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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "wit" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 59 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
wit jocosidad [f]
wit humorismo [m]
wit dicharachera [f]
wit sal [f]
wit sandunga [f]
wit agudeza [f]
wit chispa [f]
wit chistosa [f]
wit travesura [f]
wit festividad [f]
wit dicharachero [m]
wit salero [m]
wit donaire [m]
wit ingenio [m]
wit chistoso [m]
wit gracejo [m]
wit agudez [f] rare
wit agudeza [f]
wit donosidad [f]
wit festividad [f] rare
wit gracia [f]
wit fósforo [m]
wit ingenio [m]
wit discreción [f]
wit cordura [f]
wit mordacidad [f]
wit gracia [f]
wit mentalidad [f]
wit inteligencia [f]
wit intelectualidad [f]
wit puntada [f] MX GT SV NI
wit imaginativo [m]
wit intelecto [m]
wit divertido [m]
wit chiste espontáneo [m]
wit chile [m] SV
wit chispazo [m] CO:C
wit graciosidad [f]
wit decidora [f]
wit decidor [m]
wit humor [m]
wit conceptista [m/f]
wit sutileza [f]
wit fantasía [f]
wit imaginación [f]
wit conversadora [f]
wit concepto [m]
wit hombre de chispa [m]
wit conversador [m]
wit guasona [f]
wit pispicia [f] CO:C,Ne,W AR:Nw
wit churumen [m]
wit guasón [m]
wit a saber [adv]
wit ingeniosidad [f]
wit lucidez [f]
wit genio [m]
wit entendimiento [m]
wit juicio [m]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "wit" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 94 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
malicious wit attributed to redheads bermejía [f] disused
to wit o sea [adv]
to wit esto es [adv]
sparkling wit travesura [f]
half-wit simplona [f]
full of wit mordaz [adj]
ready (wit) agudo [adj]
lively (wit) agudo [adj]
dim-wit bola de humo [adj] AR UY
half-wit bola de humo [adj] AR UY
half-wit simplón [m]
dim-wit bodoque [m/f] NI
american wit and humor ingenio y humor americanos [m/pl]
to wit es decir [expr]
sharp wit ingenio agudo
keen wit ingenio agudo
sudden burst of wit llamarada [f]
stroke (wit) rasgo [m]
piece of wit agudeza [f]
stroke of wit humorada [f]
half-wit boba [f]
attic (displaying incisive intelligence, or delicate wit) agudo [adj]
mother wit ingenio [m]
half-wit tonto [m]
half-wit bobo [m]
piece of wit chiste [m]
slender wit entendimiento limitado [m]
stroke of wit rasgo gracioso [m]
stroke of wit chiste [m]
sallies of wit rasgos de ingenio [m/pl]
sallies of wit agudezas [f/pl]
sallies of wit ocurrencias chistosas [f/pl]
sallies of wit ocurrencias saladas [f/pl]
half-wit tonta [f]
sparkle with wit tener mucha chispa [v]
have a wit tener vis cómica [v]
lacking wit quedado en las guinchas [adj] CL
have one's wit about tener mucho ojo
keep one's wit about tener mucho ojo
have one's wit about conservar su presencia de ánimo
keep one's wit about conservar su presencia de ánimo
mother wit lógica
mother wit sentido común
a half-wit un idiota
a half-wit un imbécil
a half-wit un tonto
brevity is the soul of wit lo bueno, si breve, dos veces bueno
native wit gramática parda
sharp wit talento agudo
sharp wit ingenio agudo
to wit o sea
dim-wit bola [f] CU
half-wit bola [f] CU
dim-wit bolastruna [f] AR
dim-wit bolastrina [f] AR
native wit gramática parda [f]
half wit tonto [v]
trick with wit tramar [v] CO PY
half-wit madero [m]
half-wit tronco [m]
dim-wit bolastrín [m] AR
dim-wit bolastrún [m] AR
half-wit bolo [m] CU
dim-wit bolo [m] CU
dim-wit boloñón [m] CU
dim-wit bolitranca [m/f] CL
half-wit simple [m/f]
dim-wit bolas tristes [n] BO AR
dim-wit bolas tristes [n] AR
dim-wit blindado del morro [n] HN
half-wit tonto del bote [n]
half-wit tonta del bote [n]
half-wit cabeza de alcornoque
half-wit pedazo de alcornoque
dim-wit estúpido
dim-wit payaso
dim-wit atolondrado
dim-wit idiota
half wit idiota
half wit estúpido
a man may learn wit every day todos los días se aprende algo
to wit a saber
slow-wit bolsa [f] CO VE CL
dim-wit bolastristes [m] AR UY
slow-wit bolso [m] CO VE CL
half wit tonto
half wit tonto de las narices
half wit tonto del nabo
half wit tonto de remate
half wit tonto de los cojones
half wit tonto del bote
half wit tonto del haba
half wit tonto del carajo
half wit tonto la polla