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Meanings of "grow" in Spanish English Dictionary : 67 result(s)

English Spanish
grow crecer [v]
grow sembrar [v]
grow producir [v]
grow cultivar [v]
grow aumentar [v]
Irregular Verb
grow grew - grown [v]
grow salir [v]
grow acrecentarse [v]
grow cosechar [v]
grow criar [v]
grow medrar [v]
grow dejarse [v]
grow recrecer [v]
grow tomar vuelo [v]
grow nacer [v]
grow engrosar [v]
grow acrecentar [v]
grow acrecentarse [v]
grow atearse [v] disused
grow desarrollarse [v]
grow formarse [v]
grow gestarse [v]
grow hacer [v]
grow dejar [v]
grow acrecentar [v]
grow germinar [v]
grow volverse [v]
grow ponerse [v]
grow dejarse crecer (cabello/la barba) [v]
grow cultivar (plantas) [v]
grow amacizarse [v] MX
grow acrecerse [v]
grow acrecentarse [v]
grow ponerse [v]
grow adelantar [v]
grow adolecer [v]
grow arrebatarse [v]
grow desenvolver [v]
grow campear [v]
grow brotar [v]
grow cundir [v]
grow ir [v]
grow formar [v]
grow reventar [v]
grow poner [v]
grow subir [v]
grow venir [v]
grow hacer crecer [v]
grow hacer nacer algún vegetal [v]
grow proceder [v]
grow provenir [v]
grow tomar aumento [v]
grow extenderse [v]
grow dilatarse [v]
grow pegarse [v]
grow echar raíces [v]
grow fijarse [v]
grow subir de punto [v]
grow ir en crescendo [v]
grow desarrollarse [v]
grow vegetar [v]
grow hacerse [v]
grow tomar cuerpo [v]
grow aumentarse [v]
grow progresar [v]
grow estirarse [v]
grow abrotoñar [v]

Meanings of "grow" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
grow up crecer [v]
grow late atardecer [v]
grow (plants) cultivar [v]
grow calm abonanzar [v]
grow stiff acartonarse [v]
grow weak achatarse [v] AR UY
grow stupid aciguatarse [v] CU DO
grow shorter disminuir [v]
grow apart distanciarse [v]
grow thin adelgazarse [v]
grow dark oscurecerse [v]
grow poorly ahilarse [v]
grow longer alargarse [v]
grow drowsy aletargarse [v]
grow light clarear [v]
grow old envejecerse [v]
grow weak apolismarse [v] HN PA
grow up criarse [v]
grow weak flaquear [v]
grow serious formalizarse [v]
grow weaker debilitarse [v]
grow up hacerse mayor [v]
grow a beard dejarse barba [v]
grow a beard barbar [v]
grow green verdecer [v]
grow feathers emplumar [v]
grow up madurar [v]
(business/company) grow ampliar [v]
plot of land required to grow an almud of crop almudada [f]
sprout leaves rather than grow acaguasarse [v] CU
grow old and withered acecinarse [v]
grow short achaparrarse [v]
grow light aclarar [v]
grow light aclarecer [v]
grow weak afeblecerse [v]
grow poorly due to lack of light ahilarse [v]
grow up straight and narrow with few branches ahilarse [v]
grow horizontally aparrar [v]
grow fond of apegarse [v]
grow into a tree arbolecer [v]
grow into a tree arborecer [v]
grow dark atardecer [v]
grow a beard barbar [v]
grow dark cerrarse [v]
beginning to grow a facial hair barbipungente [adj]
a place where reeds grow bejucalera [f] BO:E
corn cob when it just begins to grow cuchilla [f] HN:E
clump of dirt covered in grass and thick grass roots, that is generally cut in a prism shape and used to grow grass champa [f] EC CL AR:N BO:W,C
bunch of flowers that grow crowded together escopeta [f] PR
set of two coffee beans that grow together guápil [f] CR rur.
weeds that grow in a garden bed cora [f] PE BO AR:Nw
feathers that grow around the neck of birds, from the crest to the horizontal line of the body colilla [f] PR
grow in a career with no merit trepada [f] EC
grow bold or daring envalentonarse [v]
grow strong fortalecerse [v]
grow weary cansarse [v]
grow fat or corpulent engrosarse [v]
grow tall and slim espigarse [v]
grow wise madurar [v]
grow stronger estrecharse [v]
grow in confidence crecerse [v]
(one's profit) grow aumentar (los beneficios) [v]
(hair) grow crecer (el pelo) [v]
(one's profit) grow crecer (los beneficios) [v]
thrive or grow medrar [v]
grow weak enflaquecer [v]
grow naturally darse [v]
grow proud of envanecerse [v]
grow in clumps or tufts amacollarse [v]
grow tired (of) desapasionarse [v]
grow cold resfriar [v]
begin to grow nacer [v]
grow fond of encariñarse [v]
grow close intimar [v]
grow proud enorgullecerse [v]
grow dark ensombrecer [v]
grow in number acumularse [v]
grow roots into soil arraigar [v]
grow roots into soil radicar [v]
grow roots into soil echar raíces [v]
grow ripe colorear [v]
grow plants trabajar el jardín [v]
grow in number multiplicar [v]
grow or sprout vegetar [v]
grow or expand medrar [v]
grow a mustache dejarse crecer el bigote [v]
grow a beard dejarse crecer la barba [v]
grow a beard dejar la barba [v]
grow fond of someone encariñarse con alguien [v]
grow like a weed crecer como la mala hierba [v]
grow out of proceder de [v]
grow lean ahuesarse [v] SCN
unable to grow aparragarse [v] CAM
grow stunted aparragarse [v] CAM
grow or cut teeth estar con la dentición [v]
grow fond of engolosinarse con [v]
grow fond of engreírse con [v] LAM
grow fond of engreírse a [v] LAM
grow tall hacerse grande [v]
grow with a lot of foliage, but with little height and few fruits (plants) achamparse [v] PE:S AR:N
not grow achepicarse [v] CL
grow sad (by someone or someone) achompiparse [v] HN NI
grow considerably (referring a plant) altivarse [v] HN
grow into a woman apimpollarse [v] NI
(in a relationship) to grow cold aguarse [v] DO VE
(corn) grow abnormally or take on a yellow color due to excess of water aguacharse [v] AR:Nw rur.
grow flat taking the form of a bower (plants) aparragarse [v] CL disused
not grow enough (plants) amatonarse [v] HN rur. rare
grow fond of amorizarse [v] CR disused
grow tangled (plant stem) abejucarse [v] MX HN SV NI PR BO rur.
grow accustomed to something abonarse [v] DO
begin to grow horns abotonar [v] CR PA rur.
grow feeble acabarse [v]
grow less acabarse [v]
grow old acecinarse [v]
grow withered acecinarse [v]
grow hair cabellarse [v]
grow weaker desmonguillarse [v] PR
cut the feathers that grow on a rooster's neck (cock fighting) desbarbar [v] PR
grow white mold (something) cuculistearse [v] HN rur.
begin to grow (corn cob) cuchillar [v] HN rur.
begin to grow (beans in a pod) cuchillar [v] CR rur.
grow above ground (corn roots) cangrejear [v] HN CR:Nw rur.
grow sprouts hijear [v] HN SV CR CU rur.
grow old kilometrearse [v] CR
grow old enchusarse [v] EC:S
grow horns encornar [v] HN
grow fond of engoar [v] PR
grow spurs (rooster) embotonar [v] DO
grow back (grass in a paddock) empastar [v] CR
begin to grow body hair empeluchar [v] NI
begin to grow arm pit hair emplumar [v] DO
grow only the cane or reed encarrizarse [v] HN:E rur.
begin to grow muñequear [v] HN CL AR:Nw rur.
grow gray hair platearse [v] HN
grow larval shrimp in a pond or lagoon for fishing sembrar [v] HN
place where wild prayer plants grow bijagual [m] VE
(cockfighting) rooster with few tail feathers and that grow downward chágara [m] PR
group of flowers that grow close together copetón [m] PR
pig with a short snout, neck, and legs that does not grow much congo [m] VE
feathers that grow around the neck of birds, from the crest to the horizontal line of the body collar [m] PR
grow thin ahilarse [v]
grow weak (plants) ahilarse [v]
grow stunted (tree) achaparrarse [v]
grow angry airarse [v]
grow stupid abobarse [v]
grow calm abonar [v]
grow cowardly apoltronarse [v]
grow lazy apoltronarse [v]
grow short/less amenguar [v]
grow benumbed/torpid adormecerse [v]
grow/persist in vice adormecerse [v]
grow heavy with sleep amodorrarse [v]
grow rusty/moldy amohecerse [v]
grow calm asosegarse [v]
grow tired aburrirse [v]
grow excited acalorarse [v]
grow warm acalorarse [v]
grow calm aquietarse [v]
grow feeble/delicate afeblecerse [v]
grow old and withered acecinarse [v]
grow thin afilarse [v]
grow cool in fervour/zeal aflojarse [v]
grow weak aflojarse [v]
grow stiff with cold aterirse [v]
grow lumpy aterronarse [v]
grow black atezarse [v]
grow lively animarse [v]
grow stupid atolondrarse [v]
grow childish aniñarse [v]
grow dark anochecer [v]
grow to a round head acogollarse [v]
grow rancid arranciarse [v]
grow fine (the weather) arrasarse [v]
grow larger agrandarse [v]
grow stronger arreciarse [v]
grow larger aumentarse [v]
grow old añejar [v]
grow strong and vigorous alomarse [v]
grow as dry as a nut avellanarse [v]
grow sober desemborrachar [v]
grow sober desembriagarse [v]
grow calm desempacarse [v]
grow bold desempacharse [v]
grow old aviejarse [v]
grow hair cabellar [v]
grow mean avillanarse [v]
grow gay avivarse [v]
grow bold desencogerse [v]
grow calm desencolerizarse [v]
grow firm consolidarse [v]
grow calm desenfurecerse [v]
grow thin desengrosar [v]
grow cloudy and overcast cerrarse [v]
grow feeble deshacerse [v]
grow thin deshilarse [v]
grow dry deshumedecerse [v]
grow hot calentarse [v]
grow light clarecer [v]
grow displeased despegarse [v]
grow indifferent despegar [v]
grow wild degenerar [v]
grow base degenerar [v]
grow weary cansarse [v]
grow yellow (wheat) berrendearse [v] rur. rare
grow vapid desvanecerse [v]
grow red colorear [v]
grow tender derretirse [v] fig.
grow less warm desacalorarse [v]
grow (seeds) desarrollarse [v]
grow sharp desasnarse [v]
grow clever desasnarse [v]
grow polite desasnarse [v]
grow calm desatufarse [v]
grow lively/sprightly desavaharse [v]
grow less descaecer [v]
grow less descrecer [v]
grow short (of days) descrecer [v]
grow less ceder [v]
grow blind cegar [v]
grow up strong envaronar [v]
grow old envejecerse [v]
grow feeble extenuarse [v]
grow ill indisponerse [v]
grow white emblanquecerse [v]
grow motionless helarse [v]
grow less escasear [v]
begin to grow (herbs/grass) herbecer [v]
grow hair empelar [v]
grow worse empeorarse [v]
grow smaller empequeñecerse [v]
grow hair encabellecerse [v]
grow old/useless gastarse [v]
grow arrogant hincharse [v]
grow bald encalvecer [v]
grow stupefied from fear or crying encanarse [v]
grow grey-haired encanecer [v]
grow moldy encanecer [v]
grow old encanecer [v]
form/grow in stalk (of corn) encañar [v]
grow feathers encañonar [v]
grow gay espaciar [v]
grow fat and fleshy encarnecer [v]
grow (on one/as a habit) insinuarse [v]
grow/gather asparagus esparragar [v]
grow tall espigarse [v]
grow up espigarse [v]
grow up espumar [v] fig.
grow weak enervarse [v]
grow cold enfriarse [v]
grow boisterous or furious enfurecer [v]
grow feeble flaquear [v]
grow-fat engordar [v]
grow rich engordar [v]
grow strong/corpulent engrosarse [v]
grow weak flojear [v]
grow old irse [v]
grow lean enjugarse [v]
grow lean enmagrecer [v]
grow haughty estirarse [v]
grow stale enranciarse [v]
grow rancid enranciarse [v]
grow formal formalizarse [v]
grow stupid ensandecer [v]
grow crazy ensandecer [v]
grow deaf ensordecer [v]
grow cloudy/overcast entoldarse [v]
grow well guarecer [v] outdated
grow foolish entontecerse [v]
grow black negrear [v]
grow lean marchitarse [v]
grow a new coat (of hair or feathers) pelechar [v]
grow up (of wheat) matear [v]
grow vicious/corrupted relajar [v]
grow less tense remitirse [v]
grow rich medrar [v]
grow dark obscurecerse [v]
grow sweet and must-like (of wine) remostarse [v]
grow soft/tender lentecer [v]
grow better mejorarse [v]
grow again renacer [v]
become/grow liquid liquidarse [v]
grow dark lobreguecer [v] rare
grow dark oscurecer [v]
grow in autumn otoñar [v]
grow worse retroceder [v]
grow stale ranciarse [v]
grow rancid ranciarse [v]
grow prematurely old revejecer [v]
grow sour revenirse [v]
grow green again reverdecer [v]
grow pale palidecer [v]
grow soft and pliable molle [v]
grow rotten podrecer [v]
grow ripe madurarse [v]
grow grey pardear [v]
grow dark pardear [v]
grow dusky pardear [v]
grow brownish pardear [v]
grow worse malignarse [v]
grow again recrecer [v]
grow green verdear [v]
grow green verdeguear [v]
grow on top sobrecrecer [v]
grow late tardecer (impersonal) [v]
grow dry secarse [v]
grow thin/lean varearse [v]
grow (of plants) vegetar [v]
grow thin traspillarse [v]
grow clear serenar [v]
bud (to develop or grow from or as if from a bud) poblar [v]
able to grow crecedero [adj]
place where bejucos grow bejucal [m]
place where the teasels grow cardenchal [m]
able to grow crecedera [adj/f]
grow broad ensancharse [v]
grow fast crecer a palmos [v]
grow fat echar carnes [v]
grow feeble enflaquecerse [v]
grow feeble debilitarse [v]
grow calm calmarse [v]
grow better mejorarse [v]
grow better corregirse [v]
grow blunt entorpecerse [v]
grow blunt embotarse [v]
grow hot calentarse [v]
grow hot encenderse [v]
grow less achicarse [v]
grow well restablecerse [v]
grow dark cerrar el día [v]
grow old entrar en edad [v]
grow hot acalorarse [v]
grow better ponerse mejor [v]
grow into fashion hacerse de moda [v]
grow better enmendarse [v]
grow out of fashion pasar de moda [v]
grow into fashion hacerse moda [v]
grow up arrogar [v]
grow up desarrollarse [v]
grow up apuntar [v]
grow up brotar [v]
grow near acercarse [v]
grow on acercarse [v]
grow big engordar [v]
grow less disminuir [v]
grow big aumentarse [v]
grow cold enfriarse [v]
grow big crecer [v]
grow dear encarecerse [v]
grow fat engordar [v]
grow late hacerse tarde [v]
grow fat engruesar [v]
grow out of esteem perder el crédito [v]
grow poor empobrecerse [v]
grow out of use caer en desuso [v]
grow rich enriquecerse [v]
grow strong ponerse fuerte [v]
grow strong restablecerse [v]
grow strong reponerse [v]
grow tame domesticarse [v]
grow tired cansarse [v]
grow hard endurecerse [v]
grow loose desbandarse [v]
grow loose desprenderse [v]
grow wan ponerse pálido [v]
grow wan ponerse paliducho [v]
grow short acortarse [v]
grow short comenzar a ser corto [v]
grow short hacerse corto [v]
grow sickly perder la salud [v]
grow thin enflaquecerse [v]
grow stiff endurecerse [v]
grow stiff atiesarse [v]
grow worse ponerse peor [v]
grow worse empeorarse [v]
grow in years envejecerse [v]
grow yellow ponerse amarillo [v]
grow yellow amarillear [v]
grow young again rejuvenecer [v]
grow (to become attached by or as if by the process of growth) unirse [v]
grow ugly ponerse violento [v]
grow ugly amenazar violencia [v]
not to let the grass grow under one's feet no criar moho [v]
grow impatient buscarle a uno las cosquillas [v]
grow impatient buscarle a uno las vueltas [v]
grow impatient comerse las uñas [v]
grow apace aumentar sin cesar [v]
grow a backbone tener coraje [v]
grow a backbone tener agallas [v]
grow apace crecer rápidamente [v]
grow apace prosperar [v]
grow apace avanzar sin pausa [v]
grow away from alejarse de [v]
grow away from romper gradualmente los lazos con [v]
grow apace crecer aceleradamente [v]
grow apart separarse gradualmente [v]
grow by leaps and bounds crecer con rapidez [v]
grow cool towards someone enfriarse una relación con alguien [v]
grow away from enfriarse una relación con [v]
grow away from distanciarse de [v]
grow knee-high by the 4th of july crecer de acuerdo con lo esperado (cultivos) [v]
grow cool towards someone distanciarse de alguien [v]
grow like topsy crecer como una bola de nieve [v]
grow like a weed crecer con rapidez [v]
grow on someone empezar a apreciar algo [v]
grow like topsy crecer rápidamente [v]
grow soft on someone ser indulgente con alguien [v]
grow soft on someone ser benévolo con alguien [v]
grow soft on someone sentirse románticamente atraído por alguien [v]
grow on trees fácil de hacer/conseguir [v]
grow too big for one's boots volverse engreído [v]
grow too big for one's britches volverse presumido [v]
grow tired of cansarse de [v]
begin to grow rich echar buen pelo [v]
begin to grow rich criar buen pelo [v]
begin to grow rich echar buena pluma [v]
begin to grow rich lucir buen pelo [v]
begin to grow rich tener buen pelo [v]
grow a backbone hacer de tripas corazón [v]
grow crops destripar terrones [v]
not let grass grow under one's feet estar siempre en movimiento [v]
not let the grass grow under one's feet estar siempre en movimiento [v]
be like watching grass grow ser muy aburrido [v]
grow very haughty levantarse a las estrellas [v]
hear the grass grow oír crecer la hierba [v]
let the grass grow under one's feet perder el tiempo [v]
grow lean rebajar de peso [v] AR UY
grow rapidly quemar etapas [v]
grow stronger subir de tono [v]
grow fond of someone cobrar cariño a alguien [v]
grow sick of something coger asco a algo [v]
grow fond of encariñarse con [v]
grow in importance crecer en importancia [v]
grow height rapidly crecer a palmos [v]
grow very fast (a child) crecer a palmos [v]
grow fond of somebody tomar un camote [v] GT
grow fond of somebody or something agarrar camote [v] PE
grow in a field (weeds) ganar monte [v] HN rur.
grow old waiting nacer canas [v] DO CO
grow up mudar los colmillos [v] PR rur.
grow rich taparse de plata [v] CO:W
money does not grow on trees no hará casa con azulejos [expr]
grow away from apartarse de (alguien)
grow away from enfriar (una relación)
let grass grow under one's feet dejar pasar el tiempo
let the grass grow under one's feet dejar pasar el tiempo
let the grass grow under one's feet aplazar algo
let grass grow under one's feet dormirse en los laureles
let the grass grow under one's feet dormirse en los laureles
let the grass grow under one's feet tardar en movilizarse
let the grass grow under one's feet dejar crecer la hierba
money doesn't grow on trees el dinero no crece en los árboles
be as interesting as watching grass grow ser aburridísimo
be as interesting as watching grass grow más aburrido que chupar un clavo AR
be as interesting as watching grass grow más aburrido que bailar con la propia hermana
absence makes the heart grow fonder la ausencia aviva el amor
absence makes the heart grow fonder la ausencia es al amor lo que al fuego el aire
ill weeds grow apace la malahierba crece a la vista
grow up ¡no seas niño!
grow up crece
grow up madura
he didn't let any grass grow under his feet no perdió el tiempo
grow up! ¡no seas niño!
when I grow up cuando crezca
it'll grow back volverá a crecer
what will you be when you grow up qué vas a hacer cuando crezcas
my hair doesn't grow long enough mi cabello no me crece lo suficiente
when i grow up cuando sea adulto
when i grow up cuando sea grande
i grow older envejezco
i grow older me he envejecido
I wanna be a stylist when I grow up de mayor quiero ser estilista
I wanna be a stylist when I grow up cuando crezca quiero ser estilista
when you grow up and have kids you will understand me cuando crezcas y tengas hijos me comprenderás
I want to be a stylist when I grow up cuando crezca quiera ser estilista
I want to be a stylist when I grow up de mayor quiero ser estilista
I want to be like him when I grow up cuando sea grande quiero ser como él
I want to be like him when I grow up de mayor quiero ser como él
I want to be like him when I grow up cuando crezca quiero ser como él
where did you grow up? ¿dónde creciste?
what do you want to be when you grow up? ¿qué quieres ser cuando seas un adulto?
what do you want to be when you grow up? ¿qué quieres ser de mayor?
grow out of perder [v]
grow out of perder una mala costumbre [v]
grow together criarse juntos [v]
grow up establecerse [v]
grow out of derivarse de [v]
grow out of quedársele pequeño [v]
grow up desarrollar [v]
grow on gustar cada vez más [v]
grow back volver a crecer [v]
grow apart desmoronarse (una relación) [v]
grow apart from someone separarse de alguien [v]
grow over crecer cubriendo algo [v]
grow on poblar [v]
grow up llegar a hacerse adulto
small container used to grow marijuana finca [f] PR drug
grow rapidly crecer como la espuma [v]
grow like a weed crecer como la espuma [v]
grow like a fire crecer como la espuma [v]