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Meanings of "monear" in English Spanish Dictionary : 40 result(s)

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monear [v] HN SV punish
monear [v] HN SV best
monear [v] MX rur. tie corn or sugar cane into bunches while still planted to protect them from rain and frost
monear [v] MX child huff
monear [v] HN SV dominate
monear [v] HN SV beat
monear [v] NI annoy
monear [v] HN SV defeat
monear [v] NI wind up
monear [v] NI burn up
monear [v] HN SV beat
monear [v] NI bother
monear [v] NI piss off
monear [v] MX child inhale solvents
monear [v] NI irritate
monear [v] NI harm
monear [v] NI damage
monear [v] NI malign
monear [v] NI slander
monear [v] act ridiculously or preposterously
monear [v] act silly
monear [v] mess around
monear [v] MX brag
monear [v] clown
monear [v] grimace
monear [v] monkey around
monear [v] clown around
monear [v] make faces
monear [v] goof around
monear [v] MX boast
monear [v] MX show off
monear [v] MX swank
monear [v] monkey about
monear [v] horse around
monear [v] PE imitate
monear [v] EC handle
monear [v] EC play around with some object
monear [v] VE climb trees
monear [v] PE copy
monear [v] EC manipulate

Meanings of "monear" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 1 result(s)

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monear palos [v] VE climb a tree like a monkey