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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "jetón" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 31 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
jetón [adj] thick-lipped
jetón [adj] HN NI unpleasant
jetón [adj] HN NI displeasing
jetón [adj] HN sassy
jetón [adj] SV busybody
jetón [adj] CL disused vile
jetón [adj] MX GT EC BO angry
jetón [adj] MX BO derog. easily irritated
jetón [adj] SV CO EC derog. thick-lipped
jetón [adj] NI CO BO derog. thick-lipped
jetón [adj] GT having a big and rough face
jetón [adj] CR CO:C VE derog. lying
jetón [adj] CL silly
jetón [adj] CL disused despicable
jetón [adj] HN NI annoying
jetón [adj] SV gossipy
jetón [adj] HN given to answering back
jetón [adj] CL paper, cloth, or garment that has been enlarged or widened
jetón [adj] HN NI upsetting
jetón [adj] CR CO:C VE derog. exaggerating when speaking
jetón [adj] CL foolish
jetón [adj] GT having a protruding jaw
jetón [adj] HN NI irritating
jetón [m] HN derog. braggart
jetón [m] HN SV NI derog. person who talks a lot and uses vulgar and offensive words
jetón [m] HN derog. show-off
jetón [adj] VE UY derog. thick-lipped
jetón [adj] MX HN asleep
jetón [adj] MX HN asleep
jetón CR a liar or to have a big mouth
Marine Biology
jetón [m] CO a trans-andean migratory species belonging to prochilodontidae family (ichthyoelephas longirostris)

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Spanisch Englisch
andar de jetón [v] HN be a chatterbox
andar de jetón [v] HN be talkative