetazo [m] GT HN SV
sting piquete [m] EC
sting piquete [m] PA
sting piquete [m] MX GT HN NI CL
sting rasquín [m] SV NI
sting punzada [f]
sting estimular [v]
sting remorder [v]
sting requemar [v]
sting punzar [v]
sting raspar [v]
sting mordicar [v]
sting acúleo [m] disused
sting picazo [m]
sting mordedura (de culebra) [f]
sting pinchar [v]
sting morder (una culebra) [v]
sting atormentar [v]
sting carcomer [v]
sting causar tormento [v]
sting remorder la conciencia [v]
sting estímulo [m]
sting remordimiento de conciencia [m]
sting rasquera [f] BO:W
sting escarabajear [v]
sting engaño
sting estafa
sting picadura [f]
sting aguijón [m]
sting lanza [f]
sting púa [f]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "sting" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 58 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
sting-bull araña [f]
bee-sting picadura de abeja [f]
mark from a sting or bite chancomida [f] HN NI
sting (bee/wasp) chicoteada [f] HN
sting (bee/wasp) chicoteada [f] HN
(insect)to sting picar (un insecto) [v]
(wasp) to sting someone picar a alguien (una avispa) [v]
sting the skin intensely arar [v] BO
sting-ray chucho [m]
sting of an insect aguijón [m]
painful sting of an insect (generally a bee, wasp, mite, or mosquito) clavetazo [m] HN
sting (bee/wasp) chicotazo (de chicote) [m] HN rur.
insect sting flechazo [m] BO:E,N AR:Nw
sting operation orquestado [m] MX HN SV NI PA PE BO AR UY
a sting operation una operación encubierta
bee sting picadura de abeja
wasp sting picadura de avispa
a large wasp whose sting is believed to be fatal ahorcadora [f] HN NI
variety of thistle used as an antidote against the poisonous spider sting caucha [f] CL
produce sting from the bite of ants, wasps or bees aburar [v] CU DO
sting/bite an insect repeteadly aburar [v] PR
in the form of a goad/sting aculeiforme [adj]
sting of a bee aguijón [m]
wasp sting aguijón [m]
sting of a wasp guizque [m] rur. rare
sting (as of bees) espigón [m]
insect's sting rejo [m]
wasp/bee's sting résped [m]
hymenoptera with sting (bees) formicarios [m/pl]
hymenoptera with sting (bees) formícidos [m/pl]
sting to the quick picar hasta lo vivo [v]
sting operation operación rastrillo [f] AR UY
take the sting out of something quitarle hierro a algo [v]
take the sting out of something aliviar el dolor que causa algo [v]
take the sting out of something reducir el efecto negativo de un evento [v]
take the sting out of something mejorar algo que es desagradable [v]
a sting in the tail un buen comienzo con un mal final
this might sting a bit esto podría dar un poco de escozor
this might sting a bit esto te escocerá un poco (inyección/medicamento)
float like a butterfly, sting like a bee flota como una mariposa, pica como una abeja
sting someone for something golpear a alguien por algo
wasp-sting picadura de avispa
Marine Biology
sting ray raya látigo
Molecular Biology
sting domain dominio sting
fire ant sting aguijón de la hormiga de fuego
scorpion sting picadura de escorpión
sea urchin sting picadura por erizo de mar
jellyfish sting picadura de medusa
bee sting picadura de abeja
sting (organ) aguijón [m]
sting (from bee) picadura [f]
sting sheath vaina del aguijón
sheath of sting vaina de aguijón
sting cavity or chamber cámarra del aguijón
sting-ray pastinaca [f]
a hymenopterous insect without a sting and covered by a grey substance avispa papelera [f] VE
British Slang
ring-sting dolor en el culo (a causa de la diarrea)
folk dance imitating the sting of the sitaracuy ant with dancers trading stings and acting as if in pain sitaracuy [m] PE