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Meanings of "close" in Spanish English Dictionary : 190 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
close cerrar [v]
close cerca [adv]
close cierren [v]
close allegado [adj]
close entrañable [adj]
close próximo [adj]
close clausurar [v]
close cerrarse [v]
close cierre [m]
close disputado [adj]
close cargado [adj]
close ajustado [adj]
close íntimo [adj]
close equilibrado [adj]
close apurado [adj]
close estrecho [adj]
close arrimado [adj]
close unido [adj]
close reñido [adj]
close cancelar [v]
close chapar [v]
close clavetear [v]
close consumar [v]
close allegado [adj]
close apretado [adj]
close batalloso [adj] disused
close cercano [adj]
close estrecho [adj]
close expansivo [adj]
close íntimo [adj]
close acabar [v]
close atancar [v] disused
close atortolar [v] HN SV rur.
close barrear [v]
close cancelar [v]
close cerrar [v]
close clausular [v]
close desenrollar [v]
close entupir [v]
close espesarse [v]
close aprés [adv] disused
close cerca [adv]
close conclusión [f]
close junto [adj]
close vecino [adj]
close cerca [adj]
close (examen) detallado [adj]
close (apariencia) de cerca [adj]
close (relación) intimo [adj]
close (resultado) apretado [adj]
close (semejanza) grande [adj]
close (tiempo) bochornoso [adj]
close minucioso [adj]
close obturar [v]
close terminarse [v]
close saldar [v]
close sellar [v]
close finiquitar [v]
close tapar [v]
close finalizar [v]
close achicar [v]
close acortar [v]
close resultar [v]
close clausurar (reunión) [v]
close fenecimiento [m]
close familiar [adj]
close ahogado [adj]
close afín [adj]
close angosto [adj]
close cerrado [adj]
close contiguo [adj]
close denso [adj]
close compacto [adj]
close breve [adj]
close hermético [adj] fig.
close justo [adj]
close reservado [adj]
close macizo [adj]
close premioso [adj]
close reducido [adj]
close tacaño [adj]
close sofocante [adj]
close yunto [adj]
close cortar [v]
close convenir [v]
close concluir [v]
close fenecer [v]
close pegar [v]
close rematar [v]
close ultimar [v]
close terminar [v]
close traspellar [v]
close traspillar [v]
close término [m]
close cierro [m]
close cercado [m]
close prado [m]
close atrio (de una catedral) [m]
close riña [f]
close caída [f]
close lucha cuerpo a cuerpo [f]
close huerta [f]
close inmediato [adj]
close callado [adj]
close sólido [adj]
close oculto [adj]
close parejo [adj]
close secreto [adj]
close igual [adj]
close conciso [adj]
close retirado [adj]
close sin respiradero [adj]
close solitario [adj]
close reticente [adj]
close compendioso [adj]
close discreto [adj]
close opresivo [adj]
close aplicado [adj]
close escrupuloso [adj]
close avaro [adj]
close interesado [adj]
close oscuro [adj]
close atento [adj]
close obscuro [adj]
close escaso [adj]
close nublado [adj]
close cubierto [adj]
close entornar [v]
close encajar [v]
close acabar [v]
close incluir [v]
close tupir [v]
close juntarse [v]
close agarrarse [v]
close contener [v]
close unirse [v]
close atacar [v]
close estar de acuerdo [v]
close convenirse [v]
close acabarse [v]
close darse a partido [v]
close estrechamente [adv]
close apretadamente [adv]
close fin [m]
close llegado [adj] disused
close candar [v] ES local
close de confianza [adj]
close de hierro [adj] AR UY
close en comarca [adv] disused
close cerca de [prep]
close conchudo [adj]
close finiquitar [v]
close bochornoso [adj]
close concertar [v]
close cerrar [v]
close concertar [v]
close cierre [m]
close terminación [f]
close parcela [f]
close clausura [f]
close conclusión [f]
close unión [f]
close limitado [adj]
close apretado [adj]
close sucinto [adj]
close ajustado [adj]
close angosto [adj]
close apretado [adj]
close estrecho [adj]
close solar [v]
close cerrar [v]
close ocluir [v]
close bloquear [v]
close restringido [adj]
close arreglarse [v]
close taponar [v]
close levantar [v]
close saldar cuentas [v]
close aproximarse [v]
close cerrar [v]
close cierre [m]
close juntar [v]
close ajustar [v]
close embragar [v]
close unir [v]
close tupido [adj]
close cierre [m]
close cierre [m]
close tapar [v]
close taponar [v]

Meanings of "close" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
you close cierra [v]
you/they close cierren [v]
come close aproximarse [v]
weave close together tupir [v]
close contact roce [m]
close friend íntimo [m]
close shave apurado [m]
close friend íntima [f]
close season veda [f]
close-cropped chamorro [adj]
close-cropped pelón [adj]
very close férreo [adj]
close-woven tupido [adj]
close-cropped rapado [adj]
close up cerrarse [v]
close up cerrarse [v]
close ranks cerrarse [v]
close in cerrarse [v]
half-close entornar [v]
close down clausurar [v]
come close asomarse (empezar a mostrarse) [v]
close a deal cerrar un trato [v]
be close to bordear [v]
close to casi [adv]
close-cropped chamorra [adj/f]
close-cropped pelona [adj/f]
very close férrea [adj/f]
close-woven tupida [adj/f]
close-cropped rapada [adj/f]
close by cerca [adv]
bring a close clausurar [v]
close examination apuradero [m] disused
close examination aquilatamiento [m]
close observation atisbo [m]
hatred or strong animosity for close friends cainismo [m]
kind of close jacket with a collar, formerly worm by women chamerluco (turco) [m]
close contact compadreo [m] derog.
gift to close a deal hoque [m]
close observation atisbadura [f] disused
bird flying close to the ground ave ratera [f]
filth thrown from a close-stool bacinada [f] disused
close friendship estrechez [f]
close (family) allegado [adj]
close-woven claro [adj]
bearing close set horns corniapretado [adj]
close-minded cuadriculado [adj]
close together espeso [adj]
get close abocarse [v]
come close to acariciar [v]
hold close acaronar [v] ES local
bring close acercar [v]
get close arrimarse [v]
give a close shave afeitar [v]
be very close ajustar [v]
close up albergar [v]
get close allegarse [v]
close in on apretar [v]
bring close aproximar [v]
close the hand apuñar [v]
come close to avanzarse [v]
close one eye to see bornear [v]
close off cegar [v]
close off cerrar [v]
bring to a close cerrar [v]
close a deal cerrar [v]
close in on cerrar [v]
close a curve cerrarse [v]
bring to a close clausular [v]
close down clausurar [v]
close off condenar [v]
close shave descañonar [v]
have a close shave descañonarse [v]
be very close to one's parents empadrarse [v]
close oneself in enclaustrarse [v]
close with a grille enrejar [v]
become intimately close estrechar [v]
be close to frisar [v]
half-close juntar [v]
close-fitting ajustadamente [adv]
close by aprés [adv] disused
close by cerca [adv]
close by junto [adv]
close to aprés [prep] disused
close mindedness anteojeras [f/pl]
close view detalle [m]
close friend adú [m] PE
couple that sits close together to whisper sweet nothings to each other altar [m] DO
arm joint close to chest (animal) codillo [m]
stake fence with posts very close together paloapique [m] VE
close friend arete [m] HN CU derog.
close hug apurruñón [m] VE
close friend arito [m] HN
close friend asere [m] CU
close friend básiga [m] PR
close friend blod [m] PA
a close friend bagallo [m] DO
place very close to the port where goods are deposited in containers antepuerto [m] CL
close embrace (a couple dancing) amacise [m] CO
close-cropped head bolansho [m] PE rur.
close friend aparcero [m] BO:C,S
close friend aparcero [m] UY
close friend aparcero [m] AR derog.
close friend bonco [m] CU
close friend blod (inglés) [m] PA
close friend boy (inglés) [m] PR
close friend brobin [m] PR
close friend broda [m] PR
close friend bron (del inglés) [m] PR
close friend bróder (inglés) [m] VE PE
close friend broqui [m] PR
close friend brother (inglés) [m] US PR
a creature very close to white due to their light skin color and features blanconazo [m] CU
close friend buddy (inglés) [m] US PR
close friend buey [m] MX NI
close friend acere [m] CU
very close friend cumpa [m] PE BO CL AR:N
process that serves to close cerraje [m] PE
close friend chero [m] HN SV
man who likes to organize and enliven parties for close friends carnavalero [m] BO
close friend gancho [m] CL disused
meeting the day after the wedding in which the gifts are counted in front of family and close friends conteo de regalos [m] BO
group of flowers that grow close together copetón [m] PR
close competition between people or groups collereo [m] CL
close friend cousín [m] NI teen
close friend cuaderno [m] MX
close male friend cobio [m] CU
close friend maneque [m] SV
close friend manín [m] GT
close friend manito [m] NI DO
close friend manix [m] GT
close friend dúo [m] PY
close friend ecobio [m] CU
close link/bond estrecho vínculo [m]
close friend pelao [m] PA
latch to close doors, windows, or chests rastrillo [m] HN
close friend wity (inglés witty) [m] PA
close relationship estrechez [f]
close-knit group piña [f]
close female friend alicate [f] DO PR
getting close to arrimadera [f] HN NI DO CO
childrens' game where the objective is to toss coins or round objects at a wall with the goal of getting as close to the wall as possible arrimadita [f] AR UY
close friend aparcera [f] UY
close friend aparcera [f] BO:C,S
close friend aparcera [f] AR derog.
close friend brocha [f] HN
very close friendship amistad de doble pespunte [f] PR
close female friend chencha [f] CO:N
close friend chera [f] HN SV
group of animals of a species that are close together and form a compact block colpa [f] CL
close female friend cobia [f] CU
close friend cuarta [f] PR
attitude typical of someone who is very close to another person guindazón [f] CR
close friend mancuerna [f] SV NI PA
sea waves very close together mar corrida [f] DO PR
very close friendship pipencia [f] NI
close-cropped cut repelada [f] CU
rustic gate made with two poles distanced from each other, with horizontal sticks to opens or close passage tronquera [f] AR:Ne rur.
very close friend achichincle (del nahua) [m/f] HN
close friend ambia [m/f] CU
close friend yunta [m/f] BO
close friend cúmbila [m/f] CU
close friend chif (inglés) [m/f] PA
close friend carreta [m/f] PE rare
close friend gomía (de amigo) [m/f] AR UY
close friend inchipinchi [m/f] PA endear.
close friend panaful [m/f] DO
close friend paña [m/f] SV drug
close friend pana [m/f] US MX PA DO PR VE EC BO:W
close friend pana [m/f] HN SV NI child
close friend compio [m/f] PR
close friend paisa [m/f] CU rare
close friend paisa [m/f] MX PA PR EC PE
close friend panita [m/f] PR EC
close friend partner (inglés) [m/f] CL
urban regulation to close off an area seccional [m/f] CL
close friend yunta [m/f] BO
close-fisted agarrado [adj]
close-coupled compacto [adj]
close by cercano [adj]
close together junto [adj]
[of a relative] close estrecho [adj]
close-cropped quasi pelado [adj]
close-knit muy unido [adj]
close (neighbour) afamiliado [adj] DO
someone who dances very close to her partner afincado [adj] PR VE PE
close (female friend) alicate [adj] DO PR
close to the breaking point (friendship) tirante [adj]
brought to a close llevado a un final [adj]
in a close and loving embrace (lovers) apestillado [adj] PR
hugging someone close apurruñado [adj] CU VE
tight and close to the legs (trousers) apachucado [adj] HN
dancing very close to or squeezing their partner apampichado [adj] DO
dancing very close to or squeezing their partner apampichao [adj] DO
very close apeñucado [adj] DO
having a close relationship built on trust (two people) carnal [adj] VE teen
having a close relationship built on trust (two people) carnal [adj] MX GT SV NI AR
close to one's girlfriend guillado [adj] PR teen
close together juntos [adj]
very close macizo [adj] HN
tied up close to the house at night nochero [adj] AR UY rur.
close the pores of constipar [v]
close down precintar [v]
close up tapiar [v]
close with a grille enrejar [v]
close partway juntar [v]
keep close pegarse [v]
close one's mind cerrarse [v]
be close to frisar [v]
bring close pegar [v]
(shoot a weapon) at close range a bocajarro [v]
(shoot a weapon) at close range a quemarropa [v]
(wound) to close cerrarse (una herida) [v]
(wound) to close cicatrizar (una herida) [v]
(shoot a weapon) at close range disparar muy cerca (un arma) [v]
get close acercarse [v]
be close to rondar [v]
get close intimar [v]
grow close intimar [v]
close one's pores constipar [v]
close halfway entrecerrar [v]
drive dangerously close behind another vehicle chupar rueda [v]
drive dangerously close behind another vehicle conducir pegado a [v]
drive dangerously close behind another vehicle conducir muy cerca de otro vehículo [v]
drive dangerously close behind another vehicle conducir sin distancia de seguridad [v]
close securely sellar [v]
close securely hermetizar [v]
close something tight cerrar algo bien [v]
be close to estar a punto [v]
be close to estar a tiro [v]
be very close to estar muy cerca [v]
be close by estar muy cerca (de) [v]
close the door on someone cerrar la puerta a alguien [v]
close ranks cerrar las filas [v]
close the door on something cerrar la puerta a algo [v]
close ranks cerrar filas [v]
close the curtains cerrar las cortinas [v]
close one's eyes cerrar los ojos [v]
close a deal cerrar un acuerdo [v]
close a deal cerrar un pacto [v]
close a sale cerrar una venta [v]
close the deal cerrarse el acuerdo [v]
draw to a close acercarse a su fin [v]
draw to a close acercarse al final [v]
draw to a close terminar [v]
come very close to estar a punto de [v]
maintain close relations with mantener estrechas relaciones con [v]
close cooperation cooperación intensa [v]
be a close friend of ser muy amigo de [v]
keep a close eye on vigilar estrechamente [v]
be close amagar [v]
sail close to (shore) arranchar [v]
close a deal redondear un negocio [v]
close something off enviar algo adjunto [v]
close something off remitir algo adjunto [v]
close down echar el cierre a [v]
close downward cerrar a la baja [v]
close off incomunicarse [v]
block or close a ditch with champas (sod/turf) achamparse [v] AR:N
dance very close to each other (a couple) afincarse [v] PR
get close to arrimar [v]
bring close together juntar [v]
brought close together juntar [v]
brought close together reunir [v]
bring close together reunir [v]
cause milk to flow again from a milking cow by bringing a calf close apoyar [v] MX HN PR UY rur.
get close aprepinguarse [v] PR
get close apropincuarse [v] DO CU
close or tighten something such as a canvas bag by turning around a short stick atortolar [v] MX HN SV
get close to the border averarse [v] DO
be a close follower ser un seguidor cercano [v]
be a close friendship between tener una estrecha amistad con [v]
become close relatives convertirse en parientes cercanos [v]
become close to volverse cercano a [v]
become close volverse cercanos [v]
lie down very close to another person agregarse [v] DO PR
get close aprepinguarse [v] PR
get close apropincuarse [v] DO CU
close down alzarse [v] EC
close in cerrarse [v]
(a flower) close up cerrarse [v]
draw close acercarse [v]
draw to the close acercarse al final [v]
draw to the close culminar [v]
draw to the close acercarse a la recta final [v]
close a window or door with a wedge cuñar [v] HN rur.
close a matate or woven cactus fiber bag with a short stick to which a cord is tied to both ends entortolar [v] HN
half close a door, window or drawer entrajustar [v] CO
not completely close a door or window entrejuntar [v] CU VE
close off something using rebar envarillar [v] MX
talk too close to one's conversation partner estrujar [v] PR
close junctions galafatear [v] GT
run in a close heat (horses at chilean races) collerear [v] CL
be close with someone intimar [v] SV
be a close follower ser un gran seguidor [v]
be a close follower ser un aficionado empedernido [v]
be a close friendship between ser un amigo intimo [v]
give a close shave destoconar [v] DO PR
stop the ball bringing it close to the chest embolsar [v] HN EC PE BO
get close to a bull in a bull fight embraguetarse [v] MX rur.
close oneself off encasillarse [v] NI CU
open and close quickly pispilear [v] HN cult
report a crime committed by someone close to a group of criminals ratear [v] PR delinq.
report a crime committed by someone close to a group of criminals ratiar [v] PR
be close to an amount rascar [v] GT
be close to an age rascar [v] GT
close a valve tancar [v] EC rur.
close to cerca [adv]
in a close way cercanamente [adv]
(close) at hand cerca [adv]
at close quarters muy de cerca [adv]
very close altricito [adv] DO
as close as possible tan cerca como sea posible [adv]
at close interval a intervalos cortos [adv]
at close interval a intervalos cortos [adv]
relatively close a un brinco [adv] CR disused
very close en la chamba [adv] DO
very close a la chamba [adv] DO
very close cerquininga [adv] DO BO:E
very close cerquitica [adv] EC rur.
very close cerquitica [adv] CR CU DO VE
close at hand alairito [adv] EC rare
close to casimente [adv] DO
close to casito [adv] CO EC PE
very close al haz [adv] HN
as close as possible lo más cerca posible [adv]
as close as possible cuanto más cerca posible [adv]
very close nomás [adv] GT HN SV
close to cerca de [prep]
close to (casi) cerca de [prep]
close on (casi) cerca de [prep]
let's bring this to a close ¡ya estuvo suave! [expr] MX
close-knit muy unida [adj/f]
dancing very close to or squeezing their partner apampichaá [adj/f] DO
close friends los de la foto [n] GT
person close to death candidato al hoyo [n] NI PR AR
a close friend un amigo cercano
a close friend un amigo íntimo
close to cerca de
close up de cerca
close-up primer plano
close by muy cerca
close at hand muy cerca
close to de cerca
fire at close range tiro a corta distancia
close election elección reñida
close collaborator colaborador estrecho
close to próximo a
close friend amiga íntima
close friend amigo íntimo
close friends amigos entrañables
close collaborator estrecho colaborador
close-knit family familia unida
very close muy unidos
close friend amigo de confianza
close relations relaciones estrechas
close friendship allegamiento [m]
close friend acere [m] CU
sluice close to another contratablacho [m]
close/secret meeting conclave [m]
close examination brujuleo [m]
kind of close jacket with collar chamerluco [m]
close examination escrutinio [m]
treat to close a bargain hoque [m]
gardener who cultivates the sandy soil close to the shores of andalusia navacero [m]
close of a lecture punto [m]
close friend paniaguado [m]
basin of a close-stool sillico [m]
close-stool servicio [m]
close friend amigo del alma [m]
close/secret meeting cónclave [m]
close friend allegado [m]
close friend amigo íntimo [m]
close study aplicación [f]
close-fitting jacket almilla [f]
close attachment conformidad [f]
close friendship intimidad [f]
close friendship estrechez [f]
close field of barley pared [f]
close of the evening sobretarde [f]
close season (game) veda [f]
gardener who cultivates the sandy soil close to the shores of andalusia navacera [f]
close-fisted apretado [adj]
close by cercano [adj]
with close-set horns corniapretado [adj]
close-fisted prieto [adj]
very close friend ñaño [adj] BO EC PE
loosen close-pressed or matted things ahuecar [v]
press close ajustar [v]
squat close alastrarse [v]
close a bargain acaparrarse [v] disused
tie close añudar [v]
close the uppers of shoes aparar [v]
close up (flowers) cerrar [v]
close a period clausular [v]
close (a deal) concertar [v]
close judicial proceedings concluir [v]
shave close descañonar [v]
close up cegar [v]
close a gap or flume with green sods or turf champear [v] CL EC
settle and close an account finiquitar [v]
prune a tree close to the trunk frailear [v]
half-close the eyes entornar [v]
put close together meter [v]
close an opening/passage macizar [v]
close up tabicar [v]
close all avenues sitiar [v]
be close to another (be adjacent) tocar [v]
press close tupir [v]
close the lips of a wound unir [v]
close up sellar [v]
close up clausurar [v]
close up acercarse [v]
close up juntarse [v]
close up cerrar las puertas [v]
close down terminar [v]
close by cerca [adv]
close to junto [adv]
close by vecinamente [adv]
stitches to close a wound puntos [m/pl]
close-fisted prieta [adj/f]
close-fisted apretada [adj/f]
with close-set horns corniapretada [adj/f]
very close (friend) ñaña [adj/f] BO EC PE
close fight combate reñido [m]
close-stool sillico [m]
close weather tiempo sofocante [m]
close weather tiempo pesado [m]
close weather tiempo bochornoso [m]
hemp-close cañamar [m]
close stool sillico [m]
close-fitting ceñido al cuerpo [adj]
close-fisted tacaño [adj]
close-fitting ajustado [adj]
close by muy arrimado [adj]
close-knit cercano [adj]
close in cercar [v]
close round cercar [v]
close round rodear [v]
close up cerrar completamente [v]
close with the enemy cerrar con el enemigo [v]
close with the enemy luchar mano a mano [v]
close with one's friend estar de acuerdo con su amigo [v]
bring to a close llevar a cabo [v]
bring to a close perorar [v]
bring to a close terminar [v]
stick close by a person aficionarse a uno [v]
stick close by a person serle fiel a uno [v]
stick (to become or remain attached or in close association; cling) unirse [v]
stick close mantenerse juntos [v]
close the throttle cerrar el estrangulador [v]
close the throttle cerrar el regulado [v]
sit close acercarse [v]
sit close juntarse [v]
sail close hauled ceñir el viento [v]
sail close hauled bolinear [v]
sail close with the wind ceñir el viento [v]
sail close with the wind bolinear [v]
close by muy cerca de [adv]
close by a mano [adv]
close inshore arrimado a la tierra [adv]
close by junto a [prep]
close-fisted tacaña [adj/f]
close-fitting ajustada [adj/f]
close friend cuadro [m] CU CO:N
close friend mano [m] GT NI BO endear. PA rur.
close friend cuate (náhuatl) [m] MX GT HN SV
woman who likes to organize and enliven parties for close friends carnavalera [f] BO
close friends mazorca [f] GT
close call chamada [f] AL
close friend cuata (náhuatl) [f] MX GT HN SV
close to cerca [adj]
close (family) acostado [adj] disused
pursue close abacorar [v] VE CU DO PR
pay close attention acatar [v] disused
get close acostarse [v] disused
prune a tree close to the trunk frailear [v] AL
at the close al final [adv]
close by onda [adv] CL UY child
very close casito [adv] HN PA PE CO EC
close to donde [prep]
close together junta [adj/f]
close by cercana [adj/f]
close friend sendo pana [m] PR child
close friend senda pana [f] PR child
close friend pana fuerte [f] PR
close at the hand a la mano [adj]
close to the surface a flor de piel [adj]
keep a close rein on someone atar corto a alguien [v]
keep a close watch on someone atar corto a alguien [v]
close one’s eyes to something cerrar los ojos a algo [v]
close one's mind to something cerrar los ojos a algo [v]
close something firmly cerrar algo a piedra y lodo [v]
close something securely cerrar algo a piedra y lodo [v]
close something tightly cerrar algo a piedra y lodo [v]
close something firmly cerrar algo a cal y canto [v]
close something securely cerrar algo a cal y canto [v]
close something tightly cerrar algo a cal y canto [v]
cut it close terminar justo a tiempo [v]
be close to home tocar de cerca [v]
be close to tears estar a punto de largar el llanto [v]