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Sens de "annoyance" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 166 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
annoyance irritación [f]
annoyance molestia [f]
annoyance disgusto [m]
annoyance fastidio [m]
annoyance incomodidad [f]
annoyance pesadez [f]
annoyance pica [f] PE BO
annoyance contrariedad [f]
annoyance broma [f]
annoyance enfado [m]
annoyance choclo [m]
annoyance enojo [m]
annoyance lata [f]
annoyance ahuevazón [f] CR
annoyance ahuizotada [f] MX rur.
annoyance asediadora [f]
annoyance descomodidad [f] rare
annoyance desesperación [f]
annoyance acíbar (árabe) [m]
annoyance ajobo [m] disused
annoyance amohinamiento [m]
annoyance asediador [m]
annoyance atafago [m]
annoyance baqueteo [m]
annoyance descontento [m]
annoyance joroba (coloquial) [f]
annoyance impertinencia [f]
annoyance giba (coloquial) [f]
annoyance crispación [f]
annoyance mohína [f]
annoyance bolera [f] VE:W
annoyance cajeta [f] DO
annoyance amolada [f] MX
annoyance ampolleta [f] PR
annoyance bruñidera [f] HN NI
annoyance cabreazón [f] PA
annoyance chavienda [f] PR
annoyance chiveta [f] CU
annoyance chingadera [f] GT HN SV NI CR
annoyance chimada [f] SV
annoyance chinana [f] MX
annoyance chavonería [f] PR
annoyance chira [f] SV
annoyance freganduría [f] BO:E
annoyance fastidiadera [f] NI CU DO PR
annoyance carpeta [f] DO
annoyance friega [f] MX PA EC BO CL AR:Nw rare
annoyance friega [f] CO
annoyance fuñenda [f] DO
annoyance grilla [f] PA
annoyance cuaba [f] DO derog.
annoyance gurrumina [f] EC disused
annoyance jarana [f] DO PE
annoyance ladilla [f] MX GT NI PA CU PR CO EC BO CL AR UY VE
annoyance jodiembre [f] VE:W
annoyance embromada [f] MX DO
annoyance enojada [f] MX HN NI BO
annoyance enchilada [f] MX
annoyance doma [f] SV
annoyance mohína [f] MX
annoyance molesta [f] GT
annoyance molesta [f] PR disused
annoyance obstinación [f] CR CU VE rur.
annoyance obstinación [f] PA derog.
annoyance obstinadera [f] CU
annoyance muina [f] MX SV
annoyance payasería [f] CU
annoyance pacaya [f] SV
annoyance pacaya [f] GT
annoyance petaca [f] GT
annoyance plegada [f] SV
annoyance penita [f] CU DO
annoyance regada [f] HN
annoyance roña [f] CU
annoyance trabada [f] HN SV
annoyance varilla [f] VE
annoyance sofoco [m]
annoyance torozón [m]
annoyance agobio [m]
annoyance cachorreo [m] EC:W rare
annoyance decalentado [m] DO
annoyance flato [m] NI
annoyance fogón [m] PR
annoyance catey [m] PR
annoyance friqueo [m] PA
annoyance hostigue [m] SV
annoyance julepe [m] DO
annoyance jocheo [m] BO:N,E
annoyance encocoramiento [m] PR
annoyance enroñamiento [m] DO PR
annoyance emperramiento [m] SV
annoyance empurramiento [m] SV
annoyance empelotamiento [m] CL AR
annoyance martiricio [m] PR rur.
annoyance puyón [m] HN
annoyance pugilato [m] PR
annoyance vuele [m] CU
annoyance tequio [m] NI
annoyance sobornal [m] GT
annoyance venado [m] SV
annoyance venado [m] SV
annoyance vuele [m] CU
annoyance calilla [f] AMER
annoyance bronca [f]
annoyance infestación [f]
annoyance injuria [f]
annoyance friega [f] CO
annoyance lavativa [f]
annoyance vaina [f] CAM CU SA
annoyance aburrimiento [m]
annoyance atufamiento [m]
annoyance atufo [m]
annoyance baqueteo [m]
annoyance desagrado [m]
annoyance pena [f]
annoyance chinchorrería [f]
annoyance engorro [m]
annoyance daño [m]
annoyance cargancia [f] ES local
annoyance loca [f] AR UY
annoyance negrito en el arroz [m] MX
annoyance lata [f]
annoyance cofia [f]
annoyance aburrición [f]
annoyance giba [f]
annoyance joroba [f]
annoyance birria [f] VE:W
annoyance calilla [f] NI
annoyance fastidieta [f] CU
annoyance mariconería [f] DO PR BO
annoyance matraquillosa [f] CU
annoyance molestadera [f] EC rare
annoyance molestadera [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA DO CO
annoyance recondenación [f] CU
annoyance tibiera [f] VE
annoyance lata [f]
annoyance cabreo [m]
annoyance aperreo [m]
annoyance berrinche [m] CU DO VE
annoyance berro [m] CU
annoyance chichón [m] CR
annoyance embole [m] AR UY
annoyance embale [m] AR
annoyance enchave [m] VE teen
annoyance matraquilloso [m] CU
annoyance sirirí [m] CO:C
annoyance yeyo [m] DO CO:C
annoyance agraz [m]
annoyance agrazón [m] rare
annoyance antojo [m] PV
annoyance rollo [m]
annoyance el moño virado [n] CU PR
annoyance calentón de cabeza [n] HN CU CR
annoyance jodida [f] HN SV
annoyance ladilla [f] PE
annoyance joda [f] MX GT HN SV NI PA CO VE PE BO CL PY EC derog.
annoyance joda [f] UY
annoyance jodarria [f] GT HN CR
annoyance emputada [f] CO
annoyance emputazón [f] PA
annoyance diarrea [f] BO
annoyance hueveo [m] CL
annoyance frotabolas [m/f] BO derog.
annoyance estorbo [m]
annoyance picazón [f]
annoyance resquemor [m]

Sens de "annoyance" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 77 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
bear a sacrifice, annoyance or deprivation aceptar [v]
bugbear (annoyance) murga [f]
huge annoyance arrechada [f] HN NI VE
action or situation that produces annoyance/worry/prejudice amolada [f] MX
repeated annoyance fregazón [f] GT NI rare
annoyance or nuisance caused to someone in an insistent manner fregadera [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA CO EC PE BO
insistent annoyance, bother, or nuisance cargoseada [f] BO CL AR UY
annoyance or nuisance caused by someone carlanca [f] NI
insistent repetition or annoyance cantaleta [f] MX CR PA CU DO PR VE
insistent annoyance güeveadera [f] CR
loud and insistent annoyance matracada [f] HN
repeated annoyance pernicia [f] VE
repeated annoyance repicadera [f] PA
cause annoyance to someone producir contrariedad a alguien [v]
flatten the ears as an indication of annoyance (horse/mule) amugar [v] VE
place the ears back/down as an indication of annoyance (horse/mule) amusgarse [v] NI
put an end to one's annoyance desenchismarse [v] DO
get upset or suffer from annoyance or tiredness colmarse [v] NI CL UY
experience annoyance hincharse [v] BO
experience annoyance hincharse [v] PY rare
be an annoyance hostigar [v] MX GT EC CL
produce discomfort, disturbance, or annoyance patear [v] CL
reply angrily to an annoyance respingar [v] MX HN NI DO
unable to cope with overload of work or someone's annoyance no aguantar la batida [v] DO
show annoyance virar la boca [v]
expressing annoyance ¡aque! [interj] MX
expressing annoyance ¡arajo! [interj] CR EC
expresses annoyance ¡aste! [interj] PA
expresses annoyance ¡atatau! (del quechua) [interj] PE
expresses annoyance atatao [interj] PE
expresses annoyance ¡atatau! [interj] BO:E,C,S
expresses annoyance ¡atatay! [interj] CO:Sw
expresses astonishment or annoyance ¡áyala! [interj] PA
a person or a thing that is causing annoyance of inconvenience inconveniente [m]
a person or a thing that is causing annoyance of inconvenience estorbo [m]
fever with an intense headache and other symptoms that come on quickly following an annoyance arrebato [m] BO
huge annoyance arrechón [m] SV NI
repeated annoyance cateteo [m] CL
expresses annoyance at something ¡qué áspera! [n] PR
appease anger/annoyance deshinchar [v]
gesture of annoyance regaño [m]
be an annoyance ser la peste [v]
show annoyance virar la boca [v] PA PR
be an annoyance (especially something that must be done) dar carpeta [v] DO
cause annoyance no ser gracia [v] CL
great annoyance/nuisance cabronada [f]
huge annoyance emberriondada [f] CO:W
huge annoyance enverriondada [f] CO
repeated annoyance repelencia [f] PA CO VE
tell something that causes surprise or annoyance espetar [v]
be an annoyance ser higadoso [v] MX
be an annoyance ser un hígado [v]
be an annoyance ser un plomo [v]
be an annoyance ser una bala [v] CAR
cause someone annoyance repeatedly atabanar [v] CO:N rur.
speak insistently about a topic until causing annoyance caiquear [v] BO:W,C,S
cause annoyance estufar (italiano) [v] UY AR UY
producing annoyance hincha [adj] AR
expresses rage, anger, annoyance, lament ¡amalaya! [interj] BO:S
annoyance, lament ¡amalaya! [interj] AR UY disused
expressing annoyance or anger ¡jodido! [interj] NI
continuous and excessive annoyance aplique [m] VE
rut (annoyance) rollo [m]
an expression of annoyance ¡qué babosada! [n] MX HN SV NI PA
it expresses annoyance or indignation ¡me cago en la que canta y no pone! [n] CU
expressing annoyance ¡por la cachucha! [n] BO
expressing annoyance ¡ah baile! [n] VE
used to express annoyance when someone repeats something insistently y dale juana con la palangana [expr] CU
it is used to reinforce or intensify the value of the name that precedes it (generally to indicate annoyance or resignation to the appearance of something that is repeated a lot) que te crio
experience annoyance hincharse [v] AR UY
producing annoyance hinchapelotas [adj] CL PY AR UY
producing annoyance rompepelotas [adj] AR UY
an extreme annoyance coñazo [m] ES
tiredness or annoyance usually caused by discomfort agüevazón [m] CR
tiredness or annoyance usually caused by discomfort ahuevazón [m] CR PA
continuous annoyance jodicio [m] SV NI
shock annoyance paso de corriente