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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "ruse" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 164 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
ruse añagaza [f]
ruse trepa [f]
ruse treta [f]
ruse maraña [f]
ruse ardid [m]
ruse regate [m]
ruse abusión [f] disused
ruse artería [f] derog.
ruse artimaña [f]
ruse astucia [f]
ruse burla [f]
ruse burlería [f]
ruse carnada [f]
ruse carta de urías [f]
ruse comedia [f]
ruse decepción [f]
ruse droga [f] disused
ruse falencia [f]
ruse fraudulencia [f]
ruse agache [m] CO
ruse amaño [m]
ruse amarre [m] DO EC
ruse ardid [m]
ruse ardil [m] CO rude
ruse artilugio [m]
ruse barato [m] disused
ruse bluf (inglés) [m]
ruse farol [m]
ruse fraude [m]
ruse agachadas [f/pl] AR
ruse triquiñuela [f]
ruse estratagema [f]
ruse astucia [f]
ruse artimaña [f]
ruse trácala  [f] MX PR VE
ruse trampa [f]
ruse bolada [f] CU
ruse cábula [f] MX SV NI PA DO rare
ruse cuenteada [f] MX HN
ruse chuecura [f] MX CL
ruse faramaña [f] CL
ruse entuturutada [f] SV
ruse farusca [f] HN rur.
ruse feca [f] PR
ruse guasa [f] PR
ruse farsantada [f] HN SV
ruse jarusca [f] SV
ruse lámpara [f] CR
ruse lanada [f] GT HN
ruse macalusia [f] PA
ruse marufia [f] GT HN SV NI
ruse marufiada [f] SV
ruse embelequería [f] NI CU PR EC MX GT HN
ruse doma [f] SV
ruse domada [f] SV
ruse embaucada [f] CR PA DO CO EC PE BO CL
ruse emburujina [f] CU
ruse enganchada [f] HN SV
ruse ensartada [f] HN SV NI CL
ruse mafia [f] GT DO PR
ruse mamada [f] BO
ruse mangada [f] CU disused
ruse manganeta [f] AR UY
ruse maroma [f] GT SV DO PR CL
ruse mejicana [f] SV
ruse moña [f] PR
ruse mordida [f] CU
ruse ñanga [f] PE
ruse matufia [f] BO PY AR UY
ruse matufiada [f] BO PY AR UY
ruse pala [f] CU
ruse pamba [f] SV NI
ruse piolada [f] AR
ruse ranada [f] AR UY
ruse tanteada [f] MX HN SV NI
ruse tracalería [f] PA VE
ruse vara [f] SV
ruse vivida [f] HN
ruse tanga [f] UY
ruse truco [m]
ruse tiro [m] VE
ruse amague [m] EC
ruse amarre [m] NI CU EC
ruse blof (inglés) [m] NI
ruse cují [m] PA
ruse changüí [m] DO
ruse chanchullo [m] DO
ruse entuturutamiento [m] SV
ruse gancho [m] SV NI DO
ruse gancho [m] MX CR
ruse engañamuchachos [m] PE
ruse domi [m] PR
ruse embeleque [m] HN SV
ruse emborujo [m] PR
ruse emburujo [m] PR
ruse enganche [m] SV
ruse engañe [m] PR
ruse engoe [m] PR
ruse mocho [m] PR
ruse pegón [m] NI
ruse patuque [m] VE
ruse paco [m] UY
ruse pereque [m] SV
ruse plomo [m] PA
ruse pescao [m] PR
ruse rejuego [m] MX CU DO
ruse vacil [m] SV
ruse vacile [m] SV
ruse vacilón [m] VE teen
ruse zafarrancho [m] PR
ruse albures [m/pl] HN NI CR PR
ruse cábalas [f/pl] PA PR
ruse estafa [f]
ruse engaño [m]
ruse pistola [f] AR:Nw disused
ruse chuecura [f] MX
ruse fregada [f] MX HN derog.
ruse furulla [f] NI
ruse capillo [m] ES local
ruse carameleo [m] CO
ruse grupo [m] BO CL AR UY
ruse forro [m] CU
ruse petate del muerto [m] MX GT
ruse zancadilla [f]
ruse bolada [f] CU
ruse gauchada [f] AR UY disused derog.
ruse fumada [f] BO
ruse criollada [f] PE
ruse engañada [f] NI CU DO CO PE BO PY
ruse mula [f] CL AR
ruse pega [f] CO:C
ruse palucha [f] MX:Se
ruse paja [f] GT HN SV NI CO
ruse paja [f] VE child
ruse serruchada [f] CO
ruse tanteada [f] BO
ruse trampeada [f] BO:S
ruse trova [f] CU
ruse turca [f] CU
ruse entruchada [f]
ruse filfa [f]
ruse blof [m] NI
ruse nucazo [m] SV
ruse ñeapu [m] BO:E
ruse palo [m] PE
ruse vacilón [m] SV NI PA
ruse tiquiminiqui [m] BO
ruse tupe [m] CU
ruse tapado [m] CO
ruse amasijo [m]
ruse cuento chino [m]
ruse curro [m] AR
ruse concha de cambur [n] VE
ruse muela [f] DO VE delinq.
ruse manganilla [f]
ruse argucia [f]
ruse ardid [f]
ruse argucia [f]
ruse manganilla [f]
ruse amaño [m]
ruse ardid [m]
ruse chasco [m]
ruse tinglado [m]
ruse engaño [m]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "ruse" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 15 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
card ruse ala de mosca [f]
card game ruse flor [f] disused
questionable legal ruse leguleyada [f] EC
play a ruse tracalear [v] PA VE
by violence and ruse mediante violencia y ardid [adj]
trick or ruse in order to obtain something, especially in a card game chamarro [m] NI
scam, fraud, trickery, ruse forro [m] CU
ruse that an accomplice of a robbery does to distract the victim tranque [m] BO:W delinq.
fall for a ruse irse en amagues [v] MX
figure out the ruse descornar la flor [v]
fall right into a trap or ruse caer chanchito [v] CL
trick or ruse carried out in a business chancuco [m] CO
ruse to steal money tumbe [m] CO
ruse to steal money túmbilis [m] CO
ruse to steal money tumbis [m] CO