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Significados de "stock" en diccionario español inglés : 181 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
stock planta madre [f]
stock culata [f]
stock surtido [m]
stock depósito [m]
stock caldo [m]
stock acumulación [f]
stock casta [f]
stock cepa [f]
stock estirpe [f]
stock baceta [f]
stock raza [f]
stock reserva [f]
stock ganadero [adj]
stock acervo [m]
stock acopio [m]
stock cepo [m]
stock alhelí [m]
stock stock [m]
stock pie [m]
stock tronco [m]
stock repuesto [m]
stock ganadera [adj/f]
stock interés [m]
stock baceta [f]
stock caja [f]
stock cepa [f]
stock abastar [v] disused
stock abastecer [v]
stock abondar [v] disused
stock bastir [v] disused
stock acervo [m]
stock caldo [m]
stock cepo [m]
stock existencia [f]
stock terraja [f]
stock manija [f]
stock prevención [f]
stock acción [f]
stock mezcla [f]
stock cuna [f]
stock ganadería [f]
stock acopiar [v]
stock almacenar [v]
stock en almacén [adj]
stock título [m]
stock mango [m]
stock leño [m]
stock cuerpo [m]
stock ganado [m]
stock linaje [m]
stock embudo [m] HN rur.
stock existencias [f/pl]
stock existencias en pie
stock cédula [f]
stock provisión [f]
stock ralea [f]
stock aprovisionar [v]
stock colmar [v]
stock proveer [v]
stock surtir [v]
stock corbatín [m]
stock caudal [m]
stock inventario [m]
stock fondo [m]
stock retén [m]
stock surtimiento [m]
stock asuntos [m/pl]
stock culata (de fusil) [f]
stock baceta de una baraja [f]
stock poner en un cepo [v]
stock llenar [v]
stock surtido de mercancías [m]
stock caldo para guisar [m]
stock tajo [m]
stock alzacuello [m]
stock hombre tonto [m] fig.
stock monte de una baraja [m]
stock hombre necio [m]
stock mercancías almacenadas [f/pl]
stock vender [v]
stock acción [f]
stock acción [f]
stock reserva [f]
stock abastecer [v]
stock almacenar [v]
stock abastecer [v]
stock capital [m]
stock abastecimiento [m]
stock principal [m]
stock stock [m]
stock inventario [m]
stock ganado [m]
stock efecto [m]
stock [uk] bienes de cambio
stock existencias [f/pl]
stock acciones [f/pl]
stock título volátil
stock existencias
stock capital comercial
Work Safety Terms
stock almacén [m]
stock inventario [m/f]
stock capital accionario
stock existencias [f]
stock accionario [adj]
stock bienes de cambio
stock inventarios
stock existencias [f]
stock línea directa (de una familia) [f]
stock capital social
stock fondo de libros
stock bolsada [f]
stock pletina [f]
stock chapa [f]
stock cantidad [f]
stock grada [f]
stock carga [f]
stock base [f]
stock existencias [f]
stock caja del cepillo [f]
stock pegar [v]
stock almacenar [v]
stock acopiar [v]
stock cabezal [m]
stock portainjerto [m]
stock injerto [m]
stock pivote [m]
stock zoquete [m]
stock caballerías [f/pl]
stock macizo magmático [m]
stock trunco [m]
stock tronco [m]
stock pivote [m]
stock macizo magmático [m]
stock intrusión de roca ígnea
stock macizo intrusivo
stock stock
stock mercancías en depósito
stock tarraja [f]
stock terraja [f]
stock desbastar [v]
stock hacer la culata [v]
stock juntar [v]
stock encepar [v]
stock acumular [v]
stock repuestos [m/pl]
stock semovientes
stock terraja [f]
stock caja del cepillo
stock material en bruto
stock cojinete de roscar
stock pasta en suspensión
stock semovientes [m]
stock material para imprimir
stock surtido regular
stock tocón [m]
stock porta-injerto [m]
stock pie [m]
stock grada de construcción [f]
stock astillero [m]
stock enceparse [v]
stock encepar [v]
stock cabaña [f]
stock sembrar [v]
stock patrón del injerto
stock sustancia [f]
stock tallo subterráneo
stock tubo [m]
stock intrusión de roca ígnea
stock berbiquí de barrena
stock batolito pequeño
stock macizo magmático
stock tarraja [f]
stock tener en existencia [v]
stock almacenar [v]
stock inventario [m]
stock estoc [m]
stock película virgen [f]
stock película virgen
stock alhelí [m]
stock patrón [m]
stock carga [f]

Significados de "stock" en diccionario inglés español : 6 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
stock [m] stock
stock [m] supply
stock [m] inventory
stock [m] stock
stock [m] inventory
stock stock

Significados de "stock" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 500 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
stock exchange bolsa [f]
out of stock agotado [adj]
stock market bursátil [adj]
stock-list inventario [m]
taking stock recuento [m]
stock farm ganadería [f]
stock up on abastecerse de [v]
stock up almacenar [v]
take stock hacer balance [v]
in stock existente [adj]
stock-exchange bursátil [adj]
stock-market bursátil [adj]
stock market forecast chart [m]
security (stock market) valor [m]
laughing stock hazmerreír [m/f]
out of stock agotada [adj/f]
stock market chartista [adj/f]
share of stock acción [f]
stock room depósito [m]
stock tank albuhera [f] disused
stock market bolsa [f]
stock up on abastarse [v] disused
stock up on abastecer [v]
stock up on abondarse [v] disused
stock up acomodar [v]
stock up aparejarse [v]
stock up cargar [v]
pertaining to rise in stock alcista [adj]
speculating stock to rise alcista [adj]
with a lot of stock caldoso [adj]
crossbow stock antepecho [m]
stock market bolsa [f]
joint stock of two gamblers vaca [f]
stock of cattle ganadería [f]
stock (in a rifle) culata [f]
stock phrase coletilla [f]
stock phrase muletilla [f]
treasury stock autocartera [f]
grapevine stock cepa [f]
butt/stock of a firearm culata [f]
female laughing stock choteada [f] CR CU PE
agriculture and stock raising agricultura y ganadería [f]
female stock clerk pasillera [f] CL
series of jabs with a stock prod picaneada [f] AR:Nw
stock prod picana [f] PA EC PE BO PY AR UY CL rur.
stock up abastecerse [v]
stock up acaparar [v]
stock up proveer [v]
stock up aprovisionarse [v]
stock up on repostar [v]
stock up armar [v]
stock up acopiar [v]
take stock of something evaluar algo [v]
stock up on something aprovisionarse de algo [v]
stock up hacer acopio de [v]
stock up with hacer acopio de [v]
stock up surtirse de [v]
renew stock renovar existencias [v]
stock up in excess aponchinchar [v] CU
stock up in excess aponchincharse [v] CU
stock pile harvested product abalserar [v] HN rur.
become a laughing stock convertirse en un hazmerreír [v]
be out of stock estar agotado [v]
have in stock cargar [v] GT HN SV NI PA
allow a store to go out of stock desurtir [v] PR
torture someone with a stock prod picanear [v] PY AR UY
check the stock market consultar con la bolsa [v]
be cautious in the stock market aguantar la bolsa [v]
in stock almacenado [adj]
made a laughing stock (person) choteado [adj] CR CU PE
in stock disponible [adj]
stock (common; usual) corriente [adj]
available in stock en existencia [adj]
available in stock disponible en inventario [adj]
available in stock disponible en stock [adj]
foot stock contrapunto [m]
bit-stock berbiquí [m]
watered stock capital inflado [m]
stock market mercado de valores [m]
laughing stock hazmerreír [m]
stock exchange parqué [m]
stock phrase latiguillo [m]
stock thief cuatrero [m]
stock grid [aus] guardaganado [m]
stock grid [aus] guarda ganado [m]
agave with a growing flowering stock cut in order to stimulate the production of honey water capón [m] MX
male laughing stock choteado [m] CR CU PE
standing stock cepo [m] PR
standing stock cepo [m] PY
standing stock embudo [m] HN rur.
stock horse madrino [m] AR:Nw UY rur.
stock horse madrino [m] CO:W rare
payment of commissions for stock movements in another city peaje [m] CL
male stock clerk pasillero [m] CL
series of jabs with a stock prod picaneo [m] AR:Nw UY
stock item stock item (inglés) [m] US PR
stock room stock room (inglés) [m] US PR
man in charge of stock horses tropillero [m] AR UY rur.
stock prod tábano [m] CO:N
stock (exchange) valor [m]
someone that owns shares of stock accionista [m/f]
preferred stock acciones preferenciales [f/pl]
preferred stock capital preferente [f/pl]
common stock acción ordinaria
preferred stock acciones privilegiadas
joint-stock company sociedad anónima
preferred stock acción preferente
watered stock acciones diluidas
stock phrase frase estereotipada
stock market bolsa mercado de valores
stock cube pastilla de caldo
rolling stock material rodante
stock portfolio cartera de valores
stock broker corredor de bolsa
as a limited or joint-stock company comanditariamente [adv]
vine-stock cepa [f]
stock of a family cepa [f] fig.
stock (card-playing) baceta [f]
gun-stock caja [f]
stock of casks/barrels barrilería [f]
stock-exchange bolsa [f]
docket (stock-exchange quotations) carpeta [f]
gun-stock in the rough cureña [f]
stock of counters dote [f]
small stock of goods pacotilla [f]
screw-stock tarraja [f]
pipe-stock tarraja [f]
joint stock of two gambling partners vaca [f]
die-stock terraja [f]
original stock suerte [f]
stock-dove zurita [f]
stock-dove zurana [f]
stock-jobber agiotadora [f]
stock-farmer ganadera [f]
stock with fry alevinar [v]
lay in a large stock cargar [v]
be descended from the same stock entroncar [v]
stock a gun/anchor encepar [v]
leave several important shoots on a vine-stock perchonar [v]
lay in stock repostarse [v] AMER
belonging to a stock-dove zuro [adj]
neck stock/tie alzacuello [m]
neck-stock frame arillo [m]
stock-jobbing agiotaje [m]
stock-jobbing agio [m]
stock of an anvil cepo [m]
large stub of tree/vine-stock cepón [m]
stock of casks/barrels barrilamen [m]
priest's collar/stock collarín [m]
one of a group of languages descended from one parent stock dialecto [m]
little stock-exchange bolsín [m]
neck-stock cuello [m]
stock-farmer ganadero [m]
stock of money peculio [m]
small dead/live stock pegujal [m]
stock fish pejepalo [m]
stock into which a scion is grafted masto [m]
laughing-stock matachín [m]
leaning stock respaldo [m]
stock of a cross-bow tablero [m]
stock-dove zurano [m]
stock-dove zuro [m]
stock-jobber agiotador [m]
small dead/live stock pegujar [m]
stock-jobber agiotista [m/f]
stock-broker bolsista [m/f]
stock-in-hand existencias [m/pl]
in stock existencias [f/pl]
stock (card-playing) pintas [f/pl]
belonging to a stock-dove zura [adj/f]
joint-stock company compañía por acciones [f]
laughing stock fábula del mundo [f]
pipe-stock terraja [f]
joint-stock company sociedad por acciones [f]
stock-dove paloma torcaz [f]
screw-stock terraja [f]
stock the anchor encepar el ancla [v]
lay in a stock proveerse [v]
lay in a stock surtir los almacenes [v]
take stock hacer inventario [v]
lay in a stock hacer provisión [v]
stock-still inmóvil [adj]
stock-still inmoble [adj]
anchor stock cepo del ancla [m]
the stock of an anvil cepo de yunque [m]
joint stock capital social [m]
stock-yard corral de ganado [m]
stock-broker corredor de valores [m]
stock-breeder ganadero [m]
stock-taking inventario [m]
joint stock fondos en común [m/pl]
stock in hand mercancías en almacén [f/pl]
stock in trade mercancías en almacén [f/pl]
take no stock in something no prestar atención a algo [v]
take no stock in something no creer o aceptar algo [v]
take stock of a situation evaluar una situación [v]
not put (a lot) of stock in something no prestar atención a algo [v]
not put (a lot) of stock in something no dar mucho crédito a algo [v]
not take much stock mostrar indiferencia hacia algo [v]
not take stock in something no prestar atención a algo [v]
not take stock in something no dar crédito a algo [v]
make a laughing stock of oneself hacer un papelón [v]
take stock of a situation hacerse una composición de lugar [v]
take stock of a situation hacer una composición de lugar [v]
stand stock-still quedarse completamente inmóvil [v]
play the (stock) market invertir en la bolsa [v]
play the (stock) market hacer colocaciones en la bolsa de valores [v]
play the (stock) market Invertir en el mercado de valores [v]
be the laughing stock of somewhere ser el hazmerreír de algún lugar [v]
be the laughing stock ser el hazmerreír de la ciudad [v]
be the laughing stock ser el hazmerreír de la gente [v]
be a laughing stock ser el pato de la boda [v] LAM
be a laughing stock ser el pato de la fiesta [v]
be a laughing-stock ser un objeto de risión [v]
be a laughing stock coger de guaitaca [v] PR
be a laughing stock coger de guasa [v] PR
be the laughing stock ser la pitoreta [v] HN
of good stock de pura cepa [adj]
from good stock de buena cepa [adj]
lock stock and barrel completamente
lock stock and barrel en cuerpo y alma
lock, stock and barrel de cabo a rabo
lock stock and barrel de cabo a rabo
lock stock and barrel absolutamente
lock, stock and barrel con todo incluido
lock stock and barrel con todo incluido
lock, stock and barrel en cuerpo y alma
lock stock and barrel todo el cotarro
the stock market peaked el mercado accionario alcanzó una marca récord
the stock trades over the counter at ten cents a share el mercado cotiza las acciones a diez centavos cada una
stock up on almacenar [v]
stock up with abastecerse de [v]
stock up on abastecerse con [v]
stock up on something abastecerse de una gran cantidad de algo [v]
laughing stock risionada [f] MX:N
be a laughing stock estar dando papaya [v]
play the stock market jugar a la bolsa [v]
make a laughing stock of oneself hacer el gilí [v]
make a laughing stock of oneself hacer el oso [v]
make a laughing stock of oneself hacer el ridi [v]
make a laughing stock of oneself hacer el ridículo [v]
a hike in stock price cajonear [v] PE
stock-up fufurufo [adj] SV
old vine stock ceporro [m]
gazing-stock hazmerreír [m]
laughing-stock hazmerreír [m/f]
stock cube [uk] cubitos de caldo
out of stock no hay de piña [expr] MX
stock answer respuesta típica
stock answer respuesta habitual
in stock en existencia [adv]
in stock en existencia [adj]
in stock en almacén
the laughing stock el hazmerreír
out of stock desabastecido
out of stock agotado
in stock en stock (inglés)
in stock en existencia
in stock en depósito
lock, stock and barrel absolutamente
lock, stock and barrel completamente
stock-car racer coche preparado para correr
stock boy chico común
stock portfolio cartera [f]
stock exchange lonja [f]
stock certificate acción [f]
stock farming ganadería [f]
stock exchange bolsa [f]
stock share acción [f]
taking stock estimación [f]
stock certificate acción [f]
stk. (stock) acción [f]
stock market bolsa [f]
treasury stock autocartera [f]
stk. (stock) reserva [f]
stock market bolsa [f]
treasury stock autocartera [f] ES
stock exchange bolsa [f]
stock up acumular [v]
stock jobber especulador [v]
take stock hacer el inventario [v]
have something in stock tener algo en almacén [v]
have in stock tener en existencias [v]
be in stock tener en existencias [v]
be in stock tener algo en almacén [v]
administer stock administrar las acciones [v]
control stock controlar acciones [v]
hold stock tener acciones [v]
stock completely abarrotar [v]
over-stock mantener existencias excesivas [v]
control stock controlar las acciones [v]
take stock estimar [v]
stock market speculation jugar a la bolsa [v]
speculate in the stock market jugar en bolsa [v]
influence stock influir sobre las acciones [v]
assign stock asignar acciones [v]
designate stock designar acciones [v]
issue stock liberar acciones [v]
distribute stock distribuir acciones [v]
take stock hacer inventario [v]
re-stock reabastecer [v]
build-to-stock hacer para la venta en general [v]
underwrite stock suscribir acciones [v]
re-stock reaprovisionar [v]
water stock diluir acciones [v]
acquire stock adquirir acciones [v]
allocate stock asignar acciones [v]
borrow stock tomar acciones prestadas [v]
direct stock dirigir las acciones [v]
influence stock influenciar las acciones [v]
influence stock influir las acciones [v]
manage stock administrar las acciones [v]
manage stock manejar las acciones [v]
manipulate stock manipular las acciones [v]
bear (stock market) bajista [adj]
outside of a stock exchange extrabursátil [adj]
relating to stock exchange transactions bursátil [adj]
built-to-stock hecho para la venta en general [adj]
out of stock agotado [adj]
relating to a stock exchange bursátil [adj]
non-stock sin acciones [adj]
listed on the stock exchange cotizado [adj]
stock list inventario [m]
stock exchange economato [m]
stock-fish estocafís [m]
capital stock capital [m]
stock in trade inventario [m]
stock jobber especulador [m]
stock split desdoblamiento [m]
stock split desdoble [m]
performance (of a stock or bond) comportamiento [m]
stock option opción-bono [m] ES
trading floor (of the stock exchange) parquet [m] ES
trading floor (of the stock exchange) corro [m] MX VE
asset (stock) valor [m]
stock market investor bolsista [m/f]
bear (stock market) bajista [m/f]
stock holder accionista [m/f]
stock control [us] control de existencias
stock in trade existencias [f/pl]
inventory (stock) existencias [f/pl]
stock shares acciones [f/pl]
shares of stock acciones [f/pl]
stock certificates acciones [f/pl]
equity stock acciones [f/pl]
shares of stock acciones [f/pl]
stock dividends [us] crías [f/pl] CL
shares of stock acciones [f/pl]
new york stock exchange bolsa de nueva york [abrev]
stock certificate título de acciones
join-stock cooperative enterprises empresa cooperativa por acciones
nominative stock acción nominativa
stock size tamaño corriente
joint stock company sociedad comanditaria por acciones
paid-up stock acción liberada
bonus stock acción liberada
joint stock fondo social
stock corporation sociedad anónima
committee that controls the interests of shareholders in a stock company consejo de vigilancia
outstanding stock acción en circulación
stock footage metraje de película
stock market value valor bursátil
common stock acciones ordinarias
privileged stock acciones privilegiadas
stock ticker indicador de cotizaciones
stock book libro de almacén
capital stock capital en acciones
paid-in stock acción pagada
stock market index índice bursátil
no par value stock acciones sin valor nominal
stock company sociedad por acciones
turnover (of stock) rotación (de mercancías)
free stock stock disponible
stock farm establecimiento ganadero
convertible stock acción canjeable
stock balance saldo de existencias
stock average índice accionario
stock-out falta de existencias
joint-stock company sociedad anónima
stock bridge damper amortiguador de vibración
authorized stock capital capital autorizado
stock accounting contabilidad de existencias
issue stock emitir acciones
stock turnover rotación de existencias
stock farm granja ganadera
preferred stock acción de preferencia
treasury stock acción en tesorería
convertible stock acción convertible
paid-up stock acción cubierta
stock-turn renovación de existencias
dispose of excess stock deshacerse de las existencias sobrantes
ordinary stock acciones ordinarias
london stock exchange bolsa de valores de londres
unissued stock acción no emitida
stock market valuation tasación de acciones
money stock masa monetaria
paid-up stock acción pagada
stock market bolsa de comercio
subscribe stock suscribir acciones
stock of raw materials reservas de materias primas
redeemable stock acción amortizable
diluted stock acción diluida
dealing (stock exchange) operaciones en bolsa
preference stock acción preferida
common stock acción ordinaria
first-preferred stock acción de primera preferencia
stock right derecho de suscripción
stock subscription right derecho del tanto
liquidate stock liquidar existencias
corporate stock capital social
stock exchange session sesión bursátil
preferred stock acciones privilegiadas
stock exchange law derecho bursátil
redeemed stock acción recuperada
stock removal remoción de material
issue stock liberar acciones
dealing (on the stock exchange) operaciones en bolsa
stock level nivel de existencia
treasury stock acción recuperada
original stock acciones primitivas
joint stock capital de la sociedad
stock split participación accionaria
joint stock company sociedad anónima
quoted stock acción cotizada en bolsa
out of stock sin existencias
stock solution solución madre
redeemed stock acción amortizada
personal stock acción nominativa
option stock acciones con prima
subscription of stock suscripción de acciones
joint stock company sociedad por acciones
diluted share or stock acción diluida
stock broker agente de cambio
unquoted stock acción sin cotización oficial
corporate stock acción de sociedad anónima
guaranteed stock acciones garantizadas
general stock acciones ordinarias
negotiable stock acción negociable
temporary stock certificate resguardo de acciones
metal stock material metálico
rolling stock material rodante
stock in hand existencias disponibles
shareholder in a joint stock company accionista comanditario
stock dividend acción liberada
unissued stock acciones no liberadas
stock controller jefa de almacén
stock pool unión de acciones
stock item artículo de existencia corriente
amortized stock acción amortizada
share of stock acción de capital
stock ledger libro de existencias
stock in trade fondo de comercio
premium stock acción con prima
stock code código de almacenamiento
voting stock acción con derecho a voto
public stock acción que cotiza en bolsa
preferred stock acción preferida
take stock hacer un inventario
treasury stock acción propia en cartera
stock exchange ring corro de contratación
stock split división de acciones
inscribed stock acción sin certificado
privileged stock acción preferida
housing stock fondo habitacional
government stock títulos del estado
out of stock fuera de stock
stock number número de existencias
stock exchange collapse derrumbe bursátil
treasury stock acción rescatada
stock in hand existencia disponible
redeemable stock acción rescatable
joint stock bank banco de depósito
fully-paid stock acción integrada
redeemable stock acción canjeable
stock premium prima de emisión
stock capitalisation capitalización bursátil
breeding stock pie de cría
warehouse stock existencias en almacén
stock-in-trade mercancías en almacén
stock movements movimientos de existencias
stock controller jefe de almacén
joint stock acciones de la sociedad
stock capital capital social
stock dividend dividendo en acciones
registered stock acción sin certificado
paid-up stock acciones liberadas
bargain (on stock exchange) venta en la bolsa
prior preference stock acción de primera preferencia
sell out (all stock) agotar las existencias
guaranty stock acción de garantía
redeemed stock acción rescatada
stock company sociedad anónima
premium on stock prima de acciones
fully-paid stock acción pagada
stock editor editor de almacén
stock savings bank caja de ahorros
stock-out stock agotado
debenture stock tipo de bono emitido por empresas
stock ledger registro de acciones
watered share or stock acción diluida