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Significados de "kind" en diccionario español inglés : 121 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
kind amable [adj]
kind tipo [m]
kind clase [f]
kind gaucho [adj]
kind servicial [adj]
kind bondadoso [adj]
kind afable [adj]
kind benigno [adj]
kind género [m]
kind índole [f]
kind suerte [f]
kind especie [f]
kind piadoso [adj]
kind propicio [adj]
kind benevolente [adj]
kind benévolo [adj]
kind graciable [adj]
kind bueno [adj]
kind jaez [m]
kind linaje [m]
kind piadosa [adj/f]
kind propicia [adj/f]
kind benévola [adj/f]
kind benigna [adj/f]
kind especie [f]
kind almibarado [adj]
kind amable [adj]
kind benévolo [adj]
kind benigno [adj]
kind benino [adj] disused
kind detalloso [adj]
kind diestro [adj]
kind donairoso [adj]
kind dulce [adj]
kind favorable [adj]
kind gentil [adj]
kind humanitario [adj]
kind calimbo [m]
kind fondo [m]
kind casta [f]
kind categoría [f]
kind ralea [f]
kind modalidad [f]
kind forma [f]
kind calaña [f]
kind gentil [adj]
kind considerado [adj]
kind chequendengue [adj] CU disused
kind chequendeque [adj] CU disused
kind gambeto [adj] PA rur.
kind liviano [adj] MX DO EC BO
kind mortal [adj] CU
kind nais (inglés nice) [adj] HN SV NI CR child
kind nice (inglés) [adj] US HN NI CR PR
kind panetela (italiano) [adj] CU
kind priti [adj] PA child
kind vaciado [adj] MX
kind vejigón [adj] SV
kind vergón [adj] HN SV
kind rubro [m] EC CL PY UY
kind considerada [adj/f]
kind calidad [f]
kind indolencia [f]
kind marca [f]
kind laya [f]
kind manera [f]
kind naturaleza [f]
kind amoroso [adj]
kind afectuoso [adj]
kind agasajador [adj]
kind beneficentísimo [adj]
kind benéfico [adj]
kind bienhechor [adj]
kind bonanzoso [adj]
kind cariñoso [adj]
kind expresivo [adj]
kind indulgente [adj]
kind favorable [adj]
kind humano [adj]
kind lene [adj] rare
kind bondoso [adj]
kind tenor [m]
kind cariñosa [adj/f]
kind afectuosa [adj/f]
kind agasajadora [adj/f]
kind amorosa [adj/f]
kind expresiva [adj/f]
kind beneficentísima [adj/f]
kind benéfica [adj/f]
kind bienhechora [adj/f]
kind bonanzosa [adj/f]
kind bondadosa [adj/f]
kind manso [adj]
kind modo [m]
kind mansa [adj/f]
kind suave [adj]
kind blanco [adj] DO
kind signo [m]
kind buena [adj/f]
kind humana [adj/f]
kind buena vibra [adj] GT DO CO PE
kind liviano de sangre [adj] CL
kind ralea [f] derog.
kind de dulce [adj]
kind churo [adj] BO AR:Nw
kind gara [adj] EC:S teen
kind ecuánime [adj] NI teen
kind paja [adj] PE
kind pepa [adj] EC teen
kind supicucu [adj] PA
kind supicucú [adj] PA
kind vacanyol [adj] DO teen
kind buenazo [adj]
kind buena onda [adj] AMER
kind querido [adj] CO
kind tipo [m]
General Medicine
kind simpático [adj]
kind generoso [adj]
kind bonachón [adj]
kind pelaje [m]
kind lava [f]

Significados de "kind" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 500 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
kind of parasitic insect piojo [m]
kind of prison penal [m]
you are very kind usted es muy amable
kind of drum marimba [f]
kind-hearted infeliz [adj]
kind-hearted bondadoso [adj]
kind-hearted bondadosa [adj/f]
pay in kind pagar con la misma moneda [v]
pay in kind pagar en especie [v]
kind and charitable fairy or naiad amilamia [f] ES local
three of a kind berlanga [f]
kind of agave from guiana carruata [f]
kind of floor carpet catalufa [f]
group of four of a kind cuatrinca [f]
kind of lance estradiota [f]
kind of canvas estrella [f] disused
kind of cream tart or pie gloria [f]
become kind humanarse [v] rare
kind of white wine albillo [m]
kind of white wine vino albillo [m]
kind of woolen fabric like serge anascote [m]
kind of silk fabric like serge anascote [m] disused
kind of east indian vessel calaluz [m]
kind of homespun linen caserillo [m]
kind of close jacket with a collar, formerly worm by women chamerluco (turco) [m]
kind of canvas chavarí [m] disused
kind of nail somewhat larger than tacks clavo tabaque [m]
kind of olive cornatillo [m]
kind of linen cloth gámbalo [m]
ancient kind of culverin artillery of small caliber gerifalte [m]
kind of ancient cloth granatín [m]
payment in kind frutos en especie [m/pl]
kind of algo así como [adv]
in a kind way bondadosamente [adv]
kind of algo [adv]
kind of algo así [adv]
kind of más o menos [adv]
kind of like algo así como [adv]
kind of like un poco como [adv]
in kind en especie [adv]
among its kind entre los de su clase [adv]
without any kind of restriction sin contador [adv] PR
kind of pork sausage from catalonia butifarra [f]
kind of heating stove salamandra [f]
kind of flageolet chirimía [f]
kind of hake pescadilla [f]
kind of calash calesa [f]
kind of salad with mayonnaise sauce ensaladilla [f]
kind of yellow poppy pamplina [f]
kind of flageolet dulzaina [f]
kind of biscuit semita [f] BO EC
kind of taco gringa [f] MX
a kind of biscuit or cookie filled with jam costilla [f] CR
a kind of cable railway that transports people horizontally tarabita [f] CO VE EC
a kind of spicy empanada sold in bakeries enchilada [f] CR
a kind of deep fried or roasted broad beans habas fritas [f]
kind of smoked sausage mortadela [f]
a kind of coarse cloth lona [f]
kind of coal antracita [f]
kind of sweater rebeca [f]
kind of mineral apatita [f]
kind of sausage morcilla [f]
kind of beryl aguamarina [f]
kind of women's and children's hat gorra [f]
kind of women's and children's hat cofia [f]
a kind of fastener brida [f]
a kind of novel adulcionaria [f]
kind of musical piece aria [f]
a kind of bread that is long and narrow in shape baguete [f]
kind of company cooperativa [f]
kind of shot metralla [f]
kind of motorcycle chóper [f]
kind of small and fast carriage calesa [f]
kind of overgrowth epitaxia [f]
kind of dialogue erística [f]
kind of insect cucaracha [f]
kind of tin-glazed earthenware ceramic fayenza [f]
kind of tin-glazed earthenware ceramic loza [f]
kind of ryegrass found in wheatfields cizaña [f]
kind of divination geomancia [f]
kind of geometry geometría [f]
a kind of curd cheese feta [f]
kind of soil marga [f]
kind of grasshopper langosta [f]
kind of bristletail lepisma [f]
a kind of andean herb maca [f]
kind of firearm ametralladora [f]
kind of dextrin maltodextrina [f]
a kind of brimmed hat from south america jipijapa [f]
kind of shirt playera [f] MX
kind of shirt franela [f] VE
kind of shirt camiseta [f]
kind of shirt polera [f] BO CL
kind of shirt remera [f] AR PY UY
kind of cactus nopal [f]
kind of spear partisana [f]
kind of flower cluster umbela [f]
a kind of state república [f]
the quality of being unique or one of a kind unicidad [f]
the quality of being unique or one of a kind peculiaridad [f]
a kind of winter squash alcayota [f]
a kind of wheat escanda [f]
a kind of wheat espelta [f]
kind of differential equation ecuación diferencial estocástica [f]
kind of growth occurring on the skin verruga [f]
kind of light spherical helmet celada [f]
kind of footwear chancleta [f]
kind of footwear sandalia [f]
a kind of japanese longsword catana [f]
a kind of japanese longsword katana [f]
kind of leather gamuza [f]
kind of luxury fabric lampás [f]
kind of desk escribanía [f]
kind of wetland ciénaga [f]
a kind of black glass formed by volcanoes obsidiana [f]
kind of footwear chala [f] CL
kind of footwear chinela [f] BO
kind of sausage prieta [f] CL
kind of sausage chipolata [f]
kind of brimless cap boina [f]
kind of women's and children's hat capucha [f]
the quality of being unique or one of a kind singularidad [f]
kind of footwear (cuba) cutara [f]
a kind of weaving armadura [f]
a kind of horse-drawn carriage carroza [f]
kind of bread andada [f]
kind of noodle teja [f]
kind of pepper tena [f]
kind of sweet bread cut into cubes (made of achira's rhizome) achira [f] CO
kind of shroud made of barchila fabric barchila [f] AR:Nw disused rur.
slings (a kind of weapon) boleadora [f] CL PY AR UY BO rur.
slings (a kind of weapon) ñanducera [f] CL PY AR UY BO rur.
slings (a kind of weapon) laque [f] CL PY AR UY BO rur.
platform that serves as a kind of car with small iron wheels or rollers, children sit on top and slide themselves down hill on the street chancha [f] CL
aid in kind ayuda (normalmente alimentaria) [f]
amicable-kind help ayuda amical [f]
kind person elementaza [f] DO
water with any kind of residue machigua [f] HN
water with any kind of residue machigua [f] CR:N rur.
a kind of apple raneta [f]
a kind of purse bolsa [f] MX
pay in kind cobrar en especie [v]
be kind tener buen corazón [v]
be one of a kind ser un fuera de serie [v]
respond in kind responder de la misma manera [v]
corner the market in some kind of product acaparar el mercado de algo [v]
be kind to someone ser amable con alguien [v]
be kind to someone estar benévolo con alguien [v]
be kind to animals tratar bien a los animales [v]
be so kind as to pedirle un favor a alguien [v]
be so kind as to ser lo suficiente amable como para [v]
obtain something in kind as payment canchear [v] BO
one of a kind inimitable [adj]
one-of-a-kind sin par [adj]
one of a kind bermejo [adj] DO
pertaining to someone who does any kind of informal job (person) chambitas [adj] MX
kind (person) crema [adj] CU PR
kind (person) chévere [adj] NI PA CO VE EC PE CU PR BO
kind (person) supicucu [adj] PA
kind (person) crema [adj] CU PR
poor quality for its kind hediondo [adj] CL
one-of-a-kind lírico [adj] DO
by kind permission of somebody con el amable permiso de alguien [adj]
by kind permission of somebody por la cortesía de alguien [adj]
kind of banana cambur [m]
kind of short musket retaco [m]
kind of bamboo colihue [m] AR CL
a kind of neighbourhood fraccionamiento [m] MX
a kind of official luxury hotel parador [m] ES
a kind of registered fax burofax [m] ES
an old kind of four-seated coach forlón [m]
kind of music disco [m]
kind of silicate filosilicato [m]
kind of pastry pastel [m]
kind of work trabajo a destajo [m]
a kind of crude iron arrabio [m]
kind of waste residuo radiactivo [m]
a kind of backslang used in france verlan [m]
kind of cake bizcocho [m]
kind of polygon cuadro [m]
kind of polygon cuadrado [m]
kind of cooked egg huevo escalfado [m]
a kind of fish pez caminador [m]
kind of house chalé adosado [m]
kind of watercraft buque de guerra [m]
kind of fruit pomo [m]
kind of well pozo escalonado [m]
a kind of fortified wine traditionally made in portugal vino de oporto [m]
a kind of fortified wine traditionally made in portugal oporto [m]
kind of heat engine motor stirling [m]
kind of deer venado gris [m]
a kind of vinegar vinagre de arroz [m]
kind of musical instrument instrumento de viento [m]
kind of musical instrument aerófono [m]
kind of musical instrument instrumento de cuerda [m]
kind of bristletail pececillo de plata [m]
kind of metabolic shock síndrome de abstinencia [m]
kind of body double doble del truco [m]
kind of protest encierro [m]
kind of dog breed perro de trabajo [m]
kind of gem rubí [m]
kind of sword yatagán [m]
kind of organic compound iluro [m]
kind of bread pan de centeno [m]
kind of wetland pantano [m]
kind of wetland embalsadero [m]
kind of wetland embalse [m]
kind of tricorn tricornio [m]
kind of quartz cuarzo ahumado [m]
kind of boat trimarán [m]
a kind of large german dirigible airship dirigible [m]
a kind of large german dirigible airship zepelín [m]
a kind of sponge cake roll brazo de gitano [m]
a kind of computer tableta [m]
kind of malignant tumor sarcoma [m]
kind of shirt polo [m] PE
kind of shirt pulóver [m] CU
kind of story cuento [m]
kind of jet engine turborreactor [m]
kind of fish bagre [m] CL
kind of fish siluro [m]
kind of fish barbo [m]
kind of fish pez gato [m]
kind of shoe zapato náutico [m]
kind of grass cereal [m]
kind of callus callo [m]
kind of military aircraft bombardero en picado [m]
kind of house sprite maltor [m]
a kind of whiskey bourbon [m]
kind of knot with two loops lazo [m]
a kind of boat competed in chinese festivals barco-dragón [m]
kind of bun pan de yema [m]
kind of bun bollo suizo [m]
kind of hat chullo [m]
kind of goat kri-kri [m]
kind of static structure diagram diagrama de clases [m]
a kind of airliner aerobús [m]
kind of clock despertador [m]
a kind of celestial body planeta enano [m]
kind of movable bridge puente basculante [m]
kind of lizard basilisco [m]
kind of large brass cannon basilisco [m]
a kind of plant ciclamen [m]
a kind of plant ciclamino [m]
a kind of plant pamporcino [m]
kind of bird zampullín chico [m]
kind of photograph daguerrotipo [m]
a kind of asbestos with long and fine-textured fibers amianto [m]
kind of jar cántaro [m]
kind of brandy coñac [m]
kind of bracket corchete angular [m]
kind of bracket paréntesis angular [m]
kind of blueberry from the cowberry family mirtilo [m]
kind of blueberry from the cowberry family arándano [m]
kind of warship destructor [m]
kind of sweater cárdigan [m]
a kind of rice porridge arroz caldo [m]
kind of tissue tejido conjuntivo [m]
a kind of sharply pressed pleating pliegue llano [m]
kind of skin tumor melanoma [m]
kind of music góspel [m]
kind of piano piano de cola [m]
kind of rock granito [m]
a kind of hook arpeo [m]
kind of wild mountain goat íbice [m]
kind of wild mountain goat ibex [m]
kind of legal document patente de privilegio [m]
a kind of taste sabor [m]
kind of corruption tráfico de influencias [m]
kind of silicate inosilicato [m]
a kind of cheque giro [m]
kind of sword used in fencing florete [m]
kind of knot puño de mono [m]
kind of lock candado [m]
a kind of brimmed hat from south america sombrero panamá [m]
a kind of brimmed hat from south america panamá [m]
a kind of brimmed hat from south america sombrero de paja toquilla [m]
kind of hotel motel [m]
kind of market mercado libre [m]
kind of boat multicasco [m]
kind of data structure montículo [m]
kind of firearm cañón de avancarga [m]
a kind of seasoned meat and vegetable pie paste [m]
kind of metal metal pesado [m]
kind of music rock pesado [m]
kind of music heavy metal [m]
kind of white blood cell macrófago [m]
kind of puzzle rompecabezas [m]
kind of land formation karst [m]
kind of land formation malpaís [m]
a kind of japanese longsword catán [m]
a kind of small boat kayak [m]
a kind of small boat kayac [m]
a kind of small boat cayac [m]
a kind of machine gun cañón gatling [m]
kind of salamander tritón [m]
kind of footwear huarache [m] MX
kind of footwear caite [m] GT NI
kind of heartwood agáloco [m]
kind of heartwood áloe [m]
a kind of lettering form subíndice [m]
kind of white blood cell linfocito [m]
kind of shrub espino [m]
kind of dumpling momo [m]
kind of blood leukocyte monocito [m]
a kind of gene regulador [m]
kind of helmet morrión [m]
kind of tumor carcinoma [m]
kind of small sled trineo [m]
a certain kind of march pasodoble [m]
five of a kind (card games) repóker [m]
five of a kind (card games) repóquer [m]
kind of game mallo [m]
kind of hook garabato [m]
kind of hoe garabato [m]
kind of plant guiri [m]
kind of shanty cantar [m]
kind of sausage chorizo [m]
kind of sled tobogán [m]
thrush (kind of bird) tordo [m]
a kind of bush achotillo [m] HN
a kind of tree achotillo [m] EC
kind of bun (tamal) which is typically prepared for all saints' day bollo [m] EC rur.
kind of bun made of cornmeal calentano [m] CO
a kind of sopaipilla dough made with potato starch, cooked in water and served spread with honey baem [m] CL:S
a kind of sopaipilla dough made with potato starch, cooked in water and served spread with honey baeme [m] CL:S
(in the quechua and aymara communities) a loan in money or in-kind that is to be returned a year after receipt ayni [m] PE
kind of grass ac [m] MX
loan in cash or in kind to be repaid one year after receiving it aine [m] PE
kind deed chillo [m] HN SV rur.
kind of scab caracol [m] DO
certain kind of crab canguigua [m] EC
container or bucket of any kind gandungo [m] PR
kind of ringworm giote [m] MX
kind of ringworm jiote [m] MX GT HN SV NI
kind person elementazo [m] DO
water with any kind of residue machigüe [m] NI
tall, kind man palencón [m] NI
something/someone unique of its kind fénix [m/f]
best wishes and kind regards mejores deseos y saludos cordiales [m/f]
sweet, kind person azuquita [m/f] VE
person who does any kind of informal job chambitas [m/f] MX
five-of-a-kind dice roll generala servida [n] BO AR
best of it's kind la muerta [n] PE BO CL
kind of pasta makarones [pl]
kind of eyeglasses quevedos [m/pl]
two of a kind yuntas [f/pl] PR PY
one of a kind bermeja [adj/f] DO
a kind of grouper mero blanco
a plain kind of guy un tipo corriente
a plain kind of guy un chico corriente
a plain kind of guy un chico del montón
one of a kind único en su especie
a kind of improvised song repentismo CAR
small kind of fish pepesca SV
kind of sauce salsa barbacoa
a kind of star estrella de carbono
kind of waste water agua residual
kind of sweater chaqueta de punto
kind of orange naranja sanguina
kind of window ventana de bahía
a kind of novel novela de adulción
a kind of novel novela adulcionaria
kind of lettuce lechuga china
kind of dependent clause oración final
kind of matrix matriz diagonal
a kind of printer impresora matricial
kind of shot-firing gun escopeta de dos cañones
a kind of plant violeta persa
a kind of plant violeta de los alpes
kind of average media armónica
kind of ryegrass found in wheatfields cizaña forrajera
a kind of trailer hitch quinta rueda
a kind of leave from work baja médica
a kind of leave from work incapacidad temporal
kind of swimming pool piscina desbordante
a kind of wrench matraca herramienta
a kind of onion with reddish purplish skin cebolla roja
kind of subordinate clause oración de relativo
kind of subordinate clause cláusula relativa
kind of contraceptive pill píldora del día después
kind of packaging bolsa de plástico
kind of packaging bolsa plástica
kind of ship embarcación a vela
kind of beet remolacha azucarera
kind of pocket knife navaja suiza
kind of legal document cédula de privilegio
kind of question pregunta cerrada
kind of stage lighting luz serena
kind of stage lighting luz de candilejas
kind of company sociedad de responsabilidad limitada
kind of musical note nota de la tolerancia
kind regards saludos cariñosos
kind of user interface interfaz gráfica de usuario
kind of metal tierras raras
a kind of horse-drawn carriage carruaje de lujo
kind of waste water aguas negras
kind of galaxy with agn objeto bl lac
kind of pajamas pijama con los pies
kind of power plant central nuclear
kind of power plant planta nuclear
kind of food formulated for the feeding of cats comida para gatos
a kind especie de
kind words buenas palabras
a kind of vetch/tare arvejona [f] AND
kind of garnet alabandina [f]
large kind of grape uva alarije [f]
kind of horned serpent amodita [f]
kind of gauze worn in turbans albengala [f]
kind of peach albérchiga [f]
a kind of gall-nut albogalla [f]
kind of thick corded silk anafalla [f]
kind of grass arana [f] CU
kind of game of draughts played with stones andarraya [f]
a kind of paste aletría (murcia) [f]
kind of striped calico angaripola [f]
kind of coarse linen, manufactured at angouleme angulema [f]
kind of buffalo anoa [f]
kind of linen made in arouca aroca [f]
bird of the vulture kind aura [f]
kind of south american fox añas [f] EC PE
coarse kind of tow alrota [f]
kind of court dance alta [f]
kind of oak chaparra [f]
a kind of beer celia [f]
kind of wood grouse charata [f] AR BO
fruit of a kind of citron-tree azamboa [f]
kind of cudgel/club cachavona [f] rur. rare
kind of gourd/calabash chirigaita [f] rur. disused
kind of clarinet chirimía [f]
kind of cold-cream/cosmetic cerilla [f]
kind of clarinet chirumbela [f]
small kind of chick-pea cícera [f]
kind of sausage calceta [f] rur. rare
kind of undress formerly worn by ladies ciclada [f]
kind of hollow knitting needle daguilla [f] AND
kind of plum data [f]
kind of wild rabbit camera [f] CO
kind of blackish duck common in the bay of biscay corconera [f]
kind of hoe coa [f] CU HN MX PA
kind of olive cornicabra [f]
kind of spider cáncana [f]
kind of pear bergamota [f]
a kind of ballad cantinela [f]
kind of conger corvina [f]
a kind of resin colofonia [f]
kind of fine soft hair-pomade blandurilla [f]
kind of sparrow-hawk caraira [f] CU
kind of plum diaprea [f]
kind of linen crehuela [f]
kind of pancake carbonada [f]
kind of surmullet/barbel comiza [f]
kind of jacket with narrow collar carmañola [f]
kind of snail boquinegra [f]
kind of ramrod botabala [f]
kind of large sausage botarga [f]
a kind of agave from guiana carruata [f]
four cards of a kind in bezique cuatrinca [f]
kind of caterpillar cuca [f]
kind of wheat cuchareta [f] AND
kind of poniard cuchilla [f]
kind/quality of a thing casta [f] fig.
kind of biscuit/cracker broa [f]
kind of floor-carpet catalufa [f]
kind of perfume cazoleta [f]
kind of turtle-dove cutusa [f] CO
kind of wild cane used for thatching chamiza [f]
kind of lark gulloría [f]
kind of boat hanquilla [f]
kind of leprosy gafedad [f]
kind of itch galga [f]
kind of head-dress for women escarcela [f]
kind of cutlass escarcina [f]
a kind of anthracite coal galleta [f]
kind of coif gandaya [f]
kind of linen fernandina [f]
a kind of weasel gineta [f]
kind of cream tart/pie gloria [f]
kind of mint huacatay [f] AMER
kind of grogram gorguerán [f] disused
kind of topaz gota [f]
kind of watering-pot hurtagua [f]
kind of light packsaddle enjalma [f]
kind of arabic mosaic foceifiza [f]
kind of lizard iguana [f]
kind of dance with castanets folia [f]
kind of packsaddle jalma [f]
kind of lance estradiota [f]
kind of dart or arrow jara [f]
kind of venomous serpent grosca [f]
kind of short boot jerviguilla [f]
a kind of linen cloth estrella [f]
kind of bath-bun ensaimada [f]
kind of sauce/gravy jirofina [f]
inferior kind of olives judiega [f]
kind of spanish clog-dance guaracha [f] CU PR
kind of fritter juncada [f]
kind of fishing net jurdía [f]
kind of peach fresquilla [f]
kind of goose juta [f] SA