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Sens de "annoying" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 223 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
annoying fastidioso [adj]
annoying molesto [adj]
annoying hediondo [adj]
annoying calandraco [adj] AR UY
annoying hostigoso [adj]
annoying cargante [adj]
annoying cargoso [adj] AR BO CL CU EC PY PE UY
annoying importuno [adj]
annoying incómodo [adj]
annoying chango [adj] PR
annoying enfadoso [adj]
annoying chivón [adj] CU
annoying chivona [adj] CU
annoying enojoso [adj]
annoying amolado [adj]
annoying amolador [adj]
annoying pesado [adj]
annoying apestoso [adj]
annoying estomagante [adj]
annoying trabajoso [adj] AMER
annoying cuerudo [adj] CAM
annoying vainas [adj] AMER
annoying vejatorio [adj]
annoying desazonante [adj]
annoying hedionda [adj/f]
annoying calandraca [adj/f] AR UY
annoying hostigosa [adj/f]
annoying cargosa [adj/f] AR BO CL CU EC PY PE UY
annoying importuna [adj/f]
annoying incómoda [adj/f]
annoying changa [adj/f] PR
annoying enfadosa [adj/f]
annoying enojosa [adj/f]
annoying amolada [adj/f]
annoying amoladora [adj/f]
annoying apestosa [adj/f]
annoying trabajosa [adj/f] AMER
annoying fastidiosa [adj/f]
annoying cueruda [adj/f] CAM
annoying vejatoria [adj/f]
annoying molesta [adj/f]
annoying agraz [adj]
annoying ahuevado [adj] NI CR
annoying cargoso [adj]
annoying desazonador [adj]
annoying acuciamiento [m]
annoying vejación [f]
annoying antipático [adj]
annoying impertinente [adj]
annoying plasta (coloquial) [adj]
annoying pejiguero [adj]
annoying embarazoso [adj]
annoying incordiante [adj]
annoying catete [adj] CL
annoying chinchoso [adj]
annoying gracioso [adj]
annoying jorungo [adj] CU
annoying acalambrante [adj] CL UY
annoying calugón [adj] CL
annoying calagogo [adj] CU
annoying amolado [adj] PE
annoying brejetero [adj] VE:W
annoying aburridor [adj] MX NI BO PY
annoying bajeador [adj] CU
annoying chavón [adj] PR
annoying jorobón [adj] PR UY
annoying chilmolero [adj] MX
annoying chiveta [adj] CU PR
annoying chicloso [adj] NI teen
annoying chicludo [adj] NI teen
annoying chicoso [adj] NI
annoying enzorroso [adj] PR rur.
annoying fletón [adj] GT
annoying fregado [adj] PA VE EC PE BO CL
annoying cargoso [adj] EC PE BO PY derog.
annoying cansador [adj] NI CO EC BO CL PY
annoying cansón [adj] MX HN SV PA CU DO PR CO VE EC
annoying gacho [adj] SV
annoying fulano [adj] VE
annoying fuñido [adj] DO VE
annoying hostigoso [adj] MX SV NI PE BO CL AR UY EC rare
annoying güino [adj] VE
annoying imperfecto [adj] CU
annoying joyado [adj] HN derog.
annoying latigudo [adj] CL
annoying laposo [adj] PR
annoying jodiche [adj] BO
annoying jodichi [adj] BO
annoying jodinche [adj] HN BO
annoying jodincho [adj] HN
annoying ladilla [adj] VE
annoying jetón [adj] HN NI
annoying joñón [adj] NI
annoying joroboso [adj] DO
annoying enémico [adj] PR
annoying enflautante [adj] BO
annoying machacante [adj] CU
annoying embromado [adj] BO
annoying molestón [adj] GT EC
annoying molestoso [adj] US GT PA DO PR VE EC PE BO CL PY AR
annoying molón [adj] MX
annoying necio [adj] NI CR PA DO CO
annoying plagoso [adj] DO
annoying plomoso [adj] GT SV
annoying pochecó [adj] BO:E
annoying rejón [adj] HN
annoying rompedor [adj] AR UY derog.
annoying remolón [adj] GT
annoying refulero [adj] AR
annoying zarandajo [adj] HN
annoying tequioso [adj] NI
annoying grave [adj]
annoying fastidio [m]
annoying calugona [adj/f] CL
annoying bajeadora [adj/f] CU
annoying asaeteador [adj] fig.
annoying aratoso [adj] AND
annoying chocante [adj] MX
annoying corrumpente [adj]
annoying cargoso [adj]
annoying fatigador [adj]
annoying engorroso [adj]
annoying latoso [adj]
annoying cargosa [adj/f]
annoying engorrosa [adj/f]
annoying latosa [adj/f]
annoying aratosa [adj/f] AND
annoying fatigadora [adj/f]
annoying asaeteadora [adj/f] fig.
annoying molestador [adj]
annoying pistola [f] VE
annoying bromoso [adj] MX
annoying cansón [adj] MX VE
annoying catete [adj] CL
annoying chilmolero [adj] MX
annoying chinguero [adj] SV
annoying chocante [adj] LA
annoying chocón [adj] MX
annoying pesada [adj/f]
annoying rayarla [v] HN
annoying pesado como agua de pozo [adj] UY
annoying como pulga en la oreja [adj] PE
annoying carne amarga [adj] CL
annoying sangrona [f] MX CU DO PR
annoying carlanca [f]
annoying plaga [f] CR PA BO UY PY derog.
annoying que incordia [adj]
annoying pedorro [adj]
annoying pijotero [adj] ES
annoying jodido [adj] BO
annoying empreñador [adj]
annoying encocorante [adj]
annoying hinchador [adj] SCN
annoying hinchante [adj]
annoying jeringador [adj]
annoying jeringón [adj] LAM
annoying cansino [adj]
annoying infernal [adj]
annoying mosqueante [adj]
annoying espeso [adj] GT CU VE PE BO
annoying carnaza [adj] CL
annoying cansador [adj] AR UY
annoying fundido [adj] PE rare
annoying hinchante [adj] BO derog.
annoying hinchapelotas [adj] BO CL PY AR UY derog.
annoying intenso [adj] CO teen
annoying hincha [adj] PY AR UY
annoying hinchador [adj] BO CL
annoying jodión [adj] HN SV NI CR
annoying jarto [adj] PR CO VE
annoying encimoso [adj] MX
annoying embolante [adj] AR UY
annoying emplumante [adj] BO
annoying montador [adj] CO
annoying perecoso [adj] CO
annoying peído [adj] HN derog.
annoying puntete [adj] CL derog.
annoying ritalínico [adj] CL
annoying roñoso [adj] DO rare
annoying roñoso [adj] MX CU PR
annoying sacapica [adj] PE
annoying capullo [adj] ES derog.
annoying chinchorrero [adj]
annoying chivón [adj] CU
annoying corrumpente [adj] rare
annoying dichoso [adj]
annoying petardo [m] ES
annoying sangrón [m] MX CU DO PR
annoying embeleco [m]
annoying ñipe [m/f] CL
annoying maletín de gásfiter [n] CL
annoying pedorra [adj/f]
annoying cansina [adj/f]
annoying chinchosa [adj/f]
annoying jodón [adj] LAM
annoying hinchacocos [adj] AR CL rare
annoying hinchaguindas [adj] BO AR UY
annoying hinchahuevos [adj] BO AR UY
annoying hinchabolas [adj] BO CL PY AR UY
annoying hinchacocos [adj] AR CL rare
annoying hinchaguindas [adj] BO AR UY
annoying hinchante [adj] BO
annoying hinchapelotas [adj] CL PY AR UY
annoying rompebolas [adj] BO PY AR UY
annoying rompehuevos [adj] BO PY AR UY
annoying rompepelotas [adj] AR UY
annoying jodón [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CU DO PR CO VE EC PY AR UY
annoying ladilloso [adj] PA CU VE
annoying mamón [adj] CO derog.
annoying llenador [adj] CO derog.
annoying macrón [adj] PR
annoying emputante [adj] BO
annoying empollón [adj] PR derog.
annoying pelaverga [adj] EC
annoying rompebolas [adj] BO PY AR UY
annoying rompehuevos [adj] BO PY AR UY
annoying rompepelotas [adj] AR UY
annoying valevergoso [adj] PA
annoying engorre [m] CR derog.
annoying enervante [adj]
annoying pajolero [adj]
annoying gravoso [adj]
annoying fregado [adj]

Sens de "annoying" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 228 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
be annoying heder [v]
annoying person ahuizote [m] MX
annoying person agüizote [m] MX
annoying task embarque [m]
annoying repetition cantinela [f]
annoying person calilla [f] GT HN
annoying and inconveniencing person aguachadora [f] AR rur.
annoying person barzona [f] SV
annoying man bilma [f] GT disused
annoying person calía [f] GT HN
annoying person calugona [f] CL
annoying person bomba [f] CU
annoying incident amolada [f] GT HN SV NI
annoying person chivadora [f] GT CU
annoying thing/fact chingadera [f] MX GT
annoying, irritating, insistent person chingaquedita [f] MX
annoying insistence canturía [f] CU
matter that is annoying and difficult to solve cangrejada [f] EC
restless and annoying person candelilla [f] PA
annoying person who always accompanies another garrapata [f] BO rare
annoying person who always accompanies another garrapata [f] HN NI CR CU
complicated or annoying business funcia [f] CL
annoying habit una costumbre molesta [f]
annoying opinion una opinión molesta [f]
annoying habit una costumbre fastidiosa [f]
annoying opinion una opinión irritante [f]
annoying saying or act latería [f] CL
irritating and annoying stupidity or nonsense jangada [f] MX rare
annoying person jocheadora [f] BO:N
annoying activity or situation jorobeta [f] CU PR
annoying situation embromienda [f] DO
annoying person embromona [f] MX BO rare
annoying person embromona [f] DO AR:Nw
annoying situation plancha [f] VE
annoying person piña [f] VE
annoying and inconvenient person plagueona [f] AR:Ne
be annoying jorobar [v]
try to get along with an annoying person lidiar [v]
ask annoying questions hacer preguntas molestas [v]
ask annoying questions hacer preguntas incómodas [v]
become annoying llegar a ser fastidioso [v]
become annoying llegar a ser molesto [v]
ask for something annoying bajarle [v] PR
put up with someone or something that is annoying or unpleasant janearse [v] CU
make a continuous and annoying noise matraquear [v] SV
bear with something unpleasant, boring, or annoying soplarse [v] MX
be annoying ser un bofe [v]
hold up calmly and in a good mood difficult and annoying situations aguantar vara [v] MX
annoying and boring pelmazo (coloquial) [adj]
annoying and boring pelma (coloquial) [adj]
very annoying exasperante [adj]
annoying (person/thing) atacante [adj] CU
annoying due to insisting too much atorrante [adj] EC derog.
annoying (excessively) amolón [adj] SV
difficult or annoying (work/business) aperreado [adj] DO
annoying (person) chivón [adj] CU
annoying (person) chinguero [adj] SV
annoying (person) fregador [adj] GT
annoying (person) fregón [adj] AR rare
annoying (person) fregón [adj] CR disused rur.
annoying (person) fregón [adj] MX GT HN SV NI PA VE rur.
continually annoying or inconveniencing someone fuñón [adj] DO
annoying (person) corsario [adj] UY
annoying (person) cogollo [adj] PR teen
annoying (person) cosijoso [adj] MX HN NI
who repeats something insistently to the point of becoming annoying conana [adj] BO
very annoying hinchún [adj] UY
fretful, unfriendly, or annoying higadoso [adj] CR disused
fretful, unfriendly, or annoying higadoso [adj] MX
annoying and inopportune jeringoso [adj] PR VE
annoying and inopportune jeringueador [adj] MX BO rare
annoying and inopportune jeringón [adj] MX CU DO PR BO:C,W
annoying due to talking too much latero [adj] NI BO CL
very annoying or bothersome jorobón [adj] PR UY
annoying or boring task obstinado [adj] CR
annoying behavior mitote [m] MX
an annoying person agüizote [m] MX
annoying and inconveniencing person aguachador [m] AR rur.
annoying person barzón [m] SV
annoying person calugón [m] CL
annoying and insistent person callo [m] DO
group of annoying small animals bicherío [m] CU DO CO CL AR UY
any repulsive or annoying small animal (reptiles/insects) animal [m] PE
annoying overly insistent suitor abejón [m] CU
annoying overly insistent suitor abejón [m] PR rare
an annoying task camello [m] CO
annoying person chivador [m] GT CU
annoying, irritating, insistent person chingaquedito [m] MX
very annoying person fastidión [m] CU PR
annoying repetition cantaleteo [m] CU DO CO
species of brown horsefly, very common and annoying colicoli [m] CL
annoying habit un hábito irritante [m]
annoying thought un pensamiento irritante [m]
annoying thought un pensamiento insufrible [m]
annoying person hígado [m] CR rare
annoying person hígado [m] MX CU
annoying person jocheador [m] BO:N
annoying person embromón [m] MX BO rare
annoying person embromón [m] DO AR:Nw
annoying person opio [m] AR UY
annoying person patacón [m] HN
annoying person paquete [m] CU
annoying and inconvenient person plagueón [m] AR:Ne
annoying person pluto [m] PR
annoying and inopportune person querque [m] HN
annoying person purgante [m] NI CU
someone that is annoying incordiante [m/f]
an annoying person petardo [m/f]
annoying person camote [m/f] CL rare
very annoying person candanga [m/f] CU PR
very annoying person candela [m/f] CU PR
very annoying person chiveta [m/f] CU PR
tiresome and annoying person candanga [m/f] CU PR
tiresome and annoying person candela [m/f] CU PR
annoying fidgety child giribilla [m/f] PR
inept person that is annoying hipoteca [m/f] EC rare
annoying person jarichi [m/f] BO:Ne
insufferable and annoying person jorobeta [m/f] CU PR
inconvenient and annoying person quitagustos [m/f] EC PE
annoying person secante [m/f] AR UY derog.
annoying person vaina [m/f] GT
it is used to refer to someone whose arrival or intervention is annoying or untimely la bolilla que faltaba [expr] AR UY
annoying due to insisting too much atorranta [adj/f] EC derog.
annoying (excessively) amolona [adj/f] SV
deal with annoying and vexing persons lidiador [v] fig.
annoying person chilmolera [f] MX
annoying person chocona [f] MX
annoying person chilmolero [m] MX
annoying insistence chinchín [m] CU
annoying person chocón [m] MX
find annoying tener entre ceja y ceja [v]
stop annoying marcharse con la música a otra parte [v]
stop annoying ir con la música a otra parte [v]
stop annoying irse con la música a otra parte [v]
get rid of someone who is cumbersome or annoying sacudirse las moscas [v]
get rid of someone who is cumbersome or annoying quitarse las moscas [v]
get rid of someone who is cumbersome or annoying quitarse las pulgas [v]
be annoying ser un puñetero [v]
become annoying when trying to be funny tener la gracia en el culo [v]
be annoying ser un bofe [v] CU
send annoying/bothersome children with someone else who will entertain them dar tenteallá [v] PA
reject something or someone who is annoying irse a la chucha [v] CL
stop doing something that is annoying to someone else cortarla [v] CL AR UY
get rid of someone annoying quitarse la mosca de la oreja [v] PR
do something annoying rayarla [v] HN
annoying person negrito en el arroz [m] MX
person who is annoying for being unnecessary or inopportune parcho mal pegado [m] DO
annoying repetition tiqui [m] CU
annoying person dolor de parto [n] CU DO VE
annoying person domingo siete [n] GT
annoying person doble nueve [n] CU
annoying person dolor de espalda [n] DO VE
annoying woman perra [f]
annoying person plasta [f]
insistence on a topic until the point of annoying others caiqueada [f] BO:W,C,S
festive, insistent, and sometimes annoying joke chapa [f] VE
annoying person escorchona [f] AR UY
unpleasant and annoying thing that gives off a bad smell jediondera [f] NI CO derog.
annoying and inopportune person jeringa [f] EC:S BO
annoying and inopportune person jodedora [f] GT PA CU VE
rude and annoying woman mortificona [f] CU
naughty and annoying child plaga [f] EC
annoying person bomba [f] CU derog.
annoying conversation calandraca [f] ES local
annoying person capulla [f] ES derog.
annoying person cataplasma [f]
be very annoying ser la paliza [v]
be very annoying ser higadoso [v] MX
be very annoying ser un hígado [v]
be very annoying ser un plomo [v]
be very annoying ser una bala [v] CAR
be annoying ser pesado [v] CL
be annoying tener mala uva [v]
endure or tolerate something annoying, unpleasant calarse [v] NI PA VE
turn out to be annoying no bajar ni con aceite [v] CR
make annoying noises carpintear [v] AR:Nw
an evil or annoying event to occur caer el chahuiscle [v] MX
have an abundance of annoying and harmful things no haber más chinches que la manta llena [v]
be very disruptive or annoying ser cuchillo de otra persona [v]
(a person) annoying excessively abacorado (de abacorar) [adj] DO
annoying (person) chingón [adj] GT HN SV derog.
annoying (person) fregón [adj] CO EC BO UY rur.
annoying or bothersome with untimely and insistent behavior frito [adj] HN SV BO
very annoying hinchón [adj] AR
annoying and inopportune jeringa [adj] NI PA CU DO CL AR UY
impertinent and annoying cócora [adj]
annoying duty or work cacho [m] CL
an annoying person pestiño [m]
annoying person mazacote [m]
frequent and annoying singing canticio [m]
annoying person clavo remachado [m] AR UY
something annoying cirirí [m] CO:W,S
annoying person escorchador [m] AR UY
annoying person escorchón [m] AR UY
annoying and inopportune person jodedor [m] GT PA CU VE
annoying, insistent person mangangá [m] BO AR UY
rude and annoying man mortificón [m] CU
useless, annoying, and voluminous thing parapeto [m] VE EC
annoying person yuyo [m] CR
annoying person capullo [m] ES derog.
annoying person clavo [m]
an annoying person ahuizote [m/f] HN MX
annoying person bacalao [m/f] VE
a person whose behavior is constantly annoying and tiring ahuizote [m/f] MX
inept person that is annoying hipoteca [m/f] DO
annoying and inopportune jeringa [m/f] PR
annoying person pelmas [m/f] PE disused
annoying person tisi [m/f] BO:E
impertinent and annoying person cócora [m/f]
it's annoying hay que amolarse [n]
it's annoying hay que fastidiarse [n]
annoying person peo mal tirado [n] CU derog.
annoying person dolor de nuca [n] PA
(a person) annoying excessively abacorada (de abacorar) [adj/f] DO
now it's just annoying eso es realmente molesto
annoying person el chinche
annoying person la chinche
how annoying! ¡qué mal rollo!
annoying person jodida [f] SV BO CL
be an annoying person (especially when dealing with a woman) ser un colchón sin bastas [v]
annoying person carnepuerco [m] PR derog.
annoying person doble nueve [m] CU
annoying person purgante [m] NI CU
annoying person vómito de perro [m] CU
annoying person jodido [m] SV BO CL
annoying person carne de puerco [n] PR derog.
stop annoying me! ¡deja ya de joderme de una vez!
annoying person who always accompanies another mozote [m] GT HN SV NI