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Meanings of "pay" in Spanish English Dictionary : 141 result(s)

English Spanish
pay recompensar [v]
pay rendir [v]
pay prestar [v]
pay pagar [v]
pay pechar [v]
pay abonar [v]
pay pago [m]
Irregular Verb
pay paid - paid [v]
pay retribución [f]
pay chamba [f]
pay soldada [f]
pay raya [f] MX GT
pay retribuir [v]
pay hacer [v]
pay devengar [v]
pay cancelar (saldar una deuda) [v]
pay dispensar [v]
pay saldar [v]
pay distribuir [v]
pay satisfacer [v]
pay solventar [v]
pay contribuir [v]
pay cotizar [v]
pay tributar [v]
pay salario [m]
pay sueldo [m]
pay paga [f]
pay satisfacer (deuda) [v]
pay quitación [f]
pay enterar [v] BO CO CR MX HN NI
pay lastar [v] rare
pay cobrar [v]
pay entretenimiento [m] outdated
pay gaje [m]
pay estipendio [m]
pay situado [m]
pay alafa (árabe) [f] disused
pay abonar [v]
pay acudir [v]
pay ajustar [v]
pay tusada [f] SV
pay enjugar [v]
pay remunerar [v]
pay pagarse [v]
pay presentar [v]
pay haber [v]
pay sufragar [v]
pay invitar [v]
pay desembolsar [v]
pay recudir [v]
pay cancelar [v] EC CL
pay rendir [v]
pay comprar [v]
pay redituar [v]
pay valer la pena [v]
pay salir a cuenta [v]
pay calafatear [v]
pay ser rentable [v]
pay ser rentable a [v]
pay garpar [v] AR UY
pay pichar (inglés pitch) [v] VE
pay pitar [v] GT
pay galardón [m]
pay honorario [m]
pay compensación [f]
pay cumplir [v]
pay gastar [v]
pay desempeñar [v]
pay devolver [v]
pay sufrir (un castigo) [v]
pay corresponder [v]
pay ofrecer [v]
pay ser provechoso [v]
pay hacer aprovechar [v]
pay dar provecho [v]
pay sufrir un castigo [v]
pay honorarios [m/pl]
pay garpar [v] AR UY
pay soltar (dinero) [v]
pay dar [v]
pay garpar [v] AR
pay remuneración [f]
pay nómina [f]
pay paga [f]
pay retribución [f]
pay remuneración [f]
pay raya [f] MX
pay liquidar [v]
pay traer beneficio [v]
pay ingresar [v]
pay entregar [v]
pay desembolsar [v]
pay enterar [v]
pay integrar [v]
pay tributar [v]
pay retribuir [v]
pay hacer pago [v]
pay cubrir [v]
pay solventar [v]
pay ingresar [v]
pay sufragar [v]
pay pagar [v]
pay saldar [v]
pay remunerar [v]
pay honrar [v]
pay abonar [v]
pay pagar [v]
pay cancelar [v] CL
pay jornal [m]
pay sueldo [m]
pay salario [m]
pay honorarios [m/pl]
pay abonar [v]
pay pagar [v]
pay solventar [v]
pay acreditar [v]
pay ganancia [f]
pay nómina [f]
pay oblar [v]
pay franquear [v]
pay reglar [v]
pay resarcir [v]
pay reparar [v]
pay costear [v]
pay integrar [v]
pay honrar [v]
pay exhibir [v] HN MX
pay cubrir [v] MX
pay integrar [v]
pay abonar [v]
pay retribuir [v]
pay hacer efectivo
pay recompensa [f]
pay dar beneficios [v]
pay embrear [v]
pay filar [v]
pay compensar los gastos [v]
pay producir ganancias [v]
pay arriar [v]
pay remunerador [m]
pay pre [m] disused

Meanings of "pay" in English Spanish Dictionary : 2 result(s)

Spanish English
pay [m] PA child girlfriend
pay [m] US MX HN CU fruit or cream filled cake

Meanings of "pay" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
pay attention cuidar [v]
pay tribute to tributar [v]
pay an amount of money abonar [v]
pay for pagar [v]
pay off something saldar [v]
pay in advance adelantar [v]
pay day día de pago [m]
pay attention! aguas [f/pl]
pay station caja [f]
pay back devolución [v]
pay tribute to homenajear [v]
pay off cancelar [v]
pay off saldar [v]
pay for hacerse cargo de [v]
pay off pagar [v]
pay for pagarse [v]
pay out alargar [v]
pay tribute to encomiar [v]
pay by cheque pagar con cheque [v]
pay the rent pagar el alquiler [v]
pay interest dar interés [v]
pay for sufragar [v]
pay off amortizar [v]
pay in advance anticipar [v]
pay attention to escuchar [v]
pay by (credit) card pagar con tarjeta [v]
pay out largar [v]
pay in full liberar [v]
pay off liquidar [v]
pony up (pay) explicarse [v]
pay for costear [v]
pay attention prestar atención [v]
pay attention to prestar atención a [v]
pay contributions cotizar [v]
pay taxes tributar [v]
pay tribute rendir tributo [v]
pay attention fijarse [v]
pay for purgar [v]
pay attention to cuidar [v]
pay for bancar [v] AR BO UY
pay back reembolsar [v]
pay a visit to hacer una visita a [v]
pay out desembolsar [v]
pay tribute to rendir homenaje a [v]
pay for reponer [v]
slow to pay moroso [adj]
severance pay despido [m]
failure to pay impago [m]
month's pay mes [m]
slow to pay morosa [adj/f]
pay in installments pagar a plazos [v]
pay in kind pagar con la misma moneda [v]
pay in kind pagar en especie [v]
pay attention to hacer caso de [v]
pay attention to atender a [v]
pay tribute with tributar [v]
pay a compliment hacer un cumplido [v]
pay homage rendir homenaje [v]
pay no attention desentenderse [v]
pay back restituir [v]
obligation for a tenant to pay a certain rent antípoca [f]
exemption from office or duty, with reduced pay jubilación [f]
pay warrant nominilla [f]
month's pay mensualidad [f]
monthly pay mesada [f]
fortnightly (pay) quincena [f]
monthly pay paga [f]
pay-bill póliza [f]
additional pay sobrepaga [f]
increase of pay sobrepaga [f]
service-pay soldada [f]
additional pay ventaja [f]
pay beforehand adelantar [v]
give a fixed salary/pay asalariar [v]
pay customs duty aduanar [v] rare
pay attention to the conversation atender a la conversación [v]
pay in advance antepagar [v]
pay tax contribuir [v]
pay no heed desoír [v]
pay no attention to despreocuparse [v]
pay homage cortejar [v]
pay for itself costearse [v]
pay the cost costear [v]
pay back devolver [v]
pay tithe diezmar [v]
pay one's debts desadeudarse [v]
oblige to pay ejecutar [v]
pay attention galantear [v]
pay one's share escotar [v]
pay a draft honrar [v]
pay attention to fijarse [v]
pay out a rope filar [v]
offer to pay a draft or a promissory note for a third party intervenir [v]
pay taxes pechar [v] rare
pay (attention) prestar [v]
pay attentions obsequiar [v]
pay the poya poyar [v]
pay money/dues recudir [v]
pay off redimir [v]
pay respect tributar [v]
pay a salary salariar [v]
pay money on account socorrer [v]
agree to pay the price tantearse [v]
pay a visit visitar [v]
pay in full satisfacer [v]
pay attention servir [v]
agree to pay the price acordar un pago [v]
liable to pay a tax called millones amillonado [adj]
mark denoting that pay is to cease cese [m]
stopping of pay cese [m]
pay warrant boletín [m]
pay-bill boletín [m]
list of persons liable to pay taxes empadronamiento [m]
officer on half-pay oficial retirado [m]
officer on half-pay retirado [m]
extra pay for soldiers plus [m]
pay-dirt recovered from a derelict mine pallaco [m] BO CL
soldier's daily pay pre [m]
addition to pay sobresueldo [m]
six-month pay semestre [m]
soldier's pay sueldo [m]
extra pay guantes [m/pl]
liable to pay a tax called millones amillonada [adj/f]
(in granada in the former kingdom) customs where growers presented silk to pay taxes established by moorish kings alcaecería [f] disused
not pay attention to abanicarse [v]
pay back abastarse [v] disused
pay off abonar [v]
pay tribute acatar [v]
pay homage acatar [v]
pay close attention acatar [v] disused
pay in advance adelantar [v]
pay reverence adorar [v]
pay and register goods at customs aduanar [v] rare
pay off amortizar [v]
lender of money to pay the fines imposed by the judges of the council of the mesta achaquero [m]
without needing to pay gratis [adv]
extra pay ventaja [f]
pay freeze congelación salarial [f]
pay scale escala salarial [f]
merit pay paga por mérito [f]
severance pay indemnización por despido [f]
pay-off retribución [f]
pay-off recompensa [f]
occasional work for considerable pay chaucha [f] EC
pay off the mortgage on deshipoteca [f] CO
party offered to one's new work colleagues using one's first pay check culebra [f] SV
person who, in addition to cultivating land that does not belong to him, offers personal services for pay or without pay feudataria [f] PE
pay-off grasa [f] DO
special jail cell for prisoners who pay a monthly fee in exchange for certain privileges cuadra [f] HN
pay stub papeleta de pago [f] BO
pay off ponga [f] HN
pay off the mortgage on deshipotecar [v]
pay no attention to desatender [v]
pay subscription cotizar [v]
pay taxes contribuir [v]
pay compliments to piropear [v]
pay one's way costearse [v]
pay in tax tributar [v]
pay in ingresar [v]
pay up apoquinar [v]
pay out arriar [v]
pay back reintegrar [v]
pay attention to ocuparse [v]
pay homage to homenajear [v]
pay a formal visit cumplimentar [v]
pay in stages pagar a plazos [v]
pay in advance pagar por adelantado [v]
pay attention poner atención [v]
pay attention to hacer caso [v]
pay attention to pelar [v] MX HN NI
pay benefits abonar prestaciones [v]
pay cash comprar al contado [v]
pay attention to ser todo oídos para [v]
pay beforehand antepagar [v]
pay on account socorrer [v]
pay compliments to lisonjear [v]
pay homage or tribute to homenajear [v]
pay one's share of the cost escotar [v]
tithe (pay a tithe) diezmar [v]
pay attention hacer caso [v]
pay attention aguaitar [v]
pay for subvenir [v]
pay attention to tomar en cuenta [v]
pay off valer la pena [v]
pay back desquitarse [v]
pay attention to vigilar [v]
pay for sufragar {m} [v]
pay for patrocinar [v]
pay for financiar [v]
pay back hacer pagar [v]
pay back pagar [v]
pay back vengarse [v]
pay back desquitarse [v]
pay off salir a cuenta [v]
pay off sobornar [v]
pay off recompensar [v]
pay back recompensar [v]
pay the bills pagar las cuentas [v]
pay out gastar [v]
pay a call on someone hacerle una visita a alguien [v]
pay cash pagar al contado [v]
pay cash pagar en efectivo [v]
pay dearly for something pagar caro algo [v]
pay dearly for something pagar caro por algo [v]
pay extra pagar un suplemento [v]
pay in cash pagar al contado [v]
pay one's respects presentar uno sus respetos [v]
pay lip service to something hablar en favor de algo sin hacer nada al respeto [v]
pay the penalty for pagar las consecuencias de [v] fig.
pay in kind cobrar en especie [v]
pay someone a visit hacer una visita [v]
pay attention to someone hacerle caso a alguien [v]
pay someone a compliment hacerle un cumplido a alguien [v]
pay in installments pagar en abonos [v]
pay in installments pagar en cuotas [v]
pay way too much for pagar hasta la camisa por [v]
pay the difference abonar la diferencia [v]
pay ahead pagar por adelantado [v]
pay ransom pagar un rescate [v]
pay ransom money pagar un rescate [v]
pay off the account saldar la cuenta [v]
pay off the debt saldar la deuda [v]
pay cold cash pagar a tocateja [v]
pay hard cash pagar a tocateja [v]
pay in cash pagar en efectivo [v]
pay cash pagar en metálico [v]
pay in cash pagar en metálico [v]
pay off a debt liquidar una deuda [v]
pay off a debt saldar una deuda [v]
pay off a debt cancelar una deuda [v]
pay one's respects presentar sus respetos [v]
pay for something pagar algo [v]
pay attention prestar oídos [v]
pay off a mortgage redimir una hipoteca [v]
pay tribute to tributar homenaje a [v]
pay off in cash oblar [v] SCN
pay cash oblar [v] SCN
pay by installments pagar por abonos [v]
pay by installments pagar en abonos [v]
pay in instalments pagar por abonos [v]
pay in instalments pagar en abonos [v]
pay by credit card pagar algo con tarjeta de crédito [v]
pay something for pagar algo por [v]
pay one’s taxes pagar las contribuciones [v]
pay by instalments pagar por abonos [v]
pay by instalments pagar en abonos [v]
pay out a policy pagar una póliza [v]
pay in installments pagar por abonos [v]
pay one's respects to someone presentar sus respetos a alguien [v]
pay attention to someone prestar atención a alguien [v]
pay attention to something prestar oídos a algo [v]
pay attention to poner atención a [v]
pay attention to poner atención en [v]
pay homage to tributar homenaje a [v]
pay homage to rendir homenaje a [v]
pay tribute to rendir culto a [v]
pay tribute to someone rendir pleitesía a alguien [v]
pay a tribute to rendir homenaje a [v]
pay a tribute to tributar homenaje a [v]
pay homage to someone rendir pleitesía a alguien [v]
not pay one's payments faltar en los pagos [v]
pay social security contributions cotizar a la Seguridad Social [v]
pay the price for one's whims costearse los caprichos [v]
pay a visit pagar una visita [v]
pay promptly afrontar [v] DO CO VE
pay attention to someone asuntar [v] PA disused rur.
pay attention to someone asuntar [v] DO rur.
pay attention to something atencionar [v] DO
remain without the money needed to pay a debt atrasarse [v] HN EC
pay the exploitation of a mine in order to pay the loans made to the owner (legal field) aviar [v] CU CL rare
pay for someone's expenses during an outing bancar [v] AR UY
get someone else to pay for lunch/dinner amolar [v] CU
pay someone bolsearse [v] HN
pay a debt with bonds bonificar [v] NI
work part-time sporadic jobs for low pay cachuelear [v] PE
force someone to pay a debt ahorcar [v] SV EC BO AR UY
be willing to pay estar dispuesto a pagar [v]
be suspended thirty days without pay ser suspendido treinta días sin paga [v]
use a large denomination bill to pay a small amount desorillar [v] PR
pay off all debts desenculebrarse [v] CO
pay attention in order to overcome shortsightedness desahuevar [v] PA PE
not pay attention to something/someone desatencionar [v] NI rare
deduct money from a day's/week's pay descolar [v] NI rare rur.
pay someone enterar [v] MX HN NI BO
pay the treasury a certain amount of money as a tariff enterar [v] CR
pay out a sum of money to satisfy a payment erogar [v] MX CR DO CO VE EC PE BO PY AR UY
pay out money to cover an outstanding obligation erogar [v] CR DO CO VE EC PE BO PY AR UY
pay off a debt erogar [v] MX CR DO CO VE EC PE BO PY AR UY
pay for something small with a large denomination bill or coin esencetar [v] PR
pay off a debt erogar [v] CR DO CO VE EC PE BO PY AR UY
pay the bills erogar [v] MX CR DO CO VE EC PE BO PY AR UY
pay someone exhibir [v] MX
pay someone cashquear [v] GT
pay an amount of money for something that costs nothing cantearse [v] DO
pay attention fumar [v] MX
agree to pay one’s salary and expenses acceder a pagar el sueldo y los gastos incurridos de uno [v]
pay for a transgression or fulfill a sentence compurgar [v] HN
pay one's corresponding contribution cotizarse [v] PR HN PY AR UY
encourage someone to pay a debt or an obligation cobrar [v] NI EC PE BO CL
make someone pay more for something by taking advantage of a situation of power, strength, or privilege cogotear [v] CL
pay off a debt honrar [v] BO
pay off a debt honrar [v] EC cult
pay attention to inflar [v] CL
acquire debts one does not plan to pay jaranear [v] HN
take advantage of others, especially to pay for food, drink, or entertainment jetear [v] AR
pay attention to someone detallar [v] CO VE
pay attention to someone in an obvious manner determinar [v] HN PA CO
pay what is requested echar [v] PR
pay per project efectivar [v] EC BO
pay for something efectivar [v] PY
pay per project efectivizar [v] BO PY EC
pay for something efectivizar [v] BO PY
pay off a debt egresar [v] CO
not pay one's debts embrollarse [v] PR
pay attention empelotarse [v] PE
pay for disparar [v] MX HN NI
pay for something egresar [v] CO
pay voters to not vote enchiquerar [v] PR
pay a fine, tax, or administrative expenses oblar [v] AR
pay something monthly mensualizar [v] EC
pay something monthly mensualizar [v] HN PY rare
not pay attention nefregarse (italiano) [v] AR rare
pay off oblar [v] AR
pay someone off matraquear [v] VE
pay a debt palmar [v] PY AR
pay attention parar [v] VE child
pay money in exchange for a favor or service pistear [v] HN SV
pay no attention quitarse [v] MX
let others pay for one recostarse [v] PR
pay postage postear [v] HN
make a stingy person pay the bill quechar [v] AR
make a stingy person pay the bill quechear [v] CU
pay up front señar [v] PY AR UY
get someone to pay a debt sabanear [v] HN SV
pay no heed to arrochar [v]
pay no attention to arrochar [v]
pay a large amount of money tortear [v] CL
pay attention to atender [v]
cannot pay insolvente [adj]
who doesn't pay rent (roommate) arrimado [adj] PR UY
who doesn't pay their debts cabecero [adj] PE
lacking funs necessary to pay off debt desfinanciado [adj] EC PE BO CL
who does not pay their debt (player) coquero [adj] DO PR
receiving severance pay interrupto [adj] CU
high pay low work job prebendario [adj] EC BO PY cult
pay attention! aguas [interj]
pay attention! ¡pilas! [interj] EC teen
pay attention! ¡pilas! [interj] GT HN CO
pay cut recorte salarial [m]
merit pay pago por mérito [m]
take-home pay salario neto [m]
someone that does not contribute or pay appropriately gorrón [m]
pay-as-you-go prepago [m]
day's pay jornal [m]
extra pay sobresueldo [m]
person who goes from table to table in an attempt to not pay for drinks (in a bar) alcuza (despectivo) [m] BO rare
gambler who doesn't pay his losses boquillero [m] PR
person who doesn't pay their debts cabecero [m] PE
person selected to organize and pay expenses for a folkloric festival cabecilla [m] BO rur.
sporadic work for low pay cachueleo [m] PE
occasional work for considerable pay cachuelo [m] EC:W
occasional work for considerable pay cachuelo [m] PE
a dance in which participants have to pay an anticipated fee baile de guante [m] GT
person who does not pay their debts clavo [m] BO CL
pay with small change chaucheo [m] CL
person who, in addition to cultivating land that does not belong to him, offers personal services for pay or without pay feudatario [m] PE
worker engaged in occasional or casual low-pay work canchador [m] PE
small floral ornament to pay tribute to the deceased cojín [m] CU
very large pay cut or charge hachazo [m] PR BO
pay day día del chivo [m] MX
weekly pay dominical [m] PE
monthly pay mensual [m] EC
monthly pay mensual [m] PY AR:Nw rur.
maternity leave pay prenatal [m] GT PE BO CL
collective work to pay a tax tequio [m] MX
pay stub váucher [m] GT
pay day día de la virgen [m] SV
person who does not pay their debts cullu [m/f] BO
unprepared student that does not pay attention turista [m/f] PR
travel pay viáticos [m/pl]
back pay atrasos [m/pl]
delay granted to a debtor to pay back the debt esperas [f/pl] MX
severance pay prestaciones [f/pl] GT HN NI CR
it expresses the impossibility to pay the price asked ¿adónde? [expr] EC
pay no attention to fools a bagazo no hacer caso [expr] VE
pay attention óe [expr] PE
setback suffered by a person due to their lack of experience in a new activity (considered to be part of the dues one has to pay to participate) derecho de piso [loc/nom] BO
sick pay goce de sueldo [loc/nom] MX NI BO PY
disability pay goce de sueldo [loc/nom] MX NI BO PY
give up on ever getting back money lent to someone who doesn't pay their debts apuntar en el hielo [loc/v] CU
pay attention llevar el apunte [loc/v] BO PY AR UY
pay attention parar bolas [loc/v]
pay attention dar bola [loc/v]
pay attention dar bolilla [loc/v]
not pay attention in class calentar pupitre [loc/v] HN
pay attention poner atención
pay-per-view pago por visión
ability to pay capacidad de pago
ability to pay capacidad contributiva
holiday pay [uk] sueldo de vacaciones
pay envelope [us] sobre de paga
pay station [us] teléfono público
pay packet [uk] sobre de paga
sick pay paga por enfermedad
pay bonus paga extraordinaria
back pay pago de atrasos
pay to the order of... páguese a...
take-home pay salario neto
net pay salario neto
low pay poco sueldo
net pay sueldo neto
pay scale escala salarial
hazard pay pago por condición laboral peligrosa
pay-roll nómina [f]
pay-dirt tierra con oro [f]
pay-office pagaduría [f]
pay on account pagar a cuenta [v]
pay one's addresses hacer la corte [v]
pay beforehand dar dinero adelantado [v]
pay attention to everything estar en todo [v]
pay attention dar atención [v]
pay attentions to galantear [v]
pay down pagar al contado [v]
pay attentions to cortejar [v]
pay back pagar con la misma moneda [v]
pay with interest pagar con creces [v]
pay down pagar en dinero contante [v]
pay by instalments pagar a plazos [v]
pay off pagar y despedir [v]
pay a call hacer una visita [v]
pay with interest pagar con las setenas [v] fig.
pay the piper pagar los vidrios rotos [v] fig.
pay through the nose costar un ojo de la cara [v]
pay through the nose ser un desuello [v]
pay for it pagarla [v]
pay for it estar escarmentado [v]
pay for it pagarlas [v]
pay regard to tener miramientos con [v]
pay the seams embrear las costuras [v]
pay one's respects cumplimentar [v]
pay one's respects dar los cumplimientos [v]
pay reverence rendir homenaje [v]
pay dear for one's whistle pagar caro una chuchería [v]
pay at sight pagar a la vista [v]
pay one's score pagar sus deudas [v]
pay one's score pagar el escote de uno [v]
pay off old scores saldar cuentas viejas [v]
half-pay medio sueldo [m]
half-pay officer oficial retirado [m]
pay-day día de pago [m]
obligation to pay money jarana [f] HN SV NI CR
pay it forward mano vuelta [f] CL
pay stub papeleta [f] BO
hit pay dirt ponerse las botas [v]
pay the piper cargar con el paquete [v] ES
pay the piper aguantar el chaparrón [v]
pay the piper cargar con el mochuelo [v]
pay up aflojar la mosca [v]
pay up soltar la mosca [v]
pay the piper aguantar la vela [v]
pay up aflojar los cuartos [v]
pay up soltar la guita [v]
pay up aflojar la guita [v]
pay attention to pescar [v]
pay attention prestar la atención [v]
pay attention poner la atención [v]
pay attention pescar [v]
pay attention tomar en cuenta [v]
not pay dar calote [v]
pay up aflojar el bolsillo [v]
pay up aflojar la bolsa [v]
not accept to pay hacer droga [v] MX
leave without pay hacer perro muerto [v] CL PE
pay compliments florear [v]
pay attention camelar [v]
pay little attention to important matters papar [v]
pay for it pagar los platos rotos [v]
pay for itself amortizar la inversión [v]
pay homage to homenajear a [v]
pay for itself autofinanciarse [v]
pay no mind no prestar atención [v]
pay no mind no hacer caso [v]
pay no mind hacer caso omiso [v]
pay no mind ignorar [v]
pay the man his money pagarle al hombre lo que se le debe [v]
pay top dollar pagar a precio de oro [v]
pay top dollar pagar un montón de dinero [v]
pay tribute to homenajear a [v]
pay homage to rendir tributo a [v]
pay tribute to rendir tributo a [v]
pay no attention to someone no dar ni cinco de pelota a alguien [v]
pay in advance aprontamiento [v]
pay attention to percatarse de [v]
pay something out of the pocket pelar la chaucha [v]
pay up rascarse el bolsillo [v]
pay up rascar el bolsillo [v]
pay up rascarse la faltriquera [v]
pay attention to reparar en [v]
pay something in cash comprar algo al contado [v]
reject to pay up hacer droga [v] MX