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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "vacilón" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 58 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
vacilón [adj] cool
vacilón [adj] great
vacilón [adj] teasing
vacilón [adj] tease
vacilón [m] joker
vacilón [m] party
vacilón [m] show-off
vacilón [m] PR racket or din caused by many voices
vacilón [m] EC:W rare enjoyable outing
vacilón [m] MX SV CR CU DO PR PE BO enjoyable outing
vacilón [m] CO:W PE BO teen fleeting romance
vacilón [m] PR commotion
vacilón [m] NI PA CU DO CO:N hair pulling
vacilón [m] VE EC teen hair pulling
vacilón [m] VE teen machination
vacilón [m] SV VE outing
vacilón [m] EC:W rare fun
vacilón [m] MX SV CR CU DO PR PE BO fun
vacilón [m] BO CL teen party with dancing
vacilón [m] GT DO party with dancing
vacilón [m] PR racket
vacilón [m] NI PA CU DO CO:N joke
vacilón [m] VE EC teen joke
vacilón [m] VE teen trickery
vacilón [m] VE PE get-together where drugs are consumed
vacilón [m] SV VE walk
vacilón [m] CO:W PE BO teen fling
vacilón [m] CU difficult thing
vacilón [m] NI PA CU DO CO:N prank
vacilón [m] VE EC teen prank
vacilón [m] VE teen hoax
vacilón [m] SV VE out on the town
vacilón [m] VE teen ruse
vacilón [m] PR uproar
vacilón [m] VE teen fraud
vacilón [m] PR fuss
vacilón [m] SV VE out partying
vacilón [m] SV VE stroll
vacilón [m] PR disturbance
vacilón [m] SV VE party
vacilón [m] VE teen swindle
vacilón [m] VE teen con
vacilón [m] CU difficult problem to resolve
vacilón [m] VE teen ploy
vacilón [m] PR din
vacilón [m] VE teen trick
vacilón [m] SV NI PA falsehood
vacilón [m] SV NI PA lie
vacilón [m] SV NI PA trickery
vacilón [m] SV NI PA ruse
vacilón [m] SV NI PA machination
vacilón [m] SV NI PA hoax
vacilón [m] SV NI PA fraud
vacilón [m] SV NI PA swindle
vacilón [m] SV NI PA con
vacilón [m] SV NI PA ploy
vacilón [m] SV NI PA trick
vacilón CR fun or funny

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "vacilón" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 10 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
dejar el vacilón [v] PR stop playing pranks
dejar el vacilón [v] PR stop making jokes
estar en el vacilón [v] CU be in a very good economic situation
estar en el vacilón [v] CU be well-off
dejar el vacilón [v] PR get serious
dejar el vacilón [v] PR stop fooling around
andar de vacilón [v] go out on a spree
andar de vacilón [v] be out on the razzle
estar vacilón [v] be in teasing mood
estar vacilón [v] be in joke mood