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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "naughty" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 77 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
naughty verde [adj]
naughty revoltoso [adj]
naughty revuelto (hijo) [adj]
naughty enredador [adj]
naughty picante [adj]
naughty pícaro [adj]
naughty picarón [adj]
naughty pillo (hijo) [adj]
naughty condenado [adj]
naughty coscolino (hijo) [adj]
naughty travieso (hijo) [adj]
naughty malo [adj]
naughty revoltosa [adj/f]
naughty revuelta (hijo) [adj/f]
naughty enredadora [adj/f]
naughty pícara [adj/f]
naughty picarona [adj/f]
naughty pilla (hijo) [adj/f]
naughty condenada [adj/f]
naughty coscolina (hijo) [adj/f]
naughty traviesa (hijo) [adj/f]
naughty mala [adj/f]
naughty pillo [adj]
naughty abribonado [adj] rare
naughty malote [adj]
naughty travieso [adj]
naughty maleducado [adj]
naughty obsceno [adj]
naughty bellaco [adj] CU:E DO
naughty bocón [adj] PR
naughty boleto [adj] CO
naughty burundanga [adj] VE
naughty furgandío [adj] SV
naughty gualaicho [adj] BO
naughty incapaz [adj] MX
naughty güino [adj] VE
naughty malulo [adj] CL child
naughty malevo [adj] PR
naughty mataracho [adj] HN
naughty papeleta [adj] CO:W
naughty perverso [adj] SV
naughty pelusa [adj] CL rare
naughty pichuercho [adj] NI
naughty revoltón [adj] SV
naughty sajurín [adj] SV
naughty tequioso [adj] CR disused
naughty tequioso [adj] NI
naughty traviesa [adj/f]
naughty bocona [adj/f] PR
naughty bellaca [adj/f] CU:E DO
naughty bola de humo [loc/adj] CU
naughty de moledera [loc/adj] CL
naughty juguetón [adj]
naughty díscolo [adj]
naughty desobediente [adj]
naughty malvado [adj]
naughty perverso [adj]
naughty díscola [adj/f]
naughty malvada [adj/f]
naughty perversa [adj/f]
naughty juguetona [adj/f]
naughty pajolero [adj]
naughty picaruelo [adj]
naughty biyaya [adj] CU
naughty boquisuelto [adj] PR
naughty maldoso [adj] MX NI CR
naughty mono [adj] PY
naughty pelusiento [adj] CL
naughty revuelto [adj] CR
naughty rosquero [adj] CL
naughty roñoso [adj] EC
naughty pajolera [adj/f]
naughty picaruela [adj/f]
naughty boquisuelta [adj/f] PR
naughty de porra [adj] MX
naughty tunante [adj]
naughty tuno [adj]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "naughty" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 86 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
very naughty rematado [adj] ES
very naughty rematada [adj/f] ES
naughty person ñonga [f] VE
naughty person ñongo [m] VE
become naughty abribonarse [v] rare
in a naughty way malvadamente [adv]
naughty and roguish child bandida [f] AR rare
naughty and roguish child bandida [f] NI CU DO PR CO VE EC CL
naughty and playful young person kalincha [f] BO
naughty person bolera [f] VE:C
playful and naughty young woman kalincha [f] BO
naughty girl palomilla [f] BO:E
naughty boy in the street with no supervision plazuela [f] EC
be naughty batajolear [v]
punish a naughty child espescuezar [v] PR
punish a naughty child despescuezar [v] PR
punish a naughty child espescuezar [v] PR
naughty and roguish (child) bandido [adj] AR rare
naughty and roguish (child) bandido [adj] NI CU DO PR CO VE EC CL
naughty (child) chirivisco [adj] HN rur.
naughty and restless candela [adj] CU PR
very naughty frito [adj] BO
very naughty gueroso [adj] MX
very naughty guerrista [adj] MX
naughty (person) coscolino [adj] NI
naughty and roguish child bandido [m] AR rare
naughty and roguish child bandido [m] NI CU DO PR CO VE EC CL
naughty and roguish child bandolero [m] PA EC
naughty and playful young person kalincho [m] BO
naughty person bolero [m] VE:C
naughty kid chinvarón [m] NI
naughty boy cohetillo [m] BO
playful and naughty young man kalincho [m] BO
naughty boy palomillo [m] BO:E
restless and naughty child sajorín [m] PR
naughty child tigre [m] PR
naughty child zaragate [m] MX disused
someone that is naughty canalla [m/f]
very naughty child centella [m/f] PR
naughty boy pingo [m/f] MX endear.
naughty boy pelusa [m/f] CL
unruly and naughty child sacafuego [m/f] AR:Nw
naughty and mischievous bola de humo [loc/adj] CU
naughty student alumna traviesa
naughty person bolera [f] VE:C
very naughty boy calincha [f] BO:C
naughty and playful young person calincha [f] BO:C
naughty young woman lilincha [f] PE:S
naughty and annoying child plaga [f] EC
traditional ghost dressed in black and with the appearance of a woman who takes away disobedient or naughty children la tunda [f] EC
to be very naughty ser de la piel del diablo [v]
be naughty dar guerra [v]
get naughty ponerse bruto [v]
get naughty ponerse caliente [v]
be a naughty child ser un Barrabás [v]
rebellious, mischievous, and naughty (child) ciruja [adj] AR:Nw,W
naughty (child) chivo [adj] AR:Nw UY
naughty person malote [m]
naughty boy pillín [m]
naughty person bolero [m] VE:C
very naughty boy calincho [m] BO:C
naughty and playful young person calincho [m] BO:C
naughty person mandinga [m] AR disused
naughty person mandinga [m] CL
naughty child bicharraco [m/f]
naughty child bandida [m/f] NI CU DO PR CO VE EC CL AR rare
naughty child bandido [m/f] NI CU DO PR CO VE EC CL AR rare
naughty child maldito [m/f] CU
naughty child bola de humo [m/f] CU
rebellious, mischievous, and naughty child ciruja [m/f] AR:Nw,W
very naughty boy cola del diablo [loc/nom] SV BO
naughty boy niño travieso
naughty and unruly child pata de judas [f] GT PA PE
be too naughty no tener cura [v]
(for a child) be naughty ser una buena pieza [v]
be naughty hacer batería y media [v] BO
be very naughty ser cola de judas [v] SV
be very naughty ser de no criarse [v] PR
very naughty boy talón de judas [m] BO:S
very naughty and mischievous child pata del diablo [m/f] CU BO:N,W,E
very naughty más malo que el ron con guaco [loc/adj] PR rur.
naughty and unruly child buena mandarina [loc/nom] BO AR
have a naughty tener relaciones sexuales [v]
naughty bits alegrías
British Slang
naughty bits bolas (genitales)
short, naughty, mocking fantastic character with a big hat, a hand of wool and another of iron sombrerudo [m] AR:Nw