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Spanish English
falso [v] first-person singular present indicative of falsar
falso [adj] fraudulent
falso [adj] dishonest
falso [adj] false
falso [adj] 0
falso [adj] fake
falso [adj] counterfeit
falso [adj] vicious
falso [adj] insincere
falso [adj] hollow
falso [adj] made-up
falso [adj] untrue
falso [adj] erroneous
falso [adj] treacherous
falso [adj] perfidious
falso [adj] incorrect
falso [adj] false-hearted
falso [adj] disloyal
falso [adj] deceitful
falso [adj] falsifying
falso [adj] lying
falso [adj] hypocritical
falso [adj] forged
falso [adj] spurious
falso [adj] unreal
falso [adj] vicious (horses/mules)
falso [adj] sham
falso [adj] unsubstantial
falso [adj] rur. rare cowardly
falso [adj] spurious (money)
falso [adj] defective
falso [adj] rur. rare pusillanimous
falso [adj] false (of weights)
falso [adj] adulterated
falso [adj] wrong
falso [adj] mock
falso [adj] untruthful
falso [adj] phony
falso [adj] disingenuous
falso [adj] faux
falso [adj] mythical
falso [adj] dud
falso [adj] dummy
falso [adj] bogus
falso [adj] CU PR who does not worry about staying in touch with friends (person)
falso [adj] EC easily discolored (cloth or fabric)
falso [adj] HN locked (door or window)
falso [adj] BO open at both end (individual tubes of a rustic flute or shepard's pipe)
falso [adj] HN latched (door or window)
falso [m] MX VE hoax
falso [m] pretender
falso [m] someone that professes beliefs and opinions that they do not hold
falso [m] MX NI VE slander
falso [m] CR EC rare slander
falso [m] MX HN NI CR lie
falso [m] CL woman's slip
falso [m] VE saddle blanket
falso [m] VE false bottom to a dresser, chest, or box
falso [m] HN gate made of posts and five rows of barbed wire that serves as both a fence and a gate
falso [m] BO tuning of a charango guitar
falso [m] DO rur. rustic gate with two vertical posts separated a certain distance from one another
falso [m] CR:Nw using a lasso to restrain an animal
falso [m] BO stew prepared with breaded and fried beef that is cooked in sauce
falso [m] CR:Nw rope lasso used to or restrain cattle
falso [m] MX HN NI CR scandal
falso [m] CR EC rare lie
falso [m] MX NI VE lie
falso [m] MX HN NI CR slander
falso [m] CR EC rare false accusation
falso [m] MX NI VE false accusation
falso [m] MX HN NI CR malicious lie
falso [m] MX NI VE falsehood
falso [m] CR EC rare falsehood
falso [m] MX HN NI CR false story
falso [adj] adulterate
falso [adj] double
falso [adj] double-faced
falso [adj] double-tongued
falso [adj] ambidextrous
falso [adj] apostate
falso [adj] assumed
falso [adj] makebelieve
falso [adj] pretended
falso [adj] mealy-mouthed
falso [adj] mendacious
falso [adj] pseudo
falso [adj] illegitimate
falso [adj] misleading
falso [adj] illusive
falso [adj] punic
falso [adj] recreant
falso [adj] trumpery
falso [adj] truthless
falso [adj] out of tune
falso [adj] shifty
falso [adj] unfair
falso [adj] straw
falso [adj] sly
falso [adj] wry
falso [adj] reprobate
falso [adj] bastard
falso [m] bastard
falso [m] ambidexter
falso [m] pinchbeck
falso [m] reprobate
falso [adj] crooked
falso [adj] phoney [uk]
falso [adj] phony [us]
falso [m] PE drug small personal packet of cocaine
falso two-faced
falso as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks
falso as crooked as a fish hook
falso as crooked as a dog's hind leg
falso economical with the truth
falso all wet
falso as mean as cat's piss
falso cheapo
falso lame-core
falso jazzed
falso phony
falso [adj] counterfeit
falso [adj] 0
falso [adj] sham
falso [adj] bogus
falso [adj] forged
falso [adj] fake
falso [adj] deceitful
falso [adj] mock
falso [adj] unfaithful
falso [adj] dead
falso [adj] garbled
falso [adj] imitated
falso [adj] deceptive
falso [adj] bad
falso [adj] unsound
falso [adj] artificial
falso [adj] dummy
falso [adj] spurious
falso [adj] 0
falso [adj] temporary
falso [adj] shoddy
falso [adj] faked
falso [adj] artificial
falso [adj] 0
falso [adj] dummy
falso [adj] spurious
falso [adj] commentitious
British Slang
falso pork pies
falso snot

Meanings of "falso" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 492 result(s)

Spanish English
dar un paso en falso [v] make a false move
jurar en falso [v] commit perjury
levantar falso testimonio [v] bear false witness
dar un paso en falso [v] take a false step
jurar en falso [v] lie under oath
jurar en falso [v] perjure oneself
dar un paso en falso [v] make one false move
dar falso testimonio contra alguien [v] bear false witness against someone
falso y exagerado [adj] bathetic
un cambio falso de divisas [m] a fake exchange
falso amigo [m] false friend
paso en falso [m] misstep
orgasmo falso [m] fake orgasm
falso faldón [m] saddle skirt (for horse)
pasaporte falso [m] camouflage passport
pasaporte falso [m] fake passport
falso piso [m] DO PR mold for building a floor or roof of reinforced concrete
falso juramentero [m] BO derog. person who gives false testimony under oath in litigation
falso tizón [m] EC fungal disease of grains
un intercambio falso a fake exchange
falso amigo false friend
nombre falso assumed name
paso en falso false step
techo falso drop ceiling
falso aviso false alarm
falso testimonio false testimony
falso testimonio perjury
billete falso counterfeit bill
billete falso bogus bill
oro falso counterfeit gold
oro falso faux gold
oro falso fake gold
oro falso imitation gold
debatir un argumento dando por sentado que es falso desacreditando quien lo defiende argumentum ad hominem
ser falso [v] falsify
formar concepto falso [v] misconceive
dar un nombre falso [v] misname
jurar en falso [v] perjure
dar un paso falso [v] trip
cantar falso [v] sing out of tune
monedero falso [m] coiner
falso amigo [m] backfriend
falso ácoro [m] flag
pretexto falso [m] blind pretence
cuento falso [m] fig. mare's nest
falso concepto [m] misapprehension
informe falso [m] misdirection
aviso falso [m] misintelligence
juicio falso [m] misjudgment
nombre falso [m] misnomer
concepto falso [m] misunderstanding
paso falso [m] trip
falso obenque [m] swifter
falso plátano [m] sycamore [us]
brillo falso [m] tawdriness
abeto falso [m] black spruce
falso brillo [m] fig. tinsel
adorno falso trumpery
dejar un rastro falso [v] set up a dummy trail
falso amanecer a false dawn
falso consolador a job's comforter
un número de serie falso a phony serial number
movimiento en falso false move
falso como billete de (3 dólares/13 pesos/etc) bent as a nine bob note
paso en falso bloop
muy falso bent as a nine bob note
¿verdadero o falso? lie or true?
un movimiento en falso one false move
oro falso fool's gold
falso amigo frenemy
en falso [adv] deceptively
ser un falso amigo [v] be a snake in the grass
no poder dar un paso en falso [v] can't put a foot wrong
dar un paso en falso [v] put a foot wrong
ser un paso en falso [v] put a foot wrong
dar un paso en falso [v] make a wrong move
ser un paso en falso [v] make a wrong move
no dar un paso en falso [v] not put a foot wrong
dar un paso en falso [v] put your foot in it (british)
dar un paso en falso [v] put your foot in your mouth (american)
sonar a falso [v] ring false
parecer falso [v] ring false
parecer falso [v] ring hollow
sonar a falso [v] ring hollow
sostener algo completamente falso [v] swear black is white
coger a alguien en falso [v] catch someone lying
coger a alguien en falso [v] catch someone in a lie
piche falso [m] NI person who eats without paying
piche falso [m] NI diner and dasher
un falso positivo a false alarm
más falso que un duro a tres pesetas ES as queer as a nine bob note
más falso que un duro a tres pesetas ES as queer as a three-dollar bill
más falso que un billete de siete pesos as phony as a three-dollar bill
contar algo falso make something up out of whole cloth
dar un paso en falso miss one's footing
un falso amigo a snake in the grass
un falso a slime ball
mundo falso fake world
hombre falso fast man
¿qué de lo siguiente es falso acerca de tony? which of the following is false about tony?
hombre lisonjero, falso y embustero never trust a flatterer
(algo) falso (australia/nueva zelanda) clayton's
dinero falso funny money
nombre falso phony name
documento falso forgery
falso y fraudulento false and fraudulent
cheque falso false check
documento falso false document
hecho falso false fact
falso flete dead freight
cheque falso bogus check
hecho falso false fact
contrato falso simulated contract
dinero falso counterfeit money
monedero falso counterfeiter
documento falso false document
nombre falso false name
falso flete dead freight
falso y fraudulento false and fraudulent
dinero falso fake money
asiento falso false entry
dinero falso false money
documento falso false token
piso falso false floor
falso embalaje [m] dummy pack
falso liso [m] false plain
falso liso false plain
dinero falso bad money
balance falso/incompleto false/incomplete balance
falso flete dead freight
jurar en falso [v] forswear
levantar falso testimonio [v] commit perjury
declarar en falso [v] commit perjury
declarar en falso [v] give a false testimony
declarar en falso [v] make a false statement
jurar en falso [v] commit perjury
hecho falso false fact
reportar un incidente falso falsely reporting an incident
dinero falso counterfeit money
delito de falso testimonio crime of perjury
falso testimonio lying under oath
falso testimonio false statement
alegato falso false claim
documento falso false document
perjurio juramento falso false oath
juramento falso perjury
documento falso false instrument
falso testimonio misrepresentation
falso testimonio perjury
contrato falso simulated contract
documento falso fake document
asiento falso fake entry
instrumento falso fake instrument
dinero falso fake money
registro falso fake record
informe falso fake report
testigo falso false witness
falso y fraudulento false and fraudulent
falso y malicioso false and malicious
falso y engañoso false and misleading
cargo falso false charge
dinero falso false money
motivo falso false motive
nombre falso false name
registro falso false record
informe falso false report
documento falso false token
cheque falso flash check
cheque falso flash cheque
cheque falso bogus check
cheque falso bogus cheque
juramento falso false oath
juramento falso false swearing
falso testimonio perjury
falso testimonio false testimony
testimonio falso false testimony
alegato falso misallegation
dinero falso falsificado counterfeit money
testigo falso false witness
falso testimonio perjury (by witnesses/experts)
juramento en falso perjury
juramento falso perjury
dinero falso counterfeit money
Un Social Studies
resultado falso negativo false-negative result
resultado falso positivo false-positive result
examen con respuestas de tipo verdadero-falso true-false items exams
color falso false colour [uk]
número falso casual pseudo random number
reloj falso pseudo clock
conmutador falso [m] false switching
disparo falso [m] false tripping
falso eje stub shaft
falso contacto bad contact
disparo falso false tripping
cierre en falso false closure
anillo de cojinete falso [m] dummy bearing race
cabio falso false rafter
falso eco indirect echo
falso pilote set
falso suelo elevated flooring
piso falso false floor
disparo falso spurious triggering
fraguado falso false set
falso cirro false cirrus
cubierta con falso tirante collar-beam roof
falso topacio spanish topaz
positivo falso false positive
falso pilote pile block
dinero falso bogus money
falso techo sticky coal
falso entarimado counter floor
rechazo falso false rejection
falso río overflow arm
arco falso blind arch
falso pilote cushion head
acoplamiento falso dummy coupling
falso techo ramble
falso inglete mason’s mitre
falso sol sun-dog
documental falso mockumentary
entarimado falso rough floor
falso testimonio false evidence
disparo falso false trip
dinero falso bad money
falso cono de silencio fake cone of silence
falso pilote cushion
testigo falso false witness
falso dintel soldier arch
falso techo draw slate
color falso loose colour
frente falso gowl
falso pilote punch
fondo falso false bottom
falso topacio quartz topaz
falso brillo gilt
abeto falso european spruce
billete falso flash note
entarimado falso blind floor
informe falso misdirection
mensaje falso fake message
negativo falso false negative
arco falso false arch
falso menguado mock fashioning
falso flete dead freight
falso protector wooden block
falso pilote sett
testigo falso perjured witness
tizón falso blind header
falso elemento dummy element
panel falso dummy panel
tensión desplazados de falso cero anti-stickoff voltage
tensión desplazadora de falso cero anti-stickoff voltage
timbre falso colouration [uk]
falso rumbo false course
generador de falso eco false echo device
planteamiento falso false statement
falso repetidor repeater jammer
falso registro print-through
disparo falso omnidireccional ring-around
espaciamiento falso split
espacio falso split
falso registro spurious printing
impulso falso spurious pulse
modo de impulsos falso spurious pulse mode
modo pulsatorio falso spurious pulse mode
falso pilote pile follower
color falso [m] false color [us]
color falso [m] false colour [uk]
cuerpo falso false body
espino falso sallow thorn
espino falso sea buckthorn
falso murciélago común nathusius' pipistrelle
falso pilote [m] pile block
falso negativo false negative
falso positivo false positive
rechazo falso false rejection
Marine Biology
falso abadejo goldblotch grouper
falso ala de ángel false angel wing
falso halibut canela cinnamon flounder
falso pino de mar false sea pine
falso halibut del canadá summer flounder
falso halibut del japón bastard halibut
imagen compuesta en falso color false-color composite
Molecular Biology
negativo falso false negative
positivo falso false positive
falso negativo false negative
falso fruto false fruit
falso positivo false positive
nivel de emisión falso [m] spurious emission level
eco falso ghost echo
falso sol sundog
verdadero (cierto) o falso true or false
razonamiento falso fallacious reasoning
enunciado falso false statement
piso falso [m] false bottom
fondo falso [m] false bottom
falso clivaje slip cleavage
falso topacio false topaz
falso río overflow arm
divertículo falso false diverticulum
falso embarazo spurious pregnancy
aneurisma falso false aneurysm
cilindro falso false cast
enfisema falso false emphysema
hermafroditismo falso false hermaphroditism
híbrido falso false hybrid
queloide falso false keloid
parto falso false labor
nucléolo falso false nucleolus
neuroma falso false neuroma
embarazo falso false pregnancy
resultado negativo falso false negative (result)
resultado positivo falso false positive result
falso positivo false positive
síndrome de falso recuerdo false memory syndrome
efecto del falso consenso false-consensus effect
falso yo false self
falso consenso false consensus
falso amigo false friend
efecto del falso consenso false consensus effect
falso rechazo false rejection
falso embarazo false pregnancy
falso recuerdo false memory
falso negativo false negative
falso reconocimiento false recognition
falso positivo false positive
cubierta con falso tirante [f] collar roof
armadura de falso tirante [f] collar-beam truss
falso pilote [m] cushion head
falso suelo [m] subfloor
falso techo [m] suspended ceiling
falso techo [m] false ceiling
falso suelo [m] false floor
falso plafón suspended ceiling
sistema de piso falso false floor system
sistema de piso falso raised floor system
falso pilote cushion head
falso pilote o embutidor follower (piles)
falso fraguado false set
falso cabecero false header
falso techo counter ceiling
Dam Terms
falso fraguado false set
falso arco corbeled arch
arco falso corbeled arch
arco falso corbel arch
arco falso blind arch
falso arco corbel arch
arco falso cusped arch
falso arranque [m] false start
timbre falso colouration [uk]
timbre falso coloration [us]
falso suelo false floor
falso techo false ceiling
terreno falso unstable ground
tizón falso false header
terreno falso filled ground
tizón falso blind header
suelo falso filled ground
falso contacto [m] bad contact
falso tirante [m] collar beam
falso tirante [m] collar lie
falso tirante collar tie
falso tirante collar beam
dado falso fulham
cuerpo falso [m] false body
lomo falso [m] false back
cuerpo falso false body
codo falso false knee
eco falso false echo
anillo de cojinete falso [m] oil control ring
anillo de cojinete falso [m] oil ring
falso chasis UY subframe
acoplamiento falso dummy coupling
falso cono de silencio false cone of silence
remache falso blind rivet
cirro falso thunderstorm cirrus
mensaje falso blind message
concepto falso misunderstanding
falso larguero dummy spar
marco falso false frame
ataque falso sham attack
falso rumbo false course
larguero falso false spar
aviso falso false warning
falso eco false echo
falso cirro false cirrus
falso cono de silencio fake cone of silence
falso blanco false target
falso contacto bad contact
falso eco ghost echo
falso flete dead freight
falso bao half beam
falso estay jumper stay
falso bao half beam
testimonio falso false testimony
falso flete deadfreight
bao falso half beam
falso flete dead freight
eco falso false echo
Maritime Transport
falso flete dead freight
falso codaste [m] skeg
falso estay [m] jumper stay
aviso falso [m] false warning
larguero falso [m] false spar
marco falso [m] false frame
falso flete dead freight
falso flete deadweight
falso flete deadfreight
falso plátano sycamore
paso falso false pass
falso abeto [m] hemlock
falso plátano sycamore
falso corazón false heartwood
Wildlife Management
permiso falso false permit
falso conejo [m] BO stew prepared with beef previously breaded and fried that is cooked in a sauce made of chopped onion and tomato, peas, broad beans, ground red or yellow chili peppers, and other spices that are fried and then cooked in water
locro falso [m] CL vegetarian locro stew
falso eje false axis
tejido falso false tissue
arce/falso plátano sycamore
germinación falso false germination
anillo anual falso false annual ring
falso septo false septum
dicotomía falso false dichotomy
baya falso false berry
septo falso false septum
eje falso false axis
fruto falso false fruit
falso castaño horse chestnut
híbrido falso false hybrid
disempimento falso false dissemp-iment
coral falso [m] false coral
falso abencerraje baton blue
falso abencerragus panoptes blue
falso pimentero california pepper tree
anolis falso pañuelo false cloud anole
origen falso false origin
cartucho falso [m] ES dummy cartridge
falso pilote pile block
diamante falso rhinestone
falso techo dummy
falso entablado fake set
falso techo bad top
falso flete [m] dead freight
falso flete dead freight
fondo falso false bottom
suelo falso drill pipe bench
falso topacio [m] false topaz
falso topacio false topaz
cristal falso crystal pebble
falso techo draw slate
falso techo drummy
falso muro false bottom
eco falso side echo
falso fondo false bottom
eco falso false target
eco falso strays
falso origen false origin
falso eco false echo
blanco falso side echo
blanco falso false target
falso cartucho dummy cartridge
falso faro false beacon
campo de minas falso dummy minefield
falso espejo [m] see-through mirror [us]
cuerpo falso [m] false body
espejo falso [m] two-way mirror [uk]
falso espejo [m] two-way mirror [uk]
espejo falso [m] see-through mirror [us]
espejo falso two-way mirror [uk]
falso espejo two-way mirror [uk]
cuerpo falso false body
falso amigo [m] false friend
falso ataque [m] feinted spurt
falso ataque [m] feinted attack
American Football
arranque o salida en falso false start
plátano falso [m] maple
falso plátano [m] sicamore
falso tabaco [m] MX tree tobacco (nicotiana glauca)
abeto falso [m] norway spruce
abeto falso [m] european spruce (picea abies)
ácoro falso [m] yellow flag
ácoro falso [m] yellow iris
ácoro falso [m] water flag
ácoro falso [m] a species of flowering plant of the family iridaceae (iris pseudacorus)
álamo falso [m] elm
color falso [m] false color [us]
color falso [m] false colour [uk]
verificación verdadero-falso [f] true-false check
transición de falso a verdadero [f] false-to-true transition
transición de verdadero a falso [f] true-to-false transition
falso suelo [m] false floor
falso techo [m] false ceiling